Pink Floyd / Dortmund 1981 5th Night / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Dortmund 1981 5th Night / 2CD / Sigma

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Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany 17th February 1981


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Floyd’s first appearance sound source will continue !! ’44 Hakone Aphrodite new excavation remastered + restore version of treasured sound source who looked at light of day in the swing: more and more excitement with the advent of “HAKONE APHRODITE 1971 Remastered & Restored (Sigma 139)” Although it is Pink Floyd to show, this week is one more title, Dortmund performances of 17 February did not see even light of day 34 years from 1981 THE WALL tour will also be the first appearance in the press Ban !! this is performances performances but is five days in West Germany, Dortmund, which was held in eight consecutive days from February 13 to be a ’81 tour first of THE WALL, this from the continuous performance of the third day “DORTMUND 1981 3RD NIGHT (Sigma 134 ) “is the world’s first appeared from our label this summer in August, it was Furimaki a topic to many fans in the quality of its excellent performance and the Ariston. In fact, the 17th-fifth day of the third day as well this work also recorded not present its outstanding board is, but this is a translation that has been a surprising air pocket of Dortmund continuous performances people in the know, This week this is for imposing birth as press platen title of the world’s first appearance !!

Because was never Onban of 34 years also is the surprise, but even more surprising is the the sound quality. The sound is close in clear on the third day “DORTMUND 1981 3RD NIGHT” or more of the foregoing, yet the intermediate date unique tension of the is irresistible because !! continuous performance is accompanied also glad Advantages that are uncut recording degree solved liking, commentary of “The Last Few Bricks” and “Comfortably Numb” the playing passionate is that (※ later become what is clenching a different charm and Dortmund performances definitely other Date Please read), Day 3 title and similarly enthusiastic fans came to summer now become without doubt that roar the advent of A New master quality sound source title
Vinegar. Moreover, this first appearance audience recording that was obtained this time is also that the basic sound quality was excellent, equalizing let’s also add that you have kept to about slight sound image adjustment and pitch correction, and noise removal. There tend to excessive work that alter the original image, such as an afterthought and simplistic sound pressure up the echo component is not all, the minimum in the “latest the sound of recording original sound sucked plenty of air on the day of the venue have We have realized the best sound of one sound also revived without leaving the current after ’34 in the digital technology of the limited “. What is also in the playback environment appears vivid sound image of the day, I loyal and natural finish has become a pride of the title to the original sound also how far !!

Recording is entered from the previous curtain MC, you’ll breathtaking suddenly in dynamic sound that Komu collapsed snow from Pyro’s roar in the “In The Flesh?”. The only tape I aging middle overall sound output becomes weak instability scene of this song for is included only a little, but say the difficulties of sound in this work is only in this part only , high sound image very stable quality will be maintained until the disk end from the next “The Thin Ice”. “Mother,” the rise in the sound of acoustic sound and Roger singing voice is glossy, guitar coming in the middle also will throbbing heart appeared in its strong melody tone color high degree of transparency. Similarly, “Goodbye Blue Sky” in the chorus and guitar arpeggios even come out brilliantly its tapestries fit dissolution sense, here it is equipped with a joy that is in contact up close sound to the melody flowing as Tayutau. “Young Lust” in singing and has been recorded in a vivid sound sung guitar Gilmore, a song that appears in this to sound the second half of the electric piano with a core place glad to also enjoy in the tight look Kiritsu It is. “One Of My Turns” also have beautifully catch the image that you want to change in the first half and the second half, you’ll Yukeru taking grasp the rich songs representation in relief of rhythm and melody in a certain listening comfort. In also features of this recording of captures quite vividly the sound image that is full of malaise and will not be much attention, “Do not Leave Me Now”, to be overlooked that it is felt look at the depth of the sound of carving It has become a no topic. “The Last Few Bricks” In contrast representation emerging from the strength of the song structure would exciting to how the spread in the entire range. Please check all means especially since deployment of from 2 minutes and 41 seconds to reach the ear in touch radiation wonderful sound of the energy enthusiastic performance shoots. “Goodbye Cruel World” in like is watching the Roger singing from the gap of the last block in the entire hall gasped, it is a place interesting the whole recorder and around the venue is strangely quiet is. There is an impression that is similar in Dortmund performance of the other day, but the charm of quiet has spread to the full range in the thanks.

Starting from a state in which the customer electricity was with during the interval, “Hey You” is a cut-in, but this also will place there is no way in which THE WALL recording. But sound is a still good, outlook good sound image to keep a good sense of distance degree does not change at all even disk 2. “Nobody Home” transparent sound harmonious by lush piano and Roger singing voice is attractive, it became one song feel a deep listening meet while Pieces because they also picked up pat the middle of the echo and the second half of the SE sound It has. “Comfortably Numb” is a comedy even this day, has become the activity is assumed to stand out very in the singing and guitar, such as occur applause to be a part of Gilmore sings. In particular, the second half of the force in the guitar solo pervade sung melody is sparkling hunger this day unique, this is the joy that you can enjoy a high-quality sound to stimulate the five senses would not be an exaggeration to say that far from listening of the entire work. “The Show Must Go On” is gently wraps the side to hear the distinctive multi-voice chorus with plump sound shiny, but Roger singing screaming aziridinyl to like do this with the pair in the “In The Flesh” charm explodes, it should wall of Massive sound grips sweat on hand in the sound image that is pierced with Gusagusa. “Run Like Hell” has started is immediately the audience applause at the MC also this day, but between the introduction section that unusual that starts moving songs while not obtained the applause of about other date performance what went wrong it is has been, here is the difference between the reaction of such customer base also has become interesting to hear far from. But guitar in a song boldly squeal, then avant-garde melody a sprinkle keyboard also playing more in such sprinkle the mysterious flavors a lot of other day, vivid performance since spread to ear at Ariston sound control Please expectations. “Waiting For The Worms” has also seeped heavily from the sound image is broad sense of scale that is in slow tempo, agitation is endless figure in heavy Kyokuso would’ll find pleasure in the sound of fascination. Of course it appeared eerie flow and walls crumble roar until directed to “The Trial” in wall collapse in realistic plenty, I can enjoy at the sharp sound scene to complete the drama of this day.

THE WALL concert then you have the impression that resembles none decent, is a place to meet and almost middle day of consecutive performances 8 nights unexpected from even unreasonable to wonder whether the play contents how things, but are we worry about the Floyd is your useless. “The Last Few Bricks” and “Comfortably Numb,” “Run Like Hell” As I wrote in a part of, so far excitement and discovery of precisely because contains such enthusiastic performance to performance date that did not see the light of day also and then you have become a major attraction of this recording, this work that the performance concentration had increasingly overlaid change and improvement and if you can than listening to the “DORTMUND 1981 3RD NIGHT” on the third day conveyed in high-quality sound in will keep. After 1971, Hakone ’10 just from Aphrodite, the first appearance of the sound source was 81 years in THE WALL. Both because it is a large excavation sound source to be 44 years-’34 swing, this weekend is “HAKONE APHRODITE 1971: Remastered & Restored” and certainly this work together also get, incidentally Floyd in the gift board also hand of fascination I would like crowned spend the autumn of long night of samadhi. to compare and there is often hit the spot in absolutely Hakone sound source, but that this work is also wait to hear first appearance in ’81 title of enhancement full of force to pull out not because there is no doubt, its ability to take on all means get this opportunity Please check !!

フロイド初登場音源が続きます!! 44年振りに陽の目を見た箱根アフロディーテ新発掘秘蔵音源のリマスター+レストア版『HAKONE APHRODITE 1971: Remastered & Restored (Sigma 139)』の登場でますます盛り上がりを見せるピンク・フロイドですが、今週はもう1タイトル、1981年THE WALLツアーから34年間も陽の目を見なかった2月17日のドルトムンド公演もプレス盤で初登場致します!! この公演はTHE WALLの81年ツアー初回となる2月13日から8日間連続で行われた西ドイツ・ドルトムンドでの公演5日目ですが、この連続公演からは3日目の『DORTMUND 1981 3RD NIGHT (Sigma 134)』が今夏8月に当レーベルから世界初登場し、その優れた演奏と特上の音質で多くのファンに話題を振りまきました。実はこの3日目同様に本作収録の17日・5日目も既発盤が存在しておらず、これは知る人ぞ知るドルトムンド連続公演の意外なエアポケットとなっていた訳ですが、今週はこれが世界初登場のプレス盤タイトルとして堂々誕生するのです!!

34年間全く音盤化されなかったというのも驚きなのですが、更に驚くのはその音質です。そのサウンドは前述の3日目『DORTMUND 1981 3RD NIGHT』以上にクリアーで近く、しかもノーカット録音されているという嬉しいアドヴァンテージも伴っているのですからたまりません!! 連続公演の中間日ならでは緊張感が程好く解けた、その熱の篭った演奏は間違いなく他日のドルトムンド公演とは違った魅力を噛み締められるものとなっており(※後述する「The Last Few Bricks」や「Comfortably Numb」の解説をお読み下さい)、今夏に出た3日目タイトルと同じく熱心なファンは新たなるマスタークオリティ音源の登場に唸ること間違い無しのタイトルとなっていま
す。また今回入手したこの初登場オーディエンス録音は基本的な音質が優れていた事もあり、イコライジングはピッチ補正と僅かな音像調整、そしてノイズ除去程度に留めてある事も付け加えておきましょう。ありがちな過剰なエコー成分の付け足しや安易な音圧アップ等の原音イメージを変えてしまう作業は一切せず、当日の会場の空気をたっぷり吸い込んだ収録原音が持っている響きを” 最新にして最小限 “のデジタル技術で34年後の現在に一音も残さず甦らせたベストサウンドを実現しています。どんな再生環境でも当日の生々しい音像が現れ、どこまでも原音に忠実でナチュラルな仕上がりが自慢のタイトルとなっているのです!!

収録は開演前のMCから入っており、パイロの爆音から「In The Flesh?」に雪崩れ込むダイナミックなサウンドにいきなり息を呑むでしょう。唯一、テープ経年劣化の為にこの曲の途中で全体の出音が弱く不安定になるシーンが少しだけ含まれているのですが、本作で音像の難点と言えるのは唯一この部分のみで、次の「The Thin Ice」からは非常に安定した質の高い音像がディスクエンドまで保たれます。「Mother」ではアコースティックの響きとロジャーの歌声が艶のあるサウンドで立ち上がり、途中で入ってくるギターもそのストロングな旋律が透明度の高い音色で現れ心ときめくでしょう。同様に「Goodbye Blue Sky」でのコーラスとギターのアルペジオもその綴れ合う溶解感が見事に出ていて、ここはたゆたう様に流れる旋律に間近な音で接する悦びを備えています。「Young Lust」ではギルモアの熱唱とギターの歌い上げが鮮やかなサウンドで録れており、これに後半のエレキピアノが芯のある音で現れる事で曲がキリッと引き締まった表情で楽しめるのも嬉しいところです。「One Of My Turns」も前半と後半で変化するイメージを見事にキャッチしていて、リズムと旋律の起伏に富んだ曲表現を確かな聴き心地で掴み取ってゆけるでしょう。またあまり注目されませんが「Don’t Leave Me Now」の倦怠感に充ちた音像を実に生々しく捉えているのもこの録音の特徴で、響きの彫りの深さをじっくり感じられる事も見逃せないトピックとなっています。「The Last Few Bricks」では曲構造の強弱から現れる対比表現が音域全体で広がる様子に心躍るでしょう。特に2分41秒からの展開は熱演が放つエネルギーの放射が素晴らしい音触で耳元に届くので是非チェックしてみて下さい。「Goodbye Cruel World」は会場全体が息を呑んで最後のブロックの隙間から歌うロジャーを見守っている様で、録音機周辺や会場全体が異様に静かなのが興味深いところです。他日のドルトムンド公演でも似た印象がありますが、そのお陰で静音の魅力が音域一杯に広がっています。

インターバル中に客電が点いた状態から始まる「Hey You」はカットインですが、これはどのTHE WALL録音でも仕方の無いところでしょう。でもサウンドは相変わらず良好で、程好い距離感を保つ見通し良好な音像はディスク2でも全く変わりません。「Nobody Home」は瑞々しいピアノとロジャーの歌声による調和の取れた透明サウンドが魅力で、途中のエコーと後半のSE音もバッチリ拾っているので小曲ながらも深い聴き応えを感じる一曲となっています。「Comfortably Numb」はこの日も好演で、ギルモアが歌うパートになると拍手が起こるなど歌唱とギターでその活躍が大変目立つものとなっています。特に後半ギターソロでの力漲る旋律の歌い上げはこの日ならではの煌きがあり、これが五感を刺激する質の高いサウンドで堪能出来る喜びは本作全体の聴きどころと言っても過言ではないでしょう。「The Show Must Go On」はその特徴的な多声コーラスが艶のあるふくよかなサウンドで聴く側を優しく包み込みますが、「In The Flesh」ではこれと対を為す様にアジり叫んで歌うロジャーの魅力が炸裂し、マッシヴな音の壁がグサグサと刺し込まれるその音像に手に汗握る筈です。「Run Like Hell」はこの日もMCで観客が拍手を即されスタートしていますが、間が悪かったのか他日公演ほどの拍手を得られないまま曲が動き出すという一風変わった導入部となっており、ここはそうした客層の反応の違いも面白い聴きどころになっています。しかし曲中のギターは大胆に鳴き、その後の前衛的な旋律を振りまくキーボードも他日の演奏以上に不思議なフレーヴァーを大量に振りまくなど、鮮烈な演奏が特上サウンドで耳元に広がりますので御期待下さい。「Waiting For The Worms」もスローテンポの中にある幅広いスケール感が音像から色濃く滲み出ており、重苦しい曲想の中でアジテーションが延々と続く姿が魅惑のサウンドで御愉しみ戴けるでしょう。勿論「The Trial」では壁崩壊に向かうまでの不気味な流れと壁の崩れる轟音が臨場感たっぷりに現れ、この日のドラマを完結させる情景を鋭いサウンドで御堪能戴けます。

THE WALL公演はどれもそこそこ似た印象がありますし、8夜連続した公演のほぼ中間日とあってはその演奏内容は如何なものかと疑問に思うのも無理からぬところですが、しかし我らがフロイドにそんな心配は御無用です。「The Last Few Bricks」や「Comfortably Numb」「Run Like Hell」の部分でも書きましたが、これまで陽の目を見なかった公演日にこういう熱演が含まれているからこその発見と興奮もこの録音の大きな魅力となっていますし、3日目の『DORTMUND 1981 3RD NIGHT』と聴き比べて戴ければ演奏濃度が日増しに変化と向上を重ねていた事を本作は質の高いサウンドで伝えてくれるでしょう。1971年・箱根アフロディーテからジャスト10年後、THE WALLにもあった81年の初登場音源。どちらも44年振り・34年振りとなる大発掘音源ですので、この週末は『HAKONE APHRODITE 1971: Remastered & Restored』と一緒に是非本作も手に入れ、ついでに魅惑のギフト盤も手にしてフロイド三昧の秋の夜長をお過ごし戴きたいと思います。比べるとどうしても箱根音源にスポットが当たりがちですが、しかし本作もまた聴かせ抜く力に溢れた充実の初登場81年タイトルである事は間違いありませんので、この機会に是非手に取ってその実力をお確かめ下さい!!

Disc 1(54:48)
1. MC Intro 2. In The Flesh? 3. The Thin Ice 4. Another Brick In The Wall Part 1
5. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives 6. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 7. Mother
8. Goodbye Blue Sky 9. Empty Spaces 10. What Shall We Do Now? 11. Young Lust
12. One Of My Turns 13. Don’t Leave Me Now 14. Another Brick In The Wall Part 3
15. The Last Few Bricks 16. Goodbye Cruel World

Disc 2(53:18)
1. Hey You 2. Is There Anybody Out There? 3. Nobody Home 4. Vera 5. Bring The Boys Back Home
6. Comfortably Numb 7. The Show Must Go On 8. MC Intro 9. In The Flesh 10. Run Like Hell
11. Waiting For The Worms 12. Stop 13. The Trial 14. Outside The Wall

Sigma 140

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