Pink Floyd / Copenhagen 1970 New Tape Transfer / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Copenhagen 1970 New Tape Transfer / 2CD / Sigma

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Live at Falkoner Centret, Copenhagen, Denmark 12th November 1970


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Just shock!
During Pink Floyd 1970 winter European tour, weekend Copenhagen performances of honor high on Nov. 12 as one of the most important sound source is now revived as a vivid upper version of the 8 years !!

Speaking of the ’70 winter of Copenhagen sound source, it has become even typical title now has emerged as the earliest title of this Sigma label in November 2007 “BLINDNESS (Sigma 5)”. It was digitized high master tape of the very quality to direct at that time, Highland album “COPENHAGEN SEQUENCE (HL 291/292)” was a classic until the time of the release stunned fans as superlative sound quality board to exceed far, the label founded at that time the Sigma was the title also became the cornerstone to notify to the scene. Since the recording sound itself was a very good title, but does not inferior to listen at all listening now, just “Atom Heart Mother,” the first half of the periodic degraded sound or mute feeling of sound that have occurred in the “Eugene” beginning 3 minutes , also “mystery” 1 minute 59 seconds from the fatal output shortage of the right channel, which continues until the end disk … etc., is also true that the tape of the deterioration has been seen here and there in the other hand of the excellent sound quality. But “BLINDNESS (later ※, you have already issued Edition)” is because it was the title that put such a master tape of the original raw is the main focus, it is to poke its non-too late would be bad shot. But if you repair the damage, what if you can restore to the figure at the time of recording? Moreover After that Hakare also improve sound quality? If it comes true, I think it does not become that name sound source is suddenly also 1970 winter of Europe think in tour sound source is also a lightning-fast manner did not depend shine remain illuminated many? … So, is this latest work that appeared at the end of this week, is exactly that, “What? That sound source is the deterioration had been conspicuous?!” The Upper version title of miracle and wonder that !!

Source used in this panel is the thing that was new tape transfer this time from the master to the base, has become a the problems that have occurred at the time of its outstanding board play after thoroughly improved. In other words, raw because of the suffering have periodic hiss of generation and noise of scattering, the speed was slow or fast or in part part, a slight deviation of the orientation, and the like output shortage of the right channel is the main improvement, was scrutinized, restore them one by one carefully the sound image is not only revived vivid original form master recording sound, success to be improved in out attract originally well further freshness a high potential that the sound had been hidden quality and have been, we have been to finish on a particular invites the listening side to the deeper excitement of the crucible. This is exactly what upgrade, eight years true impact this weekend that name sound source unplugged stunned fans had originally before, is finally not be unleashed on the scene !!

Sound is very special class of the surprise. For example, provided in the power and weight is the sound of more than its outstanding panel from the rise in the “Astronomy Domine”, it should raise the voice of everyone marvel at the closeness and clarity of the sound output. It twin overwhelming even the proximity of the vocals, because even a weak sound in the middle portion rhythm disappears come out clearly in more than already issued sound, up three-dimensionally assembled representation of this day and in any way from there Furthermore I think that deep Kumito’ to earn the Yukuka. “Fat Old Sun” is I think the breathtaking beauty of the diffusion of sound that spread in all directions since the beginning of the singing voice of Gilmore, that pale echo that has been applied to the vocal has come out clearly than ever in is also worth. Texture high tone (※ especially deployment from the vicinity of 6 minutes 03 seconds) and the strong fusion sense of ensemble of the organ is also noted, there is no difference in the throbbing heart in the upper sound to the five senses more and more stimulation. “Cymbaline” is a figure to be sucked into the space, leaving a faint reverberation took the echo is in close vocal, compared with a strong performance sound of the attack to listen in the rust of part will appear in the best especially on the sound past. How the sound of cymbals continues hear sharply (※ especially 3 minutes and 46 seconds to the remarkable, Sundehatsuban the metallic sound is extremely lightly response of the sound was also diluted) You are also special mention, also middle of footsteps scene production and music emerge in the figure is overwhelming transparency that forms an image in the sensibility of the people, the potential that this source has originally it should be realized that have been issued attracted to the fullest. “Atom Heart Mother”, as its outstanding board was anguish noticeable listening in that periodic deterioration due to tape of deterioration from the vicinity of 2 minutes and 50 seconds to 6 minutes and 35 seconds had occurred. However, in this work which was scrutinized and corrected one by one note with the latest technology, we have succeeded in almost perfectly regain that the original figure. In this by playing sound regained high-level sense of stability with no unevenness, may the song be the figure to change glare by electrostatic clef and Doon part came to able to track to the straight I mentioned with the largest improvement disk 1 award. 5 minutes of Gilmore entering from 57 seconds falsetto is also the euphoria of this day unique floating around in the recording source original serene sound, radiation of the intelligence emanating from deep in the back at the margin of the sound you should be able to enjoy deep . In completely different thing and also ensemble begin to stand out from 11 minutes and 59 seconds subducted close of its outstanding board sound, also let’s noted that the outline of the sound has been reborn as a beautiful sound that looks clearly.

“Green Is The Colour” is there was a thing Sundehatsuban sounds great, is characterized in this work stands out is the proximity of the Gilmore of voice over the wheel to it. That recording who has changed the recording position during the interval paid off, simple in its appearance the performance shines in increasingly pure beauty that creativity has become a phenomenal sound image of shame also modern digital recording. “Eugene” is the weakness of the sound output was quite noticeable in the three minutes of beginning Sundehatsuban has regained normal appearance in this work, will pop out at close sound of the high-resolution images in which all parts are some power from the beginning . Some hiss are left, but it is also quite relaxed at that dropped 1% recording speed at the time of the tape transfer, it has reborn as a distinct sound with power. This monologue by Roger did not know most of the its outstanding board (※ 1 minute hear from the vicinity of 44 seconds whispering) In addition to that they came to take hear clearly, do not have a clear lyrics certainly from also playing the beginning the possibility of this song such it should enjoy taking grip in response. Also appeared in “The sun Hymn” is also vivid sound on the harmony is one rank with reduced color, it will be struck in the facial expression changes that tempo up while gradually intonation. Appeared the feeling of floating in the middle cease hear a drum that has come out sharply to more than its outstanding panel is the highest degree of transparency, I think that you pleasure to fully excitement Yuku chasing the whereabouts of drifting melody up close. “Mystery” is opening 00 minutes 51-52 seconds of Sundehatsuban, there is no sound swing that had occurred in the 1 minute 08 seconds In addition, out-of-roses seeded clear is no blurring superb sound of early in the turbidity to Yuku sound and you will. Although very slightly sound quality because the disk until the end has been supplemented with another master sound source of the day Sundehatsuban as well, including “The Embryo” from the vicinity of one minute and 58 seconds will change, but here as well as its outstanding board rather than outright change in sound quality, we have to realize the perfect connection that does not let all feel a sense of discomfort by the meticulous re-master and treatments. Moreover, almost missing component of the right channel to the disk end, including “The Embryo” from 1 minute 59 seconds later of this song in its outstanding board, become unbalanced sound image that 80% side of the sound output to proceed only from the left side but had, sound back to normal localization in this work because it is completely fixed to the center, it offers pleasure to disk end while maintaining the high quality sound quality.

And the point of this sound source you want to direct the other one first, is that the tuning scene that fall after playing the end of most of the songs are included in all uncut. As many people in Hakone Aphrodite other 1971 doing so recalled, of the ’70s Floyd not mean that the moment such dazzling seem whether new song unpublished even in the tuning scene is there are many, cut between songs It will be that there is no it is not to be missed topic. Unfortunately we do not have to play the unreleased song in the performance of the day, but (※ in the day before to place the Gothenburg performances of this performance “Libest Spacement Monitor”, and in the Hamburg performances after two days of this performance as “Corrosion” unreleased songs have been showing off, which is called), but thus also tuning scene between songs reminiscent of those unreleased tracks to listen in the best of the upper sound, I would like to come crowned again your attention to this opportunity. Please this weekend, please take your pleasure the fresh sound of this upper sense of scale in your home speakers. It is restored revived the Sigma latest work without a doubt be surprised in this recording original power a superb sound !!


70年冬のコペンハーゲン音源と言えば、2007年11月に当Sigmaレーベルの最初期タイトルとして登場した『BLINDNESS (Sigma 5)』が今も代表的なタイトルとなっています。当時大変質の高いマスターテープをダイレクトにデジタル化したそれは、リリース時まで定番だったHighland盤『COPENHAGEN SEQUENCE (HL 291/292)』を遥かに上回る最上級音質盤としてファンを仰天させ、レーベル創設当時のSigmaをシーンに知らしめる礎にもなったタイトルでした。収録音そのものは大変優れたタイトルでしたので現在聴いても全く聴き劣りしませんが、ただ「原子心母」前半の周期的な劣化音や「ユージン」冒頭3分間に生じていたミュート気味のサウンド、また「神秘」の1分59秒からディスクエンドまで続く右チャンネルの致命的な出力不足…など、優良音質の反面でテープの劣化が散見されたのもまた事実です。ただ『BLINDNESS (※以降、既発盤とします)』はそうしたマスターテープ本来の未加工さを主眼に置いたタイトルでしたから、その非を今更突くのはお門違いでしょう。でももしそのダメージを修復し、録音時の姿に復元できたらどうでしょう? そのうえ音質の向上も図れたとしたら? もしそれが叶うなら、それは名音源が幾つも残る1970年冬の欧州ツアー音源に思いもよらなかった電光石火的な輝きが突如照らされる事になりはしないでしょうか? …そう、今週末に登場するこの最新作は、まさにその「え? 劣化が目立っていたあの音源が?!」という奇跡と驚異のアッパー版タイトルなのです!!


その驚きのサウンドはまさに別格級。例えば「Astronomy Domine」では立ち上がりから既発盤超えの威力と重みが音に備わっており、その出音の近さと鮮明度に誰もが驚嘆の声を上げる筈です。ツインボーカルの近さも圧倒的ですし、リズムが消える中間部での微弱な音も既発サウンド以上に明瞭に出てくる為、この日の表現がそこからどの様にして立体的に組み上がってゆくかを更に深く汲み取って戴けると思います。「Fat Old Sun」はギルモアの歌声が入ってから全方向に広がる音の拡散の美しさに息を呑むと思いますが、そのボーカルにかけられている淡いエコーがこれまで以上にハッキリ出ている事にも注目です。オルガンの質感高い音色(※特に6分03秒付近からの展開)とアンサンブルの力強い融合感も特筆され、五感をますます刺激するアッパーサウンドに心ときめくに違いありません。「Cymbaline」は間近なボーカルに掛かったエコーが淡い残響を残して空間に吸い込まれる姿と、サビの部分で聴けるアタックの強い演奏音との対比が過去最高の特上サウンドで現れます。シンバルの響きが鋭く聴こえ続ける様子(※特に3分46秒~に顕著で、既発盤は金属音が極端に軽くて音の手応えも希薄でした)も特筆されますし、中盤の足音シーンも演出と音楽が人の感性の中で像を結ぶ姿が圧倒的な透明度の中で浮かび上がり、このソースが本来持っているポテンシャルが最大限に惹き出されている事を実感される筈です。「原子心母」は、既発盤では2分50秒付近から6分35秒までテープの劣化による周期的な劣化が生じていた事で聴き苦しさが目立ちました。しかし本作では最新技術でこれを一音ずつ精査・補正し、本来の姿をほぼ完璧に取り戻す事に成功しています。これにより演奏音がムラの無い高水準な安定感を取り戻し、曲が静音部と動音部で眩しく変化する姿がストレートに追える様になった事はディスク1最大の改善点と申し上げて良いでしょう。5分57秒から入るギルモアのファルセットもこの日ならではの陶酔が録音ソース本来の静謐な響きの中で漂っており、音の余白にある奥の深いところから出る知性の放射が深く満喫出来る筈です。また11分59秒から目立ち始めるアンサンブルも既発盤の閉じて沈み込んだサウンドとは完全に別物で、音の輪郭がハッキリ見える美麗サウンドに生まれ変わっている事も特記しておきましょう。

「Green Is The Colour」は既発盤サウンドも素晴らしいものがありましたが、本作ではそれに輪を掛けてギルモアの歌声の近さが際立っているのが特徴です。録音者がインターバル中に録音位置を変えた事が功を奏し、シンプルで創造性のある演奏がますます純粋な美しさで輝くその姿は現代のデジタル録音も顔負けの驚異的音像となっています。「ユージン」は既発盤冒頭の3分間で出音の弱さがかなり目立ちましたが本作では正常な姿を取り戻しており、序盤から全パートが威力ある高解像の至近音で飛び出します。若干ヒスは残っていますが、しかしテープ・トランスファーの際にレコーディング速度を1%落とした事でそれもかなり緩和され、威力ある明瞭サウンドとして生まれ変わっています。これにより既発盤では殆ど分からなかったロジャーによるモノローグ(※1分44秒付近から聴こえる囁き)がハッキリ聴き取れる様になったほか、明確な歌詞を持たないこの曲の可能性も演奏冒頭から確かな手応えで掴み取って戴ける筈です。また「太陽讃歌」も色彩を抑えたハーモニーが1ランク上の鮮やかな音で現れ、徐々に抑揚しながらテンポアップするその表情変化に心打たれるでしょう。既発盤以上に鋭く出ているドラムが鳴り止む中盤ではその浮遊感が最高の透明度で現れ、漂う旋律の行方を間近で追ってゆく興奮を存分に御愉しみ戴けると思います。「神秘」は既発盤の序盤00分51~52秒、1分08秒ほかに生じていた音揺れが無くなり、序盤の混濁してゆく音のばら撒きがブレの無い極上の鮮明サウンドで出てきます。1分58秒付近から「The Embryo」を含むディスクエンドまでは既発盤同様に当日の別マスター音源で補填しているので極僅かに音質が変化しますが、しかしここも既発盤の様にあからさまな音質変化ではなく、細心のリマスターとトリートメントによって全く違和感を感じさせない完璧な繋がりを実現しています。しかも既発盤ではこの曲の1分59秒以降から「The Embryo」を含むディスクエンドまで右チャンネルの成分が殆ど抜け、出音の8割方が左側からのみで進行するというアンバランスな音像になっていましたが、本作では定位が正常に戻って音が中央に完全固定されていますので、上質なサウンド・クオリティを維持したままディスクエンドまで御愉しみ戴けます。

そしてもうひとつ目を向けたいこの音源でのポイントは、殆どの曲の演奏終了後に入るチューニング・シーンが全てノーカットで含まれている事です。1971年の箱根アフロディーテほかで多くの人がそう述懐している通り、70年代のフロイドはチューニング・シーンであっても未発表の新曲かと思える様な眩い瞬間が多々ある訳で、曲間のカットが無い事は見逃せないトピックとなります。残念ながらこの日の公演では未発表曲を演奏していませんが (※本公演の前日に行われたヨーテボリ公演では「Libest Spacement Monitor」、そして本公演の2日後のハンブルグ公演では「Corrosion」と呼ばれる未発表曲が披露されています)、しかしこうして極上のアッパー・サウンドで聴けるそれら未発表曲を想起させる曲間のチューニング・シーンも、この機会に是非改めて御注目戴きたいと思います。どうぞこの週末は御自宅のスピーカーでこのアッパー感満点の生々しいサウンドを御愉しみ下さい。復元され甦ったこの録音本来の威力ある極上音に驚かれること間違い無しのSigma最新作です!!

Disc 1(56:28)
1. Astronomy Domine 2. Fat Old Sun 3. Cymbaline 4. Atom Heart Mother

Disc 2(58:31)
1. Green Is The Colour 2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 4. A Saucerful Of Secrets 5. The Embryo
Sigma 150

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