Pink Floyd / Wall In Progress 1979 / 2CD+1DVDR

Pink Floyd / Wall In Progress 1979 / 2CD+1DVDR / Sigma

Recorded at Britannia Row Studios, London, UK 1979 STEREO SBD (UPGRADE)plus Ltd Bonus DVDR “THE WALL REHEARSAL 1980”


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Pink Floyd 1979 In 1979, two demo sound sources that were in the process of producing the album “THE WALL” appeared for the first time on the label !! The brilliance of the rough stones that Roger had piled up and destroyed many times in his head in 1979 was polished by the latest remaster. Introducing a 2-disc set of press boards that bears fruit with content and sound quality that goes beyond the official board !! When

unraveling Western music with unofficial sound sources, I sometimes come across the surprise of encountering a certain album or song in the process of production. Most of them are demo sound sources leaked from some kind of person, but the special feeling and fresh wisdom when you hear the appearance of the song being assembled that was not supposed to be released in the first place is quite different. I can’t taste it.

Approximately 20 years ago, in April 2001, the outflow demo sound source of the astonishing land appeared from the legendary label Ayanami, which had just started at that time. This is the demo recording “WALL IN PROGRESS 1978-1979 (Ayanami-045)” of “Prototype version THE WALL” that was recorded when the album “THE WALL” was in the process of being produced. The reason why this was a surprising outflow sound source is that at that time it was a non-tradeable sound source that was strictly concealed by a handful of tapers in the world. Nowadays, the contents are widely known with the appearance of the official edition “THE WALL: IMMERSION BOX SET”, but this official edition was released in 2012. The Ayanami-045 board appeared 11 years ago, so you can see how shocking it was.

Currently, it is known that the demo version of “THE WALL” is roughly divided into five versions, but this time the label has two demos, which are extremely easy to understand the production process and are very important. In other words, paying attention to the earliest band demo version (* 2 types of existing Britannia version, the earliest version recorded before April) and the “Wall In Progress version” demo recorded at Britannia Low Studio. By applying the latest 2020 remastering to each, we once again highlighted the importance of these two demos. Especially for “Wall In Progress”, the song order recorded in the official version “THE WALL: IMMERSION BOX SET” was not the original appearance of the demo tape, and some songs including unreleased songs were replaced separately. The original recording order of the tape is corrected to improve the genuineness of the demo recording. Furthermore, by recording the original demo tracks of “Comfortably Numb” and “Run Like Hell” that match each next period, the level of materiality has been raised, and the sound quality, quality, purity, and volume of that astonishing board Ayanami-045. We have
realized a definitive successor title that greatly surpasses the feeling !!

Both demos proceed seamlessly as a whole, as in the final form, yet the composition with vastly different song order and expression is interesting no matter how many times you listen, but you actually heard the musical difference. It’s best to realize it (* There is a big difference if you mention what is different). However, the fact that the process of such maturation process has been revived with a reliable sound so far = the effect of the latest remaster in 2020 is a noteworthy topic. Although originally a stereo SBD, the vivid sound output of each song refined by modern acoustic technology has almost reached the level of miracle, and you can really feel the radiation power of the rough stone recorded on the cassette tape. is.

For example, in the “Early 1979 Demo” recorded on Disc 1, the source itself was reexamined from scratch, and the vividness and punching power of the tone was greatly increased while maintaining the original original sound power of the cassette recorded at Britannia Row Studios in early 1979. I’m raising the bottom. The album “THE WALL” has a meaning including the connection scene between songs, but the point where the connection between songs remains a little awkward is the meaning and value of the demo recording at this time. It is a remaster that most realistically reveals the hot challenges and confusion of such initial impulses. The sound collage of “We’ll Meet Again”, which still existed as the opening at this time (* early 1979), was revived with a vivid stereo feeling, and the volume and toughness of the mid to low range were further enhanced. The punching power of “Brick 1: Reminiscing” was also deafening, and the scenes of guaranteeing goose bumps from the beginning of the disc continue. You will also hear the reverberation and transparency of the sound diffused by “Don’t Leave Me Now”, the thickness of the midrange that can be felt by “Sexual Revolution”, and the best straight sound output ever. “Is There Anybody Out There?”, Which appears many times after changing its appearance, is revived with a sound that makes each expression stand out, but especially the unorganized appearance that appears in (18) is revived with a surprisingly vivid tone. The point is noteworthy. You can feel the advantage unique to this edition in the appearance of “Hey You”, which is quite close to the completed form, in which the fine sounds are not buried and each sound emerges clearly.

“The Doctor”, the prototype of “Comfortably Numb”, also has a thick feeling of Gilmour’s singing voice, and the gloss and sharpness of the guitar are improved and you can enjoy a vivid listening feeling, but the surprise is “Run Like Hell” You should be amazed at the fact that the stereo sound is fully opened and the stereo sound is outstandingly raised. “Follow The Worms” also has more beautiful sharp waves of ride cymbals, and the crunchy basso rhythm that shows the march is even more responsive. “Trial By Puppet” boasts a vividness beyond the official board that explodes the charm of the profit sound, and the surround feeling and the way the sound grows in “It’s Never Too Late” are also exciting with the original vivid sound image of the demo tape. There will be more and more people. “Comfortably Numb (Original Demo)” and “Run Like Hell (Original Demo)” are also breathing with the strongest and most beautiful sound of the initial concept, both of which are high-resolution sounds that you can see the touch of Gilmour’s fingertips. .. The sweet and romantic whispered guide vocal is reminiscent of the former “Green Is the Color”, and the appearance of the Floyd sound of the 70’s changing dazzlingly to that of the 80’s is more transparent and glossy. It has been made into a vinyl record.

Disc 2 is “Late 1979 Demo” which contains a demo of the latter half of 1979. The official version “THE WALL: IMMERSION BOX SET” was recorded with the original demo sound source in a disjointed state including unreleased songs, and incomplete appearance with some scenes deleted, so this is the legendary Ayanami -It is a disc that completely reproduces the original appearance of the demo cassette, including all the songs cut by making use of the original source used for the 045 board. In addition, the source used for Ayanami-045 was originally in good condition, but it is also a topic that the possibility of sound is greatly brought out by refining this with modern acoustic technology. At that time, minute noise and pitch adjustments that could not be completely removed were reviewed almost every bar, and the waveform of the SBD sound recorded in stereo was thoroughly adjusted with the aim of expanding the range and reinforcing the texture. A perfect remaster that includes it has been achieved.

“The Show”, which is not in the initial demo (= Disc 1), appears in the introductory part, but the appearance of the effect processing of the final part of this and the characteristic appearance of fading out are overwhelmingly vivid. First of all, you will be very impressed with the arrival. Like the movie version, “The Thin Ice”, which begins with the sound effects of the fighter and the birth voice, has revived the original power of the original sound recorded on the demo cassette by further refining the overdubbed Roger’s vocals. In “Another Brick In The Wall: Reminiscing”, Roger’s screaming before entering the solo of guitar and synth becomes clearer, and the halfway cut is also vivid. The outline of the sound of “Goodbye Blue Sky” has become clearer, and each of the effects of the impressive overdubbing has become surprisingly vivid, and the process of transforming the song from the initial demo and reaching the final form. Appears in a breathtaking manner. By the way, in the scene where the sound disappears for a moment in the middle stage, the master tape is like that, so the main board also follows the appearance as it is, but since the overall sound quality is also improved by remastering, that momentary sound The feeling of loss = freshness is even more prominent.

In “Young Lust”, the incompleteness of the absence of vocals appears with a sharp sound image that is one rank higher even though the piano is inserted in the intro, and in “One Of My Turns”, the vivid stereo feeling and transparency are the original power of the master cassette. As it is demonstrating, you will be more and more fascinated by the unorganized appearance of women muttering on the right channel. In addition, the appearance of the prototype images of “Don’t Leave Me Now” and “What Shall We Do Now?” Flowing seamlessly from there is also dazzling. In “Backs To The Wall-Another Brick In The Wall: Drugs” with partially different lyrics and “Goodbye Cruel World” with slightly different melody, the volume of the bass range has increased, so you can hear a deeper sound image than ever before. It’s a thing, and the two types of “Is There Anybody Out There?” That appear in tracks (15) and (18) also revived the magnified feeling of the sound image and the volume of the midrange with a different listening response. Especially in (18), the difference in wording, that is, the appearance of singing “Anyone” instead of “Anybody”, and the characteristic appearance of repeating “Is There Anyone Out There” in the latter half come out with the best sound. It will be important to pay attention. In addition, “Bring The Boys Back Home,” which was rebuilt mainly on acoustic guitars and synths, also pays attention to the heightened texture of the tone, and you must be deeply surprised by the traces of the developing lyrics and music.

“The Doctor” also appeared with the best sound ever, with the sound making and the skill of the concept that changed while solidifying the image, and the sound of the fuzz that is effective in the guitar solo came out one step further. It is the vividness of. “Hey You” has slightly different lyrics or the front and back are interchanged, which is clearer in the middle to low range, and the reply “The Show” has different lyrics and different developments in the middle part. It will be improved by remastering and will be delivered with a more reliable response. “Waiting For The Worms” also has a greatly improved mid-high range dropout and left-right spread, and the lingering sound and agitation of the effects applied to vocals have become sharper. Furthermore, the piano played in “Stop” and “Trial By Puppets” is also paying attention to the increase in the graininess of each note, and the skeleton of the song and the color of the original sound are more vivid.

The upper feeling of such a sound is full of listening places and I can not write everything, but the process of vivid musical maturity that I listen to in this demo shakes the listener’s intelligence with a deep understanding beyond the official board. Let’s do it. Both demos were completed at this point, but when I followed the path of Floyd in 1979, when I dismantled and rebuilt it, this work was a research material of unparalleled solitaryness, and I was surprised by various things in the future. It must make you aware of the discovery. In addition, this week, the legendary 80-year Nassau performance of “THE WALL”, which was finally completed through such trial and error, can be viewed with a multi-pro shot using “2nd Gen VHS”, which will be the world’s first appearance, “THE WALL LIVE IN NASSAU 1980 ( Sigma 256) ”will also be
released at the same time as this work. The excitement and understanding of the finished product, which you can see with greatly improved high-quality image quality, will be further enhanced if you experience it after listening to these two demo recordings.

The joy of hearing the two brilliance that had been transformed throughout 1979 in the genuine demo cassette, and the surprise of hearing it with the strongest high-quality remastered sound in history. And please experience the excitement

of reaching the completed form with the video using the world’s first appearance “2nd Gen VHS” with these latest 2 titles of Sigma !! ★ The early and late 1979 band demo sound source of The Wall 2CD version with each version recorded from the best source. The official source of the official edition “THE WALL: IMMERSION BOX SET” was recorded with the demo sound source in a disjointed state, but this edition is the definitive edition that completely reproduces the shape of the original demo cassette tape!

Pink Floyd 1979 1979年、アルバム「THE WALL」の制作過程にあった2つのデモ音源がレーベルに初登場!ロジャーが1979年に何度も頭に積み上げて破壊した荒石の輝きは、最新のリマスターによって磨かれました。公式盤を超えた内容と音質で実を結ぶ2枚組のプレス盤が登場!!いつ


約20年前の2001年4月、当時始まった伝説のレーベル「綾波」から、驚異の地の流出デモ音源が登場。アルバム「THE WALL」制作中の「プロトタイプ版THE WALL」のデモ盤「WALL IN PROGRESS 1978-1979(綾波-045)」。これが意外な流出音源だったのは、当時は世界中の少数のテーパーで厳格に隠されていた取引不可能な音源だったからです。現在、公式版「THE WALL:IMMERSION BOX SET」の登場でその内容は広く知られていますが、この公式版は2012年に発売されました。Ayanami-045ボードは11年前に登場したので、衝撃的でした。

現在、「THE WALL」のデモ版は大きく5つのバージョンに分かれていることが知られていますが、今回はレーベルに2つのデモ版があり、制作過程が非常にわかりやすく重要です。つまり、バンド最古のデモ版(※2種類の既存ブリタニア版、4月以前に収録された最古のバージョン)と、ブリタニアロースタジオで収録された「Wall In Progress版」デモに注目。それぞれに最新の2020リマスタリングを適用することにより、これら2つのデモの重要性を再度強調しました。特に「Wall In Progress」では、正式版「THE WALL:IMMERSION BOX SET」で収録された曲順がデモテープ本来の姿ではなく、未発表曲を含む一部曲を個別に入れ替えました。テープの元の録音順序が修正され、デモ録音の真正さが向上します。さらに、「コンフォートリー・ナム」「ラン・ライク・ヘル」のオリジナル・デモ・トラックを次期に合わせて収録することで、マテリアリティを高め、その驚異的なボードあやなみの音質・クオリティ・ピュアさ・ボリュームをアップ。 045。我々は持っています

どちらのデモも、最終的なフォームのように全体としてシームレスに進行しますが、曲の順序や表現が大きく異なる構成は、何度聞いても面白いですが、実際には音楽の違いを聞いています。それを実現するのが最善です(*何が違うかというと、大きな違いがあります)。しかし、そのような成熟過程の過程が今までに確かな音で蘇ったという事実= 2020年の最新リマスターの効果は注目すべき話題です。もともとステレオSBDでしたが、現代の音響技術により洗練された各曲の鮮やかなサウンド出力はほぼ奇跡のレベルに達しており、カセットテープに収録された原石の放射力を実感できます。です。

たとえば、ディスク1に収録された「1979年初頭のデモ」では、ソース自体をゼロから見直し、Britannia Row Studiosで録音されたカセット本来のサウンドパワーを維持しながら、トーンの鮮やかさとパンチ力を大幅に向上させました。 1979年の初めに。私は底を上げています。アルバム「THE WALL」は曲の繋がりシーンも含めて意味がありますが、曲同士の繋がりが少しぎこちないところが、今回のデモ録音の意味と価値です。そのような最初の衝動の熱い挑戦と混乱を最も現実的に明らかにするのは、リマスターです。今回(1979年初頭)まだオープニングとして存在していた「We’ll Meet Again」のサウンドコラージュを鮮やかなステレオ感で蘇らせ、中低域のボリュームとタフさをさらに高めた。 「Brick 1:Reminiscing」のパンチ力も耳障りで、ディスクの最初から鳥肌を保証するシーンが続いています。また、「Do n’t Leave Me Now」で拡散した音の残響と透明感、「Sexual Revolution」で感じられる中域の厚み、これまでにないストレートな音質も楽しめます。見た目を変えて何度も登場する「Is There Anybody Out There?」はそれぞれの表情を際立たせるサウンドで蘇るが、特に

Disc 1 (77:21)
Early 1979 Demo

01 We’ll Meet Again
02 Brick 1: Reminiscing
03 Thin Ice
04 Goodbye Blue Sky
05 Teacher, Teacher
06 Brick 2: Education
07 Empty Spaces
08 Young Lust
09 Mother
10 Don’t Leave Me Now
11 Sexual Revolution
12 Brick 3: Drugs
13 Goodbye Cruel World
14 Is There Anybody Out There?
15 Vera
16 Is There Anybody Out There?
17 Bring The Boys Back Home
18 Is There Anybody Out There?
19 Hey You
20 The Doctor
21 Run Like Hell
22 Follow The Worms
23 Trial By Puppet (Prophet Synth) Version)
24 It’s Never Too Late
25 Instrumental Theme
26 Thin Ice (Reprise)
27 Comfortably Numb (Original Demo)
28 Run Like Hell (Original Demo)

Disc 2 (79:45)
Late 1979 Demo

01 The Show
02 The Thin Ice
03 Another Brick In The Wall: Reminiscing
04 Happiest Days
05 Another Brick In The Wall: Education
06 Mother
07 Goodbye Blue Sky
08 Empty Spaces
09 Young Lust
10 One Of My Turns
11 Don’t Leave Me Now
12 Backs To The Wall
13 Another Brick In The Wall: Drugs
14 Goodbye Cruel World
15 Is There Anybody Out There?
16 Vera
17 Bring The Boys Back Home
18 Is There Anybody Out There?
19 The Doctor
20 Hey You
21 It’s Never Too Late
22 The Show
23 Run Like Hell
24 Waiting For The Worms
25 Stop
26 Trial By Puppets (Piano Version)
27 Outside The Wall
28 The Doctor (Alternate Take)

Sigma 255


Pink Floyd / The Wall Rehearsal 1980 /1DVDR
Rehearsals at Earls Court, London, UK 1st August 1980


Click Image To Enlarge

1980 London is a marvelous title that recorded about 45 minutes of rehearsal footage that was held at the same venue on August 1st, three days before Earl’s Court 6-day continuous performance. An extremely rare image shot from the left side of the stage, it first appeared about 10 years ago and is a shocking gem that surprised enthusiasts. The image quality and sound are good enough, and you can see a very valuable scene that only the people concerned could see. At Mother, a band performance scene centered on Roger and a huge doll of the mother appeared. Goodbye Blue Sky and Empty Spaces are fixed screen-up images, sound checks are done before entering Young Lust, and Gilmour’s guitar naturally enters the song only with sound, but you can hear a pretty cool performance. I will. Members’ shots will appear from around the first minute of One Of My Turns. A huge female creature will also appear in the same song about two and a half minutes. In Another Brick In The Wall Part 3, which starts abruptly, you can see the band’s enthusiastic performance on the stage set in the gap between the blocks. The sound is also good and you can enjoy a lively and powerful performance. At Goodbye Cruel World, you can see Roger singing alone in the gaps between the blocks. The images projected on the wall in time with the music at Vera and Bring The Boys Back Home are impressive. Comfortably Numb captures the gown-clad Roger singing backwards in front of the wall and Gilmour’s guitar solo scene at the top of the wall, which is quite impressive. From In The Flesh, the entire band will appear in front of the wall, and a giant pig flying in the air will also appear. Run Like Hell has the best vivid band sound. Waiting For The In Worms, the example updating hammer animation is also included with great power. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the first-class video titles that all Floyd collectors must have.

★ Audience video footage from a stand seat in a large venue with nobody. Although it is a shredded item, it is a first-class item as a record.

1980年のロンドンは、アールズコートの6日間の連続公演の3日前、8月1日に同じ会場で行われた約45分のリハーサル映像を収録した素晴らしいタイトルです。ステージ左側から撮影された非常に珍しい画像で、約10年前に初めて登場し、愛好家を驚かせた衝撃的な逸品です。画質も音も十分で、関係者だけが見ることができるとても貴重なシーンを見ることができます。マザーでは、ロジャーを中心としたバンド演奏シーンとお母さんの巨大人形が登場。 Goodbye Blue SkyとEmpty Spacesは固定スクリーンアップ画像で、Young Lustに入る前にサウンドチェックが行われ、Gilmourのギターは自然に音だけで曲に入りますが、かなりクールなパフォーマンスを聞くことができます。します。メンバーのショットは、One Of My Turnsの最初の1分頃から表示されます。巨大な女性の生き物も同じ歌に約2分半現れます。突然始まる「アナザー・ブリック・イン・ザ・ウォールパート3」では、ブロックの隙間にあるステージセットでバンドの熱狂的なパフォーマンスを見ることができます。音も良く、躍動感あふれる迫力のパフォーマンスが楽しめます。さようなら残酷な世界では、ブロック間の隙間でロジャーが一人で歌うのを見ることができます。 VeraやBring The Boys Back Homeの音楽に合わせて壁に投影された画像は印象的です。快適にNumbは、ガウンを着たRogerが壁の前で後ろ向きに歌い、Gilmourのギターソロシーンを壁の上部で捉えています。これは非常に印象的です。 In The Fleshからは、バンド全体が壁の前に現れ、空を飛ぶ巨大な豚も現れます。 Run Like Hellは、最高の鮮やかなバンドサウンドを持っています。 In Wormsを待つ、ハンマーアニメーションを更新する例も大きな力で含まれています。この機会に是非、フロイドのコレクターならではの一流の動画タイトルをお楽しみください。


1. Mother
2. Goodbye Blue Sky
3. Empty Spaces ★ Roger says “Thank you very much” and “Sound is fucking loud … to me!” (Isn’t it too loud?) .. The sound check sound between songs is also fresh!
4. Young Lust
5. One Of My Turns
6. Another Brick In The Wall Part 3
7. Goodbye Cruel World
8. Is There Anybody Out There?
9. Nobody Home ★ After the end, Roger gives detailed instructions to the staff. ..
10. Vera
11. Bring The Boys Back Home
12. Comfortably Numb
13. In The Flesh
14. Run Like Hell
15. Waiting For The Worms

COLOUR NTSC Approx.45min.

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