Pink Floyd / Atom Heart Mother Flat Transfer / 1CD

Pink Floyd / Atom Heart Mother : Flat Transfer / 1CD / Sigma

Atom Heart Mother : Flat Transfer


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“UMMAGUMMA LIVE ALBUM SIDE (Sigma 257)” was shocked when it was released the other day. The sequel “FLAT TRANSFER” album will be released at the same time. Among them, this work is the third one following “UMMAGUMMA” and “MORE”. It is the monumental “Atom Heart Mother” of progressive rock.

[Omoto Master before cutting discovers a miracle] “UMMAGUMMA LIVE ALBUM SIDE” was just a shock. The newly discovered “FLAT TRANSFER MASTER” in a certain European country was brought in by its own route, and this is the source of surprise. It is neither the origin of the product LP nor the cutting master. It was a zero-deterioration master tape that had never been converted into a physical groove. Moreover, it is a finished product. The mixdown and mastering are perfect, not the kind of demos and rough mixes that are common in leaked items. It’s just a guess, but it was probably one of the master tapes distributed to each country for the press. Although it was a familiar masterpiece, it was a shocking work drawn with an unknown master sound.
However, the impact did not end with one work. Two masters arrived one tempo later from “UMMAGUMMA LIVE ALBUM SIDE”. This work is “FLAT TRANSFER MASTER” of one of them, “Atom Heart Mother”.

[Atom Heart Mother with vivid contours even in a thick orchestration] The difference is clear from the first moment. As a matter of fact, “Atom Heart Mother” originally has hiss noise, and all official CDs are faded so that the hiss is not noticeable. However, this work starts with a cut-in. Actually, this is the real process, and both this work and LP, which are the origins, are cut-ins.
Well, that’s just proof. What really matters is the sound itself that goes through the whole story. “UMMAGUMMA LIVE ALBUM SIDE” and “MORE” were also wonderful, but this work is also the highest peak that surpasses all official CDs. The early PINK FLOYD works, which were first made into a CD in 1987, used a deteriorated master, but the same is true for “Atom Heart Mother”. However, this work is a master before LP cutting rather than being made into a CD, and the “sound before deterioration” is stored in a vacuum.
In fact, the sound is shocking. It’s a true natural sound without any equalizing or limiters, but its dynamism and delicacy make it unspeakable. The most vivid is the orchestra. Even with the current remaster, it feels a little cloudy, but this work is clear even though there is no evidence of digital processing (obviously). The silent part is filled with jet-black depth, and the outline of the boiling performance sound is vivid but not sharp, and it is wide with plenty of mass. It is three-dimensional because you can hear each instrument of the orchestra firmly and the gap is deep. That is why it is dynamic without any strange sound pressure gain. And so is the band sound that breaks into such an orchestration. The contours are sharpened while coexisting with the thick harmony, and even the trembling of the guitar strings and drum skin can be felt realistically.
As a matter of fact, “Atom Heart Mother” may be the one who can feel the greatness of “FLAT TRANSFER MASTER” most strongly. “UMMAGUMMA LIVE ALBUM SIDE” was a live album, and “MORE” is a studio work, but it’s mainly a band. On the other hand, “Atom Heart Mother” has a thick orchestra co-star, and there is also “Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast” that depicts the landscape with sound effects. You can experience the beauty of the master sound in a wide variety of ensembles and every corner of the musicality.

“Enjoy the masterpiece with the best sound” … A deep and deep hope that can be said to be infinite while being simple. What is the ultimate sound and is it left there? Mania around the world have sought with all their wisdom, effort and curiosity. This work is the “Atom Heart Mother” edition that the journey of quest has arrived at. Not only the official CD group that used the deteriorated master, but also the “master sound before becoming a groove” that even the 1st press LP does not reach. Please enjoy it forever with the permanent storage press CD to your heart’s content.

★ This is amazing. “FLAT TRANSFER MASTER” brought by the original route is made into a CD. A master tape that has never been converted into a physical groove before the cutting process, and has a true natural sound that is neither equalized nor limited. Master deterioration was seen in “Atom Heart Mother” when it was first made into a CD, but this work retains the “sound before deterioration”, and the outline of each sound is vivid even in a thick orchestration. , The sound effects are also realistic. It is “Atom Heart Mother” with higher sound quality than any official CD.

UMMAGUMMA LIVE ALBUM SIDE(Sigma 257)』は先日発売されてショックを受けました。続編「FLATTRANSFER」アルバムも同時発売。なかでも、この作品は「UMMAGUMMA」「MORE」に続く3作目。プログレッシブロックの記念碑的な「アトムハートマザー」です。

しかし、その影響は1つの作業で終わったわけではありません。 「UMMAGUMMALIVEALBUMSIDE」から1テンポ後に2人のマスターが到着。この作品は、その中のひとつ「原子心母」の「フラットトランスファーマスター」です。

まあ、それはただの証拠です。本当に重要なのは、ストーリー全体を通過するサウンド自体です。 「UMMAGUMMALIVEALBUMSIDE」や「MORE」も素晴らしかったですが、この作品は公式CDを超える最高峰でもあります。 1987年に最初にCD化された初期のピンク・フロイドの作品は、劣化したマスターを使用していましたが、「原子心母」についても同じことが言えます。ただし、この作品はCDではなくLPカット前のマスターであり、「劣化前の音」は真空で保存されています。
実は「原子心母」が「フラットトランスファーマスター」の素晴らしさを最も強く感じられるのかもしれません。 『UMMAGUMMA LIVE ALBUM SIDE』はライブアルバム、 『MORE』はスタジオ作品ですが、主にバンドです。一方、「原子心母」はオーケストラの共演が厚く、効果音で風景を描いた「アランのサイケデリックブレックファースト」もあります。多種多様なアンサンブルと音楽性の隅々でマスターサウンドの美しさを体験することができます。


★これはすごいです。オリジナルルートで持ち込まれた「FLATTRANSFERMASTER」をCD化。カットする前に物理的な溝に変換されたことがなく、イコライズも制限もされていない真の自然なサウンドを備えたマスターテープ。 『原子心母』はCD化当初からマスター劣化が見られましたが、この作品は「劣化前の音」を残し、厚みのあるオーケストレーションでも各音の輪郭が鮮やかです。 、効果音もリアルです。公式CDよりも音質の高い「アトムハートマザー」です。

01. Atom Heart Mother
02. If
03. Summer ’68
04. Fat Old Sun
05. Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast


Sigma 262

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