Pink Floyd / The Best Of Tour 72 / 1CD+1Bonus CDR

Pink Floyd / The Best Of Tour 72 / 1CD+1Bonus CDR / Sigma
Translated Text:

Live at Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, London, UK 20th February 1972 Plus Bonus CDR “BOURNEMOUTH 1972: 1ST GEN”


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Suddenly, it is a question.
“Which of the unofficial sound sources of Pink Floyd has the best sound quality?” … Simple yet very difficult question, but those who listen to Floyd’s informal sound source for a long time So, I think that there is a title of a parent-child picture of a pig that everyone should be floating in that mind.

Yes, that is the “THE BEST OF TOUR 72”. It is an audience recording that recorded part 1 “Madness” part of the performances performed at the London · Rainbow Theater on February 20, 1972 with ultra ultra high quality sound. This extraordinary super tone generator which also had the history that it was FM broadcasting at that time has the closeness and clarity of the sound that passed through even among all floyd unofficial sound sources, and to whom anyone who keeps track of Floyd until the unofficial sound source Even if you ask a question, is not it sound quality “BEST” sound that should definitely be listed in the top 3? Ultra high grade sound quality exceeding the sound board while recording the audience is remarkable even if listening with the ear of the digital age which is 45 years since recording, rather than board recording it is the same level as IEM (in-ear monitor) recording I have amazing quality that is suitable for talking with, I can not have any idea how I recorded on the equipment 45 years ago. But it is surprising that this has become the best and best sound quality among the sound quality best in all the sound sources in the 72 years since the era of analog and boot legs of the 1970s, and now all Floyd informal sound sources.

As it is a sound source with a long history, there are of course many things in the past, including analog LP boards, that made this a soundboard. The Sirene label, which is the predecessor of the current Sigma label, also includes a complete set of 4 copies of “The BEST OF TOUR 72 (Sirene – 135 (Sirene – 135)”), each of which includes a complete copy of the straight copy that was dropped directly from the original LP and its remaster version, ) “Was released, called a great response back then. After that we also inscribed “THE BEST OF TOUR 72: COMPLETE AND RESTORED” at our shop, even though it was a gift board, I converted the best master to a digital sound board. This includes an upper version that appeared in the Internet in recent years, its sound quality was much better than the Sirene-135 version mentioned above. It also has a further advantage in terms of content, the problem of the pitch in the song which was the biggest drawback of the LP board has also been completely solved, the 3:35 minutes of “Time” which had been cut so far ~ 4 minutes 00 seconds, 2 minutes 00 seconds ~ 18 seconds of “Us And Them”, 1 minute 30 seconds of “Eclipse” ~ We patched the longest version of the same source on the same day to the disc end, It was realized. This latest work appearing this time is based on this, supervised by Sigma label thoroughly, and the power of the sound of the original sound was amplified by the latest remaster and restore in 2017, it becomes the ultimate sound quality and the “THE BEST OF TOUR 72 “It is!

In addition, although only sound quality is close up in this sound source, it is a fact that it is one of the highest evaluated historical and most important sound sources as a masterpiece during the performance. Because it is an upgrade version, the ultimate form of sound quality and content is realized. For example, at the beginning, I am compensating “Speak To Me (Heartbeat Intro)” which is not included in the analog version for about 2 minutes 50 seconds from another recording of the same day, but in fact this scene is connected with a special sound quality upgraded It invites introduction of the show on this day with the best sound image. While this is accompanied by perfect refilling and seamless feeling, “Breathe” will finally come out, but this is another different dimension / different dimension mezza · crystal sound ultra crisp sound image which instantly expels all the pre-launch boards. This will be surprised even if you listen to this work over and over again. With overwhelming super high sound quality that is surely overwhelming, the rise of a sharp sound with no more, the closeness of the sound of each instrument with the highest balance, the spread of the sound I am confident of being astonished by that. “On The Run” explodes the super fine-mind sound that perfectly describes its acoustic energy. All the people listening to the color feeling of the sound that instantaneously and successively diffuses will surely take a breath, as the performance which gradually increases the motility spreads with the sound of the original sound power full point, the sound of the sharp guitar and the electric piano instantaneously. “Time” also has an unbelievable depth in the timepiece at the beginning and the sound around Tam, so that even the gap between sound and sound can be grasped in detail. In addition, here is also a remarkable high-range sensitivity that is strikingly highlighted, especially in the guitar solo scene that comes out in the middle stage, everyone who listens to its phenomenal sound closeness and Ultra-class resolution should faint. By the way it is supplemented with no more perfection of missing sounds coming out in the middle stage (near * 3 min 37 sec ~ 4 min 01 sec), so the feeling of lack of feeling is zero. “The Great Gig In The Sky” is also a high resolution sound in which all the sounds coming out of the speakers fly in a clear collage, such as a cry of a child heard in a mediocre AUD recording and a talk of people, I think that you can grasp the figure of challenging that era with its reverberation and sound wooden spirit with a certain sense of realism.

“Momey” is also excellent in volume sense of sound and resolving power, but here it will be surprised by the sound image of the stereoscopic perception that the ensemble weaves. The thick sound pressure of the base comes out as unbelievably close as possible, and the scene where the base and the organ interacts on the way is also a charm full score. The guitar which jumps out in the middle stage is also brilliant, and it is a wonderful sound of wonder that it seems to the finger use of Gilmore, and the spread of a deep metallic sound leaves a certain finish in the five senses. The “Us And Them” which rises with the groan voice will clearly emerge from the mystery spatial nature in the interval between the sound and the sound clearly, and the breadth and depth of its dynamic range will be amazed. Perfect compensation is given by the sound source on the same day around 2:01 sec ~ 19 sec where there was a cut, and the unwinding divergence of the sound emitted in the transition of the sound flows with super high grade sound quality. “Any color You Like” is a great appeal of midrange strength and depth, making it possible for such music groups to see what they were exploring at the time through such transformations. In “Brain Damage” it is noteworthy that calibration of recorded range has a wonderful effect by the latest transfer (※ calibration is a function to adjust the recording sensitivity by fine adjustment of the bias current at the time of recording) . This realizes a remarkably high listening feeling than all the pre-launch boards, and conveys in the best form how much original original sound was extensive and powerful. “Eclipse” is supplemented by the same source from around 1 minute 30 seconds near the cut to the disc end on the same day, but this time again this time, I will refine the sound image and hear the response grade. Listening with that sound image The ending of this day, the pleasure to listen perfectly to the appearance of the end using the overwhelmingly long and distinctive falling sound type over the later performance is special even among all floyd unofficial sound sources It is assurance that my heart will be hot.

…. Even so, have you ever had a number of already-to-date boards from “THE BEST OF TOUR 72”? At the end of its long sound source history, the Sigma version “The BEST OF TOUR 72” finally releases a worldwide floyd special label. It means that it is the final version of this recording source, it is the finished form, and that it is the ultimate form. It is too overwhelming aloofed sound quality board so I will not tell you the fourth quarter, but let’s suppose to throw the same question again after listening to this work. “Which of the unofficial sound sources of Pink Floyd has the best sound quality?” … Surely the answer should have changed as follows.

“Yeah that’s” Sigma version “THE BEST OF TOUR 72″

Please try by all means !!!


そう、それこそが『THE BEST OF TOUR 72』。1972年2月20日にロンドン・レインボー・シアターで行った公演の第一部「狂気」パートを超ウルトラ級の高音質で収録したオーディエンス録音です。当時FM放送されたという経緯も持つこの別格のスーパー音源は全てのフロイド非公式音源の中でも図抜けた音の近さと鮮明度を宿しており、非公式音源までフロイドを熱く追い続けるファンの誰に質問しても間違いなくトップ3に挙げる筈の音質” BEST “音源ではないでしょうか。オーディエンス録音ながらもサウンドボードを超えるそのウルトラ・ハイグレードな音質は録音から45年経つデジタル時代の耳で聴いても驚異的で、ボード録音というよりはIEM(イン・イヤー・モニター)録音と同じレベルで語るに相応しい驚異的なクオリティを持っており、45年前の機材で一体どうやって録音したのか皆目見当もつきません。しかしこれが1970年代アナログ・ブートレッグの時代から今もって72年全音源中の音質ベスト、いや全てのフロイド非公式音源の中でもベスト・オブ・ベストな音質となっているのは驚くべき事です。

長い歴史を持つ音源ですので、当然ながらこれを音盤化したものはアナログLP盤を含め過去に幾つもありました。現Sigmaレーベルの前身となるSireneレーベルでも、オリジナルLPから直接落としたストレート・コピーとそのリマスター・バージョン、更に同日のオーディエンス録音をそれぞれコンプリート収録した4枚組『THE BEST OF TOUR 72 (Sirene-135)』がリリースされ、当時大反響を呼びました。その後は当店でも『THE BEST OF TOUR 72 : COMPLETE AND RESTORED』と銘打って、ギフト盤ながらも最良のマスターをデジタル音盤化致しました。これは近年ネットに登場したアッパー・バージョンを収録しており、その音質は前述のSirene-135版よりも格段に優れたものでした。内容的にも更なるアドヴァンテージを有しており、LP盤最大の欠点であった曲中のピッチの問題も完全解決されているうえ、これまでカットのあった「Time」の3分35秒~4分00秒、「Us And Them」の2分00秒~18秒、「Eclipse」の1分30秒~ディスクエンドに同日別音源の最長版を丁寧にパッチし、初の完全収録盤を実現していました。今回登場するこの最新作は、これを基にSigmaレーベルが徹底監修したもので、原音が持つ音の威力を2017年最新のリマスターとレストアによって増幅させた、究極音質にしてコンプリート収録の『THE BEST OF TOUR 72』なのです!!

またこの音源は音質ばかりがクローズアップされますが、名演中の名演との評価の高い歴史的最重要音源のひとつである事も無視出来ない事実です。そのアップグレード版ですから、音質も内容も究極の姿が実現しているのです。例えば冒頭にはアナログ版未収録の「Speak To Me (Heartbeat Intro)」を約2分50秒間ほど同日の別録音から補填していますが、実はこのシーンもグレードアップさせた特上音質で繋いでおり、この日のショウ導入を最高の音像で誘ってくれるのです。これが完璧な補填とシームレス感を伴いながらいよいよ「Breathe」が出て来る訳ですが、これがもう全ての既発盤を一瞬で駆逐する別次元・異次元のメガ・クリスタルなウルトラ鮮明音像。これは今後、本作を何度繰り返し耳にしても驚かされること確実の圧倒的な超高音質で、これ以上無い鋭い音の立ち上がりとバランス感最高の各楽器の音の近さ・響きの広がりに仰天されること請け合いです。「On The Run」ではその音響エネルギーを完璧に描き出す超ファインモールド・サウンドが炸裂します。徐々に運動性を増す演奏が原音力満点のサウンドで広がり、切れ味鋭いギターとエレキピアノの出音が瞬時に、そして次々と拡散する音の色彩感に聴く者全員が息を呑むに違いありません。「Time」も冒頭の時計音やタムが廻る音色に信じ難いほどの奥行きが備わっており、音と音の間隙までもが詳細に掴み取れるでしょう。またここは伸びやかに冴え渡る高域感度の良さも特筆され、特に中盤で出てくるギター・ソロのシーンでは、その驚異的な音の近さとウルトラ級の解像度に聴く者全員が卒倒する筈です。ちなみに中盤で出てくる音の欠落(※ 3分37秒付近~4分01秒付近)のこれ以上無い完璧さで補填されていますので、聴き劣り感もゼロです。「The Great Gig In The Sky」も凡庸なAUD録音では聴こえ辛い子供の泣き声や人々の話し声など、スピーカーから出ていた全ての音が鮮明なコラージュで飛び交う高解像音となっており、彼らが持ち前の響きと音の木霊であの時代に挑む姿が確かな実感で掴めると思います。

「Momey」も音の量感と解像力に優れていますが、ここではアンサンブルが織り成す立体感満点の音像に驚かされるでしょう。ベースの太い音圧も信じ難いほどの間近さで出てきますし、そのベースとオルガンが途中で対話してゆくシーンも魅力満点のサウンドです。中盤で飛び出すギターも鮮烈で、ここはギルモアの指使いまで見える様な驚異の至近音となっており、深みのあるメタリックなサウンドの広がりが五感に確かな余韻を残してくれるのです。呻き声と共に浮上する「Us And Them」では響きと響きの狭間にある神秘の空間性が鮮やかに現れ、そのダイナミックレンジの幅と深さに心底驚かされるでしょう。カットのあった2分01秒付近~19秒付近も同日音源で完璧な補填が施され、音の移ろいの中で放たれる音色の離合集散がスーパー・ハイグレード音質で流れます。「Any Colour You Like」は中音域の力強さと奥行きが大きな魅力で、この音楽集団がこうした響きの変容を通して当時何をを探っていたのか、そんな手応えのある考察も可能にしています。「Brain Damage」では最新のトランスファーによって収録音域のキャリブレーションが素晴らしい効果を出している事に注目です(※ キャリブレーションとは録音時のバイアス電流の微調整で、録音感度の調整をする機能です)。これにより全ての既発盤よりも格段に高い聴き心地を実現しており、元々の原音がどれだけ伸びやかで威力あるものであったかを最良の姿で伝えています。「Eclipse」はカットのあった1分30秒付近からディスクエンドまで同日別ソースで補填していますが、これも改めて音像を精査して聴き応えのグレードを上げています。その音像で聴くこの日のエンディング、すなわち後の公演よりも圧倒的に長くて特徴的な下降音型を用いた終演の姿をパーフェクトに聴き通せる悦びは、全てのフロイド非公式音源の中でも特別に胸熱くなること請け合いです。

….それにしても、これまで『THE BEST OF TOUR 72』から幾多の既発盤が飛び交ったでしょうか。その長い音源史の果てに、ようやく世界的フロイド専門レーベルが放つSigmaバージョンの『THE BEST OF TOUR 72』。それはこの録音ソースの最終版にして完成形、そして究極の姿である事を意味しています。あまりにも圧倒的な孤高の音質盤ですので四の五の言いませんが、本作を聴き終えた後で再度同じ質問を投げ掛けるとしましょう。「ピンク・フロイド全ての非公式音源の中で一番音質が優れているのはどれでしょうか?」・・・きっと、次の様に答えが変わっている筈です。

「うん。それは” Sigma版の “THE BEST OF TOUR 72だね」

The Dark Side Of The Moon

1. Speak To Me 2. Breathe 3. On The Run 4. Time 5. Breathe(Reprise)
6. The Great Gig In The Sky 7. Money 8. Us And Them 9. Any Colour You Like
10. Brain Damage 11. Eclipse

Sigma 180
Pink Floyd / Bournemouth 1972 1st Gen / 1Bonus CDR / Non label
Translated Text:
Live at Winter Gardens, Bournemouth, UK 22nd January 1972

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On the third day of the UK tour which took place from January to February 1972, Bournemouth performance of January 22 was recorded. In the recording of this performance, there is a “Recorder 1” with poor tone quality that was recorded for 110 minutes strongly in the middle of the last part of the second part “A Saucerful Of Secret”, but this board has appeared in recent years Another recording “Recorder 2” is recorded. This is the same as what was also included in the Gold Standard edition “Eclipse Of The Dark Side”, and it is only the recording of “The Dark Side Of The Moon” in the first half of the show. Although Speak to Me has not been recorded and it is cut-in recording from Breathe, the advantage of this board is that you are using “1st Gen” tape. Indeed, the sound quality is far better than the Gold Standard board with low pitch, in fact, as the audience recording of this era is the “Special A” class sound, the third time in history, the second time as a complete performance “The Dark Side Of The Moon “can be enjoyed. Sound quality is very on and clear. The sound is close anyway. It will not be fun for fans to listen to the whole appearance of “Early type / incomplete madness” which is different from the completed form in all ways with this excellent sound. The Mortality Sequence, which allows you to listen with only the sequencing part of the connection, Any Colour You Like of a short arrangement that is less than 1 minute 30 seconds, whether it can be called Eclipse or not Dynamic & Dramatic of the final form It is a completely different initial type direction Ending part where arrangement aiming at gender is interesting, etc. are full of listening. The 1st Gen Take of this first part of Bournemouth ‘s performance which can be said as the best sample sound source of early insanity is the supreme piece that can be asserted that it is exactly all western music rock / fan hearing and necessity. It is perfect for comparing performance with the London concert on February 20 on the last day of UK tour that you can listen on the press board which is the first completed type. Take the ultimate sound quality of “crazy · super early”. By all means, please enjoy it on this occasion.

1972年1月から2月にかけて行われたイギリス・ツアーの3日目、1月22日のボーンマス公演を収録。この公演の録音には冒頭から第二部のラストの「A Saucerful Of Secret」途中まで110分強収録した、音質の良くない「Recorder 1」がありますが、本盤は、近年出現した、当日のもう一つの録音である「Recorder 2」を収録しています。こちらはGold Standard盤「Eclipse Of The Dark Side」にも収録されていたものと同じで、ショウ前半の「The Dark Side Of The Moon」のみの収録です。Speak to Meが未収録でBreatheからのカットイン収録になっていますが、本盤のアドバンテージは「1st Gen」テープを使用していること。実際、ピッチが低くスロウだったGold Standard盤よりも遥かに音質が良く、実際、この時代のオーディエンス録音としては「特A」クラスのサウンドで、史上三回目、完全演奏としては二回目の「The Dark Side Of The Moon」を楽しむことが出来ます。音質は非常にオンでクリアー。音はとにかく近いです。完成形とはあらゆる意味で異なる「初期型・未完成狂気」の全貌をここまで優れた音で聴けるのはファンには堪らないでしょう。繋ぎのシークエンスパートのみで聴かせるThe Mortality Sequence、まだ1分30秒に満たないショートアレンジのAny Colour You Like、これをEclipseと呼んで良いのか最終形態のダイナミック&ドラマチックとは全く違う初期型の方向性を狙ったアレンジが面白いエンディングパート等、聴きどころは満載。初期狂気の最良のサンプル音源とも言えるボーンマス公演第1部のこのたびの1st Genテイクは、これぞまさに全ての洋楽ロック・ファン必聴・必携と断言できる至高の一枚です。第一次完成形となるプレス盤で聴けるUKツアー最終日、2月20日のロンドン公演との演奏比較にもってこいの一枚です。「狂気・超初期」の極上音質テイク。是非とも、この機会にお楽しみ下さい。

The Dark Side Of The Moon

1. Breathe 2. The Travel Sequence 3. Time 4. Breathe (Reprise) 5. The Mortality Sequence
6. Money 7. Us And Them 8. Any Colour You Like 9. Brain Damage 10. Eclipse

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