Pink Floyd / Definitive MSG 1977 / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Definitive MSG 1977 / 2CD / Sigma

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Live at Madison Square Garden, New York City, USA 2nd July 1977

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If the British were the Beatles and Stones built up in the 1960s the way the British played concerts in the United States, in the 1970s it was the British leader who expanded it to the tour of the stadium class, a pink · It was Floyd. Moreover, without relying on single chart chart No. 1 hit which was natural in the 1960’s, or without relying on the appearance of television and radio, we acquired fans only by explosive sales of the album to the last, still energetically turning America I am surprised that it was.
In the early days Floyd made a single pop hit with “See Emily Play”, but after leaving Sid Barrett it will be the head of an album-oriented group. In 1973, the album “Madness” Mammoth hit, while the first half of this year was still around the venue centered around the arena, whereas the venue for the first stadium class from June was also introduced · Keep on tour.
He made a popularity in the United States by the mega hit of “madness” and played the role of spreading the progressive rock belonging to the cult genre rather to the major genre in the United States. The popularity it gained there was too large, and when we went around the United States again in 1975, it expanded to the tour of the stadium center completely.

However, when touring in the big venue in the USA, unexpected obstacles have come to occur. That is that some audiences ring a firecracker during the live. It will become serious from the year 75 when the new song before the album was released at the big hall. To listen to music originally at the upper seat of a stadium or arena stand is difficult in America at the time. Especially, it is a time when PA system was finally established. The trouble is that part of the audience watching live from such a bad position remembered the habit of blowing a firecracker with boredom.
Mischief actually playing a firecracker at a concert was not seen at all in the venues other than the USA, and it was one factor that caused Floyd’s live sounds to change dramatically in the years 74 and 75. I paid money and took the trouble to come up with a firecracker.
In case of
So in the 1977 Animals Tour tour “In The Flesh” tour, I first released an album, I first went to Europe after going around in Europe. Still, from Roger, there must have been a suffering brought back by that noisy USA. It was April that the schedule of the animals tour had shifted to the US, but our shop oddly has been releasing the sound source that contained the stage in June in the US for a couple of years.
Last year was “CHICAGO 1977”, and this year it was rebuilt several weeks ago at “BOSTON 1977 MASTER TAPES” Evergreen “DEFINITIVE OAKLAND 1977” and so on. Listening to them, it seems that I was keenly aware that the animation tour in America was in a stable period and full period was June. Especially in Rostock in Boston it is famous that Roger issued the word “Perfect End To A Perfect Day! Good Night” at the end of satisfaction.
On the days of such fulfillment the clouds began to start to appear on the 29th Philadelphia show which was the last live in June. There are many firecrackers struck during playing. And in the 4 nights continuous performance in New York Madison Square in July when the US · tour celebrated the final phase, the firecrackers escalated to a level that disturbs the performance. The fact that the performances continued from the full fulfillment circumstances every consecutive day gave Roger a great deal of stress, and that result ended up in Montreal on the last day of the tour.

Ironically, there is an audience recording with a very good sound quality with respect to the MSG performance that has become a trial day for Rogers and bands. Among them, July 2 is boasting a phenomenal sound quality. First of all I saw the eyes of the day at LP “CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE”, but after that it will be focused on the cut-out items of the second part of the concert for a while afterwards. Condors Natural Zone’s LP and the same name CD and TSP’s “WELCOME TO THE MACHINE” etc can be called their representatives.
The reason why such incomplete items made their width widely was due to the abnormal state of the second part of the high quality. It seems to be the factor that the taper has changed position after the first part, but still it is incredibly on sound image. There is no reason to have been touched as “sound board” at the time of release of the previous item group.
On the other hand, it is also a fact that the first part of the tension was not transmitted. The firecrackers there are really terrible. Firecrackers are ringing during playing with most songs. In addition, due to the indoor / arena called MSG, the ending of “Pigs (Three Different Ones)”, etc, caught how the explosion rings at the deafening level. Even though it does not reach the second part in terms of the sense of distance of the sound image, the first part of the sound quality that reproduces the realism of tension with this tremendous clearness also has a very high level. After the song finished, Roger tells the audience that he is taking a break, but you can see how he tried to keep calm while encountering such a disturbance.

It is the second day of MSG where each stage boasts a different qualitative quality because of their different textures, but our shop is “PROG KING”, our dramatic upper version “DAY OF THE ANIMALS” I have continued. But like Auckland which recurred a few weeks ago, a transfer from master tape came out and the final release of this classic audience recording was released two years ago “NEW YORK 1977 It was 2ND NIGHT “.
The biggest classic sound source in MSG continuous performance, that it was confined in the ultimate form so far in the limited press CD … a reaction resembling such a sigh is gathered from the mania, and as early as possible it records the early Sold Out have done. It would be natural as well, as with Auckland, that there were no requests for recurrence. Thank you for waiting, finally this second MSG second edition will reappear. It is the ultimate audience part 2 which seems to be hard to believe, it is unlikely that it is “sound” of 1977. Furthermore, Floyd who continues to play hard while being frustrated by the firecracker, and the audience enthusiastically enthusiastic about the songs from the director and the latest album of the time (they are superior points which do not end simply with happening) The first part that caught me with clearness. I will relapse the best version of that tension one night!

フロイドは初期にこそ「See Emily Play」でシングルのポップ・ヒットをモノにしていましたが、シド・バレット脱退後はアルバム志向のグループの筆頭となります。そして1973年にはアルバム「狂気」のマンモス・ヒットにより、この年の前半は未だにアリーナを中心としていた会場を回っていたのに対し、6月から初のスタジアム・クラスの会場も導入されたアメリカ・ツアーを敢行。


そこで1977年のアニマルズ・ツアーこと「In The Flesh」ツアーにおいては、まずアルバムをリリースし、最初にヨーロッパを回った後でアメリカに出向いています。それでもロジャーからすれば、またあの騒がしいアメリカを回らなければならない…という苦悩がもたげていたに違いありません。アニマルズ・ツアーのスケジュールがアメリカに移行したのは4月でしたが、当店は奇しくもここ一年程、6月のアメリカでのステージを収めた音源のリリースが続いています。
昨年は「CHICAGO 1977」、そして今年は「BOSTON 1977 MASTER TAPES」に数週間前に再発されたばかりのエバーグリーン「DEFINITIVE OAKLAND 1977」といった具合です。それらを聴くと、アメリカでのアニマルズ・ツアーの安定期かつ充実期が6月であったことを痛感させられたのではないでしょうか。特にボストンではロジャーが満足のあまり終演時に「Perfect End To A Perfect Day! Good Night」という言葉を発したことは有名です。

皮肉なことに、ロジャーやバンドにとって試練の日々となったMSG公演に関しては、非常に音質の優れたオーディエンス録音が存在します。中でも驚異的な音質を誇るのが7月2日。まずはLP「CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE」にて日の目をみたものの、その後CDになるとしばらくはコンサート第二部の切り売りアイテムが集中してしまいます。コンドル系Natural ZoneのLPと同名CDやTSPの「WELCOME TO THE MACHINE」などがそれらの代表と呼べるもの。
一方、そのせいで緊迫の第一部が伝わらなかったのも事実。そこでの爆竹騒ぎは本当にひどい。ほとんどの曲で演奏中に爆竹が鳴らされてしまうのです。おまけにMSGというインドア・アリーナのせいで「Pigs (Three Different Ones)」のエンディングなどは、耳をつんざくレベルで爆音が鳴り響く様子が捉えられてしまった。音像の距離感という点では第二部に及ばなくとも、緊迫の臨場感をこれまた驚異的なクリアネスで再現してくれる第一部の音質も非常にレベルが高い。同曲が終えた後、ロジャーが休憩の旨をオーディエンスに伝えていますが、あれだけの妨害に遭いながら平静を保とうとした様子が伺えます。

質感は違えどこうしてそれぞれのステージが別格のクオリティを誇るMSG二日目ですが、当店は「PROG KING」、その飛躍的なアッパー版である「DAY OF THE ANIMALS」で現代に相応しい決定版リリースを続けてきました。しかし数週間前に再発したオークランドと同じように、マスターテープからのトランスファーが登場し、このクラシックなオーディエンス録音の最終決定版としてリリースされたのが今から二年前にリリースされた「NEW YORK 1977 2ND NIGHT」だったのです。
MSG連続公演における最大の定番音源、それがここまで究極の形で限定のプレスCDに封じ込められたとは…そんな溜息にも似た反応がマニアから寄せられ、当然のように早期のSold Outを記録してしまった。となればオークランドと同じく再発のリクエストが絶えなかったのも当然のことでしょう。お待たせしました、遂にこのMSG二日目の決定版が再登場いたします。度肝を抜くような、それこそ1977年の「音」だとは思えないほど究極のオーディエンスたる第二部。さらには爆竹に苛まれる一方で懸命に演奏を続けるフロイド、そして演出や当時の最新アルバムからの曲に熱狂するオーディエンス(それらが単なるハプニングに終わらない優れた点でしょう)、それらすべてを最高の鮮度とクリアネスで捉えてくれた第一部。そんな緊迫の一夜のベスト・バージョンを再発いたします!

Disc 1(51:53)
1. Sheep 2. Pigs On The Wing Pt. 1 3. Dogs 4. Pigs On The Wing Pt. 2
5. Pigs (Three Different Ones)

Disc 2(72:49)
1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts. 1-5 2. Welcome To The Machine 3. Have A Cigar
4. Wish You Were Here 5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts. 6-9
6. Money 7. Us And Them

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