Pink Floyd / Live At Pompeii Definitive Edition / 2DVD

Pink Floyd / Live At Pompeii Definitive Edition / 2DVD / Non label
Restored 1972 Original Cut (Mono Mix) / Restored 1974 Theatrical Cut (Stereo Mix)*Dual Layer. Pro-Shot

Roman Ampitheater, Pompeii, Italy 4th-7th October 1971
Studio Europa-Sonor, Paris, France 13th-20th December 1971

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The upper version with outstanding sound resolution and color sensitivity has appeared in Pompeii images that have not been upgraded for a long time!!
The remastered footage has been reviewed and edited again, and the final version of the Pompeii footage, which was completely restored to the 1972 release and the 1974 release, will make an emergency landing from overseas this weekend!!

Although it is official, the official DVD “LIVE AT POMPEII-Director’s Cut Edition” does not make you feel uncomfortable or distrustful. Although there are some additional recordings in the interview scene, cheap CG is opening and ending, eventually it was also inserted in the performance scene, etc. It becomes an ad, and the more you watch it, the reason why this work is masterpiece is that the original version is. Many fans still feel the pain. The Blu-ray version recorded in “The Early Years 1965-1972” contains only the edited version of this edited version that has been up-converted from SD image quality to HD, making it a disappointing remaster. Officially speaking, given that the director’s cut version is now the final answer to this video, the possibility of release with a focus only on the original version that the fans most want is expected in the future. You can think of it as not.

However, the 2020 latest upper edition title, which deeply thirsts for the two original editions and thirst for intelligence, will appear as a two-disc press disc for a long time. This is a faithfully restored original version of the 1972 release version and the 1974 theater release version, making full use of the state-of-the-art video tapes and laser discs that are carefully stored by the image collector. The original cut version recorded as a bonus on the version DVD was adjusted with pitch adjustment and converted to 24p and the color tone was reviewed again, and the sound was also excellent in restoring the monaural mix for the 1972 version and the PCM digital track of the laser disc for the 1974 version. , The image quality and sound are in the best condition, and you can enjoy two kinds of Pompeii images completely restored to the original version.

The topic is that the image is recorded with an aspect ratio of 4:3 (* old TV screen), but the top and bottom of the screen are not cropped. But I’m also happy that there isn’t any here. Furthermore, “DVD9 Dual Layer” is adopted for the Disc 2 and 1974 released discs, and the long quality of the video also has a bit rate margin, resulting in the ultimate quality in both image quality and sound quality. As a collector’s item, it is attractive that it has a high-spec luxury feel. The following is a quick run, but let’s introduce each disc content and its features.

Disc 1 contains the original cut Pompeii released in 1972 with the best image quality and sound of the present day. For the audio, we have adopted a monaural mix that has not been officially released on DVD as the mix differs greatly between the intro section and “Echoes” “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun” etc., and the opening and end credits are also the original original version. It has been replaced with an excellent one. The voice master used as the mother body uses the rare Betamax version released in Japan, and this has been newly captured with the famous fully restored EDV-9000 and subjected to the latest remaster in 2020. The main feature of the image itself is that the image quality is remarkably improved by further correcting the color tone of the remaster source, and what is especially amazing is also the skin coloration, sky blue, green and white coloration. The transparency is very high, it is also sharp, and it seems that it is coming out with a high resolution that is beyond the original cut image of the DVD remaster version.

To give some examples, for example, in the middle of “Echoes 1”, there is a scene where the camera wraps behind the band and slowly moves from right to left, but here we illuminate the band from the other side. The color of the lighting is sharper and more vivid than any previous version. Also, even when shooting in dark surroundings such as “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” and “Mademoiselle Nobs”, the color does not blur and sink, and the color appears with natural brightness and vividness. You should be surprised. In addition, it is worth noting that in “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun”, the mural and the light source (=lighting) have a plain white with a high resolution.

Disc 2 is “DVD9 Dual Layer” and is a deffective version aiming for the highest quality comparable to official software.
The 1974 version of the Pompeii video is recorded here, and the feature is that the audio uses the PCM digital track restore version of the laser disk. The stereo effect of this restored version is also great, and the excellent listening comfort that gives a deep depth and three-dimensional effect regardless of the scene is attractive. It was remixed in the official DVD version, and it was unpopular with fans because the sound of the drum was changed to pseudo stereo. Of course you can listen to the original stereo mix here. The image quality was improved by correcting the pitch which was 4% faster and converting it to 24p, and it is also a topic that it is an original image recorded with an aspect ratio of 4:3 without vertical cut due to ratio change. Also, speaking of the 1974 edition, the familiar scene of eating at Abbey Road Studios, interviews with members, and “On The Run” “Us And Them” “Blain Damage” from “madness” that was in the process of production at that time The recording scene including the approach of is recorded perfectly. This recording scene was restored from the overseas PAL version VHS, but it was recorded with a surprisingly vivid image quality because the collector kept the tape in good condition and the highest-grade deck was used for video capture. It is also nice to be there. Also, in this scene, Japanese subtitles can be displayed on/off, and the mistranslation in the LD version has been corrected.

However, even so, the superb sense of stereo that you can experience with this DVD9 Dual Layer PCM sound is amazing. For example, in “Careful With That Axe, Eugene,” Roger screams and moans, and the first half of the voice comes up with much more sharpness and clarity, and also in “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun”. You can see that the luster of the tone and the amplitude of the sound have a deep and reliable response. In addition, the intro that appears at the opening from 0:00 to 1:50 will be supplemented from the 4-channel mix version to ensure the integrity, and the end credits may be replaced with the original video to restore it. I can’t miss it.

After being upgraded for a long time, the Pompeii video has returned as a special video suitable for the present age. We would like to have as many people as possible as our shop, but as I mentioned at the beginning, this work is a special import title from overseas, so the number of stores sold is limited. I think that it is sure that you obtain it with an early order, so we are looking forward to your early order!!

————————————————– ———

★Planning & work details

The live at Pompeii decision board, which re-edited the remastered video from the same place again and completely restored the 1972 public version and the 1974 public version

・The base remastered video is 4% faster, readjusted the color and pitch, and improved in image quality by making it 24p

Disc1: Restored 1972 Original Cut (Mono Mix)

・Monomix version with a large mix of intros, Echoes, and Taiyo Sanka, which have not been officially released on DVD
・Replace the opening and ending credits with the original video
-Improved sound quality by re-capturing with EDV-9000 from the Betamax version released in Japan
・Compensation for missing parts at the beginning of the song from the beta version of the UK first release

Disc2: Restored 1974 Theatrical Cut (Stereo Mix)

-Includes the restored version of the 1974 stereo mix, which has not been officially made into a DVD. Current DVD remix
・Replace the opening and ending credits with the original video
・No vertical cut
・Restore audio from PCM digital track of laser disc. No pitch adjustment and no EQ processing
・The missing intro in the laser disc version from 0:00 to 1:50 is compensated from the 4ch Quad Mix version
・The scene of Abbey Road Studio is restored from PAL version VHS. Image quality is improved compared to previous images with overexposed and blurred image quality
・Includes Japanese subtitles that can be turned on and off. Corrected a mistranslation of the laser disc version.
・In order to achieve the highest image quality, release on dual-layer DVD with two layers on one side

————————————————– ————


公式ではあれど、どうにも違和感と不信感が拭えない公式DVD『LIVE AT POMPEII・ディレクターズカット版』。インタビュー・シーンに追加収録こそ多少あるものの、チープなCGがオープニングとエンディング、果ては演奏シーンにも挿入されたこと等がアダとなり、観れば観るほどこの作品の名作たる理由がオリジナル版にある事を痛感するファンは今も多く居られるでしょう。『The Early Years 1965-1972』に収録されたブルーレイ盤もこの編集版をSD画質からHDにアップコンバートしただけのものが収録されており、残念なリマスターとなってしまいました。公式見解的にも今やディレクターズカット版こそがこの映像の最終回答とされた様な現状を鑑みると、この先もファンが最も望むオリジナル版のみに焦点を絞った姿でのリリースの可能性はまず見込めないと考えて良いでしょう。


また映像はアスペクト比4:3(※旧テレビ画面)で収録されているだけに画面の上下が切り取られていないのもトピックで、ワイド画面の比率に無理やりトリミングしたディレクターズカット版画面の不自然さがここには一切無いのも嬉しいところです。更にディスク2、74年公開版ディスクには”DVD9 Dual Layer”を採用し尺の長い映像もビットレートに余裕を持つことで画質・音質ともに究極のクオリティが結実しており、見応えは勿論のことコレクターズ・アイテムとしてもハイスペックな高級感を備えているのが魅力となっています。以下駆け足ですが、それぞれのディスク内容とその特徴を御紹介致しましょう。

ディスク1は1972年公開の最初期編集版オリジナルカットのポンペイを現代最良の画質と音声で復元収録しています。音声はイントロ部と「Echoes」「Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun」等でミックスが大きく異なる公式未DVD化のモノラル・ミックスを採用しており、オープニングとエンド・クレジットも本来のオリジナル版に差し替えた優れものとなっています。母体とした音声マスターは日本でリリースされた希少なベータマックス版を使用し、これをフルレストア済みの名機EDV-9000で新規キャプチャーして2020年最新リマスターを施したものとなっています。映像自体もリマスターソースを更に色調補正することで画質に目覚ましいほどのアッパー感が出ているのが最大特徴で、特に驚かされるのは肌の発色や空の青さ、グリーンとホワイトの発色も透明度が大変高いうえに鋭くく、元があのDVDリマスター版オリジナルカット映像とは思えないほどの抜けて高い解像力で出ている点でしょう。

幾つかその例を挙げますと、例えば「Echoes 1」の中盤でカメラがバンドの後ろに回り込んで右から左にゆっくり移動するシーンがありますが、ここで向こう側からバンドに照明を当てているライティングの発色が過去のどのバージョンより鋭くて鮮明なのです。また「Careful With That Axe, Eugene」や「Mademoiselle Nobs」の様に周囲が暗い状況下で撮影しているシーンでも色が滲んで沈み込まず、発色が自然な明るさと鮮やかさで出ている事にも驚かれる筈です。更に「Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun」では壁画と光源(=ライティング)に雑味の無いホワイトが高感度の解像力で出ている点も特記しておきましょう。

ディスク2は”DVD9 Dual Layer”で公式ソフトにも劣らない最高品質を目指したディフィにティブバージョンです。
ここには1974年版のポンペイ映像が収録され、音声はレーザーディスクのPCMデジタルトラック・レストア版を採用しているのが特徴です。このレストア版のステレオ効果がまた絶大で、どのシーンを取っても深い奥行きと立体感が現れる優れた聴き心地が魅力となっています。公式DVD版ではリミックスされており、ドラムの音が擬似ステレオ化されてしまうなどファンには不評なものでした。ここで聴けるのはもちろんオリジナルのステレオミックス。映像も4%速かったピッチを補正し24p化により画質の向上が図られており、比率変化による上下カットの無いアスペクト比4:3で収録されたオリジナル映像である事もトピックでしょう。また74年版と言えばお馴染みの、アビーロード・スタジオでの食事風景、メンバーへのインタビュー、そして当時制作途中にあった『狂気』から「On The Run」「Us And Them」「Blain Damage」へのアプローチを含んだレコーディングシーンもばっちり収録しています。このレコーディングシーンは海外PAL版VHSよりレストアしたものですが、コレクターが保管していた状態良好のテープと、映像キャプチャーの際には最高級デッキが使われた事で驚くほど鮮やかな画質で収録されているのも嬉しいところです。またこのシーンは日本語字幕の表示がオンオフで選択出来るようになっており、LD版での誤訳も修正しています。

しかしそれにしてもこのDVD9 Dual LayerのPCM音声で体験出来るステレオの極上感は驚きです。例えば「Careful With That Axe, Eugene」でロジャーが声をすすり上げたり呻いたりする前半の音声が格段に鋭さと明瞭さを増して浮き上がってきますし、「Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun」でも音色の艶と響きの振幅に深くて確かな手応えが備わっているのが分かる筈です。またオープニングの0:00~1:50で出てくるあのイントロは4チャンネル・ミックス版から補填して完全性を確保し、エンド・クレジットも本来の映像に差し替えて復元するという念の入れようも見逃せません。






Disc1: Restored 1972 Original Cut (Mono Mix)


Disc2: Restored 1974 Theatrical Cut (Stereo Mix)

・0:00~1:50のレーザーディスク版で欠落していたイントロは4ch Quad Mixバージョンより補填



Disc 1(62:38)


1. Introduction
2. Echoes Part 1
3. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
4. One Of These Days
5. A Saucerful Of Secrets
6. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
7. Mademoiselle Nobs
8. Echoes Part 2
9. End Credits


Disc 2(84:50)*Dual Layer


1. Introduction
2. Echoes Part 1
3. On The Run (Studio Footage)
4. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
5. A Saucerful Of Secrets
6. Us And Them (Studio Footage)
7. One Of These Days
8. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
9. Brain Damage (Studio Footage)
10. Mademoiselle Nobs
11. Echoes Part 2
12. End Credits



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