Pink Floyd / Venezia 1989 / 2CD+1DVD WX OBI Strip

Pink Floyd / Venezia 1989 / 2CD+1DVD WX OBI Strip / Shakuntala

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Grand Canal Venice Italy July 15, 1989. Digitally Remasterd


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New Pink Floyd than shakuntara label arrived. It becomes the Venice performances July 15, 1989 on the set was recorded in the sound board and a professional shot.

Roger Waters left the band Pink Floyd, it was the first album Gilmore has led has been released in 1987, “depression”. Generally Floyd after withdrawal and Roger enrolled at the time there is also a direction to capture a different thing, but progressive in the same album fused with at that time state-of-the-art music that left the atmosphere of the 70s are accepted by many fans, large It will record a hit. And large-scale tour to over a long period of time in three New Year’s Eve As a result of this book has been organized. Currently it is this tour is also the last has become Japan Tour.

Met with 1981 Wall tour since become tour, Floyd by Gilmore led was greeted with great success in various places. In particular, visual effects of stage from success on Wall tour becomes even more complex and grand, the state will be able to enjoy without reserve from the video of this work.

This work, has recorded the Venice performances July 15, 1989, which is positioned as a special day, even in the “depression Tour” of matches such a great success. In also this Venice performances same tour that took place indeed 200 performances near but should also referred to as the highlight, it is for the fans other than fortunate to have been left in high-quality sound board sound and professional shot the video in this way It is nothing. What than first, is as can be seen venue is a look at the photo on the back jacket, because say special stage that has been installed in the canal estuary offshore surprise.

Set was recorded 1989, July 15, Venice performances by the sound board sound source and the pro-shot video. A special stage that has been installed in the Venice canal offshore, it is best performance of Girumoazu Floyd that even Venice performances to say the highlight can enjoy the sound and the video of “depression Tour”. Permanent Athletic press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification. With Japanese band.









Grand Canal Venice Italy July 15, 1989
01. Introduction
02. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part 1)
03. Learning To Fly
04. Yet Another Movie
05. Round And Around
06. Sorrow
07. The Dogs Of War
08. On The Turning Away

01. Time
02. The Great Gig In The Sky
03. Wish You Were Here
04. Money
05. Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)
06. Comfortably Numb
07. Run Like Hell

01. Pre Concert
02. Jingle
03. Report
04. Shine On You Crazy Diamon (Part 1)
05. Learning To Fly
06. Yet Another Movie
07. Round And Around
08. Sorrow
09. The Dogs Of War
10. On The Turning Away
11. Time
12. The Great Gig In The Sky
13. Wish You Were Here
14. Money
15. Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)
16. Comfortably Numb
17. Run Like Hell
18. Ending

Shakuntala. STCD – 30/31/32

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