Pink Floyd / Definitive Boston 1977 / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Definitive Boston 1977 / 2CD / Sigma
Live at Boston Garden, Boston, MA. USA 27th June 1977 & Direct-to-direct transfer of Steve Hopkins’ cassette master tapes

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The excitement goes beyond the top and finally to the “extreme point”.
The tapered team JEMS dropped directly from the master cassette owned by Steve Hopkins Pink Floyd It was in 2017 that the Boston performance of 1977 was released online. Although this public sound source had a short part missing in 5 places, it was mixed with the same day recording of Dan Lampinski, finished to the highest sound quality and the longest version of the past, and the world’s fastest press release was played It was Sigma label “BOSTON 1977 MASTER TAPES (Sigma 177)”. This title, which appeared in overwhelming sound impact and longest recording time, called great reactions, and because of its good sound quality, it is a piece sold out shortly due to the rush of orders from overseas.

Although it is supposed to be impossible beyond that, this Sigma 177 board was a title that mainly focused on the shock of the master tape original sound, although it was mixing the same day recording of the rampin ski as described above So basically it was one piece that was made without exercising no equalization and no remaster, and in terms of quality perfect feeling it was also a fact that there was room for improvement in two respects.

that is,

(1) Overall remaster operation
(2) Degradation of the tape which was still somewhat near 9:07 of “Sheep”

is. Especially (1) was a very high quality original sound, so there was no necessity or reason to do that, in other words, “If you remastered that superb source with the current state of the art how much Ultra Sound Is it possible to say that the time has passed while the task of tickling the hearing is left, …? What if it were the perfectly resolved longest recorded version that solved the problem of (2) above? Yes, the 77th Boston Decision Version of the penetration that made it a reality is this work !!

However, I think that there are many people who have doubts as to what kind of remaster it is specifically based on only the original excellent recordings. Especially in the case of this recording, it seems that the seat where Hopkins was in was “Section AA, Row 10, Seat 3 – 4” and it was found that the sound coming from the PA at the venue was in a position where it could record with a do – There was also a need to make it a remaster that makes use of the taste of the recording position by 100%. Therefore, how to sharpen that original sound, how to awaken the possibility of the sound that was asleep was a big task, but it was the Sigma staff who focused on a certain thing and aimed at expanding the range It was a wide feeling of sound.

I know that you listen carefully to the Sigma 177 board, but there you can check the effect of the sound group pickup device picked up by PA direct hit. It is easy to understand that the delay effect of the guitar increases and decreases (= approaches and goes away) in the middle of “Money”, but as it is picking up the sound directly from directly in front of the speaker, Expansion is now one more thing. In addition, the amplitude of the reverberation and the sense of blocking of the whole sound image occasionally appear in the face (sometimes called “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”), which has many gaps between notes and notes (for example “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”) and “Have A Cigar” (* Of course it is too extraordinary enough that it is too extensive enough), expanded the range of 125 Hz to 250 Hz centering on this middle range, a sense of distinctness in the sound near 10 Hz such as a high-pitched air feeling and nuance I thought that you can shift up the appeal of the original sound by adjusting it giving. Moreover, by checking the noise for almost every bar, the transparency is raised further, and the speed of the sound grain and the rise of the edge are realized. As a result, the sound of high precision tone color with a sharp instantaneous power realized sound that grew moisturized and stretched in all directions. In addition, the stereo feeling also increased as a synergistic effect, and in the Sigma 177 board the ultimate 77-year-old Boston was born in which the sound energy hidden deeply pierces the listener’s imagination !!

Suddenly a big topic will suddenly appeared in “Sheep” which will revive with such a brush up feeling sound. As indicated by the improvement point (2) mentioned above, the tape deterioration trace near that 9:07 is completely gone. The result is a perfect finish which I do not know for the first time even if I hear that “this is the part”, so that the speed feeling and driving feeling peculiar to this day are ruined to the end without losing one piece I am realizing the excitement. In “Dogs”, the introduction guitar will breathe again with a core tone, and Gilmore’s close singing voice will be able to experience the remaster’s extreme feeling up to the depth as well as the range expansion. Tam and snare’s attack feeling also stands out more and more, the mass sensation and resolution of the tone color in the second half guitar solo deployed from 13: 27, and the deployment of the final stage which ends after returning to the ensemble are remastering impact of impact It is getting. In “Pigs On The Wing 2”, the spread of lustrous tone color developed so much as to get sigh, the dazzling contrast between the acoustic sound quality in the first half and the latter half electric guitar carried the excitement unknown to the auditory sense I will give it. “Pigs (Three Different Ones)” attracted a lot of dynamic weight feeling in the middle to low range that was sleeping in the original sound. The jolly-gathered sound moves more and more clearly and the contrast with the guitar that sharply cuts like a flash is sometimes finished with the best match. Also, Roger’s feeling of improving the singing voice’s omission is also a topic, and it is also noteworthy that sentences of lyric words and words have clarity. The state of the example shouting the number of performances with “Happy voice” as “Forty-eight (* 48) …” in 7: 11 ~ 12 also increased realism, that charade, that is, the play of words also the glow of each part of the sound It can be realized as.

“Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part 1-5” focuses on the sound of the firecrackers that can be heard for a few seconds before the start of the performance, that is, immediately after the start of the disc and the situation of the scene, and here also the range expansion and the sharpness of the sound are Sigma 177 It is one piece that clearly understands the difference with the board. Even at the beginning of the guitar, the delay sound comes out with a deep sound of carving and the sax that comes out in the second half of the song also comes out with an amazing amplitude depth, and each note has become a real document . “Welcome To The Machine” also bursts the power sound which the weight of the sound expands, the remaster effect which maximally pulled out the power of the bass which was lurking in the original sound pushes like the flood, the synthesizer directive which lasts from 5:32 for a while The feeling also develops with super high resolution toughness sound which is expanded. “Have A Cigar” is also trained and awakens the tone of euphoria like the finish of the polished sound, and even if you set it to “Wish You Were Here”, the wave of the guitar string is the best of grandeur in history I will chew the excitement that drifts in. “Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part 6-9” is a 21-minute period where you can enjoy the exquisite reproduction of the original sound waveform and the spread of fine sounds. It is definitely sure to raise the hearing impression evaluation of listeners also by the separation and dissolution of the sound which is lengthened endlessly here, and the almost silent scene (* 16: 45 – 55) until the performance disappears once and it is handed over to the piano once in the final stage , I had a sense of transparency beyond the original sound. Although “Money” could confirm the delay effect of the guitar in the middle stage by the sound group moving device to be larger or smaller (= approaching and going away) on the Sigma 177 board (5: 33 ~ 8: 13) , It is also a big topic that has come out with sharp sound that vividly diffuses to all directions so far. “Us And The m” also loses the feeling of blocking in the range, Roger does not say here the expansion of the pure dynamic tone and the expansion of the melody Everyone who heard this work shouts “Perfect !!” There is no difference.

Master sound of Hopkins who finally got complete with the latest remaster that was thought out. It can be said that the spread of the sound image is directly related to the spread of the knowledge as it is, but if Hopkins himself listens to this, his recording which should be familiar with listening to it had this possibility I wonder if I can not hide surprises. As well as those who used to listen to Boston for the past 77 years at some former board, even those with Sigma 177 board, this highly accurate upper feeling is intensely witnessing It should be an experience to shake. Finally, with the crown of “DEFINITIVE” appeared, the 77th anniversary of Boston recording, please fold your fingers only a few days, wait for hope in the mind and wait for that electric shock appearance !!

★ I’m upgrading with an equalization that expands the range, the clarity of the performance, stereo feeling has increased.

★ With precious 1977 animals “IN THE FLESH” tour with world tour program replica (all 28 pages)

その興奮は頂点を超え、遂に” 極点 “へ。
テーパーチームJEMSによってスティーヴ・ホプキンス所有のマスターカセットから直落とししたピンク・フロイド1977年のボストン公演がネット公開されたのは2017年のこと。この公開音源は5箇所で短い部分欠落があったものの、そこにダン・ランピンスキーの同日録音をミックスして過去最高の音質と最長版に仕上げ、世界最速のプレス盤リリースを果たしたのが当Sigmaレーベルの『BOSTON 1977 MASTER TAPES (Sigma 177)』でした。圧倒的なサウンド・インパクトと過去最長の収録時間で登場したこのタイトルは大反響を呼び、またそのあまりの音質の良さゆえに海外からもオーダーが殺到して短期完売となった一枚です。

あれを超えるものなどあり得ない筈なのですが、このSigma 177盤は上記の通り部分的にランピンスキーの同日録音をミックスはしていたものの、マスターテープ原音の衝撃を主眼に置いたタイトルであったため基本的にノー・イコライジング、ノー・リマスターに徹して制作された一枚であり、品質的なパーフェクト感という面では2つの点で改善の余地が残されていたのも事実でした。


(1) 全体のリマスター作業

です。特に(1)についてはあまりに高品質な原音であったためそれをする必要や理由も無かった訳ですが、これは言い換えると” あの極上ソースを現在の最新技術でリマスターしたら一体どれほどのウルトラ・サウンドで甦るのか? “…という、聴覚をくすぐる課題が残されたまま時が過ぎていたとも言えるでしょう。しかもそれが上記(2)の問題点までパーフェクト解決した完全無欠の最長収録版だとしたら…? そう、それを現実のものにした頂点突き抜けの77年ボストン決定版が本作なのです!!

しかし元々の録音が大変優れたものだけに、具体的にどういうリマスターなのかと疑問を持たれる方も多いと思います。特にこの録音の場合、ホプキンスの居た座席が” Section AA, Row10, Seat3-4 “と、当日会場のPAから出る音をド直球で録音出来る位置に居た事が判明しているため、その録音位置の旨みを100%活かして惹き出すリマスターにする必要もありました。それゆえあの原音をどう研いで、眠っていた音の可能性をどう覚醒させるかは大きな課題だった訳ですが、我々Sigmaスタッフが或る事に注目して狙いを定めたのはレンジの拡大、サウンドのワイド感だったのです。

Sigma 177盤を注意深くお聴きになると判るのですが、そこではPA直撃で拾った音群移動装置の効果が所々で確認出来ます。分かり易いのは「Money」中盤でギターのディレイ効果が大きくなったり小さくなったり(= 近付いたり遠ざかったり)する様子ですが、これがスピーカーの真正面から直接音を拾っている割には音の抜けと拡がりがいまひとつなのです。また音符と音符の間に隙間が多い曲(※ 例えば「Shine On You Crazy Diamond」)や、中音域を多用する「Have A Cigar」でも響きの振幅の浅さや音像全体の閉塞感が時折り顔を覗かせていたため(※ 勿論それでも充分過ぎるほど非凡な音像なのですが)、このミドル・レンジを中心に125Hz~250Hzの音域を拡げ、高音のエアー感とニュアンスなど10Hz付近の音に明瞭感を与える調整をする事で原音の魅力をシフトアップ出来ると考えました。また殆ど一小節ごとにノイズ・チェックする事で透明性を更に上げ、音の粒が持っているスピードとエッジの高まりも実現。結果、鋭い瞬発力を持った精度の高い音色の振幅が、潤いたなびかせて全方向へ伸び切ってゆくサウンドが実現したのです。更に相乗効果としてステレオ感もグッと増し、Sigma 177盤では隠れていたサウンド・エネルギーが聴き手のイマジネーションに深く突き刺さる究極の77年ボストンが誕生したのです!!

そんなブラッシュアップ感満点のサウンドで甦る「Sheep」ではいきなり大きなトピックが登場します。前述した改善点(2)で示した通り、あの9:07付近のテープ劣化痕が完全に無くなっているのです。その成果は「ここがその部分だ」と知って聴いてもまず判らない完璧な仕上がりとなっており、これによってこの日特有のあのスピード感・ドライヴ感が一片も損なわれないまま終曲まで駆け抜けてゆく興奮を実現させています。「Dogs」でも導入部のギターが更に芯のある音色で息を吹き返し、ギルモアの間近な歌声にはレンジの拡がりに加えて奥行きまで感じられるリマスターの極みを体感出来るでしょう。タムやスネアのアタック感もますます際立ち、13:27から展開する後半ギター・ソロでの音色の量感と解像度、そしてアンサンブルに戻って終曲してゆく終盤の展開などは衝撃のリマスター・インパクトとなっています。「Pigs On The Wing 2」でも溜め息が出るほど艶のある音色の拡がりが展開し、前半でのアコースティックな響きの質と、後半のエレキ・ギターとの眩しい対比が聴覚に未知の興奮を運んでくれるでしょう。「Pigs(Three Different Ones)」では原音に眠っていた中~低音域のダイナミックな重量感をグッと惹き出しました。ジャリジャリした音の動きがますます鮮明に浮き上がり、そこに時々閃光の如く鋭く切り込んでくるギターとのコントラストも最良のマッチングで仕上がっています。またロジャーが放つ歌声の抜けの向上感もトピックで、歌詞一語一語のセンテンスが明瞭さを持った事も特筆されるでしょう。7:11~12で” Forty-eight (※ 48)… “としわがれ声で公演回数を叫ぶ例の様子も更にリアリズムを増し、そうしたcharade、すなわち言葉当ての遊びもサウンドのパーツひとつひとつの輝きとして実感出来るのです。

「Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part 1-5」は演奏開始までの数秒間、つまりディスクスタート直後に聴こえる爆竹の音と現場の様子に注目で、ここもレンジの拡がりと出音のシャープさにSigma 177盤との違いが如実に分かるひとコマです。その序盤ギターでもディレイ音がグッと彫りの深い音で出ていますし、楽曲後半で出てくるサックスも驚くべき振幅の深さで出ているなど、ノートのひとつひとつがリアル・ドキュメントとなっています。「Welcome To The Machine」も音の重みが拡がるパワー・サウンドが炸裂、原音に潜んでいた低音の威力を最大限引き出したリマスター効果が洪水の様に押し寄せ、5:32から暫く続くシンセサイザーの直撃感も拡がりのある超高解像タフネス・サウンドで展開します。「Have A Cigar」も鍛えられ・磨かれた音の余韻がむせかえる様な音色の陶酔を呼び覚ましてくれますし、「Wish You Were Here」にしてもギター弦の波動が史上空前の粒立ちの良さで漂ってゆく興奮を噛み締めるでしょう。「Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part 6-9」は原音波形の精緻な再現と上質な音の拡散が堪能出来る21分間です。ここで延々と放たれる音の離合集散も聴き手の聴感評価を更に引き上げること確実ですし、終盤で演奏が一度消えてピアノに引き継がれるまでのほぼ無音シーン(※ 16:45~55)も、原音を超える透明感を備えました。「Money」は中盤でギターのディレイ効果が音群移動装置によって大きくなったり小さくなったり(= 近付いたり遠ざかったり)する様子がSigma 177盤でも確認出来ましたが(5:33~8:13)、あれがここまで鮮明に、しかも全方位に拡散する鋭い響きで出ている点も大きなトピックとなっています。「Us And Them」も音域の閉塞感が無くなり、そのピュア・ダイナミックな音色の膨らみと旋律の拡がりはロジャーがここで言わずとも、本作を耳にした誰もが” Perfect !! “と叫ぶに違いありません。

考え抜かれた最新リマスターにより、遂に完成度極まったホプキンスのマスター・サウンド。音像の拡がりがそのまま知見の広がりに直結してゆく最新作と言えますが、もし仮にホプキンス自身がこれを聴いても、聴き馴染んでいる筈の自分の録音がこれほどの可能性を秘めていた事に驚きを隠せないのではないでしょうか。それと同様、以前何らかの既発盤でこの77年ボストンを聴いた事がある方も、そしてあのSigma 177盤をお持ちの方であっても、その上をゆくこの高精度なアッパー感は激しく知を揺らす体験となる筈です。遂に” DEFINITIVE “の冠を付けて登場した77年ボストン録音の決定版、あと数日だけ指を折り、期待を胸に秘めその電撃登場をお待ち下さい!!


★貴重な1977年アニマルズ「IN THE FLESH」ツアーのワールド・ツアー・プログラムを復刻したレプリカ付き(全28ページ)


Disc 1(53:13)
1. Sheep ★9:07 のテープ劣化が無いヴァージョン
2. Pigs On The Wing 1 3. Dogs 4. Pigs On The Wing 2
5. Pigs(Three Different Ones)

Disc 2(76:04)
1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part 1-5 2. Welcome To The Machine
3. Have A Cigar 4. Wish You Were Here ☆ミスで最初、関係ない楽しい曲が延々とかかってしまう
5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part 6-9 6. Money 7. Us And Them

Sigma 226

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