Pink Floyd / Definitive Melbourne 1988 / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Definitive Melbourne 1988 / 2CD / Sigma
National Tennis Centre at Flinders Park, Melbourne, Australia 19th February 1988 STEREO SBD(UPGRADE)

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Pink Floyd 1988 Forgotten Stereo SBD Masterpiece Source Finally Comes to Sigma Title !!!
The best source of freshness transferred directly from the original master cassette is the latest remastered, and it is beaten with the ultra-high-quality sound of the official board class !!

The new Gilmore Floyd, who launched World Tour from September 9, 87, in conjunction with the release date (September 8) of the album “Utsuku” It would be no exaggeration to say that 1988 had been passionate about music. Some top-class stereo SBD recordings remain in the recordings from spring to autumn in 1988, even if you try to understand the history of Floyd by informal sound source, and tell the present with a sound that does not fade away the heat and excitement of those days is. Among them, giant head sounds such as “DELICATE SOUND IN NEW YORK (Sigma 95)”, “DEFINITIVE LILLE 1988 (Sigma 122)” and “NASSAU COLISEUM 1988 (Sigma 120)” come to mind. Another polar star title to arrange was a stereo SBD source “LAPSE OF MEMORY (Sirene-080)”. This title, which appeared on the Sirene label in September 2005, is a stereo SBD directly transferred from the original master cassette, and at that time it had each already generated sound source that was just an analogy outflow cassette and bootleg sound quality. It is a rare standout board that has been swept away.

But why is such a gem source buried in the age as it is? It is probably because this recording was stereo SBD, but there were two cuts in the song due to the tape change, and two encore songs were also unrecorded. However, as mentioned above, the sound quality is super-super class that aligns the shoulders to the 3 major sound sources that represent 88 years, and with regard to stereo feeling, it actually boasts the brilliance that this recording is the peak of the 88 years recording, and the floyd of those days It is the one and only source of the strongest that can convey to the present in the best form the musical multi-layered structure released in the actual staging. Therefore, this time the Sigma label used this “LAPSE OF MEMORY (* from now on“ old board · old Sirene board ”)” to thoroughly scrutinize the original cassette master that gave the impact to the fans all over the world. We brought back to life this source that was left behind in “the world without time” by raising the brilliance of the high-quality master raw sound to the extreme point level by polishing it anew. In addition, the large analog noise present at 3:37 of “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”, which could be said to be the only drawback of the old Sirene board, is completely eliminated. All existing scenes have been transformed into direct and sharp sound from the old film, and it has been accomplished as a masterpiece stereo SBD with the perfection and punch of the official sound that can be said to be one of the Sigma titles !!!

“Shine On You Crazy Diamond” that comes up with overwhelming vividness and punch power when you start the disc. This introduction scene should be able to understand how this is an extraordinary recording. As mentioned above, you can see that the large noise that existed near 3:37 on the old Sirene board is completely eliminated by the remaster, and the 6:03 noise is also greatly reduced. “Signs Of Life” shows a striking upper feeling with separation of SE sound that is watering and SE sound coming out around it, and the thin melody of the synthesizers corresponding to it and the fingernails of the guitar are approaching the best sound image in the past You “Learning To Fly” also appears in a three-dimensional sense of separation of the ensemble is outstanding, and it should be able to grasp with more certainty what kind of sound hierarchy this music is assembled. The sense of separation and depth of the chorus part is also a phenomenal resolution, and Gilmore’s MC, which comes after the end of the song, is such that he can see the pale breath and tongue movement he is singing. In “Yet Another Movie,” the resolution of the delay applied to Gilmore’s vocals (※ picking up a very pale sound that fades away) and the thick, dynamic mid-bass range with crystal clear sound image Even so, even with “Sorrow”, it is a feeling that creating a rich harmony in the low range makes you feel the taste of being unleashed free from the master raw sound. “The Dogs Of War” also has a rich texture that enhances the tone of the saxophone that appears from the middle stage with a rich texture, and you will be deprived of remastering effects that only the energy of the tone is being drawn without losing sharpness. And as for “On The Turning Away”, the super-class sound that can realize the leaping power of the intelligence that the performance of this day has even stronger comes out full of stereo impression. This is also a very familiar aspect of the size of the master raw sound container.

In “One Of These Days”, the diffusion of the echo that is lightly applied to the base has become more vivid, and the sound image has become able to enjoy the original depth of the original sound. If you listen to this, you will have to admit that the transfer done with the equipment 14 years ago was sweet of stuffing. It is well understood that “Time”, the sense of separation of the female chorus coming out around a thick ensemble with a certain center of the sound image and the fine drum batting of the rhythm keep is another dimension of sharpness. “Welcome To The Machine”, on the other hand, was an excellent sound image even on the old board, but this work has the transparency and massive sound potential with a ring on it. The delay for “Us And Them” also appears on Gilmore’s vocals as the closest sound of the original master sound, and the state where he sings at a position away from the microphone during the interlude also makes the latest edition more and more clearer . “Money” has a cut due to a tape change at the end of the music as well as the old version (※ “Another Brick … Part 2” is also cut off due to the effect). This is a scene that can not be helped because the master recording has become like this, but it will be a topic that the latest remasters have a wonderful listening response to the scenes other than the cut point. In particular, the loss of sound has been improved by the cutting of the guitar by “Another Brick … Part 2” and the timbre has become much more vivid, and the attack feeling of the bass that uses a lot of slaps adds to the beauty of the core The charm of the raw sound that was exposed is coming out. “Comforably Numb” is also close to the ear with outstanding stereo delay with vocals, and the rustic harmony by Gilmore and Sir Rachel breathes with an increasingly attractive sound image. The appearance that the ensemble becomes a wall of thick sound with a guitar solo at the end of the music is also a distinctive mariage feeling by the original sound and the latest remaster, and there is no doubt that the sound is euphoric.

This work is a stereo SBD board that is sure to enjoy the sound quality of the 1988 “Depression” tour with the unique sense of color and floating feeling with the highest quality, and still enjoy it for a long time, but it can be said that it is 88 years of Floyd One more thing, I think that there will be a lot of people who are nostalgic and remember memories of the re-visit performances that were realized in 16 years after the beginning of March. Actually, this Australia-Melbourne performance to be heard in this work was only two weeks before that 88-year Japan performance, and this Australia tour was the same eight consecutive performances as the Japan tour. In other words, the performance with the energy and the sense of scale at the same time of the visit to Japan at that time is recorded in the amazing super stereo SBD here, and there is no spilled SBD source in the Japan performance in 1988 It is a mere piece that we can have a special close feeling for our Japanese fans. Please confirm Melbourne stereo SBD of the same time as Japanese performances which had disappeared for a long time from the informal sound source scene, the only remaining in the spring of 1988, and special super-special grade stereo sound among all 88 sound source !!!


アルバム『鬱』の発売日(9月8日)に併せて前年度87年9月9日よりワールド・ツアーを始動させていた新生ギルモア・フロイドですが、その大成功の波に乗り一際輝く音楽的な熱気を放っていたのが1988年と言っても過言ではないでしょう。非公式音源によるフロイドの歴史を紐解いてみてもそんな88年春~秋にかけての録音にはトップクラスのステレオSBD録音が幾つか残っており、当時の熱気と興奮を全く色褪せないサウンドで現在に語り継いでいます。中でも際立つのが『DELICATE SOUND IN NEW YORK (Sigma 95)』や『DEFINITIVE LILLE 1988 (Sigma 122)』『NASSAU COLISEUM 1988 (Sigma 120)』といった巨頭音源が思い浮かびますが、それら巨頭3音源に肩を並べるもう一つの極星タイトルだったのが『LAPSE OF MEMORY (Sirene-080)』というステレオSBDソースでした。2005年9月にSireneレーベルより登場したこのタイトルは大元のマスターカセットからダイレクト・トランスファーしたステレオSBDで、当時それまでいかにもアナログ然とした流出カセット・ブートレッグ的な音質ばかりの各既発音源を一掃した稀代の傑出盤です。

でもそんな逸品ソースが何故そのまま時代に埋もれてしまったのか。それは恐らくこの録音がステレオSBDながらもテープ・チェンジによる曲中のカットが2箇所あり、またアンコール2曲も未収録だった為でしょう。しかし前述の通りその音質は88年を代表する巨頭3音源に肩を並べる超極上クラス、しかもステレオ感に関しては実はこの録音こそが88年録音の頂点と言える輝きを誇っており、当時のフロイドが実際のステージングで放った音楽的多層構造を最良の姿で現在に伝えてくれる唯一無二の最強ソースなのです。そこでこの度Sigmaレーベルはこの『LAPSE OF MEMORY (※以降 ” 旧盤・旧Sirene盤 “とします)』に使用して世界中のファンに衝撃を与えた大元のカセット・マスターを全面的に精査して新たに磨き直し、ただでさえ質の高かったマスター原音の輝きを極点レベルまで引き上げる事で” 時のない世界 “に置き去りにされていたこのソースに再び生命を吹き込みました。加えて旧Sirene盤唯一の欠点とも言えた「Shine On You Crazy Diamond」の、3:37に存在した大きいアナログノイズも完全に除去。現存する全てのシーンが旧作盤よりダイレクトかつメリハリのある音に変貌し、Sigmaタイトルとしても屈指と言える公式級の音の完成度とパンチを備えた傑作ステレオSBDとして甦ったのです!!!

ディスクスタートすると圧倒的な鮮やかさとパンチ力で立ち上がってくる「Shine On You Crazy Diamond」。この導入シーンだけでこれがいかに非凡な録音であるかが分かる筈です。前述の通り旧Sirene盤の3:37付近に存在していた大き目のノイズもリマスターによって完全に駆除され、6:03のノイズも大幅に軽減されているのが確認出来るでしょう。「Signs Of Life」は水を漕いでいるSE音とその周囲で出ているSE音の分離が鮮烈なアッパー感を見せ、ギターの爪弾きとそれに呼応するシンセサイザーの淡い旋律も過去最高の音像で迫ります。「Learning To Fly」もアンサンブルの分離感が抜群の立体的で現われており、この曲がどんな音の階層構造によって組み上がっているのかが一層確かな実感で掴める筈です。コーラスパートの分離感と奥行きも驚異的な解像度ですし、終曲後に入るギルモアのMCも彼が喋っている淡い息遣いや舌の動きが見える程です。「Yet Another Movie」ではギルモアのボーカルに掛けられたディレイの解像度(※ 消えてゆくかなり淡い音まで拾っている)や、肉厚でダイナミックな中~低音域がクリスタル・クリアの音像で聳え立っていますし、「Sorrow」にしても低音域で実り豊かなハーモニーを創出している様子がマスター原音から生々しく解き放たれる醍醐味をお感じになる筈です。「The Dogs Of War」も中盤から登場するサックスのメリハリの付いた音色が質感豊かに向上、鋭さを損なう事無く音色のエネルギーだけが引き出されているリマスター効果に耳を奪われる筈です。そして「On The Turning Away」に至ってはこの日のパフォーマンスが持つ知性の跳躍力を一層強く実感出来る超級サウンドがステレオ感満点で溢れ出てきます。ここはまさにマスター原音の器の大きさを窺い知れる一面でもありましょう。

「One Of These Days」はベースに淡く掛かるエコーの拡散が更に鮮やかになり、音像も原音本来の奥行きが堪能出来る様になりました。これを聴くと14年前の機材で行ったトランスファーでは詰めの甘さがあったと認めざるを得ません。それがよく分かるのが「Time」で、音像中央にドンとある分厚いアンサンブルの周囲に出てくる女性コーラスやリズムキープの微細なドラム打音の分離感が別次元の鮮明さなのです。一方「Welcome To The Machine」は旧盤でも見事な音像でしたが、本作はそれに輪を掛けた透明感と量感豊かなサウンド・ポテンシャルを備えました。「Us And Them」もギルモアのボーカルに掛かったディレイがマスター原音本来の至近音で現出、間奏中に彼がマイクから離れた位置で掛け声を放つ様子もこの最新盤はますます鮮明に浮き上がります。「Money」は旧盤同様に楽曲終盤でテープ・チェンジによるカットが存在(※ その影響で「Another Brick…Part 2」も頭切れ)しています。これはもうマスター収録がこうなっているため仕方の無いシーンなのですが、しかし最新リマスターによってそのカットポイント以外の演奏シーンが驚異の聴き応えを持った事はトピックでしょう。特に「Another Brick…Part 2」のギター・カッティングで音の抜けが向上して音色が格段に鮮やかになったこと、そしてスラップを多用するベースのアタック感が麗しさを増し、音の芯が剥き出しになった原音の魅力が出ているのです。「Comfortably Numb」もボーカルに掛かったディレイが傑出したステレオで耳に迫り、ギルモアとレイチェル嬢による素朴なハーモニーがますます魅力的な音像で息衝いています。楽曲終盤でギター・ソロを中央にアンサンブルが肉厚な音の壁となってゆく姿も原音と最新リマスターによる格別のマリアージュ感が出ており、その響きに陶酔されること間違い無しです。



Disc 1(65:06)
1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
2. Signs Of Life
3. Learning To Fly
4. Yet Another Movie
5. A New Machine Part 1
6. Terminal Frost
7. A New Machine Part 2
8. Sorrow
9. The Dogs Of War
10. On The Turning Away

Disc 2(63:08)
1. One Of These Days
2. Time
3. On The Run
4. Wish You Were Here
5. Welcome To The Machine
6. Us And Them
7. Money
8. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2
9. Comfortably Numb


Sigma 231

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