Pink Floyd / The Dark Side Of The Moon Japanese 1973 Original LP / 1CD

Pink Floyd / The Dark Side Of The Moon Japanese 1973 Original LP / 1CD / PFEOP

Translated Text:
Taken From The Japanese Original LP (EOP-80778). Stereo


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The reprint than 1973 domestic first edition LP the “madness”. Matrix, like the United Kingdom Harvest board, is SHVL804. You can use the harvest master this domestic first edition that was pressed in Japan have been recorded in exceptional sound. Needle Pachi not hear one, limit this board sound clean up state best domestic record the (EOP-80778) was playing in the high-end players the past, what it says, just superb. As also Floyd mania representing the domestic has asserted that “” madness “is never heard of such a wonderful sound.” In fact, too much too terrible, this is even a another bonus, funny I must hear in the press CD, and is a sound enough feel not allowed, and, is why is this bonus Press CD was realized. This time, this overseas mania of the disk of went of “domestic Hatsuban”, already popular in the gift title of our shop, and due to the familiar figures in the “Sticky Fingers” and the like of “Rising” and Stones Rainbow is. So far I think than that there is no ever anyone heard is the cause of high-level analog. In particular, the sound of this “madness” is usually the LP so far, and had heard the CD you have pop out sound image of completely different level. After listening to this, the other label, or “madness” of the format is not not listen anymore …. Such a thing even is the ultimate sound that seems serious. Precisely because fan that knows every single sound output, and surprised to the difference, it is such a one. This weekend, by all means, please enjoy this “non-experience of madness”!

「狂気」を1973年国内初版LPより復刻。マトリックスは英国ハーベスト盤と同じく、SHVL804です。ハーベスト原盤を使用して日本でプレスしたこの国内初版は別格の音で収録されています。針パチひとつ聴こえない、極限までクリーンアップされた状態最良の国内盤(EOP-80778)をハイエンドなプレイヤーで再生した本盤の音は、その言葉通り、まさに絶品。国内を代表するフロイド・マニアもが「こんなに素晴らしい音の「狂気」は聴いたことが無い」と断言したほど。事実、あまりに凄すぎて、これはもうボーナスと言えども、プレスCDで聴かねばおかしい、許されない、と感じる程の音であり、今回のボーナス・プレスCDが実現したわけです。今回、この「国内初盤」のディスク化を行ったのは海外のマニアで、既に当店のギフトタイトルで好評の、レインボーの「Rising」やストーンズの「Sticky Fingers」等でお馴染みの人物によるものです。ここまでレベルの高いアナログ起こしというのはかつて誰も聴いたことが無いのではないでしょうか。特に、今回の「狂気」のサウンドは、これまで通常のLP、CDで聴いていたのはまるで違うレベルの音像が飛び出してきます。これを聴いたら、他のレーベルの、フォーマットの「狂気」はもう聴けないのではないか・・・。そんなことすら真面目に思える究極のサウンドです。出音のひとつひとつを知り尽くしているファンだからこそ、その違いに驚く、そんな1枚です。今週末、是非、この「未体験の狂気」をご堪能下さい!
1. Speak To Me 2. Breathe 3. On The Run 4. Time 5. Breathe(Reprise)
6. The Great Gig In The Sky 7. Money 8. Us And Them 9. Any Colour You Like
10. Brain Damage 11. Eclipse

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