Pink Floyd / Definitive Westworld / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Definitive Westworld / 2CD / Sigma

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Live at Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA. USA 29th April 1970 STEREO SBD

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Pink Floyd ‘s long – awaited stereo SBD sound source is finally back with accompanying decisive sound quality improvement !!

Sigma, and its predecessor Sirene label, sold out and out of print Floyd unofficial sound source, there are some that are particularly persistent desire to reappear is not that our shop is overlooking. For example, “THE PINK JUNGLE (Sigma 28)”, “DOUBLE BUBBLE (Sirene – 008)”, “RACIAL VIOLENCE (Sirene – 024)” etc are representative, but most of them are expensive at the second – hand market It is becoming a premium title to become a match. “WESTWORLD (Sigma 4)” that appeared in October 2007 when Sigma label was first launched is one of them, and this sound source that recorded the legendary 1970 Fillmore West with stereo SBD only once in 2014 is a distribution route and Genes Since the same source of different branches of branches came out as a bonus board (* note 1), it has been breathing again and has reached the present.

(* Note 1: “FILLMORE WEST 1970, SOUNDBOARD & ROOM MIC MATRIX RECORDING” It was a bonus CDR of “MONTREUX 1971 – Radio Suisse Romande Open Air Mics Recording (Sigma 113).” Incidentally this is a monaural “It is recorded.

This latest work that appeared this weekend is not a monaural master, it is a brilliant remaster and upper version of the “stereo” SBD master used for “WESTWORLD (Sigma 4)” at the beginning of Sigma’s establishment to finally restore. As you know, 70 years until this Sigma 4 board appeared Fillmore sound source traced a long history, beginning in the early 1970’s with an informal analog board LP “FILLMORE WEST (Contra Band Music 3909)” On CD, the first informal CD title “EMBRYO (WBR CD 900110)” appeared in Italy from Wild Bird Records in 1990. After that there was a nostalgic title such as “LIVE AT WINTERLAND (TSP-CD-170-2)”, “CALIFORNIA SUN (RSC 068 CD, RSC CD 068)”, “INTERSTELLAR ENCORE (OMS 002/3)” , It was the “WESTWORLD (Sigma 4)” that the electric shock appeared from the early Sigma as the top-level stereo SBD upper board which instantly erases all of these.

The sound quality, sound pressure and pitch were established so that there was no need to adjust, but the only thing that I could not remove technically from the Sigma 4 board source at that time was the “squeal” of reel, Sometimes the tape running sound generated from the drive system and belt was weak but sporadic on the right channel. Because it is weak, most of it will be scratched when playing begins, but Floyd’s songs are quiet on the way and there are many scenes with floating feelings depicting depiction, so this strange sound is noticeable It was a translation. However, recently we asked for this up-coming acoustic engineer who works remasters with Sigma and other labels, he successfully exterminated this noise using the latest technology and knowledge , The quiet part of the right channel which part of the nuance was lost was regained for the first time in history for the first time in the history for the first time the original sound image which comes with the vivid sound of the stereo SBD. Originally the quality of sound and freshness of this stereo SBD version which wiped out all past plaques in the past was awesome, so it was finally reached that this was released from the unusual noise of reel squeaks and regained its original form It can be declared that it is the birth of the best high-quality board as the decision board of the same source!

The effect is extensive in the entire disc 1 and the first half of disc 2. From the “Grantchester Meadows” which has almost no existing live tone generator, it stands out. The bird’s chirping at the beginning The sound of the bird’s acoustic guitar also gets deeper and you will be surprised by the waves of precise sounds like you can see the vibration of the strings. In “Astronomy Domine”, the outline of the ensemble becomes clearer and the attack feeling of the sound itself is radiated with the original power of the original sound. A stroke of bouncing drums was also equipped with vigorous excitement, which made it possible to enjoy the feeling of a high-quality sound drive and a feeling of straight-line. “Cymbaline” improves the accuracy and descriptive power of Gilmore’s singing voice. The pale echo hung on the vocal has increased diffusion power when the sound disappears and the appearance that the expression of the sound changes dynamically at the ear regains the original vividness. Even in the footsteps of scenes, I think that everyone will realize that the eloquence of the silent part has improved dramatically.

“Atom Heart Mother” hit directly on the ears one after another with unbelievable primary color sounds, and the acoustic energy instantaneously changing at each phase of the song began to jump out with the highest precision ever. As for the drum also Nick’s distinctive feeling of time becomes more vivid and grasping, scenes proceeding with the guide vocal (※ 5 minutes 15 seconds ~) also make the sound amplitude felt not only right and left, but also to the already sound You will be pleasantly enjoying the resurrection of the sweetness that you had in the fine mold. “The Embryo” I think that you will feel the heightened precision approaching the original sound to the sound gloss of the flute / melotron like seeing the calm ups and downs of the amniotic fluid. The two-voice harmony that can be heard in the first half is also beautiful in detail, Roger’s iterative octave bass is also breathtaking with a single note with organic elasticity. Because the sounds of each part are too good, it is also the listening of this latest remaster that the sense of tension that can cause sound cracking as it goes to the end is drifted in the sound image.

Disk 2 enters from the MC introduction of a lighter sound check and the next song, but this is also a scene where the benefits of reeling squeal reduction are great. “Green Is The Color” will also have the thought that Gilmore’s too close singing voice continues to be sharply illuminated and the feeling of the youth erupted in Floyd in that dazzling will be broiled again. “Careful With That Ax, Eugene” which emerges supplely from the last stage also has a high sound performance and the appearance that the exposed vocal effect fly to the right in the right is intense. The singing voice and whispers that Roger puts in the middle of the song make me feel more massive and resolving power, and the bursting and diffusing power of complicated and strange sound come closer with the strongest direct sounding in the history of sauce. Also this time the previous song and track division are also the points which were reviewed from the Sigma 4 board. Certainly two songs are connected on the performance, but by roughly doing this as a single track without crediting separately, we aimed at improving the accuracy of the track unit and the feeling of reloading as a song.

Mostly from “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun” will shift to the same source on the same day by the stereo AUD master, but in the interval of about 3 minutes at the beginning and 4 minutes 16 seconds to 50 seconds the original sound is missing Since it does not exist, it is supplemented from another best day monaural AUD source on the same day. Incidentally, this replacement is not a treatment given by this label, but it is a result that was done somewhere in the process where this source circulated, but although it has a difference in sound quality, it rebuilds with the sound of the same day without damaging the flow of the performance at all Because it is brilliant figure, I dare to leave it unprocessed. It will be appealing that “A Saucerful Of Secrets” will emerge with a sharp sound above the Sigma 4 board, as it will shift to the stereo AUD source again from the middle of tuning (* 14 minutes 00 seconds ~) after the performance ends. The band of the abnormal sound which occurred from the latter half of this song to the disc end was readjusted again this time so as not to impair the sound quality, so that the part of “Celestial Voices” can be listened with the best accuracy and transparency It is also a nice Advantage that I became. “Interstellar Overdrive” which exceeds 15 minutes of playing time also jumps out a lump of lively voices per phrase for each phrase so that it jumps out with a fascinating sound, so that it reveals itself to the power of the bass again Please pay attention.

“It is sold out, it is becoming out of print” is a testimony of what is said that it was a title that was well-written and attention that much. As you can see, during the daytime of this day we are doing a studio live once at the studio of KQED TV in San Francisco for PBS television broadcasting, and the Fillmore West performance that we can listen here is the second performance of the day. As for the first performance on the same day, the picture and radio on air source can be enjoyed on the press board DVD + CD with “AN HOUR WITH PINK FLOYD (Sigma 26)”, so when you listen to this as well as changes in the performance expression The flow will be grasped on the same time axis and the interest will be doubled. Of course, even this single work alone realizes the finish which responds largely to the expectation of those who missed the purchase at that time, and it has been 70 years convincing Fillmore · West to those who could purchase luckily before sold out, it will not change Hmm. Dynamic upper feeling that conveys the expressions of the original sound to the utmost, a definitive press platen CD set that has only waited 11 years from the Sigma 4 board. Please try by all means !!

★ “Mosquito sound” of the right channel tape running sound is reduced as much as possible without damaging the sound quality. The effect is tremendous. Originally, sound quality / sound pressure / pitch is not necessary to adjust so high sound quality sound board Because of sound source, this main board which can be enjoyed in perfect condition can be asserted that all locks and fans must listen to necessity.


Sigma、及びその前身であるSireneレーベルで完売・廃盤になっているフロイド非公式音源中、再登場の要望が特に根強いものが幾つか存在しているのを当店としても見過ごしている訳ではありません。例えば『THE PINK JUNGLE (Sigma 28)』や『DOUBLE BUBBLE (Sirene-008)』、『RACIAL VIOLENCE (Sirene-024)』等がその代表的なものですが、その殆どが中古市場に出回ると高額で取り合いになるプレミアム・タイトルとなっています。Sigmaレーベル発足当初の2007年10月に登場した『WESTWORLD (Sigma 4)』もそのひとつで、あの伝説の1970年フィルモア・ウエストをステレオSBDで収録したこの音源は2014年に一度だけ流通経路とジェネの違うマスター枝分かれの同一ソースがボーナス盤(※ 注1)として出て以来、再び息を潜めたまま現在に至っています。

(※ 注1 : 『FILLMORE WEST 1970, SOUNDBOARD & ROOM MIC MATRIX RECORDING』のこと。『MONTREUX 1971 – Radio Suisse Romande Open Air Mics Recording (Sigma 113)』のボーナスCDRでした。ちなみにこれはライン録音の” モノラル “収録です)

今週末に登場する本最新作はそのモノラル・マスターではなく、遂に復活するSigma発足当初の『WESTWORLD (Sigma 4)』に使用した” ステレオ “SBDマスターの鮮烈なリマスター・アッパー版です。御存知の通りこのSigma 4盤が登場するまでの70年フィルモア音源は長い歴史を辿っており、1970年代初頭に非公式アナログ盤LP『FILLMORE WEST (Contra Band Music 3909)』で出たのを初めとして、CDでは1990年にイタリアのWild Bird Recordsから初の非公式CDタイトル『EMBRYO (WBR CD 900110)』が登場しました。その後『LIVE AT WINTERLAND (TSP-CD-170-2)』『CALIFORNIA SUN (RSC 068 CD, RSC CD 068)』、『INTERSTELLAR ENCORE (OMS 002/3)』等々の懐かしいタイトルが出ていた訳ですが、これら全てを瞬時に駆逐する最上級のステレオSBDアッパー盤として初期Sigmaから電撃登場したのが『WESTWORLD (Sigma 4)』だった訳です。

その音質、音圧、ピッチは調整する必要が無いほど確立されたものでしたが、ただ当時このSigma 4盤使用ソースから技術的にどうしても取り除けなかったのがリールの” 鳴き “、つまりリールの再生時に駆動系やベルトから発生するテープ走行音が微弱ながら右チャンネルで散発していた点でした。微弱であるため演奏が始まるとその殆どが掻き消されてしまうのですが、フロイドの曲は途中で静かになるシーンや浮遊感漂う描写が入るものが多いため、そこでこの異音がじんわり目立っていた訳です。しかし最近になって当Sigmaや他レーベルの作品でリマスターを手掛ける新進気鋭の音響エンジニア氏にこの再調整をお願いしたところ、彼は最新の技術と知識を駆使してこの異音の駆除に成功、ニュアンスの一部が失われてしまっていた右チャンネルの静音箇所がステレオSBDの鮮やかな鳴りで向かってくる原音本来の音像を史上初めて取り戻したのです。もともと音質的な輝き・鮮度は過去のあらゆる既発盤を一掃したこのステレオSBDバージョンがピカイチでしたから、これがリール鳴きの異音から解放されて元の姿を取り戻したという事は、遂に到達した同ソースの決定盤にして最良高品質盤の誕生と断言出来るのです!!

その効果はディスク1全域とディスク2前半で絶大。現存しているライブ音源が殆ど無い「Grantchester Meadows」から頭角を現します。冒頭の鳥のさえずりSE、アコースティック・ギターの音色も深みが増し、弦の振動が見える様な精緻な音の波動にのっけから驚かれるでしょう。「Astronomy Domine」ではアンサンブルの輪郭がグッと明瞭になり、音そのもののアタック感が原音本来の威力で放射されます。跳ね回るドラムの一打一打にも生々しい躍動が備わり、更に質の高いサウンドのドライヴ感と直球感が愉しめる様になったのです。「Cymbaline」ではギルモアの歌声の精度と描写力が向上。ボーカルに掛けられた淡いエコーには音が消え行く際の拡散力が増し、音の表情が耳元でダイナミックに変わってゆく姿が本来の鮮やかさを取り戻しています。足音のシーンでも静音部分の雄弁さが格段に向上している事に誰もが気付かれると思います。

「Atom Heart Mother」は奔放な原色サウンドが次々と耳元に直撃し、曲の各フェーズで瞬時に変化する音響エネルギーが過去最高の精度で飛び出す様になりました。ドラムもニック独特のタイム感が更に生々しく掴める様になり、ガイドボーカルで進行するシーン(※ 5分15秒~)も音の振幅が左右だけでなく奥にも感じられるなど、既発サウンドにあった詰めの甘さがファイン・モールドで甦る姿を御愉しみ戴ける筈です。「The Embryo」は羊水の穏やかな浮き沈みを視る様なフルート・メロトロンの音艶に、原音に接近した精度の高まりをお感じになると思います。前半で聴ける2声のハーモニーも細部まで綺麗で、ロジャーの反復オクターヴ・ベースも一音一音が有機的な弾力を伴って息衝いているのです。あまりに各パーツの音が良過ぎるため、終盤になるにつれ音割れしかねない緊張感が音像に漂うのもこの最新リマスターの聴きどころです。

ディスク2は軽めのサウンドチェックと次曲の紹介MCから入りますが、これもリールの鳴き音軽減の恩恵が大きいシーンです。「Green Is The Colour」もギルモアの近過ぎる歌声が一層鮮明に照射され続け、その眩しさにフロイドにときめいた青春時代の感覚が再度炙られる思いを抱くでしょう。この終盤からしなやかに浮上してくる「Careful With That Axe, Eugene」もサウンド性能の高さが健在で、剥き出しになったボーカル・エフェクトが右に左に飛び回る様子は強烈です。曲の途中でロジャーが入れてくる奇声や囁きも量感と解像力の高まりが感じられる様になり、複雑怪奇な響きの炸裂と拡散力がソース史上最強の直接的な鳴りで迫ってくるのです。また今回は前曲とトラック分けしている事もSigma 4盤から見直された点です。確かに演奏上は2曲繋がっていますが、これを大雑把に1トラックとせず別個にクレジットする事で、トラック単位の正確性と曲としてのリロード感向上を図った為です。

「Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun」からはその殆どがステレオAUDマスターによる同日の別ソースにシフトしますが、冒頭の約3分間及び4分16秒~50秒までの区間は原音が欠落して存在しないため、更に別の同日最良モノラルAUDソースから補填しています。ちなみにこの補填は当レーベルが施した処置ではなく、本ソースが流通した過程のどこかで施された結果なのですが、音質差はありながらも演奏の流れを全く損なわずに同日の音でリビルドした姿が見事なため、あえて未加工のまま残しています。演奏終了後のチューニング途中(※ 14分00秒~)からは再びステレオAUDソースに移行し、Sigma 4盤以上に鋭い音で「A Saucerful Of Secrets」が浮上してくるのも魅力でしょう。この曲の後半からディスク・エンドにかけて発生していた異音の帯域も音質を損なわないよう今回改めて再調整していますが、これによって” Celestial Voices “のパートが最良の精度と透明度で聴けるようになった事も嬉しいアドヴァンテージです。演奏時間15分を超える「Interstellar Overdrive」も躍動感に富んだ音の塊を一音一フレーズ毎に出してゆく様子が魅惑のサウンドで飛び出しますので、改めて照らし出される中~低音域の威力に是非御注目下さい。

” 完売・廃盤になっている “という事は、言い換えればそれだけ内容が良くて注目されたタイトルだったという何よりの証です。御存知の通りこの日の昼間にはPBSテレビ放送用に同サンフランシスコにあるKQED TVのスタジオにてスタジオ・ライブを一度こなしており、ここで聴けるフィルモア・ウエスト公演はこの日2回目となる演奏です。この同日初回演奏の様子は『AN HOUR WITH PINK FLOYD (Sigma 26)』で映像とラジオ・オンエア音源がプレス盤DVD+CDで御愉しみ戴けますので、これと併せてお聴きになると演奏表現の変化と流れが同日の時間軸で掴めて面白さが倍増するでしょう。もちろん本作単体でも当時購入を逃した方の期待に大きく応える仕上がりが実現していますし、完売前に運良く購入出来た方にも納得の70年フィルモア・ウエストとなっている事は変わりません。原音の表情をつぶさに伝え切るダイナミックなアッパー感、Sigma 4盤から11年間待っただけある決定的なプレス盤2枚組CDです。是非お試し下さい!!



Disc 1 (60:54)
1. Grantchester Meadows 2. Astronomy Domine 3. Cymbaline 4. Atom Heart Mother 5. The Embryo

Disc 2 (70:35)
1. Intro 2. Green Is The Colour 3. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
4. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 5. A Saucerful Of Secrets 6. Interstellar Overdrive

Sigma 209

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