Pink Floyd / Dortmund 1981 3rd Night / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Dortmund 1981 3rd Night / 2CD / Sigma

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Live at Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany 15th February 1981



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Documentary film sound source of Floyd treasured to commemorate the 30th anniversary !! album is the first appearance “ROGER WATERS: THE WALL” is Although it is something a lot of topics, such as still being published “THE WALL”, even in the boot leg this week surprise of THE WALL first appearance and new sound source will appeared awaited! This is immediately after the start of the second year THE WALL tour, Germany in 1981 is carried out eight consecutive performances until February 13 to 20 in Dorutomondo This is the third day in the performance was. I think this date only an avid enthusiasts are surprised, but sound source of never-rare day it is released in a commercial boot leg performances in the past of this day. In rare master that is not nearly all floating around even among collectors, moreover it is has become a rare even among core traders master Quality version. And to is of course the best record take of this performance, we do not floating around also all in the net, but it also does not have unreasonable. After all this sound source is from the renowned collector’s local Germany, which is also the performance areas of this title, because treasured source of ordinary Sigma is uniquely available !!

THE WALL tour then you come out a few performances a fine of 1980, ’81 also June performances became the 2nd leg (※ 13 日 ~ 17th) but has decent number is released, February Why title less from Dorutomondo performances that were carried out in a continuous 8 days, it is alone with you release the February 20 on the label launched initial from those Sigma (final day) was perfect recording “WESTPHALIAN WALL (Sigma 17)” . Sisters also from the label of Sirene and Windmill “DORTMUND TRIAL (Windmill 022 / ※ February 18)” and “OUT OF YOUR DEPTH (Sirene-137 / ※ February 19),” only about does not come out. Soredakeni this work to a new appearance this time not only become a new clue that Semareru the state immediately after ’81 THE WALL start, it will be said that precious title that you can experience the excitement and the unknown of discovery!

But the sound quality? Please rest assured. This is holding the other master direct specific resolution and quality, and I have become best audience recording of high level. I wrote to a commercial boot leg is not out of this day at the beginning, that you used a different source from the present work is between the trader (you have ※ only boot leg sound source. Later “Recorder 1”) is prima facie existence doing. But this work boasts a superior sound quality of high-level not be compared with the Recorder 1, closeness and the punching power of sound output, of course, sound full of breadth and clarity of the range is and what everyone can agree now it has. But there is only one drawback, in the second half of the show by a deficiency of the tape as “until the beginning of the middle ~ Vera of Nobody home”, has occurred, “Waiting for the worms” missing a 3-minute stand in about 10 seconds sound of I. But it is subjected to carefully remastered compensation and treatments using high-end equipment from the Recorder 1 described above with respect to this part, making it the flow of play in routing through listening to an inch even in non-stop without stop. Although the lack of sound in only a superior master material is a pity, but this day performance of which thereby becomes a boot leg first appearance all will it be noted big that revived the original performance of the day. Also this treasured source was recorded pat from before curtain hall MC not only the sound quality is very excellent, and also combines nice feature that has almost no jarring cheers and bustle around the recorder, somewhere Japan tour ( ※ Of course that fact to the Yorisoeru to carefully performance sound like a but) was not also will be noted. Exactly what’s going on with the appropriate THE WALL to Sigma’s first appearance, the world’s first CD of !!

For example, “In The Flesh?” Is of course explodes sound and vocal line of Pyro, a closeness and of fighters roar of sound output of each instrument has been picked up by the sound of the strong force, the best from the ride to the spectacular feeling of the show making it the experience can be opening in value. The turn to “The Thin Ice” in a wider field of view of good sound to feel the depth, you will able to to feel the height of the quality of the master sound unique to the breadth of the range. Also here is a good sound is also a rarity of the omission of midrange. “Another Brick … Part 1” in the vocals and guitar of movement, and children of buzz that do not hear much in the other THE WALL titles and the like are also picking up firmly, is the point of can feel a more definite contours and look to play . This is “Part 2” is similar, that in the “Part 1” even stands out motility of different song with the progression of complaints are properly recorded is a joy to touch the sharp performance power of featured play-by-play recording unique your I would feel able. “Mother” is the surroundings and the venue is quiet reach the ear straight is the serene power of expression, it is superb music experience can enjoy one-act. There are also wonderful goodness of the cutting of the guitar cry and rhythm that fall in the middle, but is characterized by hear well also chirping of birds that covers at the finale part, jarring the conversation Ya to the recorder and around the venue in these quiet songs hustle and bustle, it is a surprise is not getting yellow cheers all (※ Although thing common to us is of Japanese, such a scene would be unusual in performances overseas. is exactly like the Japan tour). This is followed by “Goodbye Blue Sky” and “Empty Spaces” is similar, I venue is how is Mai and listened one sound also miss if silent has been captured perfectly, but this by playing on this day The approaching until the close of the hearing hand, it should who can taste the unprecedented listening meet and finish. “Young Lust” is brilliantly catch the sound of the guitar, which spread to the midrange, and the looming to the ear in fastball from singing even close position of Gilmore approaching energetic has become a charm. On the other hand, “Do not Leave Me Now” is the rise in the effective SE and Roger blend a sense of vivid sound with live singing sound of breath, trembling out in contrast with the scene and the amorous first half scene that violently turn from the middle would. Also “The Last Few Bricks” in guitar If you are caught in Katsuaki how the Yuku wriggling creepy, has become a good scene that the video evoked force Floyd emitted is felt strongly.

“Hey You” at the beginning, but is the cut-in of off slightly, this is because in, this is not how many THE WALL sound source as well it was suddenly begin show consists of a state with well-known as customer electricity It will place. But the recording sound with no discomfort to the presence of the disk 1 as well space, has become a close in the beautiful superb sound. “Nobody home” and with respect to the lack of musical tone that exists in “Vera” Although it is as I wrote at the beginning sentence, remastered sound image of the Recorder 1, which aimed at the improvement in sound quality of the compensation portion is not disparages this time treasured new source of never it can be to think that you can see serving no, it should give us a vivid representation force big impression of Roger like spit out the air is sucked up the magnetic field of the land. “Comforta
bly Numb “has become a highlight of the second half of the show, singing and guitar of one sound one sound of Gilmore customers are possible to charm you to fully excitement that slide into flight from the high depth of transparency. Sound that combines transparency and denseness from the onset of the song is fully open, certainly please experience the surprise that the size of the music scale intensity was taken widely comes through up close. In addition, “The Show Must Go On” in to harmony and base quietly melt together harmony with Roger specific hook sense of chorus is reported in great sound, “In The Flesh” in there tend to mediocre audience recording rather than a mass of rugged sound, it would also be worth watching that has become a sound that is stickiness in refined picked up firm also chord decoration by the piano. “Run Like Hell” in has occurred clapping from within the venue to the rhythm, but this is also somewhere one-act feel the Japan Tour-ish impression. Cut good that guitar sound also has become up close, by percussive drum are also clean record, I think will you feel any unpleasant high dynamic sense of strong in quality. Are amazed to “The Trial” In point that out without collapse uplifting feeling of bass that playing shoot at all, but in the scene in which the wall will collapse and is picked up perfectly and vibration roar that amazed the audience at the venue , rather than a live sound source anymore it is road in vivid, such as commentary documentary recording.

Or “THE WALL none same of Nante title of” I do not think like? If indeed the sound is a good enough, you’ll feel as resembling also play from the details of the performance is painful to understand. But Floyd This Sigma of THE WALL title professional staff who are provided with the high ideals and hurdle in sound quality and performance content of is different. Back title who combines carefully selected sound quality and performance contents to has earned the any high evaluation, therefore this work that appeared side by side them and shoulder this time, that is also sound attack of THE WALL was full of new discoveries We thought the staff off all means want to received your experience. Different from the large attention has been = title a large number of ’80, the book of the sense of stability and dynamic of further increases were in ’81
And to a topic that is a not be overlooked point is c, this THE WALL which is revived in treasured master direct than anything, “In The Flesh?” Rather than a question type, such as “In The Flesh !!!” called and vivid excitement it’s the press platen to us reliably deliver the excitement!

フロイド秘蔵の音源が初登場です!! アルバム発売30周年を記念するドキュメンタリー・フィルム『ROGER WATERS: THE WALL』が公開されるなど現在でも何かと話題の多い『THE WALL』ですが、今週はブートレッグでも驚きのTHE WALL初登場・新音源が満を持して登場致します! これはTHE WALLツアー2年目の開始直後、1981年ドイツはドルトモンドで2月13日~20日まで連続8公演行われた公演の中の3日目です。この日付だけで熱心なマニアは驚かれると思いますが、この日の公演は過去に商用ブートレッグではリリースされたことのないレア日の音源。コレクター間でもほぼ全く出回っていないレアマスターで、そのうえコアなトレーダー間でも珍しいマスター・クオリティ・ヴァージョンとなっているのです。当然ながら本公演のベストな録音テイクですし、ネットにも一切出回っておりませんが、それも無理ありません。何しろこの音源は本タイトルの公演地でもある地元ドイツの高名なコレクター氏から、当Sigmaが独自に入手した秘蔵音源だからです!!

THE WALLツアーは1980年の公演は結構な数が出ていますし、81年も2ndレグとなった6月公演(※13日~17日)はそこそこの数がリリースされていますが、2月に8日間連続で行われたドルトモンド公演からは何故かタイトルが少なく、当Sigmaからもレーベル発足初期に2月20日(最終日)をパーフェクト収録した『WESTPHALIAN WALL (Sigma 17)』をリリースしたきりです。姉妹レーベルのSireneとWindmillからも『DORTMUND TRIAL (Windmill 022 / ※2月18日)』と『OUT OF YOUR DEPTH (Sirene-137 / ※2月19日)』程度しか出ていません。それだけに今回新登場する本作は81年THE WALL開始直後の様子に迫れる新たな手掛かりとなるだけでなく、未知の発見と興奮を体験出来る貴重なタイトルと言えるでしょう!

しかしその音質は? 御安心下さい。これがもうマスター・ダイレクト特有の解像度とクオリティを保持した、ハイレベルの極上オーディエンス録音となっているのです。冒頭でこの日の商用ブートレッグは出ていないと書きましたが、トレーダー間では本作とは別のソースを使用したもの(※未ブートレッグ音源。以降” Recorder 1 “とします)が一応存在しています。しかし本作はそのRecorder 1とは比べ物にならないハイレベルの優良音質を誇っており、出音の近さとパンチ力は勿論のこと、音域の広さと透明感溢れるサウンドは誰もが納得出来るものとなっています。ただ一つだけ欠点があり、テープの欠損によってショウ後半の「Nobody homeの途中~Veraの冒頭まで」 と、「Waiting for the worms」の3分台で約10秒間ほど音の欠落が生じているのです。しかしこの部分に関しては前述のRecorder 1からハイエンド機材を使用して丁寧にリマスター補填とトリートメントを施し、演奏の流れを寸分も止める事なくノンストップで聴き通せるようになっています。優れたマスター素材なだけに音の欠落は残念ですが、しかしこれによってブートレッグ初登場となるこの日の演奏は全てこの日のオリジナル演奏で蘇っている事は大きく特筆されるでしょう。また開演前の場内MCからバッチリ収録されたこの秘蔵ソースは音質が大変優れているだけでなく、録音機周辺に耳障りな歓声や喧騒がほぼ皆無という嬉しい特徴も併せ持っており、どこか日本公演(※もちろん実際にはありませんでしたが)の様にじっくりと演奏音に寄り添える事も特筆されるでしょう。まさにSigma初登場・世界初CD化に相応しいTHE WALLとなっているのです!!

例えば「In The Flesh?」はパイロの炸裂音やボーカルラインは勿論のこと、各楽器の出音の近さや戦闘機の轟音をド迫力のサウンドで拾っており、ショウのスペクタクル感をのっけから最高値で体験出来るオープニングとなっています。一転して「The Thin Ice」では奥行きを感じさせる視界良好の音が広がり、音域の幅広さにマスターサウンドならではの質の高さを感じ取って戴けるでしょう。またここは中音域の抜けの良いサウンドも絶品です。「Another Brick…Part 1」ではボーカルとギターの動き、そして他のTHE WALLタイトルではあまり聴こえない子供のざわめき等もしっかり拾っており、演奏に一層確かな輪郭と表情を感じ取れるのがポイントです。これは「Part 2」も同様で、弱音の進行がきちんと録れている事で「Part 1」とは違う曲の運動性が一層際立ち、秀逸な実況録音ならではの鋭い演奏力に触れる歓びを御実感戴けると思います。「Mother」は周囲や会場が静かなのでその静謐な表現力がストレートに耳に届き、極上の音楽体験が満喫出来る一幕です。中盤で入るギターの泣きやリズムの切れの良さも素晴らしいものがあり、終曲部で被さる鳥のさえずりもよく聴こえるのが特徴ですが、こうした静かな曲で録音機周辺や会場内に耳障りな会話や喧騒、黄色い歓声が一切入らないのは驚きです(※日本人の我々には普通の事ですが、海外の公演でこうしたシーンは異例でしょう。まさに日本公演の様です)。これはその後の「Goodbye Blue Sky」と「Empty Spaces」も同様で、会場が静まり返って一音も逃すまいと聴き入っている様子が完璧に捉えられているのですが、これによってこの日の演奏が聴き手の間近まで迫り、かつてない聴き応えと余韻を味わって戴ける筈です。「Young Lust」は中音域に広がるギターの響きを見事にキャッチしており、エネルギッシュに迫るギルモアの歌唱も近い位置から直球で耳元に迫ってくるのが魅力となっています。一方「Don’t Leave Me Now」は吐息の効果的なSEとロジャーの生歌の響きによるブレンド感が生々しいサウンドで立ち上り、途中から激しく一転するシーンと艶かしい前半シーンとのコントラストに打ち震えるでしょう。また「The Last Few Bricks」ではギターが不気味に蠢いてゆく様子を克明に捉えていて、フロイドが発する映像喚起力が強く感じられる好シーンとなっています。

「Hey You」は冒頭が僅かに切れてのカットインですが、これは周知の通り客電が点いた状態で突然始まるショウ構成だった為で、多くのTHE WALL音源同様にこれは仕方が無いところでしょう。でもその収録音はディスク1同様に空間のプレゼンスに違和感のない、間近で麗しい極上サウンドとなっています。「Nobody home」と「Vera」に存在する楽音の欠落に関しては文章冒頭で書いた通りですが、その補填部分の音質向上を図ったRecorder 1のリマスター音像が今回の秘蔵新ソースを決して貶めていない事がお分かり戴けると思いますし、土地の磁場を吸い上げて空気を吐き出す様なロジャーの生々しい表現力も大きな感銘を与えてくれる筈です。「Comforta
bly Numb」はショウ後半のハイライトとなっており、ギルモアの歌唱やギターの一音一音が透明度の高い奥行きの中から飛翔してゆく興奮を存分にお愉しみ戴けます。曲の出だしから透明さと緻密さを兼ね備えたサウンドが全開で、強弱が幅広く取られた楽曲スケールの大きさが間近で伝わってくる驚きを是非御体験下さい。また「The Show Must Go On」ではコーラス隊の和声とロジャー特有のフック感のあるベースが静かに溶け合うハーモニーが素晴らしいサウンドで報告されますし、「In The Flesh」では凡庸なオーディエンス録音にありがちなゴツゴツした音の塊ではなく、ピアノによる和音装飾もしっかり拾った精緻で粘りあるサウンドとなっている事も要注目でしょう。「Run Like Hell」ではリズムに合わせて会場中から手拍子が起こっていますが、これもどこか日本公演っぽい印象を感じる一幕です。切れの良いあのギターサウンドも間近で鳴っており、パーカッシヴなドラムも綺麗に録れている事で、力強くて質の高い躍動感を嫌でもお感じになると思います。「The Trial」では演奏が放つ低音域の躍動感が全く潰れずに出ている点に驚かされますが、壁が崩壊するシーンでは会場で観客を驚嘆させた轟音と振動を完璧に拾っており、もはやライブ音源というよりは実況ドキュメンタリー録音といった生々しさで充ちています。

” THE WALLのタイトルなんてどれも同じさ “などと思っていませんか? 確かに音がイマイチであれば、演奏の細部が判り辛いですから演奏も似ている様に感じるでしょう。しかしフロイドの専門スタッフ達が音質と演奏内容に高い理想とハードルを設けている当SigmaのTHE WALLタイトルは違います。厳選された音質と演奏内容を兼ね備えたバックタイトル達はどれも高い評価を得てきましたし、それゆえに今回それらと肩を並べて登場する本作、すなわち新しい発見に充ちたTHE WALLのサウンドアタックも是非御体験戴きたいとスタッフ一同切に思っております。大注目された=タイトル数の多い80年とは違う、安定感とダイナミックさが更に増した81年のショ
ウである点も見逃せないトピックですし、何よりも秘蔵のマスター・ダイレクトで蘇ったこのTHE WALLは、” In The Flesh ? “といった疑問形ではなく” In The Flesh!!! “という鮮烈な興奮と感動を確実に届けてくれるプレス盤なのです!

Disc 1(55:12)
1. MC Intro 2. In The Flesh? 3. The Thin Ice 4. Another Brick In The Wall Part 1
5. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives 6. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 7. Mother
8. Goodbye Blue Sky 9. Empty Spaces 10. What Shall We Do Now? 11. Young Lust
12. One Of My Turns 13. Don’t Leave Me Now 14. Another Brick In The Wall Part 3
15. The Last Few Bricks 16. Goodbye Cruel World

Disc 2(53:41)
1. Hey You 2. Is There Anybody Out There? 3. Nobody Home 4. Vera 5. Bring The Boys Back Home
6. Comfortably Numb 7. The Show Must Go On 8. MC Intro 9. In The Flesh 10. Run Like Hell
11. Waiting For The Worms 12. Stop 13. The Trial 14. Outside The Wall

Sigma 134

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