Pink Floyd / The Dark Side Of The Moon First Japanese Pressings / 2CD

Pink Floyd / The Dark Side Of The Moon First Japanese Pressings / 2CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Taken from first Japanese LP Pressing (EOP-80778) / first Japanese CD Pressing (CP35-3017)

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A masterpiece / masterpiece One piece that continues to reign at its top point in a crowded “rock”, “crazy”. It is the supreme supreme symbolizing just one musical culture. Press 2 pairs that precisely recorded the two versions that will become the highest even in such “madness” is appearance.
Art is something that “Ultimate” is sought. The work is beautiful and wonderful, the desire to “experience the limit figure” is solicited, and “ultimate” is sought by taking all kinds of means. Of course, “crazy” which is “the supreme work of rock” is its leftmost wing. From the time of analog LP, the journey of exploration has continued, which country’s press which is “the best sound”, “the sound closest to the master tape” … …. What is contained in this work is “answer” found by maniacs all over the world. That “answer” was two. One is Japan’s first press LP “EOP – 80778”. Another one is again the CD “CP35-3017” of the first press of Japan. This work is a 2-pack set that recorded both of them exactly as precisely as possible and reprinted.
Disk 1 is traditional “answer” domestic first edition “madness”. The matrix is ​​the same as the UK Harvest board “SHVL 804”. This means that we are using the same master plate as the harvest, and we pressed it with Japanese technology. In this work, we clean up the domestic board LP of the best condition where overseas core collectors have been carefully selected to the limit and digitize it with high-end equipment. This collector is a person who also worked on RAINBOW’s “RISING” and Stones’ “STICKY FINGERS”, an international authority specializing in analog digitization. Of course, there is no needle patch, of course, exquisite sounds, edge sharpness, and all the sounds of the analog LP are extracted to the maximum.
And “Disk 2” is “Answer” with proviso of “On CD”. Japan domestic record “CP35-3017” which became the world first CD. Also borrowed the mint quality CD which the core collector had treasured, I reprinted it. This CD was released on May 21, 1983, but at the time CD was not spread all over the world yet Japan was cutting edge. Toshiba EMI’s Western-style rock title was first released by Paul McCartney’s “Tag of War” in the model number of CP 35-3001, and the next release of the Western-style rock title was released as the second collection of the Beatles ” Abbey Road “(CP 35 – 3016) and this Pink Floyd” Madness “(CP 35 – 3017).

This domestic first-class CD is called “Still regarded by audiophiles as one of the best sounding copies” from collectors all over the world, but there are reasons even though it has become so. Production was done in Shizuoka prefecture CBS / Sony press factory. Sony (and Phillips) originally developed the CD standard itself, the Shizuoka Plant is one of the first press factories in the world. Toshiba EMI ‘s Floyd was originally mastering for CD by Sony and was produced at CBS / Sony factory. Speaking of Sony’s early CD, it has been reevaluated by directly digitizing raw master tone as it is directly as it is. And there may be some people who came to pinpoint because it is the two titles of “Abbey Road” and “Madness”, but it seems, but it is, “Pro Youth series” released from Toshiba EMI in 1978 It is made into a CD using Japan’s original master for LP!

In fact, the sound flowing out of this work is the unprecedented noisy sound different in dimension from the current remaster CD. Detailed detail that would have disappeared in the official remastering work was delicately drawn, and the ringing was also quite natural. For example “On The Run”. Although the synths move to the left and right, in the current remaster, the synth ‘s “lump” passes like a car going and leaping. However, in this work, I can sense even that the “lump” is not a car, but a finely moving life like a living thing. Of course, this is an example of Hong. Over all songs and all the notes, one grain of sound is three-dimensional, the rising edge of the moment the sound was born is sharp, and the irregularities of the vibrating ringing vibrations are brilliant. All the moments are “live sounds”, and it is a different sound world than simply flattered pursuit of power. And the Beatles ‘Ticket To Ride’ which can hear why before the last fade – out of ‘Eclipse’ can be heard clearly more clearly than any CD. Although the mystery which this sound has entered has not been elucidated yet, even those who did not notice until now, please be sure to confirm this board with full volume opening!
Of course, both Disk 1 and Disk 2 are unprecedented sounds where life force lives, but their texture is different. Analog-derived disk 1 is fat and rich, CD-derived disk 2 is transparent and delicate. Both are approaching “Master Reel” Madness “” with a different approach.
The supreme “madness” the world maniacs sought. Two pairs that permanently preserved that “two answers” at the best. This is the world heritage of rock culture. Please experience Japan’s first vertex world.

ディスク1は、伝統の“回答”たる国内初盤『狂気』。マトリックスは英国ハーベスト盤と同じ「SHVL804」。これはハーベストと同じ原盤を使用していることを意味し、それを日本の技術でプレスしたわけです。本作では、海外のコア・コレクターが厳選された最良状態の国内盤LPを極限までクリーンアップし、ハイエンド機材でデジタル化。このコレクターはRAINBOWの『RISING』やストーンズの『STICKY FINGERS』も手がけた人物であり、アナログのデジタル化に特化した国際的なオーソリティ。針パチひとつないのはもちろん、絶品の鳴りも、エッジの鋭さも、アナログLPが持っていた音のすべてを最大限に引き出しているのです。

この国内初盤CDは、世界中のコレクターから「Still regarded by audiophiles as one of the best sounding copies」と称されているわけですが、そうなったのにも理由があります。生産が行われたのは静岡県にあるCBS/Sonyのプレス工場。そもそもCD規格自体を開発したのがソニー(とフィリップス)であり、静岡工場は世界で最初のプレス工場のひとつ。東芝EMIのフロイドも当初はSonyによってCD用にマスタリングされCBS/Sony工場で生産されたのです。ソニーの初期CDといえば、近年マスターテープそのままの無加工なサウンドをダイレクトにデジタル化していることで再評価されています。そして『アビイ・ロード』と『狂気』という2タイトルのチョイスであることからピンときた方もいらっしゃるかもしれませんが、そうなのです、78年に東芝EMIからリリースされた「プロ・ユース・シリーズ」のLP用の日本独自マスターを使用しCD化されているのです!

実際、本作から流れ出るサウンドは、現行のリマスターCDとは次元の違う空前絶後の美音。公式のリマスター作業で消えてしまったであろう細やかなディテールが繊細に描かれ、鳴りも極めて自然。例えば「On The Run」。シンセが左右に行き来するわけですが、現行リマスターではシンセの“塊”が行き交う車のように通り過ぎる。しかし、本作ではその“塊”が車ではなく、生き物のように細かく躍動していることまで感じ取れるのです。もちろん、これはホンの一例。全曲・全ノートに渡って、音の1粒1粒が立体的であり、音が生まれた瞬間の立ち上がりも鋭く、消えてゆく鳴りのヴァイヴレーションの凹凸まで鮮やか。すべての瞬間が“生きた音”であり、単に迫力を追及した平板さとは違う音世界なのです。そして「Eclipse」の最後のフェードアウト前になぜか聴こえるビートルズの「Ticket To Ride」も本盤はどのCDよりもくっきり聞き取れるのです。この音が入り込んでしまった謎は未だ解明されていませんが、今まで気づかなかったという方も、ぜひ本盤をボリューム全開でご確認ください!

Disc 1(43:00)
First Japanese LP Pressing (EOP-80778)
First Japanese pressing, solid blue triangle on center labels

1. Speak To Me 2. Breathe 3. On The Run 4. Time 5. Breathe(Reprise)
6. The Great Gig In The Sky 7. Money 8. Us And Them 9. Any Colour You Like
10. Brain Damage 11. Eclipse

Disc 2(42:56)
First Japanese CD Pressing (CP35-3017)

1. Speak To Me 2. Breathe 3. On The Run 4. Time 5. Breathe(Reprise)
6. The Great Gig In The Sky 7. Money 8. Us And Them 9. Any Colour You Like
10. Brain Damage 11. Eclipse

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