Pink Floyd / Astral Navigation / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Astral Navigation / 2CD / SCPF-6768

A Bizzarre Collection Of Antiques & Curios. This Set Come With Mini Card.


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★ Initial Floyd’s Realism Compilation appears on the press board!
★ Selected out taked out from the official box, narrowing the realism to the period of Sid (excluding some).
In this hand item the initial Floyd compilation that will be presented in a volume that is unprecedented, including sound sources that will be recorded for the first time!
★ Front jersey is folded in half (the detailed credits of the song are described on the inside), the CD board is a picture label specification.
More limited mini card included.
★ It is a small number in stock from overseas.

01. Arnold Layne (Acetate)
* Acetate board sound source which was a standard in the classic by collectors board such as Sophisticated Colors (CD) (DIYE 18) from the 90’s. Recorded remaster from Harvested of the net this time.
The intro is fading in and the middle part is cut like Sophisticated Colors etc.
With this acetate (and Candy And A Currant Bun: see Tr. 10),
Floyd is said to have signed a recording contract with EMI.
02. Arnold Layne (Simulated Stereo Mix # 1)
03. Arnold Layne (Simulated Stereo Mix # 2)
* It is a standard until real / mono single songs are converted into CDs on “Shine On” CD Box in 1992 A variety of official pseudo stereo mixes.
“Shine On” In the official reissue after the box, recording in the original / compliant real · monaural mix was standardized, so in recent years pseudo stereos (or mixes by each country) were never used at all, and as a realistic sound source It is said that the position of the company became clearer.
Tr.2 is from Germany “Masters Of Rock” LP.
Tr.3 was recorded only from Australia from “Relics” CD which had been CD early.
Here, it is possible to confirm the difference in pseudo stereo processing slightly from each other.
Arnold Layne 04. (Multitrack, Partial # 1)
05. Arnold Layne (Multitrack, Partial # 2)
06. Arnold Layne (Multitrack, Partial # 3)
07. Arnold Layne (Multitrack, Partial # 4)
08. Arnold Layne (Multitrack , Partial # 5)
09. Arnold Layne (Simulated Stereo, Partial, Fake)
* From programs broadcast on BBC Radio in 2011.
It is recorded here how to handle valuable first public multitrack, and it is
surprising to say that you can listen to each part alone, even though it is partial.
Although it is missing for the narrator to suffer from the beginning, you can listen to the bass, drum parts, phrases etc with a brilliant impression.
Tr. 9 is a fake material that tried stereo remixing about 30 seconds using that multitrack.
10. Candy And A Currant Bun (Acetate, Alternate Lyrics)
Like Tr.1, Sophiscated Colors (DIYE 18) at the beginning of the 90’s, after CD conversion, the standard acetate plate, the lyrics are different from the released version and for release He was re-recorded with the revised lyrics. Here also the middle part is cut.
This track contains remastered from Harvested on the net.
11. Candy And A Currant Bun (Simulated Stereo Mix)
* The pseudo stereo mix of this song is surprisingly rare, and almost no CD items in the past have been recorded.
This was originally a monaural mix that was recorded on the classic original CD “Rarities On CD” of the 90’s items.
This track is recorded from “Masters Of Rock” LP.
12. Candy And A Currant Bun (Multitrack, Partial # 1)
13. Candy And A Currant Bun (Multitrack, Partial # 2)
* As well as Tr.4-8, it shows how to manipulate precious multitracks partially Has been done.
Let’s Roll Another One (1967 Rehearsal) * It is a sound source that seems to have been distributed in recent years, although the sound quality does not come out of the Home Demo style, it is
still a valuable precious performance of ’67 years early.
15. See Emily Play (Acetate # 1 Different Ending)
* Acetate board circulated in recent years.
The difference with the release board is clear, the ending is different, and the guitar which is not heard in the release board is overdub.
16. See Emily Play (Acetate # 2)
* Acetate board that was recorded classically on items released in the 90’s.
The ending’s fade-out is quicker than the release board.
17. See Emily Play (Simulated Stereo Mix # 1)
18. See Emily Play (Simulated Stereo Mix # 2)
19. See Emily Play (Simulated Stereo Mix # 3)
* Like the main board Tr.2-3, until the early 1990s A pseudo-stereo mix that was classic.
Whether pseudo-stereo processing is performed independently by each country, each processing is done differently, and various versions are
present as a result, it is quite difficult to grasp.
Tr.17 is recorded from rare early US 1st LP tower board. Perhaps the first CD in the world.
Tr.18 is a German “Masters Of Rock” Recording from LP.
Tr.19 is recorded from Australia “Relics” 80s release CD record.
20. Flaming (US Single Mono Mix)
* ‘In the United States in the year 67, it was said that this was independently mixed with’ 3rd single ‘instead of’ Apples And Oranges’ and single cut. Unfortunately we could not get the original master this time, so here is a remastering of the classic “Rarities On CD”. Noise removal and pitch correction were performed.
Until now it has been recorded in various CD items with vague credit as we said “US only single mix”, but the literature on how it actually differs from the standard monaural mix such as the UK board It does not seem to be found at all. The same song is not yet recorded on the US Tower 1st LP, and since the monaural LP of US 1st seems to have mixed down the stereo mix to monaural, it is speculated that this single is also true ,Now. . .
21. Interview & Interstellar Overdrive (1967 CBC Interview & Outtake,
Partial) ※ Interview with Canadian CBC Radio is said to have been recorded at the CBC studio in London.
In the interview, an initial out take of the starry sky drive is inserted.
Although this sound source itself, including an interview, was recorded in various items from ancient times
, details regarding the recording date etc. have not yet been confirmed.
It was previously recorded as October – December 66 recording, but in recent years it seems to be recorded in January, 67.
22. Astronomy Domine (1967 Outtake, Partial)
23. Interstellar Overdrive (1967 Outtake, Partial)
24. Scarecrow (1967 Outtake, Partial)
* Entering the 2000s with fragments of outtakes from the first album that was said to have been broadcast on BBC It is supposed to be distributed,
really partial parts.

25. Sunshine (1967 Outtake, The Last Section of “Matilda Mother”, Partial)
* A short piece that is supposed to be an additional session of “Matilda Mother”.
There is a case where another short beat – oriented instrument is recorded with the credit “Sunshine”,
which is probably a credit mistake, which is actually “Experiment”
(Refer to the main board Disc 2 # 18) and decided this credit.
26. Matilda Mother (Live at UFO Club 27th Jan. 1967, Partial # 1)
27. Matilda Mother (Live at UFO Club 27th Jan. 1967, Partial # 2)
28. Interstellar Overdrive (Live at UFO Club 27th Jan. 1967)
Extracted excerpt from the program of British Granada TV ※.
The image that the narration of “starry sky” suffers in the large box of 2016 is recorded, but
here it contains 2 fragments of “Matilda” which are not large boxes and “starry sky” without narration.
“Matilda” of Tr.27 is a fragment sound source which is credited “Starry Sky” or “Impro” in the trade area, the
last few seconds being strange due to fast tape turning. Here we restored the fast-forward section to its own original.
Then, here it was confirmed that you are singing the lyrics passage of “Matilda”.
29. Improvisation (Live at Market Hall, St Albans, 3rd Mar. 1967, Partial)
* Performance scene from underground movie “Dope”. Date credit quoted from recent verification.
One In A Million (Live at The Star Club, Copenhagen 13th Sept. 1967) * Extract from a classic live sound source from old days.
In the past it was a synonym for live sound source with bad sound, but in recent years the source of low generation has been circulated, so it
has been a deep emotion to be able to appreciate with a sound quality that is quite easy to hear and an accurate pitch.
Originally I can not hear the vocal, that point is missing the poor balance, but it is still an invaluable live sound source.

01. Remember A Day (UK Mono LP)
02. Remember A Day (US Single Mono Edit)
03. Remember A Day (Instrumental, Fake Material)
* Tr.1 is a valuable monaural that has not been officially released yet mix.
Recording from UK mono LP in kind.
Tr.2 is a recording from the net sound source, rare US original single version.
Tr.3 is an instrument mix with recording from “Remember A Day” video, but it is actually a fake.
It is daringly recorded after describing it as Fake Material here.
04. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (UK Mono LP)
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Belgian Promo Film Mix) * Tr.4 is remastering from UK mono LP in kind like Tr.1.
Tr.5 is an independent mix from the promotion video broadcasted in Belgium in 1968.
This Belgium Promo Film is also recorded on the DVD in the official box of 2016, but there is usually a Nint replacement for Nanto’s politeness, and here again the position as an outtake became clear A thing to say that.
I feel like I put stereo mix in monaural.
06. Corporal Clegg (Belgian Promo Film Mix)
* Tr.6 is recorded as remaster from UK mono LP in kind as Tr.1 and 4.
Like Tr.5, Tr.7 is a unique mix from Belgium / Promo video of 68 years.
This is also replaced with the regular version in the official box of 2016.
The ending is playing that can only be heard here, a very fun version.
It is said that this musical composition is not currently involved in the recording in the current latest literature (once the guitar was supposed to be by Sido).
07. Jugband Blues (UK Mono LP)
08. Jugband Blues (Canadian “A Nice Pair” LP Mix)
* Tr. 7 includes remastering from UK mono LP in kind as Tr.1, 4, 6.
Tr.8 is a Canadian board ”
Nice pair “It is uploaded to the net by Neonknight with Furemi with another mix that can be heard only on LP and what is going through the cassette tape It is recorded only in the 1st and 2nd issue of the same record on the Canadian board However, when checking the actual thing of the LP, since regular regular mix was recorded for some reason, since confirmation could not be obtained this time , I recorded it as it was, but I made a credit to the effect that the actual state is unknown you Yes put.
(this mix are those that can be reproduced by performing tricks in the regular mix, the possibility of fake are just. details wanted!).
09. Scream Thy Last Scream (1974 Stereo mix)
10. Scream Thy Scream Last (1975 BBC “Breakthrough”)
11. Scream Thy Last Scream (1987 Rough mix)
※ Tr.9-11 is a classic sound source.
but was also recorded in the official box of 2016, in which Mick in 2010 By version was recorded, these former version is likely to be fit in the positioned as true of outtakes.
Tr.9 stereo mix of the has come to be on the CD before and after 2000 What seems to be
Tr . 10 seems to have been broadcast on the radio on 1974 Mix, and the one that is distributed is a monophonic recording, which is included in
the CD “Sophis- ticated Colors” (DIYE 18) in the early 1990s It is probably this 75 – year version
. 11 is a version that is often distributed as a monomix and credited, but it seems that it is not monaural never by a texture called monaural performance that sounds in stereo space. The freshness of the sound is also better than in the 1975 and 1975 editions, and the processing of the ending is greatly different from the 74th year and 75th year edition. Version that I heard on the CD “Magnesium Proverbs” (SD-10) in the name of Syd.
What is said to have been mixed by Malcolm Jones for Sid ‘s 1988 compilation “OPEL”.
12. Vegetable Man (1974 Stereo Mix)
13. Vegetable Man (1975 BBC “Breakthrough”)
14. Vegetable Man (1987 Rough Mix)
15. Vegetable Man (1967 Mix)
16. Vegetable Man (1967 Rehearsal Jam)
※ This song Although it was recorded in the official box of 2016, the mixed version was recorded in 2010 as well, these past versions (hereinafter abbreviated)
stereo mix of Tr. 12 sounds bad, but the 90’s This may be what you can hear on CD ‘Sophiscated Colors’ (DIYE 18).
Tr.13 was something I could ask with “Magnesium Proverbs” (SD – 10) etc.
Tr. 14 is a mix that is thought to be becoming CD by around 2000, it is a mix for 87 years.
Scream Thy Last Scream Like what was picked up at OPEL planning as well as circulated.
Tr.15-16 is a 67-year outtake and rehearsal sound source, which is supposed to be played on the radio by Nick Mason in an interview about 1919. Sound quality is painful.
17. Reaction In G (1967 Outtake)
※ This is quite unusual “mystery” It was distributed in recent years as an out take at the time of recording, it is considered to be a recording of 15-16 August 1967. It is a short piece broadcast on German television, but outtakes, not live, were broadcast.
18. Untitled Instrumental (1967 Outtake, aka “Experiment”, Partial)
※ A short instrumental sound source with realisties .
Sometimes it is credited as “Sunshine”, but here it is “Experiment” and credit by the latest literature.
The exact recording date is unknown (this time September 4, 67, credit).
19. In The Beechwoods (1967 Outtake)
※ Here is a mix of 2010 was recorded on the CD in the 2016 box, but here the sound is bad, but because the impression is different, dare to be included in the underground version.
Tr. 15-16 Similarly it is a sound source that Nick Mason shed when playing a radio interview for 69 years, and it is considered to be a mix in 1967. Here, it may be based on the thing that picked up the sound of the radio with a microphone.
20. Green Onions (“Tomorrows World” BBC TV, 12th Dec. 1967)
* familiar BBC sound source. Although it is a sound source from the TV program broadcasted in January 1968 which was recorded on DVD in the official box of 2016,
this track part which flowed intro was not recorded in the box.
Judged by the latest literature that this performance is also Floyd and recorded here.
Scream Thy Last Scream (Live at De Oude Ahoy Hallen, Rotterdam, 13th Nov. 1967)
* ’67 famous live sound source (Live at De Oude Ahoy Hallen, Rotterdam, 13th Nov. 1967) More, remastered.
It is regrettable that audience recording and vocals are off, but here too it is somewhat easier to hear than in the past.
23. Silas Lang (Take 1, May 1968,
NOT PINK) * It is an outtake that was recorded as a flood outtake in the past in 1967, but in
fact the Sid’s sound source of 68 years is its identity.
This time dare to credit that fact, the final recording on the floyd compilation board.
It will not be recorded on CD of Floyd name in the future forever.
The pitch of the piano is off, but this is because only the piano was mixed with what was originally sounded.
24. Empty Spaces (Backmasked Message)
* A message recorded in reverse rotation that can be heard in the well-known WALL Empty Spaces.
Things that I could listen to with Magnesium Proverbs (CD) (SD – 10) etc.
In this example, in order to make it easier to hear backward rotation processing and message, it is monaurally processed and recorded.



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