Pink Floyd / Dortmund 1981 2nd Night / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Dortmund 1981 2nd Night / 2CD / Sigma

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Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany 14th February 1981


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Just ’35 before just this week, or would have been what Where are you in. And it has Pink Floyd …?

So, that speaking 35 years ago, in 1981 “THE WALL” year in which performance has entered the second year. That became the dawn is just this week 35 years ago, was the Germany of Dortmund performances that have been made in the eight consecutive times over the 13 to 20 February 1981. Name playing “DORTMUND 1981 3RD NIGHT (Sigma 134)” also from Sigma label last year the familiar sound of the eight performances in it that lined every day and “DORTMUND 1981 5TH NIGHT (Sigma 140)”, and the like, especially on the decision panel of appeared, was Furimaki a big shock to the fans as the target work unleashing a great performance in the best sound quality. Such “Dortmund Week” this week after just ’35 should say also is revived in the Upper sound full of performances clarity of the new two-day, 14 February !!

The Feb. 14 performance is past from Zeus label out had fans familiar “TEAR DOWN THE WALL 1981 (Z901001 / 2)” exists, this work is it another superlative 1st Gen source it uses (※ sound image than Zeus board is delicate sound edgy in bright). Actually, this source is there that it has been used only once in the title that came out in our shop gift board in February 2012, “2ND NIGHT IN DORTMUND”, this core Floyd collector of the original tape Europe living There again new transfer from scratch for Sigma, and finished with its own excellent upper version that is thoroughly remastered polish finely on a scene-by-scene basis. That’s mean that this work but, surprised above all in the finish, which is the renewal, originally this source is also excellent freshness in the high-quality sound seems to recent years of outflow, the location is Gong in good position as it is easy to grasp the entire sound exerts was I was equalized feeling none of the good record, has increased its own crystal-clear shine by re-master this time further, reverberation of the Standing styles and tone of the sound vibration is more and more lost each its outstanding I board has revived in about the finish would not end the role that has been played. Moreover, as described above because this recording is not little known to the scene in order to not only use the gift board in 2012, a lot of people a surprise and “whether this good master was still asleep!” There is no difference to be in the new !!

For example, those who were familiar with the Zeus board is if you listen to this, “In The Flesh”, you should it become immediately noticed a that is equipped with a sharp cutting and weight sense of uneven in sound. People who’ve listened to Sundehatsu gift board also, will natural sound image to keep the extent good sense of distance is realize has become further easier to listen to by remastered. “The Thin Ice” has also been improved with a jerk is clearly feeling than each already Hatsuban, musical drifting in a quiet image question you have transmitted to the Shimiiru like. “Another Brick … Part 1 ~ 2” of the flow is also sound performance sound shiny coming out in front about half a step is in the ear, thick and hard sound of the guitar of reverberation or bass that took in Part 1 light delay There guests pleasure in the vivid figure than ever before. Part 2 is also component of the low frequency range is increased, then we come out clearly outline is more of gutters also the sound of fusion feel and sound of children’s chorus and the performance sound that enters in the middle, percussive representation of the drum for more than its outstanding sound entered the slapping sound will come popping out of the core. “Mother” is the one song that you are able to re-check the depth of how much of the clarity and range by this remastered has increased. This You can see clearly the perspective of representation in comparison with the dynamic performance of the middle and the quiet part of the first half, “Goodbye Blue Sky” is also dense mental representation is highest in the past lush sound image we alive in. In addition, “What Shall We Do Now” also far from listening tough rise of, will thick sound is also surprised by the high-resolution bass sound Yukeru progress of the drums and bass are chasing not collapse completely. “Young Lust” is also to come out very vividly the tone contrast of the guitar to enter as a powerful bass and accents, disturbing Kyokuso from “One Of My Turns” gradually change the “Another Brick … Part how the 3 “Yuku is shaped also, I think that you can take to grasp the musical essence further in high sound quality.

“Hey You” is invitation only to the state also vividly, further excited the hand to listen to documentary lead to cross the dense of the suddenly recording resume rush and play sound, but is a cut-in is equipped with a good sound quality you. To “Is There Anybody Out There?” Is also in good distance degree arpeggio will not convey vividly the sound of the site, “Nobody Home” is of as it is a figure that extends straight from the singing and the stadium, such as wrap of Roger us to deliver to the ear in the figure. “Comfortably Numb” is appeared in the scene even more vivid sound image that vocal in the early stages is switched to Gilmore, guitar solo also comes out in the very near Upper sound. Also woman chorus can be confirmed in the clear the figure to more than already issued board, so you’ll able to bite more deeply the spread and the musical intonation feeling in singing surface. Finale will enter once cut to “after” Although the impact of the next “The Show Must Go On” without any, the dazzling chorus sound so guests pleasure while maintaining the sound quality of the height of the so far perfect Please rest assured. “Run Like Hell” in the dazzling sound of that cutting of Gilmore unique will come out in a beautiful sound with a gloss of more than ever, but here has become a attractive full sound at the same time rhythm surface, of the movement one one one is I think that can be seen vividly that are lifted from its outstanding board. Also pat ease listen because it is not on the tape splicing inelegant a fade-out is also the source by Hagi that have occurred along with the song introduction as of the old Zeus sound source. On the other hand, “Waiting For The Worms” is switched to the old Zeus version of the sound source to the vicinity of 00 minutes and 30 seconds to 4 minutes and 19 seconds for the master is part lack, should not feel at all uncomfortable because the sound image that matches the atmosphere of the song It is. In addition, “The Trial” is also transparent sound to convey the flow and the impact to the wall collapse is lifted out before about half a step from its outstanding gift board, it became the “Outside The Wall” in the sound board class high-resolution sound to celebrate the show end on also let’s otherwise noted.

Player is disconnected from the performance-centric music by separating the wall, also listeners 35 years since that THE WALL, which is to learn to take a modest distance to the music by being so. This as you are to scale performance and configuration force to sustain the ability to concentrate on hand to listen to even a big music there is what is surprised anew, thus Floyd musical question is this much had been shot in that era things revived in remastered sound is also suitable for Valentine’s Day after the ’35 probably the gift of “Dortmund Week” unique. Come this weekend will to try this work, so far I would like crowned excited about the potential of this source was not known almost. Of course it is the emergence of a press machine, exactly This has been the latest installment of the guarantee that the collapse along with the “The Trial” sound image that has been my best regards built in 81 years Sundehatsu Dortmund second day roar !!

そう、35年前・1981年と言えばあの” THE WALL “公演が2年目に突入した年度。その幕開けとなったのがまさに35年前の今週、81年2月13日~20日にかけて連続8回で行われたドイツのドルトムント公演でした。名演奏が連日立ち並んだ事でお馴染みのこの8公演の音源は昨年もSigmaレーベルから『DORTMUND 1981 3RD NIGHT (Sigma 134)』や『DORTMUND 1981 5TH NIGHT (Sigma 140)』等の特上決定盤が登場し、名演を極上音質で解き放つ注目作としてファンに大きな衝撃を振りまきました。そんな” ドルトムント・ウィーク “とも言うべきジャスト35年後の今週は、新たに2日目・2月14日の公演が透明感溢れるアッパー・サウンドで甦ります!!

この2月14日公演は過去にZeusレーベルから出ていたファンお馴染みの『TEAR DOWN THE WALL 1981 (Z901001/2)』が存在しますが、本作はそれとは別の最上級1st Genソースを使用しています(※ Zeus盤よりも音像が明るめでエッジの効いた繊細なサウンドです)。実はこのソースは2012年2月に当店ギフト盤で出た『2ND NIGHT IN DORTMUND』というタイトルで1回だけ使用された事があるのですが、今回この元テープをヨーロッパ在住のコアなフロイド・コレクターがSigmaの為に一から新しくトランスファーし直し、シーン毎に細かく磨き上げて徹底的にリマスターした独自の秀逸アッパー版に仕上げました。それが本作という訳ですが、何より驚くのはそのリニューアルされた仕上がりで、もともと本ソースは近年の流出らしい高品質サウンドで鮮度も抜群、全体音が掴み易い程好い位置でのロケーションが功を奏したイコライズ感皆無の好録音だったのですが、今回独自のリマスターによってクリスタル・クリアな輝きが更に増しており、ブレがますます無くなった音の立ち方や音色の残響感は各既発盤が担っていた役割を終らせてしまうほどの仕上がりで甦っているのです。しかも前述の通りこの録音は2012年のギフト盤でしか使用していない為にシーンにも殆ど知られていませんから、多くの方は「こんな良いマスターがまだ眠っていたのか!」と驚きを新たにされるに違いありません!!

例えばZeus盤に慣れた方がこの「In The Flesh」を聴けば、サウンドに段違いの鋭いキレと重量感が備わっている事を直ぐお気付きになる筈です。既発ギフト盤を聴いた事がある方も、その程好い距離感を保つナチュラルな音像がリマスターによって更に聴き易くなっているのを実感されるでしょう。「The Thin Ice」も各既発盤より明瞭感がグッと向上しており、静かなイメージの中に漂う音楽的な問い掛けが染み入る様に伝わってきます。「Another Brick…Part 1~2」の流れも半歩ほど手前に出た艶のある演奏音が耳元で響き、Part 1では軽いディレイが掛かったギターの残響やベースの太くて硬質な音色がこれまで以上に鮮やかな姿で御愉しみ戴けます。Part 2も低音域の成分が増し、途中に入る子供のコーラスと演奏音の融合感とサウンドのフチ取りも音の輪郭が更にハッキリ出ていますし、ドラムのパーカッシヴな表現も既発サウンド以上に芯の入った打音が飛び出してきます。「Mother」はこのリマスターによってどれだけの透明感とレンジの深さが増したのかを再確認して戴ける一曲です。これにより前半の静かなパートと途中からのダイナミックな演奏との対比にも表現の遠近法をハッキリ見ることが出来ますし、「Goodbye Blue Sky」も濃密な心象表現が過去最高の瑞々しい音像の中で息衝いています。また「What Shall We Do Now」のタフな立ち上がりも聴きどころで、太い音が全く潰れずにドラムやベースの進行が追ってゆける高解像な低音域にも驚かれるでしょう。「Young Lust」も迫力ある低音部とアクセントとして入るギターの音色対比が大変鮮やかに出ていますし、「One Of My Turns」からの不穏な曲想が徐々に変化して「Another Brick…Part 3」が形作られてゆく様子も、更に質の高いサウンドの中でその音楽的な本質を掴み取って戴けると思います。

「Hey You」はカットインですが音質の良さが備わっているだけにその様子も生々しく、突如録音再開する慌しさと演奏音の濃密さが交差するドキュメンタリー性が聴き手を更なる興奮に誘います。「Is There Anybody Out There?」も程好い距離で鳴るアルペジオが現場の響きを生々しく伝えていますし、「Nobody Home」はロジャーの包み込む様な歌唱と場内から真っ直ぐに伸びる姿をあるがままの姿で耳元に届けてくれます。「Comfortably Numb」は序盤でボーカルがギルモアに切り替わるシーンが更に鮮明な音像で現れ、ギター・ソロも非常に近いアッパー・サウンドで出てきます。また女性コーラスも既発盤以上にハッキリした姿で確認出来ますので、歌唱面での広がりと音楽的な抑揚感をより深く噛み締めて戴けるでしょう。終曲” 後 ” に一旦カットが入りますが次の「The Show Must Go On」への影響は一切無く、ここまでの音質の高さを完璧に保ちながらコーラスの眩い響きを御愉しみ戴けますので御安心下さい。「Run Like Hell」ではギルモアならではのあのカッティングの眩い響きがこれまで以上の艶を持った麗しいサウンドで出てきますが、ここは同時にリズム面の充実した響きも魅力となっており、動きの一つ一つが既発盤より浮き上がっているのが如実に分かると思います。また旧Zeus音源の様に曲紹介と共に生じていたテープの継ぎはぎによる無粋なフェイドアウトも本ソースにはありませんので聴き易さもバッチリです。一方「Waiting For The Worms」はマスターが部分欠如しているため00分30秒~4分19秒付近まで旧Zeus版音源に切り替わりますが、曲の雰囲気にマッチした音像なので違和感は全く感じない筈です。また「The Trial」も壁崩壊までの流れと衝撃を伝える透明サウンドが既発ギフト盤より半歩ほど前に出て浮き上がり、それが「Outside The Wall」ではサウンドボード級の高解像サウンドとなってショウエンドを迎える事も特記しておきましょう。

壁を隔てる事によって奏者は音楽を演奏中心主義から切り離し、またそうされる事で聴き手は音楽に対して慎ましく距離を取ることを学ばされたあのTHE WALLから35年。これほど規模の大きな音楽であっても聴き手に集中力を持続させる構成力と演奏には改めて驚かされるものがありますが、そうしてフロイドがあの時代に放っていた音楽的な問い掛けがこれほどのリマスター・サウンドで甦る事もまた、この35年後のバレンタイン・デーに相応しい” ドルトムント・ウィーク “ならではの贈り物と言えるでしょう。是非この週末は本作をお試しになり、これまで殆ど知られていなかった本ソースの可能性にワクワクして戴きたいと思います。勿論プレス盤での登場ですが、まさにこれは「The Trial」よろしく既発の81年ドルトムント2日目で築き上げてきたサウンド・イメージが轟音と共に崩れ落ちること請け合いの最新作となっています!!

Disc 1(53:51)
1. In The Flesh? 2. The Thin Ice 3. Another Brick In The Wall Part 1
4. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives 5. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 6. Mother
7. Goodbye Blue Sky 8. Empty Spaces 9. What Shall We Do Now? 10. Young Lust
11. One Of My Turns 12. Don’t Leave Me Now 13. Another Brick In The Wall Part 3
14. The Last Few Bricks 15. Goodbye Cruel World

Disc 2(53:28)
1. Hey You 2. Is There Anybody Out There? 3. Nobody Home 4. Vera 5. Bring The Boys Back Home
6. Comfortably Numb 7. The Show Must Go On 8. MC Intro 9. In The Flesh 10. Run Like Hell
11. Waiting For The Worms 12. Stop 13. The Trial 14. Outside The Wall

Sigma 152

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