Pink Floyd / Nassau coliseum 1988 / 4CD

Pink Floyd / Nassau coliseum 1988 / 4CD / Sigma

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Nasau Colliseum, Uniondale, NY , USA 20th August 1988. Soundboard


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This year from popular Sigma label is new for the first Pink Floyd appeared last year in 2014 that history to end has been struck of! Band I think it was a milestone year for Floyd fan. But organizing and re-consideration of the sound source that what was left from its history has been closed, and work of the archive of by the perfect brush up of its outstanding board is you will not be an exaggeration to say that begin in earnest in the future. Although such 2015 this year for Floyd is a translation that is celebrated the Memorial Year of just 25 anniversary from “depression” announcement of 1988, the 1988 to announce this as the first of Floyd new Sigma label is 2015 to base of August Nassau Coliseum, ie the second day of partially New York for five consecutive performances sound source is also used in official board “light – Perfect live” is a dramatic upper version of the August 20. The sound source is originally in the sound source that is up on the net at Wolfgang Vu~ouruto in 2013, was a complete recording version of the stereo sound board recording of officials outflow. Has its quality is remarkable Because it is originally outflow sound source for official, also from our Sigma in 2013 it was released as “DELICATE SOUND IN NEW YORK (Sigma 95)”, and got a great response as a decision version of the sound source was. However, this time overseas mania is announced plus the adjustment review this original sound source from the root became a hot topic, it is the official board shame plus the adjusted it with this Sigma label more thorough scrutiny to the original I finished in the upper version. This board I have recorded the ’88 Nassau Coliseum of the new version !!

Tone, but there are some specific changes, the first “DELICATE SOUND IN NEW YORK (later ※,” Sunde-hatsu-ban “suppose you have)” to first width of somewhere sound image in there was the impression of stiffer closed the, natural sound board with airy (later ※, “SBD”) you will that you have to transfiguration in tone. The closeness of the performance sound by strict re-correction and stereo field adjustment of pitch also has improved, you can easily confirm that the sound output of each instrument and voice have come one step before. Furthermore Topics Nanoha, rather than the new version missing this time of “Money” musical sound that was present in the vicinity of 1 minutes and 45 seconds of already issued board, it is that it has been recorded in the uncut. This is probably the big Advantages of this title. Also subjected to natural process of wear sharp in reducing the bass, so gave a fix as much as possible also cut noise a place where it has been found in several locations, the final version that more can not be first considered in the present situation it has become to the appropriate finish to. Than the same venue live of this other also to disk 4 next August 21, you Yes award SBD sound source of Part 1 are recorded remastered. Here also not only finish the crisp sound with sharp compared to the sound source of Wolfgang Vu~ouruto announcement, some missing part (※ also about 20 seconds from the original sound source was present in “Sorrow” 5 minutes with 47 seconds and supplemented with significant missing) from SBD recording of the day before performances (relevant portion of this disk 1 [10]), it has been applied polite treatments that you listen without problems nonstop. One of New York performances also said that the best live disk 1-3 in 88 years not only revived in the perfect figure, the change pattern of the time of the tour final by comparing hear the next day of the performance at the disk 4 in a time series the Oeru has become a way, I have just made from 2015 “depression” was released as the “Perfect!” a new title worthy of the 25th anniversary !!

So let’s briefly introduce each disk it is renewed. Beginning disk 1 “Shine On You …” In a wider overwhelming clarity and sense of scale from rising. Have plenty of 4 scale of the place and put come subject between, ie contains the further core to guitar sound that enters from 4 minutes and 11 seconds, out with mellow tone to the richness of the echo feeling and reverberation than ever I think things can be seen clearly from the beginning. “Signs Of Life” is a thing of the unreleased officially board “light – Perfect Live” (included in the ※ video version), but the sound is sound and paddle bouncing of water that becomes the introduction squeaky clearly Sunde-hatsu clearly and hear closer than title, also we will sound output along with a range of surprise tone of keyboard coming stand up to solemnly from the back. This will fine sound while maintaining the “Learning To Fly” is beginning, but it is absolutely guarantee you goose bumps Touching the performance that is full of the creativity in the renewal has been 2015 version of the sound. Sound you hear in the already issued also did great things, I now have further realized Miracle sound to go over it. Severity and beauty is to live “Sorrow” is also reach the ear as a high-resolution sound performance has been redesigned to insightful, MUST overwhelmed by the sound image that is the sensibility to grab. On the other hand, “The Dogs Of War” is in the cheers of the dog barks and audience, performance sound that stands out with two steps, three steps gulp than Sunde-hatsu-ban rises at the perfect sound, tough play is in progress in the video imagery then you Yuki. Although this song is there a little more flat impression in its outstanding board, voice of this time of this work in is up to ensure the stereoscopic effect and resolution of sound that floats, the chorus entering from Gilmore and left channel to Zessho at the center sense of blend, it should enjoy the impregnable playing back by clenching than ever stand prime it. “On The Turning Away” and the singing voice of Gilmore trembling beautifully breathtakingly in, please feel how the sound of the guitar Yuku steeped deeply in venue. Its outstanding board also had been recorded with a good sound, but in this work of upper version beyond the longer melody and sound and can not epithet only to have manipulated the vibration of the air, here is the power of the sound of the sound source strongly making it the you feel able scene.

Of disk 2 to be the second part of the show “One Of These Days” is the attention from 5 minutes and 29 seconds the song moves large. Sound of sharp has out more darker impression that as it is directly connected to the intonation feeling of the song representation, you will Yukeru after entering deeply by listening familiar performance of this day. Similarly, “Time” is also echoed guitar and keyboard stand out better is dynamically than ever, how the sound spreads full range is phenomenal. In “The Great Gig In The Sky” in one minute 04 seconds to female vocals that fall in the vicinity of 2 minutes 23 seconds has become a recording on the off (※ its outstanding panel also same as a feature of this recording. Probably engineer mistakes Sho), I’m glad the point is Oeru outline in more clarity to this band performance sound as a reaction. “Wish You Were Here” is take you, but that is also used in official board “light – Perfect Live”, here is sound output in the Sound twin guitar Gilmore and Renwick is played is that moisture, gently carefully spelling beautiful sound-making that is you will receive in the ear in the official panel just like the sound. Will be amazed to vivid tone of following the “Welcome To The Machine” in the introduction SE sound Shazam! And incoming ensemble (~ 1 minute 44 seconds). Ornament of synth entering everywhere also jumped in ultra clear, yet because it will continue flying about up close sound than its outstanding sound that listen to this, excitement received from the sound image is all the more. In addition to is interesting improvisation part in the middle installation part, so will be played at a resolution amazing also the sound of a different texture of prominent Renwick and Gilmore in the second half of the song guitar, its appearance also certainly please attention. “Us And Them” I wonderful tone of the entire ensemble that has been renewed, but the piano coming after the singing ceased, sax, scene Yuku to spot each hit the guitar (※ 4 minutes and 20 seconds to 5 minutes 47 seconds) is far from listening in particular. While these three instruments to interact with a high-resolution sound, how Yuku emerged in dynamic music towards the end is off a strong impression. “Money” is the lack of musical sound that was present in the vicinity of 1 minutes and 45 seconds of Sunde-hatsu-ban is exactly compensated, in this work it has become like Toseru listen non-stop, full-length 12 minutes. Here is because there was also a Sunde-hatsu-ban biggest weakness, will you are able to realize large renewal sense of recorded content. In addition to this, also revived in the sound image of one rank fine job of pretending chorus enter periodically in the bass solo and its surroundings that has been inserted into the middle and sax and drums,. “Comfortably Numb” is, I think Gilmore is able again you feel from this sound image to stand out upper sense of dexterity that make attract tone. Than ever to moisten the no natural sound is ear of coarse taste, please thoroughly enjoy the manner in which slide into deployment playing rich deep insight is full ear. Sound image with a sense of unity that each instrument and the chorus has been brilliantly fused at the Angkor become the disk 3 First “One Slip” is looming in the texture of one rank high sense of transparency than its outstanding board. “Run Like Hell” is also overflowing instantaneous force of sound full of dash feeling is in superb sound, characteristic dialogue of each vocal line in the song also to sound output in the past the best of lush sound control will enjoy confirmation.

Disk 4 as I wrote at the beginning, is the show the first half, first part of the concert was held at the same venue the next day of disk 1-3. “Shine On You …” In making it the playing twist space property and reservoir in the same way the day before, but you will able to understand tail of is very different impressions from sound so vocals and chorus is exhilarating sound image . “Learning To Fly” In you think feel is the difference between the subtle nuances and the previous day’s performance. It is similar to the superficial, but there is the day before more tenderness and emotion to the singing of Gilmore, sharp Inserting of lead guitar (※ as Renwick of lead. You know this song Gilmore playing the rhythm guitar masu) also attracted to that of Gilmore, such as was messing with deep portion of the back, it should potential change is felt. In mono listening also behind the ensemble, there to when listening to focus hook sense of fine keyboard of grace and slapping sound representation, even such as bass and sax of flow has put the sound of the attack in the sound that stands out occasionally Katsuaki and listening to you take in, so it also Please check it. “Yet Another Movie” is also there is a space of depth and quality to the sound, it is finish you can enjoy a sense of liberation from there and somber images with the song to fully. On the other hand, “Sorrow” is missing the sound of the original sound source of Wolfgang Vu~ouruto had occurred over about 20 seconds, of this in this disk is the day before playing (※ applicable portion of the disk 1 [10]) so that to compensate, and you Yes tailored to routing through listening at all without discomfort nonstop. The manner in which Gilmour played powerful sound of the guitar Yuku push up Guigui the driving force of the music, please do try charm enjoyed the no no full scale version of the stress. “On The Turning Away” is fastball sound the sound is coming hit straight to here is attractive. In the expansion section that starts from the vicinity of 3 minutes 03 seconds, texture high tone of slapping sound and guitar drum to come and go to like go around from right channel upward (this is probably Renwick) and the ultra-high resolution that is awesome, sharp sound image would be must listen.

Perhaps that will everyone is your impression of listening to this work, and at the time of the line recording is trimmed with current state-of-the-art equipment and excellent equalization technology, sound quality and music of whether what you hear Unlike until this is the point. And rather than songs are scattered driving force of the music itself is growing excitement here and there in, so much painful, you’ll enjoy in again surprised that the straight before the energy facing was in Floyd of 1988. This work is not an exaggeration to say that confidence that receive it in feeling positive. There it is still a lot that we can learn from Floyd sound source even close the history of activity, this work is the Upper version title that makes me it on notice from the sound quality. This weekend, the hot energy of all means this ’88 at first this work Sigma label is to deliver 2015 Experience. With numbering sticker in full limited press CD4 Disc, Sigma label of 2015 will start finally !!

好評Sigmaレーベルから今年最初のピンク・フロイドの新作が登場です! バンドの歴史に終止符が打たれた去年2014年はフロイドファンにとって節目の年だったと思います。しかしその歴史が閉じられたからこそ残された音源の再考察と整理、そして既発盤の完璧なブラッシュアップによるアーカイヴ化の作業が今後本格的に始まると言っても過言ではないでしょう。そんなフロイドにとって今年2015年は1988年の『鬱』発表からちょうど25周年というメモリアル・イヤーを迎えている訳ですが、これを基点にSigmaレーベルが2015年最初のフロイド新作として発表するのが1988年8月のナッソー・コロシアム、即ち公式盤『光~パーフェクト・ライヴ!』にも部分的に音源が使用されたニューヨーク連続5公演の2日目、8月20日の飛躍的なアッパー版です。この音源は元々2013年にウルフギャング・ヴォウルトにてネット上にアップされた音源で、関係者流出のステレオ・サウンドボード録音の完全収録版でした。もともと公式用の流出音源ですからそのクオリティは目を見張るものがあり、当Sigmaからも2013年に『DELICATE SOUND IN NEW YORK (Sigma 95)』としてリリースされ、同音源の決定版として大きな反響を得ました。しかしこのたび海外のマニアがこの元音源を根本から見直して調整を加えたものが発表され話題となり、それを元に当Sigmaレーベルが更に徹底的な精査と調整を加えた事で公式盤顔負けのアッパー版に仕上げました。本盤はその新バージョンの88年ナッソー・コロシアムを収録しているのです!!

具体的な変更点は幾つかありますが、まず第一に『DELICATE SOUND IN NEW YORK (※以降、”既発盤”とします)』ではどこか音像の幅が閉じた硬めの印象があった音色を、開放感のある自然なサウンドボード(※以降、”SBD”)の音質に変貌させてある事でしょう。またピッチの厳密な再補正とステレオのフィールド調整によって演奏音の近さも向上しており、各楽器や歌声の出音が一歩前に出ているのが容易に御確認戴けます。更にトピックスなのは、既発盤の「Money」1分45秒付近に存在した楽音の欠落が今回の新バージョンには無く、ノーカットで収録されている点です。これは本タイトルの大きなアドヴァンテージと言えるでしょう。また低音を軽減する事でメリハリをつける自然な処理を施し、数か所で発見されたカット・ノイズ箇所も考え得る限りの修正を行いましたので、現状でこれ以上はまず考えられない最終版に相応しい仕上がりになっています。この他もディスク4に翌8月21日の同会場ライヴより、ショウ第1部のSBD音源をリマスター収録してあります。こちらもウルフギャング・ヴォウルト発表の音源に比べメリハリのある鮮明なサウンドに仕上げているだけでなく、その元音源に存在した「Sorrow」5分47秒付からの欠落部分(※約20秒間もある大幅な欠落)を前日公演のSBD録音(本ディスク1-【10】の該当部分)から補填し、ノンストップで問題無く聴けるよう丁寧なトリートメントを施してあります。ディスク1~3で88年のベストライヴとも言えるニューヨーク公演のひとつが完璧な姿で蘇っただけでなく、ディスク4で翌日の公演と聴き比べる事により当時のツアーファイナルの模様が時系列で変化を追える様になっており、まさに2015年『鬱』リリースから25周年に相応しい” パーフェクト! “な新タイトルとなっているのです!!

それではリニューアルされた各ディスクをざっと御紹介しましょう。ディスク1冒頭「Shine On You…」では立ち上がりから圧倒的な透明感とスケール感が広がります。たっぷり間を置いて入れてくる主題の4音階、即ち4分11秒から入るギターサウンドにも更なる芯が入り、そのエコー感や残響の豊かさがこれまで以上に芳醇な音色で出ている事が序盤からハッキリ分かると思います。「Signs Of Life」は公式盤『光~パーフェクト・ライヴ!』には未収録(※ビデオ版には収録)のものですが、導入となる水の跳ねる音や櫂が軋む音は明らかに既発タイトルよりも近く鮮明に聴こえ、その奥から厳かに立ち上がってくるキーボードの音色も驚きのレンジを伴って出音致します。この上質なサウンドを維持したまま「Learning To Fly」が始まりますが、リニューアルされた2015年版の音でその創意に充ちた演奏に触れると確実に鳥肌が立つこと請け合いです。既発で聴けたサウンドも素晴らしいものでしたが、ここでは更にその上を行くミラクル・サウンドが実現しているのです。厳しさと美しさが同居する「Sorrow」も洞察力に富んだ演奏が一新された高解像サウンドとして耳に届き、感性を鷲掴みにされるその音像に圧倒されるに違いありません。一方「The Dogs Of War」は犬の鳴き声や観客の歓声の中、既発盤より2歩・3歩グッと浮き出た演奏音が完璧な音像で立ち上がり、タフな演奏が映像的なイメージで進行してゆきます。この曲は既発盤ではもう少し平坦な印象があるのですが、今回の本作では浮き上がるサウンドの立体感と解像度が確実に上がっており、センターで絶唱するギルモアと左チャンネルから入るコーラス隊の声のブレンド感、それを盛り立てるバックの鉄壁な演奏をこれまで以上に噛み締めて戴ける筈です。「On The Turning Away」では息を呑むほど美しく震えるギルモアの歌声と、そのギターの響きが会場に深く染み込んでゆく様子を御実感下さい。既発盤も良好な音像で記録されていましたが、しかしアッパー版の本作ではもはや旋律や響きを超えて空気の振動を操っているとしか形容出来ず、ここは本音源のサウンドの威力を強くお感じ戴けるシーンとなっています。

ショウ第2部となるディスク2の「One Of These Days」は、曲が大きく動く5分29秒からが注目です。サウンドのメリハリがそのまま曲表現の抑揚感と直結する印象が更に濃く出ており、聴き慣れたこの日の演奏により深く入ってゆけるでしょう。同様に「Time」もギターとキーボードの浮き立ちがこれまで以上にダイナミックに響き渡り、そのサウンドが音域一杯に広がる様子は驚異的です。「The Great Gig In The Sky」ではこの録音の特徴として1分04秒~2分23秒付近に入る女性ボーカルが録音上オフになっていますが(※既発盤も同様。恐らくエンジニアのミスでしょう)、その反作用としてバンド演奏音の輪郭がこれまで以上の鮮明さで追えるのが嬉しいポイントです。「Wish You Were Here」は公式盤『光~パーフェクト・ライヴ!』にも使用されたテイクですが、ここではギルモアとレンウィックが奏でるツインギターが潤いのあるサウンドで出音し、優しく丁寧に綴られる美しい音づくりが公式盤さながらの響きで耳に届きます。「Welcome To The Machine」では導入SE音に続いてジャーン!と入ってくるアンサンブル(1分44秒~)の鮮やかな音色に度肝を抜かれるでしょう。随所で入るシンセの装飾音もウルトラクリアーに飛び出し、しかもこれまで聴けた既発の音よりも間近な音でそれが飛び交い続ける為、音像から受ける興奮はひとしおです。また中盤インスト部分の即興パートも興味深いですし、曲後半で顕著なレンウィックとギルモアの質感が違うギターの響きの差も驚くべき解像度で再生されますので、その様子も是非御注目下さい。「Us And Them」は一新されたアンサンブル全体の音色も素晴らしいのですが、歌唱が止んだ後に入ってくるピアノ、サックス、ギターにそれぞれスポットが当たってゆくシーン(※4分20秒~5分47秒)が特に聴きどころです。これら3つの楽器が解像度の高い音色で対話しつつ、音楽が終盤へ向かってダイナミックに浮上してゆく様子は強烈な印象を放っています。「Money」は既発盤の1分45秒付近に存在した楽音の欠落がきっちり補填され、本作では12分間ノンストップ・ノーカットで聴き通せる様になっています。ここは既発盤最大の弱点でもあったので、収録内容のリニューアル感を大きく実感して戴けるでしょう。これに加え、中盤に挿入されたベースソロやその周囲で周期的に入るコーラス、そしてサックスとドラムの細かい仕事振りも1ランク上の音像で蘇っています。「Comfortably Numb」は、ギルモアが音色を惹き立てる巧みさをアッパー感際立つこの音像から改めてお感じ戴けると思います。これまで以上に雑味の無いナチュラルな響きが耳を潤し、深い洞察力に富んだ演奏が耳元一杯に展開してゆく様子をじっくり御堪能下さい。アンコールとなるディスク3ではまず「One Slip」で各楽器とコーラスが見事に融合した一体感ある音像が既発盤より透明感の高い1ランク上の質感で迫ってきます。「Run Like Hell」も疾走感に充ちた音の瞬発力が極上の音で溢れ出し、曲中にある各ボーカルラインの特徴的な掛け合いも過去最高の瑞々しい音で出音するのを御確認戴けるでしょう。

ディスク4は冒頭でも書いた通り、ディスク1~3の翌日に同会場で行われた公演のショウ前半・第一部です。「Shine On You…」では前日同様に溜めと空間性を効かせた演奏となっていますが、ボーカルとコーラスが浮き立つ音像なのでサウンドから受ける印象が随分違っているのがお分り戴けるでしょう。「Learning To Fly」では前日のパフォーマンスとは微妙なニュアンスの違いを感じ取れると思います。表面的には似ていますが、しかしギルモアの歌い方に前日以上の優しさと情感があり、鋭いリードギターの入れ方(※レンウィックのリード。御存知の通りこの曲ではギルモアはリズムギターを弾いています)もギルモアのそれに寄せて奥の深い部分をいじった様な、潜在的な変化が感じられる筈です。背後のアンサンブルも聴きモノで、そちらに焦点を合わせて聴いていると細かいキーボードの装飾音や打音表現のフック感、時折目立つ音でアタックの音を入れているベースやサックスの流れなども克明に聴いて取れますので、それも是非チェックしてみて下さい。「Yet Another Movie」もまたサウンドに質の高い空間性と奥行きがあり、曲が持つ重苦しいイメージとそこからの解放感を存分に堪能出来る仕上がりです。一方「Sorrow」はウルフギャング・ヴォウルトの元音源には音の欠落が約20秒間に渡って生じていましたが、本ディスクではこれを前日の演奏(※ディスク1-【10】の該当部分)を補填することで、全く違和感無くノンストップで聴き通せるように仕立ててあります。ギルモア奏でるギターの力強い響きが音楽の推進力をグイグイ押し上げてゆく様子を、ストレスの無い無いフル尺版で存分にお愉しみ下さい。「On The Turning Away」は音が真っ直ぐこちらへぶつかってくる直球サウンドが魅力です。3分03秒付近から始まる展開部での、右チャンネルから上方へ回り込む様に去来するドラムの打音やギター(これは恐らくレンウィック)の質感高い音色、そして驚嘆に値する超高解像度の鋭い音像は必聴でしょう。


Disc 1(68:32)
1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 2. Signs Of Life 3. Learning To Fly 4. Dave MC 5. Yet Another Movie
6. Round And Round 7. A New Machine Part 1 8. A Terminal Frost 9. A New Machine Part 2
10. Sorrow 11. The Dogs Of War 12. On The Turning Away

Disc 2(73:15)
1. One Of These Days 2. Time 3. On The Run 4. The Great Gig In The Sky 5. Wish You Were Here
6. Welcome To The Machine 7. Us And Them 8. Money 9. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2
10. Comfortably Numb

Disc 3(17:45)
1. Encore Applause 2. One Slip 3. Run Like Hell

Live at Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY. USA 21st August 1988

Disc 4 (68:06)
1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 2. Signs Of Life 3. Learning To Fly 4. Dave MC 5. Yet Another Movie
6. Round And Round 7. A New Machine Part 1 8. A Terminal Frost 9. A New Machine Part 2
10. Sorrow 11. The Dogs Of War 12. On The Turning Away


Sigma 120

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