Pink Floyd / Aphrodite 1971 / 5CD With Program Replica+1Bonus DVDR

Pink Floyd / Aphrodite 1971 / 5CD With Program Replica+1Bonus DVDR / Sigma
Translated Text:
Hakone Aphrodite, Hakone, Japan 6th August 1971.Bonus DVDR “Aphrodite 1971 TV Broadcast.


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Even the words of “legend” no longer are luxurious, even “even myths” of Japanese Western music history “August 6, 1971: Hakone Aphrodite”. In our shop, we introduced a lot of inscription records, but a big five-sheet set that will become its full compilation appears.
It is said that there are 4 kinds of representative recordings of this day, and at our shop we have converted its vertex version into a permanent preservation press CD. However, they are all sold out immediately. It is only difficult to obtain at the moment. This work compiled them into one. So, there is no original excavation master or new version of this work, but those who became new FLOYD fans, those who were recently crazy by the charm of “Hakone Aphrodite”, and completed the four vertex records For those who could not do it is a superb set that can grasp the whole picture at once.
Again, although the four books recorded in this work are not different versions, they are completely different recordings. Let’s take a look at each of the “four treasures” one by one.

【Disk 1-2: Complete Recording 2 Set】
First of all, the King of Hakone is the king of records. It is a full 2 ​​master set of full recording master. It is a complete recording that appeared in the world for the first time in 2016, and its impact is new to memory. This disk 1-2 is the one that re-recorded the first appearance board “COMPLETE APHRODITE 1971 (Sigma 160)”.
The inside is exactly the king of Hakone. Complete recording recorded until the end announcement, including the full performance of “mystery” that was only confirmed only by some pictures until then, the uncut “Shinba Line”. Although I was concerned about the remaining amount of tapes and batteries, there was also a slight missing recording between the songs, but the performance was the world’s first record that all songs were completely recorded.
In addition, the set list found by complete recording became a topic. At that time, there was no title of the new song before the album was announced, and the tune which the famous event moderator of the time read was incomplete. And, various factors such as the memory of the oral and recollection of people who experienced the site overlapped did not know which was correct. It was “mystery” that was particularly puzzled with confusion. For more than 40 years, no episodes of playing did not appear even with pieces of performance, but liner notes of the album “meddles” had pictures of performance scenes. Was it really played or not? Its existence itself became an urban legend. “Mystery” that begins to be led by a female customer’s tweet that “smells good” … …. It is a sacred song.
In addition to that “mystery”, the conclusion comes out with the order of the song “sunshui” “Shinba Line” that called for intense argument clearly and “evidence of sound”. There was a cut in the second half of the “Shinba Line” recording so far, and although the arrangement of the songs was unknowingly understood now, this recording was recorded perfectly exactly, and then the famous moderator recorded the announcement to the end. Indeed, “Simba Line” was engraved with evidence of the final song.
Besides, this recording is not just a complete version, the sound is also Super A class. It is a cassette recording completely different from the previous generation group until then (it seems that it was the most advanced recording method at the time that reel was mainly used), and the disk directly from the original original master received directly from the recording person It is a thing. Of course, for 45 years, one owner owned super secret master who never listened to anyone in this world at all. It is a recording that everyone thought was absent. That master sound, unlike any recording so far, super high quality to compete for 1 and 2. The world’s first complete recording, the master sound of freshness preeminent … … just “the recording of the champion” is.

【Disk 3: highest peak of large standard recording】
The next disc 3 is the highest peak stereo master known as a big staple. It is a famous recording recorded from BUFFY SAINTE – MARIE on the undercard. Various versions are known for a long time, but this work was prepared with precision mastering for the first master who first appeared from Sirene label. It is also included in Disc 1 of “APHRODITE 1971 (Sigma 133)” released in 2015.
The stereo master at the time of excavation had somewhat difficulty in balancing the left and right volume, but improved by making precise adjustments to each channel. We removed hiss noise slightly. Of course, this mastering also respects the original “ringing” and “air feeling” to the utmost, and has not done any meaningless comp and etc. For example, just listening to BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE at the beginning will make you feel that the performance is powerful while suppressing Hiss more than the old one.
In addition, there was a partial lack in this recording. MC in front of ‘Atom heart mother’, middle part of ‘Eugene’, latter part of ‘Echoes’, and a whole ‘Simba Line’. These are compensated from different masters. Of course, this is incomplete as disk 1-2 is currently being discovered. However, this version was acclaimed as “best editing” “most natural processing” at the time of “APHRODITE 1971 (Sigma 133)” release. Pitch misalignment in the preexisting group, sound warping has also been thoroughly restored, there is still no editing beyond this work still. Recorded with the best sound at the moment, best shape.

【Disk 4: “REEL-TO-REEL” Restore Board】
The third recording is what is known as “REEL – TO – REEL”, the world ‘s first “solar song” was recorded, a name recording that shocked even the uncut “Echoes”. It is a reprint from masterpiece “HAKONE APHRODITE 1971 MASTER RECORDING: REMASTERED RESTORED (Sigma 139)” that carefully polished it.
This recording is a bit complicated. Ohimoto is a reel recording of mono (here, it is Reel A), but later three songs of pseudo stereo master (Reel B) were produced. Although there is no technique to listen to “Reel A” in modern times, this work reproduces the “sound that Reel A would have had” from “Reel B”. The master used was also provided by a technician who produced “Reel B”. The pseudo stereo processing was removed from the venerable master, and a slight skipping jump caused by the delay processing was also fixed. Furthermore, the pitch misalignment that occurred frequently due to aged deterioration and the sound that was flat as a whole were slightly adjusted, just as well.
As a result, the reincarnated sound is exactly what makes Convinced that “Reel A must have been like this”. While listening to a sense of stability that revived beautifully, the sound that the pseudo stereo reverberation disappeared is wonderful. The sounds of each instrument reached straight without blurring, guitar solos and choruses, and the audience’s breathing (“Hey Hey, is Euchoos in” mystery “? Do you not know?”) “… about two? Even voices such as saying) are transmitted clearly. You can enjoy the “Hakone myth” with a bishish and fixed focus sound.

【Disk 5: Legendary LP Record “PEACE RECORD”】
Recorded on the last disc 5 is the highest peak board reprinted from the Ultra-class mega-lea LP board “PEACE RECORD”.
This “PEACE RECORD” is a legend from existence. According to the material, this LP was produced by the recording person himself for his memorial. There was no exhibition / sale at the shop front, it was a perfect privacy board that distributed only to related parties at the time with close acquaintance, and the number of presses was only 100 pieces. Because it was not made for commercial use, neither title nor jacket originally existed. It is just a translucent bag and not in white sleeves, just a sticker with a simple white label labeled “Peace mark” and “RECORD” typed. It was a “phantom analog board” that I had never seen a label even with a core enthusiast.
This disc is a reprint of the press board “APHRODITE 1971: PEACE RECORD (Import)” which was transferred directly from the physical machine of such a phantom board. Once, the same recording has been circulated as “APHRODITE (DYNAMITE STUDIO – DS94J058)”, but its sound is wrong. Thickness and elasticity that is not comparable with the pretty equalized DYNAMITE board are in the sound, and the sound image itself is dense. It is a special-grade sound that makes you feel all the way to a beautiful dampness on it. Moreover, in the DYNAMITE board, there is almost no needle patch noise which was conspicuous in almost the whole story in this work. It can not be said that “there is no one”, but it is only saying “it is not zero.” Transparently transparent as hard as possible to find out whistling sounds, heavy sounds sound lively. In the 1990s when the DYNAMITE board appeared, it is unavoidable only to have a mere digital technology, but it is extremely elegant that you are amazed at how flat and light sounds have been heard so far.

These are “four hidden treasures” that convey the myth of Hakone. This work is a comprehensive compilation which can acquire its highest version permanently by pressing permanent press CD. Myths that have been conveyed in various shapes and sounds can also taste all the vertices with this one work. Even those who have never heard of one, “those who missed it” also did. Please complete this opportunity by all means.

まず登場するのは、箱根71記録の王。完全版のフル収録マスター2枚組です。2016年に初めて世に姿を現した完全録音で、その衝撃は記憶に新しいところ。このディスク1-2は、その初登場盤『COMPLETE APHRODITE 1971(Sigma 160)』を再収録したものです。

次なるディスク3は、大定番として知られるステレオ・マスターの最高峰盤。前座のBUFFY SAINTE-MARIEから収録されている有名録音です。古くからさまざまなバージョンが知られていますが、本作はSireneレーベルから初登場したベスト・マスターに精緻なマスタリングで整えたもの。2015年リリースの『APHRODITE 1971(Sigma 133)』のディスク1にも収録されたバージョンです。
発掘当初のステレオ・マスターは左右の音量バランスに若干の難があるものでしたが、各チャンネルに緻密な調整を施して改善。ヒスノイズをわずかに除去しました。もちろん、このマスタリングもオリジナルの“鳴り”や“空気感”を最大限に尊重しており、無意味なコンプなどは一切行っていません。例えば、冒頭のBUFFY SAINTE-MARIEを聴いただけでも、旧盤よりもヒスが抑えられつつ、演奏が力強いことが実感していただけるでしょう。
さらに、この録音には部分的な欠けもありました。「原子心母」直前のMC、「ユージン」の中間部、「エコーズ」の後半、そして「シンバライン」丸ごと1曲。これらは別マスターから補填されています。もちろん、現在はディスク1-2が発掘されているため、これでも不完全ではあります。しかし、これは『APHRODITE 1971(Sigma 133)』リリース時点で「ベストな編集」「もっとも自然な処理」と絶賛されたバージョン。既発群にあったピッチの狂い、音ヨレも徹底的に修復されており、現在もなお本作を超える編集は存在していない。現時点でのベストなサウンド、ベストなカタチで再収録いたしました。

3つめの録音は、“REEL-TO-REEL”で知られるもので、世界で初めて「太陽讃歌」が収録され、ノーカットの「エコーズ」でも衝撃を振りまいた名録音。それを丹念に磨き上げた名作『HAKONE APHRODITE 1971 MASTER RECORDING : REMASTERED RESTORED(Sigma 139)』からの復刻です。
その結果、生まれ変わったサウンドは、まさに「リールAはこうだったに違いない」と確信させるもの。美麗に蘇った安定感もさることながら、疑似ステレオのリバーブ感がなくなったサウンドが素晴らしい。各楽器の出音がブレずに真っ直ぐ届き、ギターソロやコーラス、さらには観客の息づかい(「ねえねえ、エコーズって『神秘』に入ってる? 知らない?」「あと…2枚くらい?」といった声まで)もハッキリと伝わる。ビシッと焦点の定まったサウンドで“箱根の神話”がお愉しみいただけるのです。

【ディスク5:伝説のLPレコード『PEACE RECORD』】
最後のディスク5に収録されたのは、ウルトラ級のメガレアLP盤『PEACE RECORD』から復刻された最高峰盤です。
この『PEACE RECORD』は存在からして伝説。資料によると、このLPは録音者自身が自分の記念のために製作したもの。店頭での展示・販売は一切行われず、親しい知人と当時の関係者だけに配布したという完全なプライヴェート盤で、プレス数もわずか100枚のみだったそうです。商業用として作られたものではなかったため、タイトルもジャケも元々存在しない。半透明の袋のみで白スリーヴにも入っておらず、簡素なホワイトラベルに「ピース・マーク」と「RECORD」の文字がタイピングされたシールが貼られているだけのもの。コアなマニアでも、ラベルすら見たことがなかったという“幻のアナログ盤”だったのです。
このディスクは、そんな幻盤の現物から直接トランスファーしたプレス盤『APHRODITE 1971: PEACE RECORD(Import)』を復刻したもの。かつて、同じ録音が『APHRODITE(DYNAMITE STUDIO – DS94J058)』として出回ったこともありますが、そのサウンドはケタ違い。かなりイコライズされたDYNAMITE盤とは比較にならないほどの厚みと弾力が音にあり、音像そのものが濃密。その上で全体に麗しい湿り気まで感じさせる特級サウンドなのです。しかも、DYNAMITE盤ではほぼ全編で目立っていた針パチノイズが、本作にはほぼ存在しない。「1つもない」とは言えませんが、それは「ゼロではない」というだけ。パチ音を見つけるのが難しいくらい透明に透き通り、重厚なサウンドが艶やかに鳴るのです。DYNAMITE盤が登場した90年代は稚拙なデジタル技術しかなかっただけに仕方ないことではありますが、これまでいかに平坦で軽いサウンドを聴いてきたのかに驚かされる極上品なのです。

Disc 1 (70:31)
1. Atom Heart Mother 2. Green Is The Colour 3. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
4. Echoes 5. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

Disc 2 (28:48)
1. A Saucerful Of Secrets 2. Cymbaline

Disc 3(72:08)

Original Cassette Tapes #2

1. The Circle Game (Buffy Sainte-Marie) 2. Soundcheck/Introduction
3. Atom Heart Mother 4. Soundcheck 5. Green Is The Colour 6. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
7. Soundcheck 8. Echoes 9. Cymbaline

Disc 4(54:20)
Original Reel-to-reel Tape

1. Atom Heart Mother 2. Echoes 3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

Disc 5(45:52)
Original LP (Peace Record)

1. Introduction 2. Green Is The Colour 3. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
4. Echoes # 1 5. Echoes # 2 6. Atom Heart Mother 7. Cymbaline

Sigma 194


Pink Floyd / Aphrodite 1971 TV Broadcast / 1Single DVDR / Non Label

Translated text:
Hakone Aphrodite, Hakone, Japan 6th August 1971

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The main press 5CD is a “culmination of sound” that summarizes the vertex records of “Hakone no myth” into one. To that bonus, we prepared a piece as a “compilation of images”. What is contained in this work is “atomic heart mother” taken with “Hakone Aphrodite”. It is a documentary image familiar to fans, but it was recorded with 4 different versions. Let’s introduce one by one.

【Original Broadcast Version】
First of all, it is the most familiar TV Saitama “Sound Super City” version. Although the era of image quality is also only in television broadcasting at the time, it is a version that seems to be the best to exist and master freshness is also preeminent.
Young PINK FLOYD 4 people are drawn, such as a performance scene in the scene, waiting for the Shinkansen in the home, off shot, on the “atomic heart mother” over about 15 minutes. Furthermore, the age of “myth” smells from every corner, such as the stage of “Aphrodite” written in katakana, audience gathered in Hakone, and so on. It is a historical masterpiece image in which my heart is sucked even if I see it many times.

【Stereo · Sound (Hakone) version】
Next time, the sound is replaced from the original broadcast. What is used is a staple recording of a large classic, the same thing as Disk 3 of the main press 5CD. Although all four masters recorded in this volume are vertexes that are both existing, Disk 3 is the vertex version of a large classic sound source that is said to be “the most easy to hear”. Of course, although it is an audience recording, I upgrade it much more than the original broadcast.
The scenery of “Hakone drawn with that sound” is a rich aroma of the times. The immersive feeling by the stereo which is wrapped in the whole body is exactly suitable for PINK FLOYD, even in this work it is the longest and the maximum 15 minutes.

[Stereo · Sound (Berlin) version] The third one was also replaced with sound. However, the sound of this place is not “Hakone Aphrodite”, but “take on March 13, 1970 Berlin” is used. “HARVESTED” was released by Official BOX “THE EARLY YEARS 1965-1972”, this version was adopted.
The quality is surely only accepted by the official. The super clear stereo sound is surely above the Hakone version above. However, the sound is somewhat divergent from the image and it seems to be sliding. Is it too clear for a vintage sight, is it a work that “Hagane magic” can be done …? Anyway, it is the Hakone version above that feels the truthful persuasive power in a dimension different from the quality.

【1988 broadcast version】
The last appearance is the most rare and the highest quality impact image. It is a version that was broadcasted in the 1988 TV program “Best Hit USA”. Only this is the “Hakone” part broadcasting in a short corner of about 2 minutes and the sound is a studio version. A certain well-known personality is “1970”, “Woodstock in 1969, there is a woodstock in the year, that year the next year”, but it also makes it different from the crowd, but that is not a problem. A terrible thing, its too beautiful quality!
Image quality, freshness, coloring, intense visual beauty that is not comparable with the original broadcast version. Likewise, vertical line noise enters, but it is still violently beautiful. Although 17 years have passed since “Hakone Aphrodite”, it is only 2 minutes for me to come out with such a master …… How much treasure is sleeping in the warehouse of the television station? I want the complete version to remain. Somebody, looking for someone …… It is visual beauty that makes me feel like that kind of prayer.

One piece that tastes historical Hakone image with four versions. This is the scene spreading beyond the main press 5CD, “the scene of the myth”. The 46th “August 6th” from the “Hakone myth” soon. A gorgeous set comprehending myths with eyes and ears. Please, please spend the full time of “Hakone Aphrodite” this August 6th.

約15分に渡る「原子心母」に乗せ、現場の演奏シーンやホームで新幹線を待つ姿、オフショットなど、若々しいPINK FLOYD4人が描かれる。さらには、カタカナで書かれた「アフロディーテ」のステージ、箱根に集う観客たち等々など、隅々から“神話”の時代感が匂い立つ。何度見ても心が吸い込まれるヒストリカルな傑作映像です。

そのサウンドで描かれた“箱根の光景”は、さらに時代の香りが濃厚。全身を包み込まれるようなステレオによる没入感は、まさにPINK FLOYDに相応しく、本作でも最長・最高の15分間なのです。

3つめも音声を差し替えたもの。ただし、こちらの音声は“箱根アフロディーテ”ではなく、「1970年3月13日ベルリン公演」のテイクが使用されています。“HARVESTED”が公表したもので、オフィシャルBOX『THE EARLY YEARS 1965-1972』でも、このバージョンが採用されました。



(47: 29)
1. Original Broadcast (Sound Super City)
2. Sigma Version (Audio: “Aphrodite 1971” Stereo Version (Sigma 117))
3. Harvested Version (Audio: Berlin 1970)
4. Best Hit USA (1988 Broadcast)

PRO-SHOT COLOR NTSC Approx. 47 min.

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