Pink Floyd / The Best Of Tour 72 Definitive Edition / 2CD

Pink Floyd / The Best Of Tour 72 Definitive Edition / 2CD / Sigma
Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, London, UK 20th February 1972

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Pink Floyd The eternal must-have item “THE BEST OF TOUR 72” that recorded the famous rainbow theater performance on February 20, 1972, has arrived in the ultimate final evolution form!
An absolute permanent decision board that everyone who heard about the history of the cobblestone mixture that has continued for many years and can hear it is a new world standard is a shocking appearance!!

“After all, which one is the best?” For our label, these words from fans are honestly painful. However, it is the eternal mission of the shop and the label to gently present the ultimate piece to the hesitation. Floyd’s performance in London, UK on February 20, 1972 is such a sound source, and if you are an unofficial sound source fan, you must think of the famous LP “THE BEST OF TOUR 72” that is familiar with parent and child pig jackets. This high-quality stereo source (Recorder 1) recorded by Mr. Derek A does not have “PINK FLOYD LIVE” on the front jacket, and the label side is dark blue “Tour 72 We did it for you” type Is the LP of the first press, and it is popular enough to be copied by famous labels such as TSP’s marble color and semi-transparent color vinyl board, TAKRL’s “In Celebration Of The Comet” due to the splendor of the content, CD As is well known, many labels continued to release this famous recording with the beginning of the age. Also on this day, I’m happy that there are Recorder 2 by Steve B and Recorder 3 by virtuoso John Baxter, followed by Floyd’s terrific prototype Dark Side all-track performance. The entire second part of the show has been passed on to future generations.

However, all of these three recordings are also famous for having some drawbacks, and the familiar Recorder 1 boasts a superb sound quality, but some cut parts of the show’s first part / prototype version “madness” The tape source of Rec1 has been permanently lost due to the fact that I was only seeing the sun in a certain state, and according to Neonknight’s research, Derek’s home got a burglar and the master tape of this performance was stolen. .. Recorder 2 has better sound quality than average (although not as Recorder 1), but the show has been recorded to the end, but the lack of scenes due to on/off between tracks is noticeable, and Recorder 3 is uncut between tracks, but Recorder 1 The sound quality was slightly inferior to that of and 2, and there were some drawbacks with each recording. For that reason, in the past there were titles that tried to make a full-length version and blended Recorder 2 and 3, but these also have difficulty in sound quality, such as the coarseness of the mix and the combination of inferior sources. There are many things, and I think most of the titles were “best”.

Isn’t it possible that this factor was due to the sweetness of stuffing? For example, there were many versions of the LP “THE BEST OF TOUR 72” as mentioned above, and how many were particular about the playback environment when selecting the board used and transferring? Even with Recorder 2 and 3, it is still questionable how much the same sources were selected by listening to each other, so it was possible to use a board that happened to be on the production side or a source that was easily available. Sex cannot be denied.

So we, Sigma, bet on the name of a Floyd specialty label and tackle this problem head on. We gathered several sources with variations in sound quality and recording time, compared and scrutinized them, and assembled the “Supreme THE BEST OF TOUR 72” using the best selected sources. The result is higher quality than originally expected, and the ideal and ultimate standard title that makes beginners growl with “Best of Best” and old Australian unofficial sound source fans with “This is Definitive!!” It happened.

Thoroughly selected contents and sound quality are just “the best of the best 72 today”. It boasts a high level of advantage that is fundamentally different from the many existing editions. Let me introduce the breakdown.

Recorder 1 / Derek A Recording: 『THE BEST OF TOUR 72』 1st press LP
(* Neonknight public version. 1st press mint condition board played and digitally transferred with an audio system totaling over 2 million yen. Amazing quality sound.)

Recorder 2 / Steve B Recording: 1st Gen
(* A new upgrade source for the 2020 version. Especially, the freshest 1st Gen is selected and remastered, and it boasts the highest fresh sound in Rec 2 history up to the show end.)

Recorder 3 / John Baxter Recording: 1st Gen
(* New upgrade source for 2020 version. 1st Gen source that has greatly improved the Rec3 image by applying the latest 2020 remaster and restore.)

.. and all of them are enchanting upper sources composed of the best of the best sources, but the one that stands out especially is the Neonknight public version source of Recorder 1. According to the information of the equipment used

* Clear Audio Innovation Compact

* Clear Audio Stradivari V2 cartridge

* Clear Audio Tangential tone arm TT3

* Leema Acoustics-Tucana II

* Pro-Ject Audio Phono Box RS

* The Chord Company, Sarum Super Aray RCA cable

* Sigma, IsoTek EVO3

…And the thoroughness of the modern top taper who transfers a valuable 1st press board with an audio system totaling over 2 million yen in Japanese yen is breathing here as a warrior’s special sound, as it is. It is an advantage of this latest work that the first part of the show is made into a press sound board with the mother as a base. In addition, Recorder 2 and 3 that back up this are also prepared with the 1st Gen of the gem that has been meticulously refined, but here you should pay attention to the new image of Recorder 3. This is mainly Recorder 1 = “THE BEST OF TOUR
72” I am only partially using it as a supplement for the 1st press board, but after all, there is a new sense of sound quality improvement that can play a heavy responsibility to support the sound reproduced by the system of over 2 million yen. However, with compensation, it is revived with a sound that is useless. And since this work is also the “longest version of the past” that used all of these existing sounds and scenes with the best sounds, its completeness has reached the ultimate range!!

The introductory section “Speak To Me” uses Recorder 3, which has such a dazzling sense of sound quality improvement, and gives a lively and complete feeling from the start. This is transferred by “Breathe” by the best sound quality source that was transferred by an audio system with a total amount of more than 2 million yen, but the godly sound image is wrapped in dazzling ecstasy even for those who have repeatedly listened to Rec 1 You will be terrified by the power of the emitted sound. In “The Travel Sequence”, the hi-hat’s grain and the guitar appear with a surprisingly high resolution, and the appearance of Gilmore’s tuning at the beginning of “Time” comes out with a high degree of precision that has not been experienced. . The sound is missing 3:36 to 56 is perfectly compensated by Rec 3, so the seamlessness and completeness are not impaired, and the closeness and amplitude of the sound appear in the strongest form in history 4: The guitar sound from 23 will also be shaken with an amazing texture that you can touch the sound waves. In “Money”, pay attention to the high resolution of each musical instrument and the thickness of the middle range, and the closeness of the guitar playing at the front and the rhythm of the back are fused in an ideal sound image, making it the ultimate sound to listen to on 2 channels. There is a figure that can be said. “Brain
“Damage” also has the arpeggio’s rich luster and the reverberation of the moist tone in the image of the highest transparency, and “Eclipse” was also cut off in Rec 1 after 1:11 with Rec 3 until the end song, The best figure is the closing part of the first part, which can only be produced in 1972, when it is tightened with a long and long descending sound.

From “One Of These Days”, which will be the start of the second part, the 2020 version of Recorder 2, which has made a dramatic upgrade this time, will also proceed with the main sound source. Compared to any Rec 2 I’ve heard in the past, the range is wider and the transparency is improved, and long tuning that lasts for about 3 minutes after the end of the performance is supplemented by Recorder 3 to realize complete recording with no discomfort. I will. As for “Careful With That Axe, Eugene,” you can feel the increased transparency and the wider range from the song introduction by Roger before the performance. The rec sound of the tom with the sharpness and elasticity of the engraved cymbal is also old Rec
The ensemble, which is much clearer than 2 and gives rise to the noise after the scream, should be able to realize that the accuracy of the sound has improved dramatically. Also, after the end of the song, at 11:25 ~ disc end
The section (11:39) is also supplemented and connected by Recorder 3, but the existing cheering scenes are all used up at the correct time axis and position, although it is as short as 14 seconds.

Disc2 “Echoes” also restored the scene integrity by compensating for the sections before and after the performance where no scene remained with Recorder 3. Recorder 2 of the performance body also has significantly reduced hiss noise, and the next level accuracy has been given to the sound like dumpling, and the clear sound with no hiss and the omission are excellent. Even after the performance was over, recording was interrupted a few seconds after the MC of “Thank you, Good Night” with Rec 2 alone, but this also complements the scene with Rec 3 to make the recording even more solid. . “A Saucerful Of Secrets” is a middle part where the resolution and goodness of the strange single notes that overlap in layers at the beginning were improved, the sound was crushed and the sense of turbidity was conspicuous ) Is also greatly improved, and the strong sound heat radiation unique to this day will awaken a new impression. “Blues” is also attractive for its rich harmonies with improved mid-to-low range, and it covers the image of the sound that only the sounding guitar could hear to some extent. “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun” Then, the intersection of the mysterious sounds that can be heard in the intermediate development section (*6: 41 ~) peculiar to this day appears with a more pure sound, and you should be strongly aware of the best listening response in Rec2 history.

As a sound source with a long history, I think that if you are a fan, it is a sound source that you have come into contact with twice or three times with some already released boards. In other words, it can be said that the title of the day had a history of being turbulent so much, and many titles of the boulders were mixed. But the realization of the ultimate high-quality standard disc puts a period in its history. This is exactly the latest evolution of “THE BEST OF TOUR 72”, the latest work by Sigma who will not let you say “Which is the best after all?”!!


★Summary and overview of work and source

Uses 3 recording sources. Pitch adjustment and compensating editing of cut points.
Part 1 is mainly Rec1

ピンク・フロイド1972年2月20日の名演レインボーシアター公演を収録した永遠のマストアイテム「THE BEST OF TOUR 72」が、究極の最終進化形で降臨!!

「結局、どれが一番良いの?」私達レーベルにとって、ファンからのこの言葉は正直痛いものです。しかしその迷いに究極の一枚をそっと提示する事こそ、ショップとレーベル永遠の使命と言えるでしょう。フロイド1972年2月20日の英国・ロンドン公演もそんな音源で、非公式音源ファンであれば親子ブタのジャケでお馴染みの名盤LP『THE BEST OF TOUR 72』が思い浮かぶに違いありません。デレク・A氏録音のこの高音質ステレオ・ソース(Recorder 1)は、表ジャケットに「PINK FLOYD LIVE」の表記がなく、レーベル面は紺色に「Tour 72 We did it for you」と書かれたタイプが完全初回プレスのLPで、内容の素晴らしさからTSPのマーブルカラーや半透明のカラー・ヴィニール盤、TAKRLの「In Celebration Of The Comet」など有名レーベルがこぞってコピーするほどの人気を博し、CD時代になっても多くのレーベルがこの名録音を盤起こしでリリースし続けていたのは周知の通りです。またこの日は他にもスティーヴ・B氏によるRecorder 2、名手ジョン・バクスター氏によるRecorder 3が存在する事も幸いし、フロイドがこの夜に放った凄まじい試作版ダークサイドの全曲演奏と、それに続くショウ第2部の全容が後世に伝わっています。

ただこの3つの録音はどれもが何かしらの欠点を抱えている事でも有名で、お馴染みのRecorder 1は極上の音質を誇るもののショウの第1部・プロトタイプ版「狂気」の一部カット箇所がある状態でしか陽の目を見ておらず、しかもNeonknightの調査によるとデレク氏の自宅に空き巣が入りこの公演のマスターテープも盗まれたため、Rec1のテープソースは永久に失われてしまっています。Recorder 2は(Recorder 1ほどではないにしろ)平均以上に音質が良く最後までショウを録り切っているものの曲間のオンオフによるシーン欠落が目立ち、Recorder 3は曲間もノーカットであるもののRecorder 1と2に比べて音質が若干劣るなど、各録音で何かしらの欠点が生じていた訳です。それだけに過去には全長版を制作しようと試みてRecorder 2と3をブレンドさせるタイトルも存在した訳ですが、これらもミックスの粗雑さや音の劣るソースを組み合わせてしまっているなど音質難を抱えているものが多く、タイトルの”ベスト”とは名ばかりのものが大半だったと思います。

この要因は、詰めの甘さから来ていたとは考えられないでしょうか。例えばLP『THE BEST OF TOUR 72』にしても前記の通り多くのバージョンがあった訳で、使用した盤の選定やトランスファーする際の再生環境にこだわったものがどれだけあったでしょう?Recorder 2と3にしても、複数の同一ソースをどの程度聴き比べて選んでいたかは疑問が残るところで、制作側の手元にたまたまあった盤や手軽に入手出来たソースを使用していた可能性は否定出来ません。

そこで私達Sigmaはフロイド専門レーベルの名に賭け、この問題に真正面から取り組みました。音質と収録時間にバラつきのある各ソースを幾つも集めて比較・精査し、選び抜いた最良の各ソースを使って”至高のTHE BEST OF TOUR 72″を組み上げた訳です。その結果は当初の想定以上にハイクオリティなものとなり、入門者にはBest of Bestの、古豪の非公式音源ファンには”これぞDefinitive!!”と唸らせる理想的にして究極のスタンダード・タイトルが実現しました。

徹底して選び抜いたその内容と音質はまさに”現代最上のTHE BEST OF TOUR 72″。数多の既発盤とは根本的に違う高レベルのアドヴァンテージを誇ります。その内訳を御紹介しましょう。

Recorder 1 / Derek A録音 : 『THE BEST OF TOUR 72』1st press LP
(※ Neonknight公開バージョン。1st pressのミントコンディション盤を総額200万円超えのオーディオ・システムで再生・デジタル転送したもの。驚異の特級音質です)

Recorder 2 / Steve B録音 : 1st Gen
(※ 2020年版の新規アップグレードソース。特に鮮度の良い1st Genを選び出してリマスターを施し、ショウエンドまでRec 2史上最高に瑞々しいサウンドを誇ります)

Recorder 3 / John Baxter録音 : 1st Gen
(※ 2020年版の新規アップグレードソース。2020年最新リマスターとレストアを施し、Rec3のイメージを大幅に底上げした1st Genソースです。)

・・と、どれもベスト・オブ・ベストのソースで構成した魅惑のアッパーソースが並びますが、中でも特に際立っているのがRecorder 1のNeonknight公開版ソースでしょう。使用機材のインフォメーションによると

* Clear Audio Innovation Compact

* Clear Audio Stradivari V2 cartridge

* Clear Audio Tangential tone arm TT3

* Leema Acoustics – Tucana II

* Pro-Ject Audio Phono Box RS

* The Chord Company, Sarum Super Aray RCA cable

* Sigma, IsoTek EVO3

…と、日本円にして総額200万円超えのオーディオシステムで貴重な1stプレス盤をトランスファーするという現代のトップ・テーパーらしい氏の徹底振りはそのまま無双の特級サウンドとしてここに息衝いており、これを母体としてショウの第1部をプレス音盤化したものは本最新作ならではのアドヴァンテージです。またこれをバックアップするRecorder 2と3も吟味を重ねて磨き込んだ珠玉の1st Genで揃えていますが、ここではRecorder 3の新しい音像に注目でしょう。これは主にRecorder 1=『THE BEST OF TOUR

導入部「Speak To Me」はそんな音質向上感が眩しいRecorder 3を使用し、出だしから生々しい現場感とコンプリート感が漂います。これを総額200万円超えのオーディオシステムでトランスファーした音質極上ソースによる「Breathe」が引き継ぐ訳ですが、その神懸りな音像はこれまで幾度と無くRec 1を聴いてきた方でも眩しい恍惚に包まれ、放射される音の威力に戦慄されるでしょう。「The Travel Sequence」もハイハットの粒立ちとギターが驚異的な高解像で現れますし、「Time」の序盤でギルモアがチューニングをしている様子も未体験の精度の高さで出てきます。音の欠落が生じている3:36~56はRec 3でパーフェクト補填していますのでシームレス感とコンプリート感も損なわれておらず、音の近さと振幅が史上最強の姿で出てくる4:23からのギター・サウンドも音の波に触れる事が出来そうなほどの驚異的質感に震撼されるでしょう。「Money」では各楽器の高い解像度と中音域の肉厚感に御注目、フロントで鳴るギターの近さとバックのリズムが理想的な音像で融合しており、2チャンネルで聴くサウンドとしては究極と言える姿が宿っています。「Brain
Damage」も振幅豊かなアルペジオの艶と湿った音色の残響が透明度最高の音像の中に木霊し、「Eclipse」もRec 1で尻切れていた1:11以降の様子を終曲までRec 3で補填、長い長い下降音で締められてゆく72年試作時期ならではの第1部締め括りの姿が最良の姿で収められています。

第2部開始となる「One Of These Days」からは、こちらも今回飛躍的なアップグレードを果たした2020年版のRecorder 2が主音源で進行します。過去に聴けたどのRec 2よりもレンジの拡がりが増して透明感も向上しており、終演後に約3分間強続く長めのチューニングもRecorder 3を補填する事で違和感ゼロの完全収録を実現しています。「Careful With That Axe, Eugene」も演奏前のロジャーによる曲紹介から透明度の高まりとレンジの拡がりが実感出来るでしょう。刻まれるシンバルの鋭さや弾力感が増したタムの打音も旧Rec
11:39)の区間もRecorder 3で補填接続していますが、この僅か14秒間という短かさながら現存する歓声シーンも正しい時間軸と位置で全て使い切っています。

Disc2「Echoes」もシーンが残っていなかった演奏前と後の区間をRecorder 3で補填してシーンの完全性を復元。演奏本体のRecorder 2もヒスノイズが大幅に低減して団子状だったサウンドにネクストレベルの精度が出ており、ヒスの無い澄み切った音の通りと抜けが絶品です。演奏終了後もRec 2単体では”Thank you, Good Night”のMC後数秒で録音が途切れていましたが、これもRec 3でシーンを補填して収録の完全性を更に磐石なものとしています。「A Saucerful Of Secrets」は序盤でレイヤー状に重なってゆく奇怪な単音の解像度と抜けの良さが向上、音が潰れて混濁感が目立っていた中間部(※ドラムが入ってくる4:04以降)も大きく改善され、この日ならではの屈強な音の熱放射が新たな感動を呼び覚ますでしょう。「Blues」も中~低音域が改善された豊かなハーモニーが魅力で、鳴き上げるギターだけがそれなりに聴こえる程度だった音のイメージが覆っていますし、「Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun」ではこの日特有の中間展開部(※6:41~)で聴けるあのミステリアスな響きの交差が更に純度の高い音で現れ、Rec2史上最良の聴き応えを強く実感される筈です。

長い歴史を持つ音源だけに、ファンであれば何らかの機会に幾つかの既発盤で2度や3度は当たり前に接してきた音源だと思います。言い換えればそれだけこの日のタイトルは乱発されてきた歴史があり、そのぶん玉石混交のタイトルが多く出ていたとも言えるでしょう。でもここに究極の高音質スタンダード盤が実現した事でその歴史にピリオドが打たれます。これぞまさに『THE BEST OF TOUR 72』の最終進化形、「結局、どれが一番良いの?」とはもう言わせないSigma渾身の最新作です!!




★Rec1 Derek A録音, 1st press LP
★Rec2 Steve B録音, 1st Gen
★Rec3 John Baxter録音, 1st Gen



Disc 1 (74:21)

The Dark Side Of The Moon
1. Speak To Me ★Rec3全部補填
2. Breathe (Rec1)
3. The Travel Sequence (Rec1)
4. Time (Rec1) ★3:36 – 3:56 Rec3で補填
5. Breathe (Reprise) (Rec1)
6. The Mortality Sequence (Rec1)
7. Money (Rec1)
8. Us And Them (Rec1) ★1:59 – 6:35 Rec3で補填。
9. Any Colour You Like (Rec1)
10. Brain Damage (Rec1)
11. Eclipse (Rec1) ★1:11 – 最後までRec3で補填。

12. One Of These Days (Rec2) ★0:00 – 1:58 / 9:58 – 12:03 Rec3で補填。
13. Careful With That Axe, Eugene (Rec2) ★11:25 – 最後までRec3で補填。

Disc 2 (66:52)

1. Tuning ★長いので曲切り 全部 Rec3で補填。
2. Echoes (Rec2) ★0:00 – 0:12 / 24:37 – 最後までRec3で補填。
3. A Saucerful Of Secrets (Rec2)
4. Blues (Rec2)
5. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Rec2)

Sigma 249

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