Pink Floyd / Bath 1970 Raw Transfer / 1CDR

Pink Floyd / Bath 1970 Raw Transfer / 1 CDR / Non Label

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Bath Festival Of Blues And Progressive Muisc, Shepto Mallet, Somerset, UK 27th June 1970


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On June 27, 1970, Floyd ‘s concert of Friday’ s first birthday (Saturday), the UK bus festival ‘s leading artists such as Led Zeppelin and Frank Zappa, appeared, recorded the highest sound quality audience recording 72 Completely recorded for minutes. RAW TRANSFER edition which was copied directly to DAT from master reel which Mike D. recorded by Mike D. was recorded. Although compared with the Ayanami version which is still said to be the best version of this performance since the release in 2002, this board feels the natural texture of the tape itself as compared with the Ayanami version which makes you feel a little equalization feeling Let it be recorded with the feeling that it is exactly the master tape itself. What ‘s great is that Green Is The Color started with fade – in is included in the cut – in on the master street (although it is a moment, you can listen to guitar intros that have already been accrued. You can be confident of the superiority of this board alone. Also the Atom Heart Mother final part, which was the world ‘s first showcase accompanying the orchestra arranged by Roy Gishin, which was a historical performance remaining in the history of Floyd, was not faded out in this version, and the analog noise of the last bong It has been recorded with Chitin until. As mentioned above, it is a classical texture, but the sound image which can not feel articulation is wonderful enough to be thought of as “no more”, definitely it can be said that it is the latest “BATH 1970 Raw Transfer” edition of all the fans heard in the world Let’s see.

★ The best sound source of the legendary live of Pink Floyd who served as the head liner of the first day of “Bus Festival” held in the UK on June 27, 48 years ago. There is still no take of this performance exceeding this tone generator.

1970年6月27日、レッド・ツェッペリンやフランク・ザッパ等、内外の一流アーチストが出演したイギリス・バス・フェスティバル初日(土曜日)のトリを務めたフロイドのコンサートを、高音質オーディエンス録音で過去最長72分に渡って完全収録。通称 Mike D.が録音したマスター・リールからDATにダイレクトコピーされたRAW TRANSFERエディションを収録しています。比較対象は、2002年リリース以来、未だに本公演のベスト・ヴァージョンと言われているAyanami版ですが、本盤は、若干イコライズ感を感じさせるAyanami版に比べて、テープそのもののナチュラルな質感を感じさせる、まさにマスターテープそのものと言った感触で収録されています。何より素晴らしいのはフェイドインでスタートしていたGreen Is The Colour がマスター通りのカットインで収録されていること(一瞬ですが、既発未収のギターイントロが聴けます。)。これだけで本盤の優位性が確信できます。ロイ・ギーシンによって編曲されたオーケストラとの共演により世界初披露された、フロイド史に残る歴史的演奏だったAtom Heart Mother終演部分も、今回のヴァージョンではフェイドアウトされておらず、ラストのボンというアナログノイズまでキチンと収録されています。前述の通り、クラシカルな質感ですが、作為性の感じられない音像は「これ以上は無い」と思えるほどに素晴らしく、間違いなく、世界中のファン必聴の最新「BATH 1970 Raw Transfer」エディションと言えるでしょう。


1. Green Is The Colour 2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 3. A Saucerful Of Secrets
4. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 5. Atom Heart Mother (with Orchestra)

Master Reel To DAT Edition

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