Pink Floyd / Dortmund 1981 6th Night / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Dortmund 1981 6th Night / 2CD / Sigma

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Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany 18th February 1981


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Just ’35 Eyes “Dortmund Week” falls this week is yet another title, the performance of a different date is revived in a press machine using the new master !!

The title is the same February 18, 81, intended to hit the 6 performances first in Germany Dortmund all eight performances, the Godfather label in its outstanding album “THE SIXTH GERMAN SHOW (GR382 / 383)” and of our Sigma “DORTMUND 1981 is 3RD NIGHT (Sigma 134) “to came with bonus album” DORTMUND TRIAL Remastered Version “performance date was accustomed to listen to the like. If an avid fan, “Oh, there either,” but you might think, has become a recording of the original get the different another new master is this latest edition that appeared this time with them each its outstanding panel , this day is the “Recorder 2” and a new on the 6th sound source also true of so to speak !!

And interesting that in recording by this other master, and has become a rare sound image that almost all there is no person of signs and noisy strange voice around recorder (※ assertive, but you can not, for example, different from the audience of the general, such as VIP seats you might record a had put the recorder in position), this is probably the unusual sound image, even all of tHE WALL in the sound source. But mean the fact that there is almost no people of sign around is also true with the music and the more innovative source that can focus on the music, a Tansei this recording is that apart from the sound drifts hustle and bustle feeling was listen in each of its outstanding panel ever Only listening comfort it has become the largest ad Vantage. For this reason this work is also inelegant of equalization is not at all, I have been kept only in the removal and strict pitch adjustment of analog noise was slightly generated at the time of reproduction, the new master Yuku closing in on playing in perspective minus one step genuine sound is turned finish that does not betray the charm you’ll expect to Perfect!

The only, only MC speech by Willi Tomczyk at the beginning we are compensated from its outstanding panel up to 1 minute 34 seconds (※ in the new master of this work used is because that had been lost just this part), without discomfort by courteous treatment tethered ahead is the flood of the upper sound by the new master until the disk end. “In The Flesh?”, But will change suddenly sound image in the early stages of the 00 minutes and 10 seconds (recording’s in too much of the roar ※ has changed the position of the orientation or recorder of the microphone?), But then also playing is heard firm cage, I think that is picking up the clean up complaints in a stable sound image can be seen. “A nother Brick … Part 1 ~ 2” also flows through the transparency of the height to hear pat until the slender sound of the charm, and “The Happiest Days …” the way from conspicuous coming of the musical movement of the regulation growing strength (※ and cast and beautiful tone of creativity in the road was the sound of guitar and organ solo, which is largely closed from the middle of the “Part 2”) is, the sound image that was accustomed to hear in each of its outstanding panel since it has been assumed that the renewal would be worth checking. “Mother” also rang in the beautiful sound gloss while keeping a good distance degree is middle of the guitar solo, you should able to feel the power of the new master to figure that the linear melody and singing each other dazzlingly interference. It “Goodbye Blue Sky” is a guarantee that the melody line swaying chorus and arpeggio is scorched himself to figure Yuku wrapped in solemn in tone of the organ, “One Of My Turns” is Roger to sudden change in the first half and the second half singing expression is emitted in a completely different stoic sound image and its outstanding sound, the momentum gushing playing increasingly
It offers pleasure in to calm standing position. Also precisely because these serene sound image at the same time, is a translation of “The Last Few Bricks” in Yukeru finely followed the significant sudden expression change pleasure also has more than its outstanding board.

And special topics that can be called this new master maximum is in the beginning disk 2, what with this record “Hey You” is not a cut-in, you have started recording from before the performance begins. That mean that guitar arpeggio at the beginning have been uncut recording from the first sound eyes, this is also in all of THE WALL sound source would say a very rare example. What had happened to turn the recorder, or state recording who does not know such because I knew the flow of the show watched more than once THE WALL performances (※ the second half of the street THE WALL you know that customer power is with suddenly it so start from, usually interval in if you do not know the director, you should have stopped the recorder), any case which also further enhance the new master shock even, also its outstanding board one step even two steps it has become a factor that lead has no doubt like. Of course, outlook good sound are taken over this second half, for example, “Nobody Home” and the beauty of the depth and melody of carved, such as seen in “Vera” expression to come out more and more vivid, “Bring the Boys Back Home “anthem to come out in the first half also polyphonic part shade will appear in a really vivid sound. In addition, “The Show Must Go On” of such charming Kyokuso also is therefore transition and facial expression changes in a variety of sounds picked up until the faint sound Hunt in detail, of the musical agility of “Run Like Hell” high is (※ and tough and dense sound image) it should be again I realized the power of the new master also. “Waiting For The Worms” also will come out in the singing is dense sound agile of music and Roger to move a wide range in the dynamic, this is also figure that explodes on the weight feeling full of “The Trial” comes through the vibration of the floor since it came out with fresh site sound like, I would like I have you attention by all means.

In ’81 Dortmund all eight performances became the beginning of, finally this sixth of playing that has entered the climax, mean that corresponds to the quarter-finals of the fans the most attention in the summer of Koshien Speaking at the national high school baseball tournament, this is I think that can also be likened to a figure that is also toward the vertex = the last day to mentally most painful time to be physically. Easy out blunder more than usual to include, but is merit being questioned, but the figure of everyday achievements and iodine is is a translation glimpse realistic, also in consideration of the performance of this day 6 in such a perspective calm of this new master sound image is probably the perfect. So far it is also very meaningful to consider it in the hustle and bustle of the surrounding as of each its outstanding board of, but this sound image that the focus on to a cold minus one step is facing the music and music, so far it should that will surely enhance the musical amount of information of a new Dortmund sixth day that was not a care in the hustle and bustle. It is similar to the Koshien baseball players who, you may want to say that the figure itself to challenge the music while controlling the music and their own. The new master of the ability that will tell the figure with great sound, this week, please try your pleasure by all means in conjunction with the “DORTMUND 1981 2ND NIGHT (Sigma 152)” of simultaneous release. Just ’35 before just this week carried out which was bravely Symbol, which is also listening to meet large of great performance !!

ジャスト35年目の”ドルトムント・ウィーク “にあたる今週は更にもう1タイトル、別日の同公演が新マスターを使用したプレス盤で甦ります!!

本タイトルは同81年2月18日、ドイツ・ドルトムント全8公演中の6公演目にあたるもので、既発盤ではGodfatherレーベルの『THE SIXTH GERMAN SHOW (GR382/383)』や当Sigmaの『DORTMUND 1981 3RD NIGHT (Sigma 134)』にボーナス盤で付いていた『DORTMUND TRIAL Remastered Version』等でお聴きになれた公演日です。熱心なファンであれば「あー、あれか」と思うかもしれませんが、今回登場するこの最新版はそれら各既発盤とは異なる別の新マスターを独自入手しての収録となっており、言うなればこの日の”Recorder 2″とも言える新たな6日音源なのです!!

しかも興味深い事にこの別マスターによる録音は、レコーダー周辺に人の気配や騒がしい奇声がほぼ全く無いという珍しい音像となっていて(※ 断定は出来ませんが、例えばVIP席など一般の客席とは違う位置にレコーダーを置いた録音なのかもしれません)、これは全てのTHE WALL音源中でも珍しい音像と言えるでしょう。しかし周囲に人の気配が殆ど無いという事は演奏と音楽にそれだけ集中出来る斬新なソースとも言える訳で、本録音はこれまで各既発盤で聴けた喧騒感漂うサウンドとは一線を画す端整な聴き心地こそが最大のアドヴァンテージとなっているのです。このため本作も無粋なイコライズは一切しておらず、再生時に僅かに生じていたアナログノイズの除去と厳密なピッチ調整のみに留めてありますので、一歩引いた視点で演奏に迫ってゆく新マスター純正のサウンドがパーフェクトにお愉しみ戴ける期待を裏切らない仕上がりになっています!

唯一、冒頭のWilli TomczykによるMCスピーチのみ1分34秒まで既発盤から補填していますが(※ 本作使用の新マスターではこの部分だけ失われていた為です)、丁寧なトリートメントによって違和感無く繋がれたその先はディスクエンドまで新マスターによるアッパー・サウンドの洪水です。「In The Flesh?」は序盤の00分10秒で音像が突然変わりますが(※ 余りの轟音に録音者がマイクの向きかレコーダーの位置を変えた?)、しかしその後も演奏はしっかり聴こえており、安定した音像の中で弱音まで綺麗に拾っているのが分かると思います。「A nother Brick…Part 1~2」の流れもか細い音までバッチリ聴こえる透明度の高さが魅力で、「The Happiest Days…」の途中から目立ってくる音楽的な運動性の緩急と強弱の高まり(※そして「Part 2」の中盤から大きくクローズされるギターとオルガン・ソロでの創意に充ちた音の投げ掛けと美麗な音色)は、各既発盤で聴き慣れたサウンド・イメージを一新するものとなっていますので要チェックでしょう。「Mother」も中盤のギターソロが程好い距離を保ちながら麗しい音艶で鳴り響き、その直線的な旋律と歌声が眩く干渉し合う姿に新マスターの実力を感じて戴ける筈です。「Goodbye Blue Sky」はコーラスとアルペジオの揺れる旋律線がオルガンの音色で荘厳に包まれてゆく姿に身を焦がされること請け合いですし、「One Of My Turns」は前半と後半で豹変するロジャーの歌唱表現が既発のサウンドとは全く違うストイックな音像で放たれ、その勢いほとばしる演奏がますま
す冷静な立ち位置で御愉しみ戴けます。また同時にこうした静謐な音像だからこそ、「The Last Few Bricks」で顕著な突発的な表情変化を細かく追ってゆける悦びも既発盤以上に備えている訳です。

そしてこの新マスター最大とも言える特別なトピックがディスク2冒頭にあり、何とこの録音は「Hey You」がカット・インではなく、演奏が始まる前から収録がスタートしているのです。つまり冒頭のギター・アルペジオが第一音目からノーカット収録されている訳で、これは全てのTHE WALL音源でも極めて稀な例と言えるでしょう。たまたま録音機を廻していたのか、それとも録音者がTHE WALL公演を2回以上観てショウの流れを知っていたからなのか分かりませんが(※ 御存知の通りTHE WALLの後半は客電が点いた状態から突然始まりますので、その演出を知らなければインターバル中は通常、録音機を止めている筈です)、いずれにしてもこれもまた新マスターの衝撃を一層高め、既発盤を一歩も二歩もリードする要因となっている事は疑い様がありません。もちろん見通し良好のサウンドはこの後半も引き継がれており、例えば「Nobody Home」や「Vera」で見られる様な表現の彫りの深さと旋律の美しさはますます鮮やかに出てきますし、「Bring The Boys Back Home」前半で出てくるアンセムも多声部の濃淡が実に鮮やかな音で現れます。また「The Show Must Go On」の様なチャーミングな曲想も微弱な音まで拾っているが故に多彩な音色の移り変わりと表情変化が詳細に追え、「Run Like Hell」の音楽的な瞬発力の高さ(※そしてタフで濃密な音像)にも新マスターの実力を改めて実感される筈です。「Waiting For The Worms」も広い音域をダイナミックに動く演奏とロジャーのアジる歌唱が濃密サウンドで出てきますが、これが「The Trial」で重量感一杯に炸裂する姿も床の振動が伝わってくる様な生々しい現場サウンドで出てきますので、是非御注目戴きたいと思います。

81年の幕開けとなったドルトムント全8公演中、いよいよ佳境に入ったこの6回目の演奏は、全国高校野球大会で言えば夏の甲子園でファンが一番注目する準々決勝にあたる訳で、これは体力的にも精神的にも一番辛い時期に頂点=最終日に向かっている姿にも例えられると思います。いつも以上にポカが出易く、それだけに実力が問われ、日頃の成果と素の姿がリアルに垣間見える訳ですが、そんな視点でこの6日目の演奏を考察するにもこの新マスターの冷静な音像はうってつけと言えるでしょう。これまでの各既発盤の様に周囲の喧騒の中でそれを考察する事も非常に有意義ですが、しかし一歩引いて冷徹なまでにその焦点が演奏と音楽に向いているこの音像は、これまで喧騒の中で気付けなかった新たなるドルトムント6日目の音楽的な情報量を確実に高めてくれる筈です。それは甲子園球児たちと同様、演奏と自分達自身をコントロールしながら音楽に挑む姿そのものと言って良いでしょう。その姿を素晴らしいサウンドで伝えてくれる新マスターの実力を、今週は同時リリースの『DORTMUND 1981 2ND NIGHT (Sigma 152)』と併せて是非御愉しみ下さい。ジャスト35年前のまさに今週行われていた奮戦記、どちらも聴き応え大の名演です!!

Disc 1(56:52)
1. MC Intro 2. In The Flesh? 3. The Thin Ice 4. Another Brick In The Wall Part 1
5. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives 6. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 7. Mother
8. Goodbye Blue Sky 9. Empty Spaces 10. What Shall We Do Now? 11. Young Lust
12. One Of My Turns 13. Don’t Leave Me Now 14. Another Brick In The Wall Part 3
15. The Last Few Bricks 16. Goodbye Cruel World

Disc 2(54:01)
1. Hey You 2. Is There Anybody Out There? 3. Nobody Home 4. Vera 5. Bring The Boys Back Home
6. Comfortably Numb 7. The Show Must Go On 8. MC Intro 9. In The Flesh 10. Run Like Hell
11. Waiting For The Worms 12. Stop 13. The Trial 14. Outside The Wall

Sigma 153

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