Pink Floyd / Boston 1973 Master Sound / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Boston 1973 Master Sound / 2CD / SpeakEzy

Translated Text:

Live At Boston Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts, USA 14th March 1973.


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★ exactly Master Direct’s ULTIMATE SOUND!
★ Decision board of non-equalizing, minimum editing by using natural master sound Press 2 CD decision board!
★ Bonus track recording included in secret!

It is a real source that appeared ten years ago and made deep FLOYD maniac maddening, but although the sound source on the net being scattered is natural, the intro part before the live start is not recorded yet, and in recent years also the intro part Although it appeared, it raised the high frequency by raising the sound pressure by comp, and it was the compression sound which was considerably built.

In this time, mastering from zero from the unedited RAW master, although editing of the cut part is done to the minimum, in the sound quality aspect, it is possible to experience the natural master sound completely without applying unnecessary equalizing and compressor processing I will.

The sound source is not a net but a CD from a RAW master who received the offer of a large collector living in the United States.
However, after that, I found almost similar unedited RAW Masters on some sites afterwards.
As a result, regarding this sound source ,,,
Unedited underground editing RAW = Unedited RAW of net sound source RAW
That is the fact that it became clear. Please be forewarned.

In addition, the non-credit secret track records Childhood’s End from St. Louis performance on March 6 in stereo Aud! Boston in this volume is a bonus with songs you are not playing. Although it is for sound quality mania, it is the point that Aud is stereo instead of monaural. This is recorded from a network sound source circulated more than 10 years ago.
Nevertheless, the minimum necessary editing from the natural master sound and the longest recording highest sound quality 73
The title of the deciding board representing the year is appearing in press 2CD!

Live at Boston Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts, USA 14th March 1973

★まさにマスターダイレクトのULTIMATE SOUND!




さらにノン・クレジットのシークレット・トラックで3月6日St. Louis公演からChildhood’s EndをステレオAudで収録!本編のボストンでは演奏してない楽曲をボーナスで。音質的にはマニア向けですがモノラルではなくステレオAudなのがポイントです。こちらは10年以上前に流通したネット音源からの収録。

Disc 1
01. Introduction
02. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
03. Obscured By Clouds
04. When You’re In ※頭のキンキン感が既発はキツ目だが今回は控え目。
05. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun ※終盤のカットはネット「KRW」盤はフェイクパッチで繋ぎ処理。今回は違和感のないように独自にクロスフェード処理。
06. Ecohes

01. Speak To Me※ネット「PRRP 062」バージョンではイントロがコピペフェイクで数秒長いだけなので注意。
02. Breathe
03. On The Run
04. Time
05. Breath (Reprise)
06. Great Gig In The Sky
07. Money
08. Us And Them※イントロでカットあり。レーベル独自にカット部を修正。
09. Any Colour You Like
10. Brain Damage
11. Eclipse
12. One Of These Days

Speakezy. SPE-018

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