Pink Floyd / Definitive Pulse / 3CD

Pink Floyd / Definitive Pulse / 3CD / Sigma
The Best & Expanded Edition. P*U*L*S*E* album as it should have been made

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PINK FLOYD The live album “P.U.L.S.E” which symbolized the last world tour “THE DIVISION BELL TOUR” and was also the last work as an active band. The greatest enlarged version appears in permanent preservation press 3CD.
This work is based on the official work “P.U.L.S.E”, while overseas Coremania gathered the related official sound sources and expanded for about 35 minutes. It is a 3 piece set of musical pieces that all official sound sources are used and can be listened as one live album.
Originally the official board “P.U.L.S.E” was a live album and was also an edited musical work. Recorded from many shows, reconstructed in a different song order from the actual show. It was aimed at the completeness as an “album” to the last. Moreover, there are two kinds of “THE DIVISION BELL TOUR” “Crazy” complete reproduction set and regular set, “PU LS E” fuses the individuality of both. Instead of reproducing a single show, he decided to compile a tour. Although the concept itself was successful, it was forced to cut a number of songs because it was pushed into the frame of “CD 2 set”. The songs that were cut in this way were scattered by each media and produced various versions of “P.U.L.S.E”. This work reunites such songs into one. It is a live album which made it open from the frame of “CD 2 set” by the 3 volumes of the large volume and regained the flow of the show.
There are 3 types of “P.U.L.S.E” used for such work. In addition to the main “2 CD set version”, “2 cassette version” “DVD version” is used for complementation. Since each recorded song is different, first let’s organize the situation together with the composition of this work.

This is a track recorded by “CD / cassette / DVD”. This work also included “Introductory Soundscape” which was only a cassette version, “Take It Back” of DVD only version, even though it is on a cassette & DVD, it also includes “One Of These Days” which was missing in the CD version, is officially released It covers the song. Moreover, the flow is also natural. I did not play this number of songs in a single show, but realized the natural flow as much as possible with mania’s verification. For example, it is “Astronomy Domine” that will receive the opening season “Introductory Soundscape” that exceeds 20 minutes and “Hey You”, which had been moved to the first half in the official CD version, is placed in the original place where Angkor is. Although it is not a perfect reproduction of a certain performance, it is assembled into a set that can immerse without compromising the world view of “THE DIVISION BELL TOUR”.
What is more impressive than that is finishing different in dimension from merely rearranging. Actually, the mania who produced this work is not just a person. The other day, the extension board “DELICATE SOUND OF THUNDER EXPANDED EDITION” of “Hikari: PERFECT LIVE!” Got great popularity, but this work was also produced by the same mania. Not only is the connection seamless, the difference of the mix and the nuance of the sound are neatly arranged, it has no sense of incongruity. Moreover, rather than just between songs, meticulous editing techniques are precise even within one song. For example, the added “One of These Days” cassette version (Take October 16) is used in the first half, and DVD version (Take 20th October) is adopted in the second half. In addition, “Coming Back To Life” is also included on the CD, but in this work it overlaps the DVD version (both take on October 13th). It’s a fantastic flow from “Take It Back”.
These tasks are just an example. Timeless leisure so far and meticulously careful consideration have reached every corner of the triple. Temporarily, the concept of “reorganization of official take” seems cheap, but maybe you understand that the horizon on which this work stands is completely different even if this one work is taken. A mania who bet on life at PINK FLOYD takes all kinds of measures and is a music work that puts in a limitation of labor and passion.

The official’s 2 CD set is 2 hours 28 minutes, whereas this work is 3 hours 2 minutes 44 seconds. Everything is an official take, and it is penetrated with a tremendous work feeling by an editing technique that is constantly different from the official. Ultimate “P.U.L.S.E” wearing up to the feel of the site show far more volume up. LIVE ACT PINK FLOYD This is the biggest shine in the end. Please, please fully taste with permanent preservation press 3CD.

PINK FLOYD最後のワールドツアー“THE DIVISION BELL TOUR”を象徴し、現役バンドとして最後の作品でもあったライヴアルバム『P.U.L.S.E』。その最大拡大版が永久保存プレス3CDで登場です。
そもそも公式盤『P.U.L.S.E』はライヴアルバムであると同時に、編集された音楽作品でもありました。幾多のショウから録音を集め、実際のショウとは異なる曲順で再構成。あくまでも「アルバム」としての完成度を目指したものだったのです。しかも、“THE DIVISION BELL TOUR”には『狂気』完全再現セットと通常セットの2種があり、『P.U.L.S.E』はその双方の個性を融合。1つのショウを再現するのではなく、ツアーの集大成を目論んだ。そのコンセプト自体は成功だったものの、「CD2枚組」という枠に押し込めたために、いくつもの曲がカットを余儀なくされたのです。そうしてカットされた曲達は、メディア毎に散らされ、さまざまなバージョンの『P.U.L.S.E』を生み出したのです。本作は、そういった曲達を1つに再集結させたもの。大ボリュームの3枚組によって「CD2枚組」の枠からも開放させ、ショウの流れを取り戻したライヴアルバムなのです。

[×CD/◎Cass/×DVD] Introductory Soundscape
[◎CD/◎Cass/×DVD] Astronomy Domine
[◎CD/◎Cass/◎DVD] Learning To Fly
[◎CD/◎Cass/×DVD] What Do You Want From Me
[◎CD/◎Cass/×DVD] A Great Day For Freedom
[◎CD/◎Cass/◎DVD] Sorrow
[◎CD/◎Cass/◎DVD] Keep Talking
[×CD/×Cass/◎DVD] Take It Back
[◎CD/◎Cass/◎DVD] Coming Back To Life
[◎CD/◎Cass/◎DVD] High Hopes

[×CD/◎Cass/◎DVD] One Of These Days
[◎CD/◎Cass/◎DVD] Shine On You Crazy Diamond
[◎CD/◎Cass/◎DVD] Speak To Me
[◎CD/◎Cass/◎DVD] Breathe
[◎CD/◎Cass/◎DVD] On The Run
[◎CD/◎Cass/◎DVD] Time
[◎CD/◎Cass/◎DVD] The Great Gig In The Sky
[◎CD/◎Cass/◎DVD] Money
[◎CD/◎Cass/◎DVD] Us And Them
[◎CD/◎Cass/◎DVD] Any Colour You Like
[◎CD/◎Cass/◎DVD] Brain Damage
[◎CD/◎Cass/◎DVD] Eclipse

[◎CD/◎Cass/◎DVD] Wish You Were Here
[◎CD/◎Cass/◎DVD] Another Brick In The Wall Part 2
[◎CD/◎Cass/◎DVD] Comfortably Numb
[◎CD/◎Cass/×DVD] Hey You
[◎CD/◎Cass/◎DVD] Run Like Hell

これが「CD/カセット/DVD」ごとの収録曲。本作はカセット版だけだった「Introductory Soundscape」やDVD版オンリーの「Take It Back」、カセット&DVDにはあってもCD版には抜けていた「One Of These Days」も収録し、公式リリースされた曲を網羅しています。しかも、流れも自然。これだけの曲数を1回のショウで演奏したわけではありませんが、マニアの検証で可能な限り自然な流れを実現。例えば、20分を超える開演SE「Introductory Soundscape」を受けるのは「Astronomy Domine」ですし、公式CD版では前半に移動されていた「Hey You」は本来の居場所であるアンコールに置かれている。ある1公演の完全再現ではないものの、“THE DIVISION BELL TOUR”の世界観を崩さず浸りきれるセットに組み上げられているのです。
それ以上に感動的なのは、単に並べ直したのとは次元の違う仕上げ。実は、本作を制作したマニアもただ者ではない。先日、『光: PERFECT LIVE!』の拡張盤『DELICATE SOUND OF THUNDER EXPANDED EDITION』が大好評を賜りましたが、本作も同じマニアが制作したもの。繋ぎがシームレスなだけでなく、ミックスの違いやサウンドのニュアンスも綺麗に整えられ、まるで違和感がない。しかも、ただの曲間ではなく細心の編集技は1曲内でも緻密。例えば、追加された「One of These Days」は前半にカセット版(10月16日テイク)が使用され、後半はDVD版(10月20日テイク)を採用するこだわりよう。また、「Coming Back To Life」はCDにも収録されていますが、本作ではDVD版をオーバーラップ(どちらも10月13日テイク)。「Take It Back」から見事な流れを実現しているのです。
これらの作業はあくまでも一例。ここまでの手間暇と細心の配慮が3枚組の隅々まで行き届いている。ともすると「公式テイクの組み替え」というコンセプトはお安く思えてしまうものですが、この作業1つ取っても本作の立つ地平はまったく違うとご理解いただけるのではないでしょうか。PINK FLOYDに人生を賭けたマニアがありとあらゆる手段を講じ、労力と情熱の限りをつぎ込んだ音楽作品なのです。

オフィシャルの2枚組CDが2時間28分なのに対し、本作は3時間2分44秒。そのすべてが公式テイクであり、オフィシャルと寸分変わらぬ編集技によって絶大な作品感で貫かれている。はるかにボリュームアップし、しかも現場ショウの感覚までまとった究極の『P.U.L.S.E』。これぞライヴ・アクトPINK FLOYD最後にして最大の輝き。どうぞ、永久保存プレス3CDで存分に味わい尽くしてください。


Disc 1(78:42)
1. Introductory Soundscape
2. Astronomy Domine (Earls Court 10-15-94)
3. Learning To Fly (Earls Court 10-14-94)
4. What Do You Want From Me (Rome 9-21-94)
5. A Great Day For Freedom (Earls Court 10-19-94)
6. Sorrow (Rome 9-21-94)
7. Keep Talking (Hannover 8-17-94)
8. Take It Back (Earls Court 10-20-94)
9. Coming Back To Life (Earls Court 10-20-94)
10. High Hopes (Earls Court 10-20-94)

Disc 2(67:46)
1. One Of These Days (Earls Court, first half 10-16-94, second half 10-20-94)
2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Earls Court 10-20-94)

The Dark Side Of The Moon

3. Speak To Me (Earls Court 10-20-94)
4. Breathe (Earls Court 10-20-94)
5. On The Run (Earls Court 10-20-94, explosion Earls Court 10-15-94)
6. Time (intro Modena 9-17-94, Earls Court 10-20-94,)
7. Breathe (reprise) (Earls Court 10-20-94)
8. The Great Gig In The Sky (Earls Court 10-20-94)
9. Money (Modena 9-17-94)
10. Us And Them (Earls Court 10-20-94)
11. Any Colour You Like (Earls Court 10-23-94)
12. Brain Damage (Earls Court 10-19-94)
13. Eclipse (Earls Court 10-19-94)

Disc 3(36:16)
1. Wish You Were Here (Rome 9-20-94)
2. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 (Earls Court 10-20-94)
3. Comfortably Numb (Earls Court 10-20-94)
4. Hey You (Earls Court 10-13-94, last verse Earls Court 10-15-94)
5. Run Like Hell (Earls Court 10-15-94)

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