Pink Floyd / Berlin 1977 1st Night Soundboard Master / 1CD+Tour Programme Replica

Pink Floyd / Berlin 1977 1st Night Soundboard Master / 1CD+Tour Programme Replica / Sigma

Live at Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany 29th January 1977 STEREO SBD

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Another weekend is another super-superb sound source buried in the distance ahead of time, revived in the press board! Pink Floyd recorded with a stereo sound board how the first day recording of the Berlin performance on January 29, 1977 Finally it will appear from the Sigma label !!

Floyd 1977, In The Flesh tour AUD recording telling the state of the extreme early days has a certain number there, but as it is something that you can listen with SBD recording, the number is reduced at once. Moreover, if it becomes very high quality stereo SBD among them, this will no longer exceed the Berlin sound source.
This sound source is known for being recorded on Disc 5 of “BERLIN 1977 (Windmill 028)” released from Windmill label in 2006, but this 5-disc title was the appearance as a CDR (※ disc 1 and 2 are AUD recordings of January 29, Disks 3 and 4 are AUD recording of the next 30 days, and Disk 5 is the disk configuration of the stereo SBD recording of the first half of the show on 29th.) This stereo SBD sound source is still confirmed only at the first half of the show even now though it is recalled from the constitution of one disc, but at the time when Windmill board appeared, this stereo SBD sound source is “DESK TAPE – DARKSIDE II (HB02) “and the Highland Project label” EUROPEAN ANIMALS (HLP – 075) “, only two songs” Sheep “and” Dogs “were out and this almost all songs in the first half of the show for about 51 minutes The point that was recorded was a big big advantage of the Windmill board.

However, if you listen to this superb quality sound surely falling down, everyone should think “why was the CDR release released?” Although it is only the animals part (* the first half of the show / the first part of the show), it is not surprising to mention that the stereo line recording itself of the 77 year tour is very rare, so far it is a good quality and clear stereo SBD recording (It does not listen with headphone ※, sound separation of left and right channel is understood even if listening with general household component stereo or car stereo) does not see other kinds. This time again, from the original master tapes of the officials involved, dropped in the latest equipment in 2018, the one contained in the press board is this latest work!

If you can speak with your voice, it will sound even inside the store, so well, please try this special class sound well. “Sheep” It surely will surely be overwhelmed by its perfect sound split right and left from the beginning. Not to mention that all the instrument sounds are zero distance, as well as the audience’s voice is picked up as it is, so even with the sound of none of the presence that tends to be recorded in the line recording, the clear sound of the spreading Ultra class I will be breathing in spite of myself. In “Dogs” the vocal line goes farther forward, the sound mix gets scratchy, the singing by twin guitar, which enters several times in the song, also changes to a more direct sound, it rises from the left and right at the center Two sounds colliding tie the sound image with a tremendous sound impact. The spread of the sound of the synthesizer that enters in the middle stage and the luster of sound are excellent items, and it will be overwhelmed by the performance of 77 years which is able to chew up the amplitude of this high quality sound.

In “Pigs (Three Different Ones)” the mix further changed, vocals are separated at the position where Roger is right and Gilmore is left. Among the outstanding resolution of clear transparency, the guitar here is where Gilmore plays a lot in the center, while the guitar played by Roger is slightly smaller on the right side, the drum is distributed slightly conservatively behind the center It is. And perhaps also the base that Snowy will be in charge of this day is being swayed by the left channel, but the sounds of each of the musical instruments appearing in these disjointed layers overlap in a layered manner, feeling to the depth and three-dimensional feeling It is a surprise because we are fruiting one unshakable sound image at the center with the finest mix. In a sense, it seems to be said to be a 2 channel version of Quadrophonic, but you should be noticed that the skill of the sound engineer of that day, which had constructed such a sound image for each song, was not as ordinary.

Also at 11:47 of the same song, scenes of “Five!” And Roger shouting at the number of performances will come out, but the interesting thing is that this voice can be heard from the “left side”. Perhaps it seems that Gilmore or Snowy’s microphone fixed on the left side is shouting this, and you can hear that you were screaming for something that is not your own microphone fixed on the right side. Roger often walks around the stage on the stage even when watching the performance of the time (※ … no, it is still), but the movement of the members on the stage by the difference in the sound output position is “visible “As for the point that I can also say, let’s say that the accuracy which is unique to the stereo SBD which can not be grasped by AUD recording.

Many people know that the early stage of the world tour of Berlin in 1977, especially in the Dortmund performance on the first day, was incredibly remarkable due to lack of rehabilitation. However, in the performance performed several times since then it is characterized by being tight and playing solid, especially the first half of the show you can hear here, trying to reproduce the appearance of the album completed through twists and turns highly There is something extraordinary that the fine energy is caught and the amazing that this can be heard with the finest stereo line recording. Please enjoy the pleasure of the 77 year tour which is formed with the sharp sound response flying from the left and right channel, please enjoy it with this stereo SBD top plate. This is exactly the latest work outstanding sound quality and performance!

★ With precious 1977 animals “IN THE FLESH” tour with world tour program replica (all 28 pages)

★ This is the official live board “LIVE ANIMALS”! !

今週末はもうひとつ、時の彼方に埋もれていた超極上音源がプレス盤で堂々の復活!! なんとステレオ・サウンドボードで収録されたピンク・フロイド1977年1月29日のベルリン公演初日の録音が、遂にSigmaレーベルから登場します!!

フロイド1977年、In The Fleshツアー極初期の様子を伝えるAUD録音はそこそこの数が現存していますが、SBD録音で聴けるものになりますとその数は一気に少なくなるのが現状です。しかもその中で極めて質の高いステレオSBDになると、これはもう当ベルリン音源を超えるものは無いでしょう。
この音源は2006年、Windmillレーベルからリリースされた『BERLIN 1977 (Windmill 028)』のディスク5に収録された事で知られていますが、この5枚組タイトルはCDRとしての登場でした(※ ディスク1と2が1月29日のAUD録音、ディスク3と4が翌30日のAUD録音、ディスク5が29日のショウ前半のステレオSBD録音というディスク構成です)。ディスク1枚という構成からも想起される通り、このステレオSBD音源は現在でもショウの前半部分しか確認されていませんが、しかしWindmill盤が登場した時点でこのステレオSBD音源は『DESK TAPE – DARKSIDE II (HB02)』や、Highland Projectレーベルの『EUROPEAN ANIMALS (HLP-075)』で「Sheep」と「Dogs」の2曲だけが出ていただけであり、これが約51分間に渡ってショウ前半がほぼ全曲収録されていた点はWindmill盤の大きな大きなアドヴァンテージだった訳です。

しかしこの卒倒確実の超優良サウンドを聴けば誰もが「一体何故CDRリリースだったの?」と思う筈です。そもそもアニマルズ・パート(※ ショウの前半・第一部)のみとはいえ、77年ツアーのステレオ・ライン録音そのものが非常に珍しい事は今更申し上げるまでもありませんし、ここまで良質で明瞭なステレオSBD録音(※ ヘッドホンで聴かずとも、一般家庭用コンポやカーステレオで聴いても左右チャンネルのサウンド分離が判るほどです)は他に類を見ません。これを今回、関係者流出のオリジナル・マスターテープから改めて2018年最新機材で落とし込み、プレス盤に封じ込めたものが本最新作なのです!


「Pigs (Three Different Ones)」では更にミックスが変化し、ロジャーが右、ギルモアが左という位置でボーカルがセパレート。澄み切った透明感抜群の解像度の中、ここでのギターはギルモアが弾くものはセンターで大きく出ている一方、ロジャーが弾くギターは右側で若干小さめ、ドラムはセンター後方で若干控え目に配分されているのです。そして恐らくこの日もスノーウィが担当しているであろうベースは左チャンネルに振られているのですが、これらバラバラに出ている各楽器の出音がレイヤー状に重なり、奥行きと立体感まで感じられる極上のミックスでセンターに一つの揺ぎ無い音像を結実させているのですから驚きです。ある意味これは2チャンネル版のクアドロフォニックとも言えそうですが、楽曲毎にこうした音像構築をしていた当日のサウンド・エンジニアの手腕も並大抵のものではなかった事に気付かされる筈です。

また同曲の11:47では” Five ! “とロジャーが公演回数を叫ぶ例のシーンが出てきますが、面白いのはこの声が” 左側 “から聴こえている点でしょう。恐らく左側に固定されているギルモアかスノーウィのマイクでこれを叫んでいると思われ、右側に固定されている自分のマイクではないもので叫んでいた事が伺えるのです。当時の演奏(※ …いや、現在でもですね)を映像で観てもロジャーはステージ上をよくウロウロと歩き回っていますが、こうした出音位置の違いによってステージ上のメンバーの動きまで” 見えて “くる点もまた、AUD録音では決して掴めないステレオSBD特有の正確性と申せましょう。


★貴重な1977年アニマルズ「IN THE FLESH」ツアーのワールド・ツアー・プログラムを復刻したレプリカ付き(全28ページ)

★これぞ公式ライヴ盤「LIVE ANIMALS」!!


1. Sheep 2. Pigs On The Wing Part 1 3. Dogs 4. Pigs On The Wing Part 2
5. Pigs (Three Different Ones)


Sigma 224

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