Pink Floyd / Earls Court 1981 Definitive Final Night / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Earls Court 1981 Definitive Final Night / 2CD / Sigma
Live at Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London, UK 17th June 1981

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The fateful show that became the final show of Roger Waters after the final performance of the historically famous “THE WALL Tour 1980-1981”. The original master of the legendary name recording that tells the scene is decided to be permanently preserved.

[Final performance of Earl’s Court, which symbolizes THE WALL Tour] “June 17, 1981 London performance” is recorded in the legendary master. It is the transcendental audience recording. Even in the four cities of “THE WALL Tour”, the hometown of London is divided into two times, 1980/1981, with special treatment, and a total of 11 performances are all held at “Earl’s Court”. From there, we have produced the official work “IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE?” And the familiar professional shots, but we have also left behind the finest audience recordings. Let’s leave the whole view of the tour to the explanation of “DORTMUND 1981 FINAL NIGHT: 1ST GEN (Sigma 269)” which will be released at the same time, and here we will extract only the Earl’s Court performance and organize our collection.

● 1980 (6 performances)
・ August 4-7 (4 performances)
・ August 8: Pro Shot
・ August 9 “EARLS COURT 1980 FINAL NIGHT” & Pro Shot
● 1981 (5 performances)
・ June 13-15 (3 performances)
・ June 17: Last day ← ★ This work ★
* Only representative works on each day.

… And it looks like this. The big classic pro shot was knitted from 2 performances of “August 8 + 9”, but besides that, the best live album is left for 3 days. This work is not only the last day of the British leg, but also the last of “THE WALL Tour”. After that, Roger left, and it was “LIVE 8” in 2005 that he returned to the stage as a member of FLOYD.

[Upgrade master of miraculously excavated historical recordings] This work recorded in such “Roger’s last night” is exactly the best audience recording with “super”. It is a famous show that has been recorded for a long time, and it became very popular as “THE LAST FEW BRICKS” in our shop. This work is the ultimate Gene product digitized from the original cassette of that famous recording. It came from the same route as the recently talked about “FLAT TRANSFER” series, but the content is shocking. First of all, it’s long. Although it is a part before the performance and between songs, it is recorded several tens of seconds longer than the conventional highest peak “THE LAST FEW BRICKS”.
Beauty is even more important. For example, in “THE LAST FEW BRICKS”, after the performance of “Another Brick In The Wall Part 2”, the sound was blurred due to tape damage (although it was arranged so that it would not be noticeable by mastering). However, the Omoto Master this time has no damage itself. It’s a sound that makes you feel hot, as if you were the Omoto Master, or is the Ultimate Gene so wonderful?
I’ve talked endlessly on the premise of “THE LAST FEW BRICKS”, but this is really ridiculous. Known as one of the best recordings in “THE WALL Tour”, it is clear and powerful. The deep bass that tends to be squishy is a powerful force that shakes the five viscera and kicks up the six swords, and even if it is powerful, it does not vibrate at all. And the most amazing thing is the lack of distance. When I listen to it analytically with headphones, I also inhale the sound of the hall, but it is neither caged nor rounded. The extra-thick core is brilliantly colored, giving a spatial spectacle to the thickness and SE without hiding any contour details. It is an ideal sense of space that “a feeling of scale that is a little different from that of close contact, but it does not feel like a distance”, and a core like a rough rope runs through the center of the space. Such a famous recording has become more transparent, and the brilliant luster has increased.

A famous recording that is famous in history, its original cassette. Literally, you can enjoy “The Wall Story” with a brilliant sound like no other, and Roger’s last night in full. Even in the original “THE WALL Tour” of all 31 performances, it is the one and only last show. By all means, please experience the ultimate with this work of Permanent Preservation Press 2CD.

★ A transcendental audience recording of Roger Waters’ last show “June 17, 1981 London Performance”. It is the original cassette master of the famous recording that has been known for a long time, and if the recording time is the longest in the past, it is the highest peak update board without tape damage that has existed so far. Anyway, it has a clear and powerful, thick core, fine details, and a glossy sound. It is a historic new masterpiece that allows you to fully experience Roger’s last night with the ideal sound that “a feeling of scale that is a little different from the close contact, but you can not feel the distance”.

★ Recorded with the longest and highest sound quality from the master cassette! This is a great piece. Must listen! !!

★ Only the first 50 sheets will be released with numbered stickers.

歴史に名高い“THE WALL Tour 1980?1981”の最終公演にして、ロジャー・ウォーターズ最後のショウとなった運命のショウ。その現場を伝える伝説的名録音の大元マスターが永久保存決定です。

【THE WALL Tourを象徴するアールズコートの最終公演】
その伝説マスターに記録されているのは「1981年6月17日ロンドン公演」。その超絶級オーディエンス録音です。“THE WALL Tour”の4都市でも故郷ロンドンは特別待遇で1980年/1981年の二度に分け、合計11公演がすべて“アールズコート”で実施。そこからは公式作『IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE?』やお馴染みのプロショットも生み出してきたわけですが、さらには極上オーディエンス録音も残されてきました。ツアーの全景は同時リリースとなる『DORTMUND 1981 FINAL NIGHT: 1ST GEN(Sigma 269)』の解説に譲り、ここではアールズコート公演だけ抜き出して当店コレクションも整理しておきましょう。

・8月9日『EARLS COURT 1980 FINAL NIGHT』&プロショット
・6月17日:最終日 ←★本作★

……と、このようになっています。大定番プロショットは“8月8日+9日”の2公演から編まれていましたが、それ以外にも極上ライヴアルバムが3日分残されている。本作は英国レッグの最終日というだけでなく、“THE WALL Tour”のラスト。その後ロジャーは脱退し、再びFLOYDの一員としてステージに立つのは2005年の“LIVE 8”でした。

そんな“ロジャー最後の夜”で記録された本作は、まさに「超」の付く極上オーディエンス録音。以前から名録音が残された事でも有名なショウで、当店でも『THE LAST FEW BRICKS』として大人気を博しました。本作はあの名録音の大元カセットからデジタル化された究極ジェネの銘品なのです。最近話題となっている“FLAT TRANSFER”シリーズと同じルートからもたらされたのですが、その内容は衝撃的。まず何と言っても長い。開演前や曲間といったパートではありますが、従来の最高峰盤『THE LAST FEW BRICKS』よりも数十秒長く収録されているのです。
それ以上に重要なのが美しさ。例えば『THE LAST FEW BRICKS』では「Another Brick In The Wall Part 2」の終演後にテープのダメージで音ブレを起こしていました(マスタリングで目立たないように整えてはいましたが)。しかし、今回の大元マスターはダメージそのものが存在しない。さすが大元マスターと言いますか、究極ジェネとはここまで素晴らしいものなのか……と胸が熱くなるサウンドなのです。
延々と『THE LAST FEW BRICKS』を前提にお話ししてしまいましたが、これは本当にとんでもない事なのです。“THE WALL Tour”でも屈指の名録音として知られ、とにかくクリア&パワフル。スカスカになりがちな重低音は五臓を揺らし六腑を蹴り上げるド迫力であり、それだけパワフルでも一切ビビらない。そして何より凄いのが距離感のなさ。ヘッドフォンで分析的に聴くとホール鳴りも吸い込んでいるのですが、それが籠もりにも丸みにもなっていない。極太の芯を艶やかに彩り、輪郭ディテールを一切隠すことなく厚みやSEに空間スペクタクルを与えている。「ド密着とはちょっと違うスケール感が宿りつつ、距離とは感じられない」という理想的な空間感覚であり、そのド真ん中を荒縄の如き芯が貫いている。そんな名録音がさらに透明度を増し、光り輝く艶が増しているのです。

歴史に名高い名録音、その大元カセット。文字通り、これ以上はない輝きのサウンドで「ザ・ウォール物語」を、そしてロジャー最後の夜をフルで味わえるのです。全31公演のオリジナル“THE WALL Tour”でも、唯一無二のラストショウ。ぜひ、永久保存プレス2CDの本作で究極体験してください。




Disc 1 (58:26)
1. MC: Atmos ★0:00 – 0:28 既発より長い
2. In The Flesh?
3. The Thin Ice
4. Another Brick In The Wall Part 1
5. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
6. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2
7. Mother
8. Goodbye Blue Sky
9. Empty Spaces
10. What Shall We Do Now?
11. Young Lust
12. One Of My Turns
13. Don’t Leave Me Now
14. Another Brick In The Wall Part 3
15. The Last Few Bricks
16. Goodbye Cruel World ★最後が5秒程度長い

Disc 2 (55:48)
1. Hey You ★冒頭10秒程度長い
2. Is There Anybody Out There?
3. Nobody Home
4. Vera
5. Bring The Boys Back Home
6. Comfortably Numb
7. The Show Must Go On
8. MC: Atmos
9. In The Flesh
10. Run Like Hell
11. Waiting For The Worms
12. Stop
13. The Trial
14. Outside The Wall★最後が2秒程度長い

Sigma 270

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