Pink Floyd / Henjo Tokyo 1st Show March 6 1972 / 2CD WX OBI Strip

Pink Floyd / Henjo Tokyo 1st Show March 6 1972 / 2CD WX OBI Strip / Shakuntala

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Metropolitan Gymnasium Tokyo March 6, 1972. Digitally Remastered


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Also visited Japan a number of artists from the 70s early that it can be said that the lock dawn of Japan, at the time the information was limited, and many opportunities to actually witness the foreign artists that could not be know only in books until now, It was like the era, such as the dream. And Japan tour of Pink Floyd has been done three times until now. First visit to Japan is doing the tour to Japan in 1971, and the next in 1972. first visit to Japan at the time surprisingly concert is not carried out in Tokyo, twice in Hakone, once in Osaka, it was a stage of only a total of three times. Perhaps Tokyo resident of fans, in 1972, would not be the first time contact was on the stage of Pink Floyd in Japan for the second time.

Pink Floyd is finished the tour with the “unsolicited” released in November 1971, then again will be to spend time in the next recording of the album. And it was that was listed as the next operation of the theme is to represent the “madness that lurks in the human inner surface” in music. Such esoteric themes and complex configurations, after elaboration is superimposed many times, but to fruition as “madness”, the release had to wait in March 1973. Moreover, during and tour dates are bear, Floyd will be the option of gradually increasing the proficiency of “madness” through the tour. In fact, in the UK tour that began already in 1972 at the beginning of the year, which had been scheduled, it is also “madness” has been showing off early.

While the historical name board of the position, including the Nowadays chart action is “madness” that consolidate, at the time it has been the stage as a new song of pure Pink Floyd. It will be the first time listen to the “madness” for most of the audience, the world has already brew the atmosphere is not a ordinary person, a state that is watching drinking just Katazu fantastic sight to be deployed in stage It suggests from the time of the audience recording. That was done in a series of extension was the Japan tour of 1972. Was again unpublished “madness” has been played already through the whole volume from opening.

What a will do? The stage for artists. Paul McCartney has been recalled as a “person of songs from the new song in the Beatles era, such as” Sea Loves You “has received”. The audience is a testimony that well you can understand that feels pleasure in listening to the fraying about songs that I heard in the record in the live music at the concert venue. Also in the artist’s point of view, or not there was also intended that ascertain the reaction of the song directly by to show off the new song. Even during the album production and tour is organized, in the recording process, I suspect that there has been intended to reflect the reaction in stage in the album production. Also It’s a phenomenon that occurs from the time difference between the recording and release, you want to hear a new song that was played on the stage again, such as getting to buy the album, but that is later released for, it seems that there was also intended as a promotion. The Led Zeppelin has already played in actively stage a song of new album of unreleased yet been recording also probably from such a reason.

But in the case of Pink Floyd, it seems like there is one in does not belong is also another reason for the above-mentioned. In 1972 the stage “madness” full-length is playing from the opening, but is any rate’re playing a whole over a year ago of the album than release. And it can be heard on such as this work “madness”, although skeleton what is was released “madness”, it is not possible to dispel the unfinished impression to be honest. The different versions of is like listening to studio outtakes rather than unfinished. If most different version than there is misleading is that, or will still towards the phrase has not been aging comes with somewhere south. Probably there was a special awareness for the “madness” also for Pink Floyd. And that let us close to a perfect final form enhances the kneading degree by repeatedly playing through the tour, to imagine that than there was intent unprecedented.

When a student Fujiko Fujio visited the home of the first Osamu Tezuka, for “coming world” of only 300 pages, there is also the manuscript originally 1000 pages, 700 pages, which was cut is supporting that dense work there is an episode that startle you know the thing. Pink “madness” is no gap like that of Floyd, that is the beginning to end tension has become a dense work without relaxation,’s a result that went aged in stage over this way one year things I can understand well. The future generations of people but will only album “madness” remains, at that time, and realistic the fan to live is, luckily this way, know that the aging period over the long term is to support the that name board ing. Its one end, is the a 1972 Japan performances recorded in this work.

1972 of the Japan tour in Tokyo twice, Osaka twice, and Kyoto and Sapporo, a total of six performances have been made. It is a hard schedule also look at the current eye that is the development of the transportation network, in particular, 5 consecutive days performances from Tokyo to Kyoto. This work has been recorded that the first day of March 6, 1972 Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium performances. The first half as mentioned above is “insane” is played in full. Interesting is the content that Itokyo Goro put the announcement after the first half has ended. In the beginning in January of the stage it had been introduced as “A Piece for Assorted Lunatics”, already at the time of this March, “The Dark Side Of The Moon” and that the title has changed. That Japanese title is not yet referred to as “madness”. It should be noted that, in the day of the venue is that of a lyric that has been distributed to the audience, “the moon on the back side – – works to for all kinds of madman us.” And that it has been introduced as a new song to be released in the UK in November. Also postponed for four months until the release that had been scheduled for November is March next year, and probably was still insistence of Pink Floyd seeking perfection.

The first half is played “madness” full-length, is sandwiched between the announcement and the break, the second half is released music groups are lined up already. “To blow, wind, Yobeyo storm” was a song that symbolizes the Pink Floyd for the Japanese fans at the time that was touted in a big way to tour poster. Other, Eugene, Echoes and mystery in a concert, is concluded. Incidentally, in the second half of the disk 2 is recorded another source for the same day of the air at that time radio. Indeed it is what I thought bad, it is interesting to say that DJ was innocent and “Une idea what that band of anywhere in the country” after the broadcast. This would also be traces of Daira Kana era.

From Pink Floyd’s 1972 Japan tour, the first day of March 6 to complete recording of the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. Another source in the second half of that has been on the air at that time radio also Heiroku. Permanent Athletic press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification. With Japanese band.







1972年の日本公演は東京2回、大阪2回、そして京都と札幌と、合計6公演が行なわれている。交通網の発達している現在の目で見てもハードなスケジュールで、特に東京から京都までは5日連続公演である。本作はその初日1972年3月6日東京都体育館公演を収録している。前述のように前半は『狂気』がフルで演奏されている。興味深いのは前半が終了した後に糸居五郎がアナウンスを入れる内容である。当初1月のステージでは『A Piece for Assorted Lunatics』と紹介されていたが、既にこの3月の時点で『The Dark Side Of The Moon』とタイトルが変わっている点。『狂気』という日本語タイトルはまだないという点。なお、当日会場では『月の裏側-もろもろの狂人達の為への作品-』という歌詞カードが観客に配布されたとのことである。そして11月に英国でリリースされる新曲であると紹介している点。11月を予定していたリリースが翌年3月にまで4か月もずれ込むのは、やはり完璧を求めるピンク・フロイドの拘りだったのだろう。



01. Speak To Me
02. Breathe
03. On The Run
04. Time
05. Breathe (Reprise)
06. The Great Gig In The Sky
07. Money
08. Us And Them
09. Any Colour You Like
10. Brain Damage
11. Eclipse
12. Announcement
13. One Of These Days
14. Careful With That Axe, Eugene

01. Echoes
02. Announcement
03. A Saucerful Of Secrets

04. Speak To Me
05. Breathe
06. On The Run
07. Time
08. Breathe (Reprise)
09, The Great Gig In The Sky
10. Money
11. Us And Them
12. D.J. Announcement
Shakuntala. STCD. STCD-043/044

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