Pink Floyd / Definitive Vienna 1977 / 3CD+1DVD

Pink Floyd / Definitive Vienna 1977 / 3CD+1DVD / Sigma

Live at Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria 1st February 1977

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Approximately ten years later, Sirene label phantom title finally appeared in Sigma !! Animals Tour Early tour The Vienna performance on February 1, 1977, this time, reel to toys by overseas Pink Floyd special collector offering Reel master sound + same day SBD sound source + the same day Genie youngest longest 8 mm video will appear in the strongest decision board!

When touching the boot leg, I sometimes encounter a case where I think that “I want to listen to this” is sold out and out of print a few years ago. In such a case, there is no choice but to wait patiently for auction or second-hand shop to go out, but there are a lot of people who are looking for other items like this, so that the hands have soared to an unexpected price There will be some people who have the experience of not going out. The same can be said about Floyd, and this trend seems to be strong in the old work of this Sigma label and the Floyd title of Sirene label which is its predecessor.

One of them is “RACIAL VIOLENCE (Sirene-024)”, Sirene’s early press press 2CD + 1 DVD. I think that there are also a lot of memories, but Sirene is a label that releases the title with a binding of “limited to 300 sheets” no matter how well the content is good, this “RACIAL VIOLENCE” is superb It was a title that sold 300 sheets instantaneously. Usually it is about to start making 2nd press soon even if so much response, but Sirene did not do it stubbornly as a policy of the label, and as a result the fans that could not be obtained at the time of this release were then used for a long time in the secondhand market It is a translation that made me bitter.

But this even until this week. This is finally going to come out of Sigma label, but this time the overseas Floyd special collector gave the sound source directly to the label It comes as a wonderful upper version using a special class low genes sound source and video source is. It consists of Recorder 1 (※ AUD recording) boasting the strongest sound quality ever recorded by sound source providers from master recording to reel-to-reel to discs 1 and 2, followed by disc 3 leaked to disc 3 on the same day SBD recording, and on Disk 4, the surprising same day live video captured by the 8 mm film from the front row of the venue on the day, with the highest image quality and longest recording time by Genesis Wako source of treasurer treasurer Press board 3CD + press board 1 DVD and it is!

【Disk 1 · 2: Recorder 1 / Audience · Reel Master】

Although two AUD recordings have been known for the recording of this day for the time being, the one that stands out by the good sound quality is still known as Recorder 1. Another Recorder 2 is not bad either, and it is a valuable record that caught the performance of this day from another angle, but unfortunately the partial cut is conspicuous overall, and whether the recorder trouble at the time of recording It is also known that aged deterioration of the master tape or pitch disorder is intense, so now Recorder 1 has become a standard for Speaking of Vienna in 77 years. This Recorder 1 was originally sound quality is also wonderful, the sense of stability of the sound image is also an excellent name recording so the Sirene board at that time was also using the best version of this (then) but this time it is updated drastically, what a sound source Successfully recorded using the treasure reel tape which the provider dropped from the original recorded original sound with reel-to-reel. This has become a Recorder 1 sound which is caught by the wonderful upper feeling such as the beautiful transparency of sound, the diffusive diffusivity of the sound, the sense of attack of mid-range and the sharp omission of treble, and the closeness of amazing performance sound , Master sound which can only be done by direct drop of reel / tape shows its appearance for the first time !!

The sound image of close proximity which is full of transparency at its edge is surprising from “Sheep” at the beginning. There is no mistake that the feeling of driving that underlies the song is exploded one by one with elongation and glossy sound, and be overwhelmed by the power of Genie Wakai Reel · Sound from the baton. “Dogs” also rhythm squads’ vibrant sound waves jump out with loudness beyond the old Sirene board, and the scene where twin guitar sings up on the way appears with the highest vibrancy of sound source history. “Pigs (3 Different Ones)” also appeared in the Sirene board as a master sound with low center of gravity and excellent stability feeling which barely felt somewhat muffled by the Sirene board, guitar solo that enters for a while after the lyrics also rises the graininess of the sound Roger’s squirting voice, entering in the vicinity of 6: 49-57, pushing in a distinctive drum striking sound entering from 16: 00-13, and the appearance of Roger whispering the number of performances which is a pleasure of 77 years ( ※ I hear “Six!” At 12:27 more clearly than the Sirene board) etc etc, and the upper feeling which shows the face everywhere is enchanted. In “Welcome To The Machine”, also the jolly-garrisy image peculiar to the song jumps out with preeminent waveform reproduction and reaches the “Wish You Were Here”, as the path of the sound can follow, the moisture of a balanced tone without shaking is this It must be realized that it is a reel sound that correctly catches the potential of the original sound. In addition, “Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 6-9)” has become an ultra-class high-quality sound where overwhelming scale feeling and playing power unique to 77 years rushing over many times, It should have an unbelievable feeling that it is the previous audience recording.

【Disk 3: Ultra-high sound quality SBD sound source on the same day】

Disc 3 contains sound board recording of the same day performance. This is a disk and content that was not available on 2CD + 1 DVD Sirene board, it is a disc unique to the newly added Sigma board in this latest work. Unfortunately, this SBD sound source has unfortunately not seen the sunshine of only four songs in the latter half of the show even now even in 2018, but even a treasure trove of a dense real sound for about 40 minutes, including its material value, It is an absolutely indispensable sound source to uniquely understand the performances of Vienna performances. Although the impression has a slightly narrow impression in the early stage, the amplitude of the sound widely spread from around 4:46 of “Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 6 – 9)” and the charm of line recording exploded. It is filled with the unique advantage unique to SBD recording, such as two-voice chorus being heard more accurately than Recorder 1, the guitar’s light touch and musical expression being challenged to be more clear. Also, picking up the cheers of the audience as much as possible and having a sense of presence is also a topic, so that the sense of presence and spatiality on the scene on the scene will be felt firmly will also loosen the mouth end of the collector that is strict in sound quality. “Money” on this day of cheerful and aggressive also complements the characteristics of that performance by the remarkable acoustic accentuation of guitar and saxophone, and even if it is “Us And Them”, even when it is blown up, the vibrant tone that blooms in bloom There is no doubt that you will be deprived of your heart. Also, since Gilmore’s singing voice is closer and closer than Recorder 1, its mellowing melodic line and the whole breath of the performance are more vividly grasped.

【DVD disc: image quality better than conventional source, longest upper version which increased track number also added】

The fourth disc is DVD (※ of course this is also a press board DVD) and contains the only footage remaining in the Vienna performance on February 1, 1977. The shooting seems to be taking place with a compact 8mm camera of the size which is charged in the hat or in the palm of the hand, perhaps near the front row on the left side of the first floor, and the 8 mm film feeling that the camera moves according to the head swing becomes the original It is. The image of this day is famous for “8 mm” by fan site Harvested, but the thing recorded here is the best take that becomes the longest time of recording time, which is the longest recording scene, and it becomes the Genie Waka upper version than that. Naturally the image quality has also improved, for example, Gilmore and Roger are wearing the same tour T-shirt printed with a pig silhouette, but even if it gets heavily used up shots that black T-shirt And the color contrast of pink pig is clear, the blurring is small, Nick is also white Tank top Boasts the highest resolution that the familiar figure emerges more sharply.

As for songs as usual fragmentary partial recording is still almost, this work adds three songs “Have A Cigar”, “Wish You Were Here”, and “Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts IV)” that were not recorded on the Sirene board I am paying attention to the points that are recorded. In “Have A Cigar”, support and guitarist Snowy White plays Les Paul all the while and “Wish You Were Here” is also an excellent one that supplements the vividness of the site while collecting fragments, short It must be strong but sharp satisfaction is obtained. I also think that there are also a lot of people who know it, the very interesting thing about this video is “Sheep” and “Pigs”, it is the point that you can check the way the snowy is in charge of the base. In the meantime, Roger is in charge of rhythm guitar, Roger is playing the bass only at “Dogs”. Although I do not know whether I was carrying out irregular replacement of these musical instruments at all tours in 77 years, the base note full of the feeling of driving in the live performance at the time was actually produced by Snowy The fact is surprising, and you can enjoy the scoop picture with the highest image quality ever. Also, “Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI – IX)” is fragmentary from the middle stage of the song to the end, but here it is also a special mention that Gilmour playing the slide / guitar looks beautiful in appearance for a while Let’s do. “Money” is recorded from near the end of lyrics 2, the expansion of the midfield that sax appears and becomes a solo of guitar is recorded on a long length. Because the hand of Gilmore is quite a big picture, the historical significance on performance is also high, and it is something that is short but it is spectacular. Of course, we can not enjoy music with such an enumeration of fragment scenes, but the real pleasure that the state of the stage on this day can be grasped as the best and longest visual information is improving dramatically.

In the second half, as bonus footage in the Flesh Tour 1977 “Welcome To The Machine” “Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part VI – VII)” recorded on the stage’s circular screen when playing both songs . This is also included in the official Immersion Box, but Welcome To The Machine is unfortunate as it is recording unexpectedly in timing when synchronizing the remaster’s studio sound source, so here Now you can correct the timing and enjoy the original synchronized video and audio correctly. Also, since Shine On You Crazy Diamond has made a big mistake to synchronize the parts 1 to 4 of the studio sound source with the image in the official box, this is a synchro of parts 6 to 7 of the live sound source Let me record it in the correct state. In the North American performance in the latter half of the tour, Rick Wright was also able to produce a splitting sound of the glass with the keyboard, I can see well that it was to match this image.

In addition, we recorded the promotion film of ‘Pigs On The Wing’ shot in December 1976, which is known as a picture of the album ‘ANIMALS’ jacket · cover shot. At the Battersea Power Plant, which was still in operation at the time I flew a balloon of pigs The best picture at the moment

約10年の時を経て、Sireneレーベル幻のタイトルが遂にSigmaで登場!! アニマルズ・ツアー初頭1977年2月1日のウィーン公演が今回、海外ピンク・フロイド専門コレクター直々の提供によるリール・トゥ・リールのマスターサウンド+同日のSBD音源+同日のジェネ若最長8mm映像という最強決定盤で登場します!!


そのひとつが『RACIAL VIOLENCE (Sirene-024)』という、Sireneレーベル初期のプレス盤2CD+1DVDです。御記憶の方も多いと思いますが、Sireneはどんなに内容が良くて売れるものでも” 300枚限定 “という縛りを付けてタイトルをリリースしていたレーベルで、この『RACIAL VIOLENCE』は収録内容の極上さで300枚を瞬時に完売させたタイトルでした。通常それほどの反響なら直ぐにでも2ndプレスの手配を始めそうなところですが、レーベルの方針としてSireneは頑なにそれをせず、結果このリリース時に入手出来なかったファンはその後中古市場で長きに渡り苦汁を飲まされる事になった訳です。

しかしそれも今週まで。これが遂にSigmaレーベルから登場する訳ですが、今回はなんと海外のフロイド専門コレクターがレーベルへ直々に音源を提供してくれた特級のロー・ジェネ音源と映像ソースを使用した驚異のアッパー版としての登場です。その内訳は、音源提供者がマスター録音からリール・トゥ・リールで落としていた史上最強の音質を誇るRecorder 1(※ AUD録音)をディスク1と2に、続くディスク3には同日の関係者流出SBD録音、そしてディスク4には当日の会場最前列から8mmフィルムで捉えた驚きの同日ライヴ映像を、これも提供者秘蔵のジェネ若ソースによる過去最高の画質と最長の収録時間で封じ込めた究極のプレス盤3CD+プレス盤1DVDとなっているのです!!

【ディスク1・2 : 門外不出のRecorder 1 / オーディエンス・リールマスター】

この日の録音は以前から2つのAUD録音が知られていますが、音質の良さで際立つのはやはりRecorder 1として知られている方でしょう。もうひとつのRecorder 2も決して悪くありませんし、この日の演奏をまた別の角度から捉えた貴重な記録なのですが、残念な事に全体的に部分カットが目立ち、また録音時のレコーダーの不具合かマスターテープの経年劣化なのかピッチの狂いが激しい事でも知られているため、77年のウィーンと言えば今やRecorder 1が定番となっています。このRecorder 1は元々の音質も素晴らしく、音像の安定感も秀逸な名録音ですので当時のSirene盤もこれの最良版(当時)を使用していましたが今回はそれを大幅に更新、なんと音源提供者がオリジナルの収録原音からリール・トゥ・リールで落とした秘蔵のリール・テープを使用しての収録に成功しました。これはサウンドの麗しい透明感、響きの精緻な拡散性、中音域のアタック感と高音の鋭い抜け具合、また驚くほどの演奏音の近さといった驚異のアッパー感で漲るRecorder 1サウンドとなっており、リール・テープの直落としでしか有り得ないマスター・サウンドが初めてその姿を見せているのです!!

その端正で透明感溢れる至近距離の音像は冒頭「Sheep」から驚異的。楽曲の根底にあるドライヴ感が伸びと艶のある音で次々に炸裂し、のっけからジェネ若リール・サウンドの威力に圧倒されること間違い無しです。「Dogs」もリズム隊が放つマッシヴな音の波動が旧Sirene盤を超えるラウドさで飛び出し、途中でツイン・ギターが鳴き上がるシーンも音源史上最高の鮮やかさで登場します。「Pigs (3 Different Ones)」もSirene盤では若干こもり気味だった低音域が重心の低い安定感抜群のマスター・サウンドで登場、歌詞2番の後に暫く入るギター・ソロも音の粒立ちが上がっていますし、6:49~57付近で入るロジャーのか細い奇声、16:00~13で入る特徴的なドラム打音の押し込み、更に77年の御愉しみである公演回数をロジャーが囁く様子(※ 12:27で” Six ! “と囁くのがSirene盤よりハッキリ聴こえます)等など、随所で顔を見せるアッパー感が目白押しです。「Welcome To The Machine」でも楽曲特有のジャリジャリしたイメージが抜群の波形再生で飛び出しますし、「Wish You Were Here」に至っては響きの軌跡が追えるほど揺ぎ無く端整な音色の潤いに、これこそ原音のポテンシャルを正しく受け止めるリール・サウンドである事を実感されるに違いありません。更に「Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 6-9)」に至っては77年ならではの圧倒的なスケール感と演奏力が幾重にも押し寄せるウルトラ級の高品質サウンドとなっていて、これが40年も前の客席録音であるなど到底信じられない思いを抱く筈です。

【ディスク3 : 同日の超高音質SBD音源】

ディスク3は同日演奏のサウンドボード録音を収録。これは2CD+1DVDのSirene盤には無かったディスク・コンテンツで、本最新作で新しく加わったSigma盤ならではのディスクです。このSBD音源は残念な事に2018年現在でもショウ後半の4曲分しか陽の目を見ていませんが、でも約40分間に渡る濃密なリアルサウンドの宝庫はその資料的価値も含め、このウィーン公演の演奏を多角的に紐解く上で絶対に欠かせない音源と言えるでしょう。序盤は音域がやや狭い印象があるものの「Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 6-9)」の4:46付近から音の振幅がグッと拡がってライン録音の魅力が爆発。2声のコーラスがRecorder 1よりも高精度に聞き分けられたり、ギターの淡いタッチや弱音表現も克明に追えるなど、SBD録音ならではのアドヴァンテージで充ち溢れています。また客席の歓声を程好く拾って臨場感を備えている事もトピックで、現場当日の臨場感と空間性をしっかり感じさせる点も音質に厳しいコレクターの口端を緩ませるでしょう。快活で攻撃的なこの日の「Money」もギターとサックスに顕著な音の鋭さが改めてその演奏の特徴を補完してくれますし、「Us And Them」にしても芽吹いては咲き乱れる音色の鮮やかさに心奪われること間違いありません。またRecorder 1よりギルモアの歌声が近くて明瞭であるため、その沁み込む様な声の旋律線と演奏全体の息遣いが更に生々しく掴んでゆけるのです。

【DVDディスク : 従来ソースより画質が良く、収録曲も増えた最長アッパー版】

4枚目のディスクはDVD(※ 勿論これもプレス盤DVDです)となっており、この77年2月1日のウィーン公演に残る唯一の映像を収録。シューティングは1階席左側の恐らく最前列付近、帽子に仕込んだか手のひらに入るサイズの小型8mmカメラで撮影していると思われ、頭の振りに合わせてカメラが動く感じの8mmフィルムが元になっています。この日の映像はファンサイトHarvested の” 8mm “が有名ですが、ここに収録したものはそれよりも収録シーンが増えて収録時間最長の、ジェネ若アッパー版となる最良テイクです。当然ながら画質も向上しており、例えばこの日はギルモアとロジャーが豚のシルエットがプリントされた同じツアーTシャツをペアで着ていますが、多用されるアップ・ショットになってもその黒いTシャツとピンクの豚の色彩対比が鮮明で滲みが少なく、ニックも白いタンクトップというあの御馴染みの姿がよりシャープに浮かび上がる過去最高の解像度を誇っています。

楽曲は相変わらず断片的な部分収録が殆どですが、本作はSirene盤では未収録だった「Have A Cigar」「Wish You Were Here」「Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)」の3曲を追加収録している点に注目です。「Have A Cigar」ではサポート・ギタリストのスノーウィ・ホワイトがレス・ポールを弾く姿が延々と映り、「Wish You Were Here」も断片収録ながら現場の生々しさを更に補填してくれる優れもので、短いながらも強くて鋭い満足感が得られるに違いありません。また御存知の方も多いと思いますが、この映像で大変興味深いのは「Sheep」と「Pigs」で、なんとスノーウィがベースを担当している様子がバッチリ確認出来る点です。ロジャーはその間リズム・ギターを担当しており、「Dogs」でだけロジャーがベースを弾いているのです。77年のツアー全てでこういう担当楽器の変則的な入れ替えをしていたのかどうか分かりませんが、当時のライヴ・パフォーマンスに於けるドライヴ感に溢れたベース・ノートが実はスノーウィによって生み出されていたという事実は驚きですし、このスクープ映像の様子も過去最高の画質で御愉しみ戴けるのです。また 「Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI-IX)」も曲の中盤から終盤にかけての断片的なものですが、ここではスライド・ギターを弾くギルモアの姿が綺麗な画質で暫く愉しめる事も特記しておきましょう。「Money」は歌詞2番終わり付近からの収録で、サックスが登場してギターのソロとなってゆく中盤の展開が割と長尺で記録されています。ギルモアの手元がかなり大写しになるため演奏上の史料意義も高いですし、短いながらも見応えあるものとなっています。勿論こうした断片シーンの羅列で音楽を愉しむというわけにはいきませんが、でもこの日のステージの様子が過去最良・最長の視覚情報として掴める醍醐味は飛躍的に向上しているのです。

また後半にはボーナス・フッテージとしてIn the Flesh Tour 1977での「Welcome To The Machine」「Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part VI-VII)」両曲の演奏時にステージの円形スクリーンで使用された映像を収録。こちらはオフィシャルのImmersion Boxにも含まれている映像ですが、Welcome To The Machineはリマスターのスタジオ音源をシンクロさせる際にタイミングがかなりズレた状態で収録という残念なものになっているため、ここではきっちりタイミングを修正しオリジナル通りの映像と音声が正しくシンクロしたものをお楽しみいただけます。また、Shine On You Crazy Diamondの方はオフィシャルボックスではスタジオ音源のパート1~4を映像にシンクロさせてしまうという大きな間違いをしてしまっているため、こちらはライブ音源のパート6~7部分をシンクロさせて正しい状態で収録しています。ツアー後半の北米公演にてリック・ライトがキーボードでガラスの割れる音を演出していたのは、この映像に合わせるためだったこともよく分かりますね。

更にアルバム『ANIMALS』のジャケット・カバー撮影時の様子を映したものとして知られる、1976年12月撮影の「Pigs On The Wing」のプロモーション・フィルムも収録しました。当時まだ稼動していたバタシー発電所でブタの風船を飛ばすあの様子も現時点で最良の画質で御愉しみ戴けるのです。



Recorder 1 : Reel Master

Disc 1 (53:32)
1. Sheep 2. Pigs On The Wing (Pt. 1) 3. Dogs 4. Pigs On The Wing (Pt. 2)
5. Pigs (3 Different Ones)

Disc 2 (69:16)
1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 1-5) 2. Welcome To The Machine
3. Have A Cigar 4. Wish You Were Here 5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 6-9)
6. Money 7. Us And Them

Disc 3(39:07)
Soundboard Mix Tapes

1. Wish You Were Here 2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 6-9)
3. Money 4. Us And Them



8mm Film ★Upgrade
★Harvested の「8mm」収録ソースより画質が良く、収録時間も長い

Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria 1st February 1977

1. Sheep 2. Dogs 3. Pigs 4. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 1-5)
5. Welcome To The Machine 6. Have A Cigar 7. Wish You Were Here
8. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6-9) 9. Money 10. Us And Them

In the Flesh Tour 1977 Screen Films

11. Welcome To The Machine 12. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part 6-7)
13. Animals Cover Art Shooting

Sigma 223

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