Pink Floyd / Montreux 1970 Day 1 Recorder 1: New Remaster / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Montreux 1970 Day 1 Recorder 1: New Remaster / 2CD /Sigma

Super Pop 70 VII, Casino de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland 21st November 1970 Truly Perfect/Ultimate Sound(UPGRADE)

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In the history of Pink Floyd sound source, that Victor recording representing the 2010s has been upgraded for the first time in nine years! A special grade sound of the vertex penetration that was thought to be no more than that by the latest remaster in 2020 will descend!

November 21, 1970, Montreux, Switzerland. On the first day of this jazz festival, Victor recorded a Floyd live by connecting a portable German-made UHER 4200 deck and the famous Sennheiser MD-421 mic. Its tremendous sound quality has made it a representative heritage of Floyd’s history in the 2010s. Above all, “TOO LATE FOR MIND EXPANDING (Import Title)”, which was remastered by the main fan label “Harvested” by filling in multiple missing parts with separate recordings on the same day, can be said to be one of the definitive editions for a long time Let’s go.

By the way, it is very difficult to improve the high quality sound even further. Especially when it comes to Victor recordings, which are known as famous recordings, there are many people who wonder what the meaning of doing this is in the source that has already reached the stage of completion. However, this is easy to understand if it is compared to maintenance of a famous car, but no matter how beautiful its appearance is, the attractiveness of an old car will be reduced by half if the battery rises and it does not move. Also, the rust that was overlooked in the previous maintenance spreads under the paint, and corrosion and deterioration may be progressing where it can not be seen. Then carefully check even parts that are difficult to understand just by looking at it and repair it if necessary, and the engine is also running with one shot and always playing the best sound, that is, it is old if it is always “moving body preserved” Famous car = excellent sound source emits more dazzling shine.

In view of this, “TOO LATE FOR MIND EXPANDING” appeared in February 2011, so it has been about nine years since its “first maintenance”. In other words, this famous car has been left undisturbed for about nine years, and during this time the benefits of acoustic technology that has made tremendous progress, as well as corrections of faults that left hope for the future without any help at the time remain It also means that it is. Naturally, it is necessary to preserve the moving body with close inspection and maintenance that matches the era if it is a well-known recording, much less at the end of last year, Recorder 2 and 3 of the same day were recorded as “ MONTREUX 1970 DAY 1 / RECORDER 2 & 3: NEW TRANSFER (Sigma 235) ”, now perfected, this Victor recording = Recorder 1 will be left without any maintenance as it is because it lacks the painting finish.

This is where the latest remaster comes in. This is a re-tuning of “TOO LATE FOR MIND EXPANDING” (mainly referred to as “old edition”), which has been maintained for 9 years with the latest maintenance, with the latest acoustic technology and the latest equipment and software, and a slight blockage in the old edition It is the latest work that has improved the visibility of the sound image that has made you feel. It’s not surprising to think, “Is it possible that there is a sound that exceeds that sound quality? In the first place there was a feeling of obstruction in the old record?” Aim of. What is particularly remarkable is the expansion of the range, the spread of sound to the left and right and the depth have increased by about +3 compared to the old version, and the transparency of the sound image has also been upgraded step by step. Another topic of the 2020 version of the remaster is that the treble band has been raised to the limit where hiss does not disturb, and this also improves the omission and at the same time increases the stereo feeling and the audibility is dramatically improved. Will be noted. No one would have thought that the old record was a sound image that lacked a sense of blockage or lacked sound clarity, but this latest remaster has realized the upper feeling that has to be acknowledged It is!

For example, “Astronomy Domine”. From the beginning of the disc, a crystal clear sound image that allows you to realize the expansion of the sound range will moisten your ears, and from the beginning you will realize that there was certainly a feeling of blockage of the range that was thought to be absent in the old version. The tone that the hi-hat is engraved becomes even sharper, and the noise that existed near 5:21 of the old edition has been completely eliminated this time, so the listening comfort and quality have been improved, and the sound check after the performance is also fine from each instrument Sound is increasing the clarity. In “Fat Old Sun”, the tone of the guitar increases its presence, and the shine of the tone that can not be ignored even with a fine touch expands the advantage over the old record. The goodness of the play sound due to the adjustment of the treble range also appears everywhere, but especially the melody contrast between the organ and the vocals that appear in the final stage is increasingly dazzling, so it is necessary to check it. In the case of “Cymbaline”, the sound of the guitar at the front, the sound of the cymbals from both sides, the sound of the tom and the tone of the organ that springs from the back appear in a more separated sound, and the sense of stereo increases sharply, You will be amazed at the fact that this is an AUD recording. What stands out in “Atom Heart Mother” is that the contrast between weak and strong sounds, which can be said to be the feature of this song, is becoming increasingly dazzling. In the section where the guide vocals are proceeding, you will be able to feel the texture increase even if the voice of the singing part is weak, as well as the transparency of the place, please pay attention to the voluminous response that fills the undulation. “The Embryo” has a sharper sound response, making it easier to grasp weak expressions. I’m also happy that this gives me a stronger feeling of germination of ideas that lead to later “Echoes”.

“Careful With That Axe, Eugene” is the first half to the middle, and the gap between the sound that progresses with the minimum number of sounds becomes more and more meaningful, and the information to be conveyed is realized with a correctly tuned sound image. I can do it. By the way, since the noise like 1:47 to 50 which can be seen in the old version and Recorder 2 and 3 can be confirmed, this is left on the main panel as a sound related to PA during the performance or on the day. “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun” has a very attractive elasticity of Recorder 3’s glamorous sound, but the slender and neat sound that can be heard on this board is also a special finish. In addition, the treble was scrutinized by this remastering, so the turbid sound power concentrated in the middle to low range was distributed to the right, left, and above, so the good listening comfort was everywhere It should be noted that it is felt. In “A Saucerful Of Secrets”, the sound image gained by remastering further emphasizes the tone purity. The sharpness and luster of each instrument reach a clarity that is no longer different from SBD, especially the sharpness and lingering of the delay effect of the guitar is amazing. Distorted tones due to arming and the spooky dissonance of the organ also appear with great sound, but you will soon notice that the cymbals are sounding more clearly than ever. In “Just Another 12 Bar Blues” where recordings are missing in Recorder 2 and 3, the charm of the guitar is further opened. Its appeal is close and high resolution, and its appeal runs round and round, expanding the difference from the old version.In “More Blues”, the organ appears with an extraordinary sound luster, so the intersection of the tone with Gilmore and lights And the fusion fills the listener’s musical craving even deeper.

Although the latest remastered effect is noticeable throughout the entire disc, the 2020 remaster is another Sigma label production. As you may have noticed, “TOO LATE FOR MIND EXPANDING (Import Title)” is an imported title produced by an overseas manufacturer, as shown, and is not actually a Sigma label title. This time, however, this label is the latest version of the complete Sigma project, in which a skilled engineer who boasts of this label used his latest equipment and software to shake his arm. That’s why the label has been produced to be one piece that is suitable for decorating the opening of the 2020s, and the sound of everyone’s consent has achieved the quality of the next generation that will set the curtain on the old record. Here are the latest maintenance and tuning of Victor recording, the present and the future, if you fasten your seat belt and turn the key … No, press the play button, Recorder 1 The strongest sound in the history of Floyd・ Please check out Montreux in ’71!

ピンク・フロイド音源史上、2010年代を代表するあのヴィクター録音が9年振りにアップグレード!! 2020年最新リマスターによってあれ以上は無いと思われていた頂点突き抜けの特級サウンドが降臨します!!

1970年11月21日、スイス・モントルー。このジャズ・フェスティヴァル初日にヴィクターなる人物が西ドイツ製の可搬型デッキUHER 4200と名機Sennheiser MD-421マイクを接続してフロイドのライブをレコーディングをした” ヴィクター録音 “は、SBDと言っても差し支えないその驚異的な高音質によって2010年代のフロイド音源史を代表する遺産となりました。中でもファン主幹レーベル” Harvested “が複数の欠落箇所を同日別録音で補填してリマスターした『TOO LATE FOR MIND EXPANDING (Import Title)』は、その決定版として長く親しまれてきた一枚と言えるでしょう。

ところで、ただでさえ質の高い音を更に上方修正するのは非常に難しいものです。特に名録音として知られるヴィクター録音ともなれば尚の事で、そもそも既に完成の域に達したソースにそんな事をする意味がどこにあるのかと疑問に思われる方も多いのではないでしょうか。ただこれは名車のメンテナンスに例えると判り易いのですが、魅力溢れる旧い車はその外観がいかに美しくともバッテリーが上がって動かなければその魅力は半減してしまうものです。また前回のメンテナンスで見逃していた錆が塗装の下で広がり、見えないところで腐食や劣化が進んでいるかもしれません。そうしてパッと見ただけでは判り難い部分までも丁寧にチェックして必要ならばリペアし、エンジンも1発で掛かっていつも最高のサウンドを奏でる状態、すなわち常時” 動体保存 “されてこそ旧い名車=名音源は更に眩しい輝きを放つものです。

これに鑑みると『TOO LATE FOR MIND EXPANDING』の登場は2011年2月の事ですから、現在はその” 初回メンテナンス “から約9年ほどが経過している訳です。言い換えればこの名車は約9年間放置されたままの状態であり、この間に飛躍的な進歩を遂げた音響技術の恩恵、また当時はどうにもならず未来に希望を託した欠点の修正が残ったままになっているという事でもあります。名録音であればこそその時代にマッチする精査とメンテナンスが施された動体保存が求められるのは当然のこと、ましてや昨年末には同日別録音のRecorder 2と3が『MONTREUX 1970 DAY 1 / RECORDER 2 & 3: NEW TRANSFER (Sigma 235)』としてパーフェクトに整備完了した現在、このヴィクター録音=Recorder 1がそのまま何もメンテナンスを受けずに放置されるのは画竜点睛を欠くというものでしょう。

そこで登場するのがこの最新リマスター。これは前回のメンテナンスで9年間維持された『TOO LATE FOR MIND EXPANDING (※ 以降” 旧盤 “とします)』を現代の最新音響技術と最新機材・ソフトによってリ・チューニングし、旧盤でやや閉塞感を感じさせていた音像を視界良好に向上させた最新作です。「え、あの音質を上回るサウンドなど有り得るのだろうか? そもそも旧盤に閉塞感などあったっけ?」と思われるのも無理からぬことですが、その驚きを感じて戴くのが本作の真の狙い。特に顕著なのがレンジの拡大で、旧盤と比べて出音の左右への広がりと奥行きが+3ほど増し、音像の透明度も段違いにアップグレードしているのです。また2020年版リマスターの特性として高音帯域をヒスが邪魔にならない限界まで上げている事もトピックで、これにより抜けが良くなると同時にステレオ感がグッと増し、聴感性が格段に上がっている事も特筆されるでしょう。旧盤が閉塞感を感じさせる音像であったり音の透明度に欠けていたとは誰も思わなかった筈ですが、しかしこの最新リマスターはそれを認めざるを得ないアッパー感を現実のものにしたのです!!

例えば「Astronomy Domine」。音域の拡がりが実感出来るクリスタルクリアな音像がディスク冒頭から耳を潤し、そんなもの無いと思われていたレンジの閉塞感が旧盤には確かに存在していた事を序盤から実感されるでしょう。ハイハットが刻まれる音色も更に鋭くなり、更に旧盤5:21付近に存在していたノイズも今回は完全に駆除した事で聴き心地とクオリティが向上、終演後のサウンドチェックも各楽器から出る微細な音が鮮明度を上げています。「Fat Old Sun」ではギターの音色がひと際存在感を増し、微細なタッチひとつすら無視出来ない音色の輝きが旧盤とのアドヴァンテージを広げます。高音域が調整された事による演奏音の抜けの良さも随所で現れますが、中でも特に終盤で登場するオルガンとボーカルによる旋律対比はますます眩しく出ているので要チェックです。「Cymbaline」に至ってはフロントにギター、両サイドからシンバルの音、奥から湧き上がるようにタムの打音やオルガンの音色がますます分離感の良いサウンドで現れる事でステレオ感がグッと増し、これがAUD録音である事実に改めて驚嘆してしまうでしょう。「Atom Heart Mother」で際立つのは、この曲の特徴とも言える弱音と強音との対比がますますその眩しさを増している点です。ガイドボーカルで進行する区間も場の透明さは勿論、歌いだし部分の声の微弱な立ち上がりにも質感の高まりを実感出来る筈で、その起伏に充ちた量感溢れる聴き応えに御注目下さい。「The Embryo」は音のレスポンスが鋭くなった事で微弱な表現が更に掴み易くなりました。これによって後の「Echoes」に繋がるアイデアの発芽を一層強く感じられるのも嬉しいところです。

「Careful With That Axe, Eugene」は前半~中盤、最小限の音数で進行する音と音の間隙がますます重く意味あるものとして圧り掛かり、伝えられるべき情報が正しくチューニングされた音像で実感出来るでしょう。ちなみに1:47~50付近に入る引っ掛かる様なノイズは旧盤ならびにRecorder 2と3でも確認出来るため、これは演奏中・或いは当日のPA関係の出音として本盤でも残しています。「Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun」はRecorder 3のグラマラスな音の弾力感も大変魅力的ですが、本盤で聴けるスレンダーで端整なサウンドも格別の仕上がりです。また今回のリマスターによって高音域が精査された事により中~低音域に集中して混濁していたサウンド・パワーが程好く左右と上方にも配分された為、聴き心地の良さが随所で感じられる様になっている点も特記しておきましょう。「A Saucerful Of Secrets」はリマスターによって拡がりを得た音像が更に音色の純度を際立たせています。各楽器の鮮明さと艶はもはやSBDと何ら変わらない明瞭感に達し、特にギターのディレイ効果の鋭さと余韻は驚異的です。アーミングによって音色を歪ませる様子やオルガンの不気味な不協和音も素晴らしいサウンドで現れますが、シンバルがこれまで以上の明瞭感で鳴っている事にも直ぐ気付かれるでしょう。Recorder 2と3では録音漏れしている「Just Another 12 Bar Blues」ではギターの魅力が更に全開。近くて高解像なサウンドでその魅力が縦横無尽に駆け巡り旧盤との差を拡げていますし、「More Blues」ではオルガンが特上の音艶で登場するためギルモアとライトによる音色の交差と融合が聴き手の音楽的な渇望を更に深く満たしてくれるのです。

この様にディスク全体を通して最新リマスターによる効果が顕著に出ている最新作なのですが、更にもうひとつ別の要素としてこの2020年リマスターはSigmaレーベル制作である事も特徴となっています。お気付きの方も多いと思いますが『TOO LATE FOR MIND EXPANDING (Import Title)』はその表示通り海外メーカー制作の輸入タイトルであり、実はSigmaレーベルのタイトルではありません。しかし今回は当レーベル自慢の敏腕エンジニアが最新機材とソフトウェアを用いて腕を振るった企画制作完全Sigmaの最新盤。それだけにレーベルとしても2020年代の幕開けを飾るに相応しい一枚となるよう制作しており、誰もが納得するサウンドで旧盤に幕を引く次世代のクオリティが実現しているのです。ここにあるのは最新メンテナンスとチューニングを終えたヴィクター録音の現在と未来、シートベルトをして鍵を廻せば…いえ、再生ボタンを押せばRecorder 1史上最強のサウンドが呻りを上げるフロイド・71年モントルーを是非お確かめ下さい!!

Disc 1(67:55)
1. Astronomy Domine
2. Fat Old Sun
3. Cymbaline
4. Atom Heart Mother
5. The Embryo

Disc 2(65:57)
1. Green Is The Colour
2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
4. A Saucerful Of Secrets
5. Just Another 12 Bar Blues
6. More Blues

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