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“UMMAGUMMA LIVE ALBUM SIDE (Sigma 257)” was shocked when it was released the other day. The sequel “FLAT TRANSFER” album will be released at the same time. Among them, this work is the second one following “Ummagumma”. It is a soundtrack board “More” of the movie directed by Barbet Schroeder.

[Omoto Master before cutting discovers a miracle] “UMMAGUMMA LIVE ALBUM SIDE” was just a shock. The newly discovered “FLAT TRANSFER MASTER” in a certain European country was brought in by its own route, and this is the source of surprise. It is neither the origin of the product LP nor the cutting master. It was a zero-deterioration master tape that had never been converted into a physical groove. Moreover, it is a finished product. The mixdown and mastering are perfect, not the kind of demos and rough mixes that are common in leaked items. It’s just a guess, but it was probably one of the master tapes distributed to each country for the press. Although it was a familiar masterpiece, it was a shocking work drawn with an unknown master sound.
However, the impact did not end with one work. Two masters arrived one tempo later from “UMMAGUMMA LIVE ALBUM SIDE”. This work is one of them, “FLAT TRANSFER MASTER” of “More”.

[The shocking “more” that even expresses the presence of small birds] Of course, the biggest point of this work is the sound. The previous “UMMAGUMMA LIVE ALBUM SIDE” was also a shock, but it was a live album to the last. However, this time it is a studio work. The upgrade is even more spectacular. The best thing is its freshness. This was also mentioned in the explanation of “UMMAGUMMA LIVE ALBUM SIDE”, but the masters of the early PINK FLOYD works deteriorated when they were first made into a CD in 1987. Even the remastered version of the 90’s was digitally processed to deceive the deterioration, and it was thought that the sound at the time the album was produced was lost. However, the “sound before deterioration” was left in the newly excavated “FLAT TRANSFER MASTER”. This work is a press CD that permanently preserves the true master sound without any equalizing or limiter.
In fact, the subtleties of that sound are something I’ve never experienced before. It’s completely different from the song in the “Cirrus Minor” intro. Until now, the CD was about “the little bird is singing”, but this work has the feeling that “the little bird’s throat is trembling”. You can even feel the vibration of the feathers that tremble with the cry and the nuances of the cry that change subtly by shaking your head finely.
The more detailed the SE, the more vivid the difference in the playing sound. The guitar that growls in “The Nile Song” can feel the vibration of the strings, and the percussion of “Crying Song” is clear even with a slight fluctuation of the effect. Of course, such detail enhancement is more than just fine. Up until now, CDs have had the feeling that “flat plates of performance” are piled up like layers each time various sounds overlap, but this work is not a “board” but a “thread” of each note. It feels like. It weaves a cloth called music in every direction, and feels the sound world in three dimensions. Not only does it sound good in terms of audio, but it also has a sense of reality that allows you to see through the presence of the “vibration of the instrument” and the “fingers of the performer” that should be on the other side.
The main part of such an album is incredible, but this work also includes additional delicious bonus tracks. You can also enjoy 4 takes, which are the outtakes of “More”. This is not the leaked “FLAT TRANSFER MASTER”, but it is still recorded in the highest peak version that still exists (including the official version). We have created a definitive board where you can enjoy the results of the “More” session all at once.

“Enjoy the masterpiece with the best sound” … A deep and deep hope that can be said to be infinite while being simple. What is the ultimate sound and is it left there? Mania around the world have sought with all their wisdom, effort and curiosity. This work is the “More” edition that the journey of quest has arrived at. Not only the official CD group that used the deteriorated master, but also the “master sound before becoming a groove” that even the 1st press LP does not reach. Please enjoy it forever with the permanent storage press CD to your heart’s content.

★ This is amazing. “More” is more natural and has higher sound quality than any official CD. It is a digitized version of the pre-cut master tape brought by the original route, and it is not equalized or limited, and you can enjoy a zero-deterioration sound that has never been converted into a physical groove. The outtake of “More” is also recorded as a bonus of 4 songs, and it is a decisive board that you can enjoy the result of “More” session at once with the highest peak sound.

『UMMAGUMMA LIVE ALBUM SIDE(Sigma 257)』は先日発売されてショックを受けました。続編「FLATTRANSFER」アルバムも同時発売。なかでも、この作品は「ウマグマ」に続く2作目。バーベット・シュローダー監督の映画のサウンドトラックボード「More」です。

しかし、その影響は1つの作業で終わったわけではありません。 「UMMAGUMMALIVEALBUMSIDE」から1テンポ後に2人のマスターが到着。この作品はその一つ、「More」の「FLATTRANSFERMASTER」です。

もちろん、この作品の最大のポイントは音です。前回の「UMMAGUMMALIVEALBUMSIDE」も衝撃的でしたが、最後までライブアルバムでした。ただ、今回はスタジオ作品です。アップグレードはさらに壮観です。最高のものはその鮮度です。これは「UMMAGUMMALIVEALBUM SIDE」の説明でも触れられていましたが、1987年にCD化された初期のPINK FLOYD作品のマスターは劣化しました。90年代のリマスター版もデジタル処理され、劣化を騙しました。 、そしてアルバム制作時の音が失われたと考えられていました。しかし、新たに発掘された「FLATTRANSFERMASTER」には「劣化前の音」が残っていました。この作品は、イコライジングやリミッターなしで真のマスターサウンドを永続的に保存するプレスCDです。
実際、その音の繊細さは私が今まで経験したことのないものです。 「CirrusMinor」のイントロの曲とは全然違います。これまでCDは「小鳥が歌っている」というものでしたが、この作品は「小鳥の喉が震えている」という感じがします。頭を細かく振ると、泣き声に震える羽の振動や微妙に変化する叫び声のニュアンスも感じられます。
SEが詳細であるほど、演奏音の違いが鮮明になります。 「ザ・ナイル・ソング」で唸るギターは弦の振動を感じることができ、「クライング・ソング」のパーカッションはわずかな効果の変動でもクリアです。もちろん、このような詳細の強化は、単なる問題ではありません。これまでCDは、さまざまな音が重なるたびに「演奏の平板」が積み重なっていくような感覚がありましたが、この作品は各音の「板」ではなく「糸」です。みたいな。音楽と呼ばれる布を四方八方に織り、音の世界を立体的に感じます。音の良さだけでなく、向こう側にあるはずの「楽器の振動」や「演奏者の指」の存在を透視できる臨場感もあります。 。
そのようなアルバムの主要部分は素晴らしいですが、この作品には追加のおいしいボーナストラックも含まれています。 「More」のアウトテイクである4テイクもお楽しみいただけます。これはリークされた「FLATTRANSFERMASTER」ではありませんが、まだ存在する最高峰バージョン(公式バージョンを含む)で記録されています。 「もっと」のセッションの結果を一度に楽しむことができる決定的なボードを作成しました。


★これはすごいです。 「More」は、どの公式CDよりも自然で、音質も優れています。オリジナルルートで持ち込まれたカット済みマスターテープをデジタル化したもので、イコライジングやリミテッドがなく、物理的なグルーブに変換されたことのない劣化ゼロのサウンドをお楽しみいただけます。 「More」のアウトテイクも4曲のボーナスとして収録されており、「More」セッションの結果を最高のピークサウンドで一気に楽しむことができる決定的なボードです。

01. Cirrus Minor
02. The Nile Song
03. Crying Song
04. Up The Khyber
05. Green Is The Color
06. Cymbaline
07. Party Sequence
08. Main Theme
09. Ibiza Bar
10. More Blues
11. Quicksilver
12. A Spanish Piece
13. Dramatic Theme

Bonus Tracks
14. Hollywood
15. Seabirds
16. More Blues (Alternate Mix)
17. Theme (Beat Version)


Sigma 261

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