Pink Floyd / Boblingen 1972 Stereo Matrix Edition / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Boblingen 1972 Stereo Matrix Edition / 2CD /Sigma

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Live at Sporthalle, Boeblingen, West Germany 15th November 1972 Perfect Sound(Upgrade)

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Finally come down !!
In November 1972 15th · West Germany has a superb AUD recording of Böblingen’s performance, a surprise upgrade with two source stereo matrices, finally comes out in the press board!

Even during the unofficial recording of Pink Floyd in 1972, sound quality and performance On November 15, West German · Böblingen Performance, which was good for long since fans’ evaluation was very high. Several titles already existed from the time of analog LP boards, and in 2000, as the “THE GREAT GIG IN BOBLINGEN (GANJA – 011/2)” from the overseas label, It is a famous sound source that has been popular. Although this Sigma appeared as a bonus CDR title “BOEBLINGEN 1972” of “DUSSELDORF 1972 (Sigma 105)”, this is the best version at the time patched multiple existing sources, but it is called the total completeness It was a title that still has the sweetness of the stuff still in place.

However, this time carefully equalized processing + phase-corrected on disk 1 and Recorder 1 and 2 on matrix 2 in the latter half of the show are matrixed to correct the high frequency range problem of the right channel, furthermore “Set The Controls For The brilliant 72-year Babrlingen which combines the best stereo matrix sound and the longest documentary nature that compensates for the missing part before and after this song is born from Sigma !!

【Disk 1 】
“1st set: Recorder 2 (The Great Gig In Boblingen) & Recorder 3”

The upper feeling and perfection that it curls, and the renewal of the sound image are exactly vulnerable. “Speak To Me” is slightly inferior only at the beginning of about 56 seconds, because this was a fade-in recording with this song missing in the original GANJA source, this is supplemented with Recorder 3 (monaural) It is because it is. However, as long as it compensates from the longest scene remaining as the same sound of the same day, it is a guarantee that you will be thrilled with the growing documentary nature that bleeds from the disc start. After 57 seconds it shifts to Recorder 2 and “Breathe” begins, but there will probably be no one who will not be marveled by the transparent, spreading phenomenal sound from here. “On The Run” also bounces around with the elastic sound, drum hit noticed busily is accompanied by a special beat feeling, but also it is overwhelmed by the depth and massive feeling of the bass range I am convinced. “Time” has a wonderful shine of the tone that drifts to the vicinity of 2 minutes and 13 seconds in the first half, the contrast between the two voices of Gilmore and the light and the instrument sound is perfect as if it had been arranged with a sound board and “The Great Gig In The Sky “also glowing out from the gap between impulse and suppression shimmer glare comes out more dazzling. As you can see, there is no female chorus yet at this point, but listening with that sound must surely grab the constituent beauty on the program as to why this song exists in this position. Also, “Us And Them” also repeats amazing radiation and fusion in the midrange of the organ and bass movements, so I would like to draw attention to that situation as well. Likewise, “Brain Damage” also reverberates the locus of the tone color image, the movement of Gilmore playing the guitar with the approach different from usual in the latter half, as well as the change of the sound is heard with further high resolution sound It is getting.

【Disk 2】
“2nd set: Recorder 1 (Marbal’s 2nd Gen) + Recorder 2 Stereo Matrix & Recorder 3”

“Careful With That Ax, Eugene” is different in sound quality only for the first 6 seconds, but this is different from Speak To Me “Similarly, because the original sound that was originally faded in was compensated with monaural Recorder 3, after that, the tremendous stereo matrix sound of Recorder 1 and 2 develops. The intersection of mysterious sounds spreading in all directions and extending in all directions here is just like the official board, the vividness of the scream, and the development that is increasing afterwards have jumped to the super-quality of the sound board class, and this day What’s more than 14 minutes and 30 seconds (!!!) Long versions of sound and drama are received with the highest listening response. “Echoes” is a matrix of Recorder 1 and 2, and this is a super-high-quality sound which is terrible. As you can see, this day we introduce the title of the song as a strange title meaning “Looking Through The Knotholes In Granny’s Wooden Leg” (* Looking into the grandmother of the grandmother’s prosthesis) “, but this unusual MC by Roger also past The topics that are recorded with the best sharpness are also topics. Of course, the performance sound was surprisingly high precision, and the digital restore was carefully restricted so that the original original sound was infinitely impossible. It has become the strongest wall thickness transparent sound in sound source history, and this day’s performance expressive secret
It seems to be able


1972年のピンク・フロイドの非公式な録音の間でさえ、音質とパフォーマンス11月15日、西ドイツ・Böblingenのパフォーマンスは、ファンの評価が長かったので非常に高かった。アナログLP盤の時代からすでにいくつかのタイトルが存在していたが、2000年には海外レーベルの「The GREAT GIG IN IN BOBLINGEN(GANJA-011/2)」として人気を博した有名な音源である。このシグマは、 “DUSSELDORF 1972(Sigma 105)”のボーナスCDRタイトル “BOEBLINGEN 1972″として登場しましたが、これは複数の既存のソースをパッチした時点で最高のバージョンですが、完全性とも呼ばれています。まだ場所にあるものの甘さ。



それがカールする上の感覚と完璧さ、そして音像の更新は正確に脆弱です。 「Speak To Me」はオリジナルのガンジャー・ソースにこのソングが欠けているフェードイン・レコーディングだったので、約56秒の初めにやや劣っています。これはレコーダー3(モノラル)で補完されています。しかし、それが同じ日の同じ音として残っている最長のシーンを補う限り、ディスクの始まりから流出するドキュメンタリーが増えていることに、あなたは喜ぶでしょう。 57秒後にレコーダー2に移行し、「ブリーズ」が始まりますが、ここから透明感のある驚異的なサウンドに驚かれることはないでしょう。 「オン・ザ・ラン」も弾力的なサウンドで跳ね返り、拍手を浴びたドラム・ヒットは特別なビート感を伴いますが、それは私が確信しているベースの深みと激しい感覚に圧倒されます。 「時間」は上半期に2分13秒付近までドリフトする素晴らしい音色を持ち、ギルモアとライトの2つの声のコントラストと楽器の音色はあたかもアレンジされているかのように完璧ですサウンドボードと “The Great Gig In The Sky”もインパルスとサプレッションの間のすき間から光って輝きます。ご覧のとおり、この時点ではまだ女性合唱はありませんが、そのサウンドで聴くと、この曲がこの位置になぜ存在するのかについて、プログラムの構成上の美しさを確実に捉えなければなりません。また、「Us And Them」では、オルガンやベースのミッドレンジでも驚くべき放射と融合が繰り返されているので、そのような状況にも注意を促したいと思います。同様に、「Brain Damage」は音色画像の軌跡にも残響を与え、ギルモアの動きは後半の通常とは違うアプローチでギターを弾き、さらに高音質で音の変化を聞くItが得ている。

“第2セット:レコーダー1(Marbal’s 2nd Gen)+レコーダー2ステレオマトリックス&レコーダー3”

最初の6秒間だけ音質が異なりますが、これは「Speak To Me」とは異なります。同様に、元々退色していた元のサウンドはモノラルレコーダー3で補正されていたため、レコーダー1と2の驚異的なステレオ・マトリックス・サウンドが発達しています。すべての方向に広がっていて、ここに広がっている神秘的な音の交差点は、公式のボードのように、悲鳴の鮮やかさと、その後増加している開発はサウンドボードクラスの超高画質、そして今日では14分30秒以上のもの(!!!)最高のリスニングレスポンスで長いバージョンのサウンドとドラマを受け取ります。 “エコー”はレコーダー1のマトリックスです。 2、これは恐ろしい超高音質の音です。ご覧のとおり、この曲のタイトルは、「おばあちゃんの木の脚にあるくちばしを見て」という意味の奇妙なタイトルとして紹介されています。 gr祖母の義母のお母さん)」ですが、この珍しいRogerの過去のMCもまた、最高の鮮明さで記録されたトピックもトピックです。もちろん、パフォーマンス音は驚くほど高精度であり、オリジナルのオリジナルサウンドが無限に不可能になるように、デジタルリストアが慎重に制限されていました。音源史上最強の肉厚透明な音となっており、今日の演奏表現の秘密

Disc 1 (50: 59)
The Dark Side Of The Moon

1. Speak To Me (R3 + R2) 2. Breathe (R2) 3. On The Run (R2) 4. Time (R2) 5. Breathe (Reprise) (R2)
6. The Great Gig In The Sky (R2) 7. Money (R2) 8. Us And Them (R2) 9. Any Color You Like (R2)
10. Brain Damage (R2) 11. Eclipse (R2)

Disc 2 (65: 52)
1 Echees (R1 R2
3. One Of These Days (
R1 R2 Matrix + R2) 4. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (R2 + R3) Careful With That Ax, Eugene (R3 + R2 + R1 R2 Matrix )

1st set: Recorder 2 (The Great Gig In Boblingen) & Recorder 3
2nd set: Recorder 1 (Marbal’s 2nd Gen) + Recorder 2 Stereo Matrix & Recorder 3

Sigma 211

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