Pink Floyd / Aphrodite 1971 Remaster Stereo /3CD + Programme Replica

Pink Floyd / Aphrodite 1971 Remaster Stereo /3CD + Programme Replica / Sigma

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Hakone Aphrodite, Hakone, Japan 6th August 1971

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Sound quality of that Hakone Aphrodite is remarkably upgraded !! The best sound from the existing 5 sound sources Complete remastered version that selects and selects the longest and has the best sound quality with the best sound quality is released!

August 6, 1971, Friday, August 6, 1971 · Sakoi Gakuen Onsen Ride “’71 hakone aphrodite”.
This Western counter counter culture shock, which descended to Japan prior to the first visit of the Led Zeppelin legend of the following month, continues to give special radiance to our fans.
It seems that it is the Led Zeppelin ‘s 929, Floyd’ s Hakone “806” I think you know that various recordings have appeared in the past, but I will organize the existing August 6 sound source to make it easier to understand the subject I would like to start from that.


[Recorder 1]:

Valuable recording that recorded “Symba Line” only until Recorder 5 appeared. Probably the master is a reel recording, LPs that the recording person made at their own expense are not even sold to the shop, and a very small number of existence has been confirmed as a visionary private plate. Monaural AUD sound source.

Representative title
“APHRODITE 1971: Peace Record (import title)”
(Each recording time: about 46 minutes)


[Recorder 2]:

At the beginning is the opening portion of Buffy Saint Mary and Commercial radio station The most popular source that contains the opening greetings by Popular DJ. A stereo AUD sound source with the best sound quality even in 2018. Disk 1 of the

representative title
“APHRODITE (Sirene-160)” Disk 1 of
“APHRODITE 1971 (Sigma 133)”
each recording time: about 62 minutes


[Recorder 3]:

Recording recorded on Disk 2 of “APHRODITE (Sirene-160)” from “Atomic mother” to “Eugene, watch out for ax.” Until Recorder 4 appeared, it was the only source that contained the MC “Ok, here we go” part just before “Atomic mother” performance. Monaural AUD sound source. Disk 2 of the

representative title
“APHRODITE (Sirene-160)”
(Recording time: about 31 minutes)

【Recorder 4】:

“Sun Hymen” appeared for the first time in history and uncut was recorded, and furthermore “Echoes” was the reel-to-reel sound source which was recording the first uncut complete for the first time in history. Reel Tape The mystery of the date written on the box in which the actual thing was entered also called a topic. Monaural AUD recording.

Representative title
(each Duration: about 55 minutes)


[ Recorder 5]:
First appearance in history, including the “unknown” “mystery”, the 2nd take “sun anthem” and “Simba line” uncut first debut, including the opening remarks by the popular DJ of the commercial radio station All recorded full recording source. A monaural AUD recording by the original master cassette, whose credit of clarifying the set list of this day that the mystery invoked a mystery is completely clear. Disk 1 or 2 (each recording time: about 100 minutes) of the

representative title
“COMPLETE APHRODITE 1971 (Sigma 160)” and
“APHRODITE 1971 (Sigma 194)” ================= === * There seems to be a soundtrack sound of a film image (TV Saitama “Sound Super City”) as the sixth sound source besides.

Among them, there is no objection to being “COMPLETE APHRODITE 1971 (Sigma 160)” which was released from Sigma in July 2016 as a supernova. This Recorder 5 which included the first appearance in history, the “mystery” of the uncut, the first appearance of the uncut take of “Taiyo Hikaru” and “Simba line” in the second take, and even the opening remarks by the popular commercial radio station DJ at that time It was the first-class documentary sound source that fully clarified the entire set list of the day on which the paradox of information was occurring due to not only the special sound quality but also the memory difference of the viewer.

Just this Recorder 5 has such a wonderful recordability and sound quality but it does not have weaknesses. It was a fact that there was a momentary sound omission occurring frequently in the right channel, and “sound quality” was very good, but there was something that yielded one step to other sources in terms of “quality” of the sound. However, since the aim of this Sigma 160 board was to translate such a historical excavation source into “sound into a master original sound with a faithful sound image”, the problem of that right channel was also an intentional reproduction * And even considering that, if you were listening at that time, you could understand that it was a high sound quality board hidden in overwhelming discovery of knowledge.

But if Sigma 160 was faithful to the master tapes of the great excavation so far, it would also be possible for us to realize the highest quality board that restores the weaknesses of Sigma 160 who had closed their eyes, I think that it is a mission that can only be done on Sigma labels. This is the latest work that will appear in this aim, not only to resolve the problem of the right channel which was the biggest weakness of Recorder 5, as well as the intermission of each musical piece that was missing with the pause button to preserve the tape remaining amount on the same day Rebuild with corresponding scenes from different sources, refine them to the full details, refine them, revolutionary 2018 remastered + pseudo longest edition finally arrives this weekend!

Another more, the best source to listen to the sound Is still Recorder 2, “Recorder 2 as a complete version” is also realized on Disk 3.

This missing-compensated version based on Recorder 2 is done with Sigma 117 (※ and re-pressed Sigma 133) before, but this time it is the one that Recorders 4 and 5 compensate for missing scenes A big point.

That’s because Recorder 4 and 5 were still unexplored during the production of Sigma 117 (and 133), and the supplementation of “Echoes” was not physically fulfilled. Therefore, Disk 3 which solved all these problems at Recorder 4 and 5 was unexpectedly the first fully compensated version of Recorder 2, and this work became an excellent one that the whole thing is pleasantly enjoyable as well There is only recording up to Recorder 2 that “Echoes”, so the latter part of the live ahead is the specification that you return to disk 2 and listen to it). In other words, this work is the first pseudo full length remaster version of History based on Recorder 5 for Disks 1 and 2, Recorder 2 Completed Version Remaster, which is also the first record on Disk 3, It is the Hakone title with the highest peak of quality !!

【Disk 1 + 2 / Recorder 5’s latest remaster pseudo full length version】

Disks 1 and 2 are doing remarkable new remastering based on Recorder 5. First of all, the part missing in Recorder 5, that is, the

end of Buffy · St. Mary ‘s show
· MC of the commercial radio station DJ, and the sound check before opening
· Introduction of’ Sun Hymen ‘~ The opening part

With two other sources of the same day (* Recorder 2 and 4). Although it is mainly Recorder 2 which is excellent in sound quality, before Recorder of “Sun Hymen” missing even in Recorder 2, Recorder 4 reel-to-reel sound source is played for a few seconds in the intro section I’m using. Also, in addition to the momentary sound break and sound swing of the right channel that Recorder 5 inherently had, in addition to discarding the digital metal noise like MP3, the original right channel side voice was discarded and the state was good I made complete mono with the left channel.

Although it seems to be “え, monochrome ??”, although the original master sound of the Sigma 160 board sounds from the left and right, although the sound is heard like stereo with the influence of hiss noise, when seeing the waveform, the direct sound is monaural recorded There is no mistake.

Therefore, by unifying and monauralizing this with only the left channel, crosstalk (* mutual progress of signals between the left and right channels which are separated originally) is perfectly synchronized, and the sense of discomfort on hearing is greatly eased I did it. Also, since the causes of digital noise were concentrated in the frequency band near the master tape original sound 10 Khz, we real

all means !! ================================

★ As long as the initial delivery, the pamphlet of the same day performance Miniature · replica is attached specially.

In addition, this time as a special project, the complete reprint of the pamphlet of Hakone Aphrodite with an expensive premier is attached. It is an ultra elaborate reduced scale replica (※ color page including 42 pages) using the original original in complete mint state without folding or spots or scratches. Especially there are plenty of articles that are readable, especially the column “Nazeka pirate Nanoha even if you go out to the mountain” is a content that sounds a warning about the act of making a confrontation, which is a very interesting article in the sense of reconsidering all Hakone sound sources I will.

(Contents of the brochure)
Mayor Hakone Mayor’s Greeting
Cast plus a photo with a photograph (Floyd Two-page spread)
Roundtable meeting: “Hakone Africite wanting to continue every year, if there is music there, let’s have fun anyway”

“Night on July 17”
“Love God Aphrodite and Nozan no Uta”
“Nazaka pirate nana even if you go out to the mountain”

Hitachi Car Stereo, Nippon Broadcasting, Odakyu Romance Car, Restaurant Seibu, Triumph, Meiji Plum Soda


1971年8月6日、1971年8月6日金曜日・坂井学園温泉「71 hakone aphrodite」。
翌月のLed Zeppelinの伝説を初めて訪れる前に日本に降りたこの西カウンターカウンターカルチャーショックは、引き続きファンに特別な輝きを与えています。
それはLed Zeppelin ‘s 929、Floyd’ s Hakone “806”と思われます。様々な録音が過去に登場したことを知っていると思いますが、既存の8月6日の音源を整理して、私はそれから始めたいと思います。




“APHRODITE(ダイナマイトスタジオ – DS94J058)”
“APHRODITE 1971:平和記録(インポートタイトル)”



最初はBuffy Saint MaryとCommercial Radio Stationのオープニング部分です。ポピュラーなDJによるオープニング・グリーティングを含む最も人気のあるソースです。 2018年にも最高の音質を備えたステレオAUD音源です。

“APHRODITE 1971(Sigma 133)”



「アトミックマザー」から「ユージーン、アックスのために注意してください」のディスク2に記録された「APHRODITE(Sirene-160)」。レコーダー4が登場するまでは、それは “アトミックマザー”パフォーマンスの直前にMC “OK、ここに行きました”部分を含む唯一のソースでした。モノラルAUD音源。ディスク2の



「Sun Hymen」は歴史上初めて登場し、カットは録音され、さらに「Echoes」は歴史の中で最初の未完成の曲を録音したリール・トゥ・リールの音源でした。リールテープ実際のものが入力されたボックスに書かれた日付の謎は、トピックとも呼ばれます。モノラルAUD録音。




「完全版APRRODITE 1971(Sigma 160)」および
「APHRODITE 1971(Sigma 194)」

その中で、超新星として2016年7月にSigmaからリリースされた「Complete APHRODITE 1971(Sigma 160)」には異論はありません。このレコーダー5は、歴史の中で最初に登場したもの、ノーカットの「謎」、2度目のテイク・ヒカルと「シムバ・ライン」の大脱落の初登場、そして人気のある商業その時のラジオ局DJ特別な音質だけでなく、視聴者の記憶の違いによっても、情報のパラドックスが起こっていた日のセットリスト全体を完全にはっきりさせたファーストクラスのドキュメンタリーサウンドソースでした。




レコーダー2をベースにしたこの欠落したバージョンは、以前はSigma 117(※とSigma 133の再押された)で行われましたが、今回はレコーダー4と5が欠けているシーンを補うものです。

これは、レコーダー4と5がまだシグマ117(と133)の製造中に未踏のため、「エコー」の補充は物理的には達成されていないからです。したがって、レコーダー4と5でこれらの問題をすべて解決したDisk 3は、予期しないレコーダー2の最初の完全補償版であり、この作品は楽しく楽しいものになりました。レコーダー2まで”エコー”、ライブの後半部分はディスク2に戻ってそれを聞く仕様です)。言い換えれば、この作品は、ディスク1と2のレコーダー5、レコーダー2の完成版のリマスター、ディスク3の最初のレコードであるヒストリーの最初の擬似全長リマスター版です。最高の箱根のタイトルです品質のピーク!!

【ディスク1 + 2 /レコーダー5の最新リマスタ擬似完全版】






すべての手段! ==================



キャスト+写真付き写真(Floyd 2ページスプレッド)



MONO <Mono / Source Main>

Disc 1 (65: 35)
1. The Circle Game (Buffy Sainte-Marie) ★ Whole Rec 2 (※ stereo)
2. Soundcheck / Announcement ★ 0: 00-3: 08 Rec 2 Stereo)
3. Atom Heart Mother
4. Soundcheck ★ 0: 06-1: 20 Supplemented by Rec 2 (※ stereo)
5. Green Is The Color
6. Careful With That Ax, Eugene
7. Soundcheck ★ Almost whole Rec 2 (※ stereo)
8. Echoes

Disc 2 (43: 46)
1. Supplemented by Soundcheck ★ 1: 21 to Rec 4
2. Set The Controls For The Heart Of Sun ★ 0: 00-0: 02 supplemented with Rec 4
(inter-track cross fade processing)
3. A Saucerful Of Secrets ★ 19: 08 (After playing) Cross fade processing
4. Soundcheck
5. Cymbaline

Disc 3 (65:44)

STEREO <stereo source main>

1. The Circle Game (Buffy Sainte-Marie)
2. Soundcheck / Announcement ★ 3: 07-6: 08 Supplemented with Rec5
3. Atom Heart Mother
4. Soundcheck
5. Green Is The Color
6. Careful With That Ax, Eugene ★ 1: 31-2: 01 Supplemented by Rec5 / 2: 08-2: 15 L-ch Out of Sound Repair by overdubbing with Rec5.
7. Soundcheck
8. Echoes ★ 0: 00-0: 04/19: 03-CD supplemented with Rec5 until the end

Sigma 210

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