Pink Floyd / Delicate Sound In New York / 3CD

Pink Floyd / Delicate Sound In New York / 3CD / Sigma

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Live at Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY. USA 20th August 1988


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From PINK FLOYD ‘s “A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON” North American Tour 2nd Leg who resumed activities led by David Gilmore, on the second day of the 5th consecutive performance of August New York “Nassau Corialium”, the live of August 20 However, it enters here with stereo sound board sound source · complete recording version of what the official leaks! This live is a special thing a part was also used for the official work “DELICATE SOUND OF THUNDER”. This work that reproduces it perfectly and correctly is definitely necessary for all Floyd fans. One book that I absolutely must listen to in order to know FLOYD since 1987 is born here in a fully limited press CD of 3 pairs!

After the announcement of “THE FINAL CUT”, David Gilmore and Nick Mason gave Roger Waters a remarkable stance to defend the flag of PINK FLOYD against Roger Waters who announced his departure as “just finished doing everything here” Did. Gilmore led the album production brilliantly while saying “I want someone to take leadership”. After overcoming various twists and turns such as confrontation with Roger, I will release “A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON” in 1987. Gilmore, Nick and Richard Wright, without Roger “Resting the FLOYD by the Main Three Persons”, I cherished the emotions that many fans and critics mixed up with anxiety and expectation. However, aside from content that does not disappointing compared with past works as well as now, the death of Storm · Sawason, the jacket · design saying that he actually used 700 beds also became a topic and recorded a big hit of third in both the UK and the US I did it.
Roger strongly criticized this work as “counterfeit of elaborately made PINK FLOYD”. Roger also announced the solo piece “RADIO K.A.O.S.” in the same year. Whether the side is persuasive or not, Gilmore (that is, newborn FLOYD) and Roger’s competition got a great deal of attention.
However, when FLOYD took the tour after the album was announced, the “result” appeared clearly. The tour for the first time in seven years since “THE WALL” is also the largest in the band history. FLOYD and Roger live batting in several cities on the US tour, but FLOYD was a victory in spectators mobility and attention. ’88 realized the third visit to Japan. The whole world tour was also very successful.
In 1988 tour accompanying this “A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON”, we toured Australia in January and Japan in March, then from North America in the beginning of April to the beginning of June and Europe in June and August did. And in the latter half of August, I took the 2nd leg of the North American tour. I concluded the same year’s show with 5 consecutive performances at New York / Nassau. This era of “1988” that the band gained worldwide success was a year marked remarkable even in the history of PINK FLOYD!
As for the live in August this band record was recorded, and as you know it was official work “DELICATE SOUND OF THUNDER”. This work is officially recorded as one of them, Nassau 2 performances eyes · August 20th live! In addition to including songs that I could not listen to officially, the sound is also almost perfect (it’s natural for the official originally) Stereo sound board of the official quality. “A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON” Outflow from the tour Soundboard titles include “SIGNS OF THE TIMES” (Florida on November 1, 87), “LAPSE OF THE MEMORY” (February 19, 1988 in Melbourne) Although there is a difference between the quality of the sound quality of the original sound source which became the basis of the official version and the quality is clear, even if this work overlooks the past years, in this reorganization era it is undoubtedly a number one title I will declare it!

Following the introduction which increases the sense of expectation of listeners even more, the live begins with “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” as official. If you think that you panned to the left and right of the channel, Richard’s keyboard that fills space, Gilmore’s guitar approaching with exquisite tone, Nick and support bassist Guy Pratt, released by Susin, rhythmic rhythm The wonderfulness of the sound, such as bass, is at the moment you listen to this early stage. I also grasp the three female chorus firmly. Furthermore, everything ought to be able to hide surprises, “This is the sound of collectors item?” Leading to outstanding clearness, properly mixed official sound image (of course, pitch and tape speed are normal). Although there are some noise emitted by the equipment, it is full of live reality of living.

Following “Signs Of Life” which was not recorded in “DELICATE SOUND OF THUNDER”, new songs from “A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON” are lined up after this. “Learning To Fly” and “Yet Another Movie” etc. will be interesting even if you listen to the official take. I’m also happy to listen to “A New Machine Part 1”, “Terminal Frost”, “A New Machine Part 2” with the finest take! Big heavy spectacular “Sorrow” and melodic “On The Turning Away” are performing for about ten minutes. I will bring Disk 1 together in excitement.
Disk 2 contains the “second part” of the live. A number of masterpieces are picked up from past works against “part 1” which appealed the present progressive form, and we look back on the history of the band.
Started with the pronoun “One Of These Days” by everyone, “On The Run” in “Time”, “The Great Gig In The Sky”, “Us And Them”, “Money” “THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON “number listens and responds perfectly. “Wish You Were Here” used for the official live will also be more impressive in this correct set flow. “Another Brick In The Wall Part 2” and “Comfortably Numb” which decorate the final of the main part are directing the best listening place here as well.
And disc 3 contains the encore part. “One Slip” left from “A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON” and “Run Like Hell” from “THE WALL” were picked up and concludes a 2 hour 37 minute live arranged neatly from old and new numbers .

PINK FLOYD of “reorganization era” led by David Gilmore is also divided among maniacs. But from this ’87 to ’99, the fact that we succeeded in large-scale world tours and caused reorganization movements involving the media and fans around the world is unshakable. It is the live sound source and images at the time that clearly marks the situation.
This work is exactly the best item. It is a book I want you to listen to now because it has been a quarter century since the restart of PINK FLOYD!

For the equalization processing, a slightly lower pitch of the original sound was corrected. Although it is somewhat, it lowers the bass, makes corrections above the treble, it is a small equalization, but it applies a natural process that gives sharpness compared to the original sound. Cut and noise spots found in several places contain best versions that made the best possible modifications.

PINK FLOYD In commemoration of the 25th anniversary from “1988” engraved in the history, there is no other item more suitable than this work. The definitive title I want all rock and fans to listen to is a permanent preservation version of a fully qualified press CD 3 set, full release is the decision to release!

デヴィッド・ギルモア主導により活動を再開したPINK FLOYDの1988年「A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON」北米ツアー2ndレグより、8月のニューヨーク”ナッソー・コリシアム”5連続公演の2日目、8月20日のライヴが、何と関係者流出のステレオ・サウンドボード音源・完全収録版でここに登場! 本ライヴは公式作品「DELICATE SOUND OF THUNDER」にも一部が使用された特別なもの。それを完全かつ正しい姿で再現する本作は間違いなく全てのフロイド・ファン必携。1987年以降のFLOYDを知る上でも絶対に聴かねばならない一本が、3枚組の完全限定プレスCDでここに誕生!

「THE FINAL CUT」の発表後、「ここでの全てをやり終えた」とばかりに離脱を表明したロジャー・ウォーターズに対し、デヴィッド・ギルモアとニック・メイスンはPINK FLOYDの旗印を守る姿勢を鮮明にしました。ギルモアは「僕は誰かにリーダーシップを執ってもらいたいタイプ」と言いながらも、アルバム製作を見事に主導。ロジャーとの対立など様々な紆余曲折を乗り越えた末、1987年に「A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON」を発表します。ギルモア,ニックそしてリチャード・ライトという、ロジャー無き”メイン3人体制”によるFLOYDの再始動には、多くのファンや評論家が不安と期待の入り混じった感情を胸にしました。しかし過去の作品と較べても見劣りしない内容はもちろん、今は亡きストーム・ソーガソンが、実際にベッド700台を用いたと言うジャケット・デザインも話題となり、全英・全米ともに3位という大ヒットを記録したのです。
ロジャーはこの作品を「精巧に作られたPINK FLOYDの贋作」と強く批判。折しもロジャーは同年にソロ作品「RADIO K.A.O.S.」を発表。一体どちらの側に説得力があるのか、ギルモア(すなわち新生FLOYD)とロジャーの競合には非常に大きな注目が集まりました。
しかしアルバムの発表後にFLOYDがツアーに出ると、その”結果”ははっきりと現れました。あの「THE WALL」以来7年ぶりのツアーは規模もバンド史上最大級。アメリカツアーではいくつかの都市でFLOYDとロジャーのライヴがバッティングしたものの、観客動員や注目度ではFLOYDの圧勝でした。’88年には通算3度目の来日を実現。ワールドツアー全体も大成功を収めたのです。
この「A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON」に伴う1988年ツアーでは、1月にオーストラリア,3月に日本をツアーしたのち、4月から6月序盤にかけては北米、さらに6月から8月はヨーロッパをサーキットしました。そして8月後半は北米ツアーの2ndレグを挙行。ニューヨーク・ナッソーでの5連続公演で同年のライヴを締めくくりました。バンドが世界的な大成功を収めたこの”1988年”という時代は、PINK FLOYD史上でも特筆される一年なのです!
この8月におけるライヴはバンドによる録音が行われ、公式作品「DELICATE SOUND OF THUNDER」となったのはご存知のとおり。本作はそのひとつとして公式レコーディングされた、ナッソー2公演目・8月20日のライヴ! 公式では聴けなかった楽曲を含むうえに、サウンドもほぼ完璧な(もともと公式用なのですから当然ですが)オフィシャル・クオリティのステレオ・サウンドボード。「A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON」ツアーからの流出サウンドボード・タイトルとしては「SIGNS OF THE TIMES」(’87年11月1日フロリダ)、「LAPSE OF THE MEMORY」(’88年2月19日メルボルン)等がありますが、公式版の元になった本音源の音質の差・クオリティは歴然としており、本作は過去数年間を見渡しても、この再編成時代では疑いなくナンバー・ワンのタイトルだと断言します!

聴き手の期待感をいやが上にも高めるイントロに続き、ライヴは公式同様「Shine On You Crazy Diamond」で幕開け。チャンネルの左右にパンしたかと思えば、空間を埋め尽くすようなリチャードのキーボード、絶品のトーンで迫るギルモアのギター、ニックおよびサポート・べーシストであるガイ・プラットが放つ、ズシンと豊かに響くリズムの低音など、サウンドの素晴らしさはこの序盤を一聴した瞬間に判るほど。3人の女性コーラスもしっかり捉えています。さらにずば抜けたクリアネス、きちんとミックスされた公式感覚ある音像に至っては、誰もが「これがコレクターズ・アイテムの音なのか?」と驚きを隠せないはずです(もちろんピッチやテープスピードも正常)。いくつか機材が発するノイズはあるものの、それすら生々しいライヴのリアリティに満ちています。

「DELICATE SOUND OF THUNDER」では未収録だった「Signs Of Life」に続き、これ以降は「A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON」からの新曲がずらりと並ぶ。「Learning To Fly」や「Yet Another Movie」などは公式のテイクを聴き比べても面白いでしょう。また「A New Machine Part 1」,「Terminal Frost」,「A New Machine Part 2」を最上級のテイクで聴けるのも嬉しい! 重厚壮大な「Sorrow」に、メロディアスな「On The Turning Away」は、いずれも約10分もの熱演。ディスク1を大興奮のうちにまとめ上げます。
誰もが待ち望んだバンドの代名詞「One Of These Days」に始まり、「Time」に「On The Run」、そして「The Great Gig In The Sky」・「Us And Them」・「Money」の「THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON」ナンバーは聴き応え満点。公式ライヴに使用された「Wish You Were Here」も、この正しいセットの流れでは、より一層印象的に感じられるでしょう。セット本編の最後を飾る「Another Brick In The Wall Part 2」と「Comfortably Numb」は、ここでも最高の聴き所を演出しています。
そしてディスク3はアンコール部分を収録。「A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON」から唯一残された「One Slip」と、「THE WALL」からの「Run Like Hell」が取り上げられ、新旧のナンバーから整然と構築された2時間37分のライヴを締めくくります。

デヴィッド・ギルモアが主導した”再編成時代”のPINK FLOYDは、マニアの間でも評価が分かれています。しかしこの’87年から’89年にかけて、大規模ワールドツアーを成功させ、世界のメディアやファンを巻き込んだ再編ムーヴメントを巻き起こしたという事実は揺るぎません。その様子を明瞭に刻印しているのが当時のライヴ音源や映像なのです。
本作はまさにその最たるアイテム。PINK FLOYDの再始動から四半世紀を経た今だからこそ聴いてほしい一本です!


PINK FLOYD史に刻まれた”1988年”からの25周年を記念する上で、本作ほどふさわしいアイテムは他にありません。全てのロック・ファンに聴いてほしい決定的タイトルが、永久保存版の完全限定プレスCD3枚組で、満を持してのリリース決定です!

Disc 1 (67:50)
1. Intro. 2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 3. Signs Of Life 4. Learning To Fly 5. Yet Another Movie
6. Round And Around 7. A New Machine Part 1 8. Terminal Frost 9. A New Machine Part 2
10. Sorrow 11. The Dogs Of War 12. On The Turning Away

Disc 2 (75:08)
1. One Of These Days 2. Time 3. On The Run 4. The Great Gig In The Sky 5. Wish You Were Here
6. Welcome To The Machine 7. Us And Them 8. Money 9. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2
10. Comfortably Numb

Disc 3 (14:58)
1. One Slip 2. Run Like Hell





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