Pink Floyd / Antidepressant / 2CD Wx OBI Strip

Pink Floyd / Antidepressant / 2CD Wx OBI Strip / Shakuntala
Translated Text:
Nassau Coliseum Uniondale, New York, USA August 20, 1988. Digitally Remastered

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A new work by Pink Floyd from shakuntara label. On August 20, 1988 New York recorded the Nassau performance as a sound board. Roger withdrew from Pink Floyd, and the first album led by Gilmore was “depression” released in 1987. In general, although Floyd who is enrolled at the time of Roger and after leaving has a direction to regard it as a different thing, the same album that the fusion of Progress who left the atmosphere of the 70 ‘s and the most advanced musicality at that time was accepted by many fans, Record a hit. In conjunction with this album, a long-term large-scale tour was organized over three years. It is this tour that is currently the last Japanese performance.

Floyd led by Gilmore, who was greeted with great success in various places after the 1981 Wall Tour. Especially from the success on the wall tour the visual effect of the stage became more complicated and magnificent.

This work has recorded the Nassau performance on 20th August 1988 of such a successful “depression tour”. It is one of the concerts which is left with high sound quality sound board sound source even among the tour which was done indeed nearly 200 performances. The sound quality is wonderful and there is no complaint. August 20, 1988 Completely recorded Nasso performance with soundboard sound source. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture disk specification A tightly pressed board. Japanese style attaching.





01. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts 1-5
02. Signs Of Life
03. Learning To Fly
04. Yet Another Movie
05. Round And Round
06. A New Machine Pt 1
07. A Terminal Frost
08.A New Machine Pt 2
09. Sorrow
10. The Dogs Of War
11. On The Turning Away
12. One Of These Days

01. Time
02. On The Run
03. The Great Gig In The Sky
04. Wish You Were Here
05. Welcome To The Machine
06. Us And Them
07. Money
08. Another Brick In The Wall Pt 2
09. Comfortably Numb
10. One Slip
11. Run Like Hell

Shakuntala. STCD-119/120

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