Pink Floyd / Detroit 1975 2nd Night / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Detroit 1975 2nd Night / 2CD / Sigma

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Live at Olympia Stadium, Detroit, MI. USA 24th June 1975.

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Rush into the new chapter !!
About eight years since the label was launched, Sigma ‘s catalog number 200, which has been engraved with a number of high evaluations and history as a special label for pink and floyds, appears with full catalog number! This weekend, Detroit of the 1975 wonders by 8 track cartridges It will be revived with a super upgrade !!

Detroit performance on 24th June 1975 …. The legendary 2DAYS (* 23 and 24, this recording day 24 was the last day), which was formed during the North American tour of the time, has so far known two same day recording sources. What is remembered with its representative title is “All Due Respect (Sirene-219)” which was made into world harmonic by Sirene label in February 2007. This press three-disc set CD recorded Recorder 1 which surprised the fans as the longest recording at that time on Disc-1 and 2, and Disc 3 recorded Recorder 2 which was powerful in Recorder 1 or more although it remained only in the first half of the show It was a coupling title by two sources of the same day recording. Even I can hear a few years’ 75-year recording on two same day sources It is a translation that was familiar as a staple of Detroit over the long term due to its high material quality, but its root It was a famous taper, Jared Houser, who recorded Recorder 1 who was making it.

That world taper team JEMS has made a deep respect and was the cornerstone of his legendary name continuing to record numerous performances, mainly by The Who and Bruce Spring Steen until cancer died in October 2016 It is a taper. His recording is very distinctive in that he stuck with two 8 track cartridges that were already obsolete at the time and kept recording until the mid 1980s. In order to keep it at the highest quality, it is also known that it was a very precise person who transfers the original recording to the VHS Hi-Fi tape and archives it. In recent years, the original source he recorded with that 8-track cartridge was released by JEMS several times, but one of them included Detroit for 75 years and it is amazing to see unofficial sound source fans all over the world I was allowed to. Because it is a vivid original sound of zero degradation which basically reverses the image of Recorder 1 (= the original source used for Disc 1 + 2 of the originating “All Due Respect”) which was regarded as one point in terms of sound quality, sound quality It was because it was a Ultra-class upper / source that will blow away Recorder 2 of the same day recording that had superiority instantaneously !!

This new Recorder 1 is what he had once left on VHS Hi-Fi with a polite transfer (Transfer-A / 56 minutes in the first half) and he aimed for the best and converted from 8 tracks to DAT in the mid 90’s It combines the one that I did (Transfer B / 56 minutes in the latter half), this is the ultimate 75 which can listen to the earliest recording appearance which was recorded in the original 8 track cartridge with the best · highest original sound master · sound It is a Detroit sound source in the year …. but as JEMS intends to release the sound source, JEMS has released source unprocessed in a sense indicating respect for Mr. Jared, who died suddenly. In other words, the pitch is loose overall, analog noise also leaves and inherits the deterioration point peculiar to Recorder 1 as it is, and the volume transferred at the time of recording is different for those transferred to VHS Hi-Fi Also unadjusted, “You Gotta Be Crazy” which had been lost considerably due to some circumstances at the time of recording was also released in a state in which it was out of stock, such as “unprocessed” Rather than saying “a throwing feeling” was a strong thing. But with this it ruins the brilliant upper feel of original sound and the freshness of the master sound and the significance of the memorial release to look back on his recording art which was originally the aim was also diminished. Therefore, the elite staff of this Sigma label worked vigorously on these various problems, and from this point of time we also made the ultimate 75th Detroit Day 2 the full settlement with a memorial to Mr. Jared, a memorial to Mr. Jared It was. That resulted in the catalog number “Sigma 200”, the 200th title Sigma entering the new era of Floyd source history!

What was the sound we were listening to so far? The spread and depth of this sound, which has been restored to its original form with Sigma’s hands, is phenomenal from the start of the disc. In this new Recorder 1, the recording time before the performance is recorded for more than 1 minute (= longer) than Recorder 1 (= the original disk – Disisc 1) so far, but the sound image It instantly knows that the precision and transparency of itself has improved by an order of magnitude. Especially here it seems that Nick is verifying the sound of Tam and the sound check of the guitar and the base, so it is realized that not only the upper feeling of the sound but also the materiality / importance as the recording material is increasing You can do it. As soon as “Raving And Drooling” starts to move, everyone will be breathing on the closeness of the lively performance sound and the good sound omission. “You Gotta Be Crazy” is the recording of the missing sound (about 4 minutes 10 seconds to 12 minutes 47 seconds) of the sound that exists in the original recording for the Recorder 2, that is, the already-released source which is another good source – Dis3 It was compensated to the perfect at the waveform level 1/1000 from the same part, so that he could listen with zero feeling of discomfort. This is the only advantage Advantage of this work which is not in the JEMS open version, it restored perfectly so that the musical floating feeling and the drive feeling can be enjoyed while maintaining the continuity of the performance, the release of the unrelenting appearance I realize an excellent listening feeling which is not comparable with the version. Also, “Shine On You … Part 1-5” also released on the already-released board The noise and momentary sound skipping that was around 2 minutes 34 seconds of the same song were perfectly removed with Sigma’s latest remastered technology, and further concentration Upgrading that can immerse into sound and performance is given. Rocky’s singing voice stands out, as well as sax showing a face in the final stage will come out with a smooth and thick sound, so please check it out. “Have A Cigar” remarkably improves the resolution of the midrange, the sound image of the already-launched disk – Dis 1 which was crushed and flat, regained the original thickness and accuracy of Recorder 1, became stereoscopic, the transparency The height of the sound and the intersection of the sounds are too dazzling.

The darkside complete reproduction Disc 2 is also astounding, you will feel the closeness and sharpness of the singing voice from the beginning of the disc, as well as the blend feeling of the thick tone of core and the sound. The sound and documentary feeling of “On The Run” is outstanding, and there is no doubt that you will be struck by the original sound image of Recorder 1 who inhaled the sound that was full of the venue of the day. The scene where the bed collides in the last stage also jumps out with the powerful surround feeling which does not collapse into roar, spreading the disparity from the sound from the earlier stage. “Time” also leaves the trajectory of reverberation and tone coloring in a different dimension listening response, vocals come out as a three-dimensional sound image one step ahead of you, so you can grab the performance expression of this day just like a field experience . “The Great Gig In The Sky” smoothly corrected the sound image in the vicinity of the public version 5 minutes, 43 seconds, minutes, seconds with noise and cut processing sweet, and dramatically improved the listening comfort. The organ tone also comes out with the sound gloss and sharp contour unique to the 8 track master, so please be sure to pay attention. “Money” also has the distortion of the bass range which had been Mokomoko so far progressing with the original sound of the original sound, the comfortableness of the auditory sense rises dramatically, and “Us And Them” also arranges a romantic sound It is supposed to be astounded by a stereoscopic floating feeling which is different from the sound which was far flat and flattened with the sound of the drama derived from the sound image of even better quality. “Any color You Like” has a momentary noise and sound skipping at 5 minutes 00 seconds, but this also realized a smoother listening feeling by applying the best treatment that does not kill the naturalness of the original sound. It is also a nice upper point that it made it possible to enjoy the strong brush guitar sound of Gilmore of this day without discomfort. I think that Encore’s “Echoes” will also be noticed that the sound image is full of the density and weight of the sound that was diluted on the earlier version. Gilmore on this day is said to have not been thoroughly conditioned with a cold but on the contrary it seems that the roughness of that play gives an unintended effect unique to this day in a beautiful and moist sound image is.

Perhaps everyone notices after finishing listening is a squeezed sound image and poor sound drop which was remarkable in Recorder 1 so far, it is stereoscopic and very missing in the original original sound image It is a fact. In addition, there are not a few discoveries that did not notice even with Recorder 2 which was excellent in sound quality, for example, in “Raving And Drooling” which can be heard in this work, the sound of the synthesizer moves from the center to the right, and it moves slowly again to the center , In other words, you can see that the effect of the sound group moving device of the day was still thin in 2 channels. These facts and new discoveries are also a pleasing element to supplement the documentary nature that only original recording had, and those that exceeded the finish of this work in the future will also be treated for the noise and cut part that further improved its accuracy It will not come out.

Pursuing the echo of Floyd ‘s euphoria, pressing on the day’ s performance with a transparent and powerful high – quality nearest sound. It is synonymous with the longing that underlies our fans who wish to be overwhelmed by the core part of each song, and it is also a signpost of the Sigma label strict with sound quality. This latest work that reaches the label catalog 200 series and tells the beginning of the new chapter. It is the title of pleasure that perfectly blended the brilliant eight-track original sounds left by the young and suddenly deceased name Taper to Floyd and Perfect. Please try by all means !!

レーベル発足から約8年、ピンク・フロイド専門レーベルとして数々の高い評価と歴史を刻んできたSigmaのカタログ番号200が満を持して登場! 今週末、あの1975年デトロイトが8トラック・カートリッジによる驚異のスーパー・アップグレードで甦ります!!

1975年6月24日のデトロイト公演…。当時の北米ツアー中に組まれたこの伝説の2DAYS(※ 23日と24日で、この録音日24日は最終日でした)は、これまで2つの同日録音ソースが知られてきました。その代表的タイトルで思い出されるのは何と言っても2007年2月にSireneレーベルによって世界初音盤化された『All Due Respect (Sirene-219)』でしょう。このプレス盤3枚組CDはDisc-1と2に当時最長録音としてファンを驚かせたRecorder 1を、そしてDisc3にはショウの前半しか残存しないもののRecorder 1以上に迫力のあったRecorder 2を収録した同日録音の2ソースによるカップリング・タイトルでした。たたでさえ数が少ない75年録音を2つの同日ソースで聴けたこの既発盤はその資料性の高さもあって長きに渡り75年デトロイトの定番として親しまれていた訳ですが、その根幹を成していたRecorder 1を録音したのが高名なテーパー、ジャレッド・ハウザー(Jared Houser)氏でした。

あの世界的テーパーチームJEMSが深くリスペクトし、その礎石でもあった彼は2016年10月に癌で亡くなるまでザ・フーとブルース・スプリング・スティーンを中心に数多くの公演を録り続けた伝説の名テーパーです。彼の録音が非常に特徴的なのは、当時でも既に時代遅れとなっていた2つの8トラック・カートリッジにこだわって1980年代半ばまでレコーディングを続けていた点でしょう。またそれを最高の品質で維持するため、更にその原録音をVHSのHi-Fiテープに転送してアーカイヴ化するという非常に几帳面な人物だった事でも知られています。近年、彼がその8トラック・カートリッジで録ったオリジナルのソースがJEMSによって幾つか追悼公開されたのですが、そのひとつにこの75年デトロイトが含まれており世界中の非公式音源ファンを仰天させました。何故ならそれは音質的にはいまひとつとされていたRecorder 1(= 既発盤『All Due Respect』のDisc1+2に使用した元ソース)のイメージを根底から覆す劣化ゼロの鮮烈な原初サウンドで、音質的に優位性を持っていた同日別録音のRecorder 2を瞬時に吹き飛ばす程のウルトラ級アッパー・ソースだったからです!!

この新しいRecorder 1は、彼がかつて丁寧なトランスファーでVHS Hi-Fiに残していたもの(Transfer-A / 前半56分)と、彼がより最良を目指して90年代半ばに8トラックからDATに変換したもの(Transfer B / 後半56分)を合体させた構成で、これはオリジナルの8トラック・カートリッジに収録されていた最も初期の録音の姿を最良・最高の原音マスター・サウンドで聴ける究極の75年デトロイト音源なのです….が、音源公開の意図としてJEMSはこれを急逝した故・ジャレッド氏に敬意を示す意味でソース未加工のまま公開したのです。すなわち全体的にピッチが緩く、アナログノイズもRecorder 1特有の劣化ポイントをそのまま放置・継承しており、またVHS Hi-Fiに転送したものとDAT変換したものでは収録時のボリュームが違うのにこれも未調整だったうえ、収録時に何らかの事情で演奏シーンの大幅な欠落が生じていた「You Gotta Be Crazy」もブツ切れの目も当てられない状態で公開されているなど、” 未加工 “と言うよりは” 投げっ放し感 “が強いものだったのです。でもこれでは原初サウンドが放つ鮮烈なアッパー感とマスター・サウンドの新鮮さが台無しですし、そもそもの目的だった彼の録音芸術を振り返る追悼公開の意義も薄れます。そこで当Sigmaレーベルの精鋭スタッフ達がこれらの諸問題と精力的に取り組み、ここ日本からも故・ジャレッド氏への追悼を込めて全解決する事で究極の75年デトロイト2日目を誕生させました。それがこのカタログ番号” Sigma 200 “、フロイド音源史の新時代へ突入する200タイトル目のSigma最新作として結実したのです!!

一体これまで私達が聴いていたサウンドは何だったのか…。Sigmaの手で本来の姿に甦ったこのサウンドの広がりと奥行きはディスクスタートから驚異的です。この新しいRecorder 1は開演前の収録時間がこれまでのRecorder 1(= 既発盤-Disc1)より1分以上も手前から(= 長く)収録されているのですが、まずその初登場部分から音像そのものの精度と透明感が桁違いに向上しているのが瞬時に分かるのです。特にここはニックがタムの音を確かめている様子やギターとベースのサウンドチェックも含まれているため、サウンドのアッパー感だけでなく録音物としての資料性・重要性も増しているのが実感出来るでしょう。やがて「Raving And Drooling」が動き出すと押し寄せる、その生々しい演奏音の近さと音抜けの良さには誰もが息を呑むに違いありません。「You Gotta Be Crazy」は原録音に存在している約8分間の音の欠落(※ 4分10秒~12分47秒)をRecorder 2、すなわち良質な別ソースである既発盤-Disc3の同部分から波形レベル1/1000でパーフェクトに補填し、違和感ゼロで聴き通せる様にしました。これはJEMS公開版には無い本作だけのアドヴァンテージで、演奏の連続性を保ったまま音楽的浮遊感とドライヴ感が満喫出来るよう完璧に復元した事で、ブツ切れで無残な姿の公開版とは比べ物にならない優れた聴き心地を実現しています。また「Shine On You…Part 1-5」も既発盤同曲の2分34秒付近にあったあのノイズと一瞬の音飛びをSigma最新のリマスター技術で完璧に取り除き、更に集中して音と演奏に没入出来るアップグレードを施しています。ロジャーの歌声の際立ちは勿論、終盤で顔を見せるサックスも公開版より滑らかで厚みを持った響きで出てきますので是非チェックしてみて下さい。「Have A Cigar」は中音域の解像度が目覚しく向上し、押し潰されて平坦だった既発盤-Disc1の音像がRecorder 1本来の厚みと精度を取り戻し立体的になり、その吸い込まれる様な透明度の高さと響きの交差が眩し過ぎるほどです。

ダークサイド完全再現のDisc2も驚異的で、芯の太い音色と響きのブレンド感、また歌声の近さと鮮明さをディスク冒頭から実感されるでしょう。「On The Run」のサウンド・ドキュメンタリー感も抜群で、当日の会場に充満していた音を目一杯吸い込んだRecorder 1本来の音像に心打たれること間違い無しです。終盤でベッドが衝突するシーンも轟音に潰れないド迫力のサラウンド感で飛び出し、既発盤サウンドとの格差を広げています。「Time」も残響や音色の軌跡が別次元の聴き応えを残し、ボーカルも一歩前に出た立体的な音像で出てくるため、この日の演奏表現を現場体験さながらに掴んでゆけるでしょう。「The Great Gig In The Sky」はノイズとカット処理が甘かった公開版5分43秒分秒付近の音像を滑らかに修正し、聴き心地を飛躍的に向上させました。オルガンの音色も8トラック・マスターならではの音艶と鋭い輪郭で出てきますので是非御注目下さい。「Money」もこれまでモコモコしていた低音域の歪みが原音本来の端正な音で進行し、聴感上の心地良さが飛躍的に上がっていますし、「Us And Them」もロマンティックな音の配列が導き出す響きのドラマが更に上質の音像で息を吹き返し、奥まって平坦だったこれまでのサウンドとは違う立体的な浮遊感に仰天される筈です。「Any Colour You Like」は5分00秒で一瞬のノイズと音飛びがありますが、これも原音のナチュラルさを殺さない最良のトリートメントを施す事で一層滑らかな聴き心地を実現しました。これによりこの日のギルモアが描く強い筆致のギター・サウンドが違和感無く楽しめるようになったのも嬉しいアッパー・ポイントです。アンコールの「Echoes」も既発盤では希薄だった響きの密度と重みが音像全体に充満している事に気付かれると思います。この日のギルモアは風邪で調子が万全ではなかったと伝えられていますが、逆にそのプレイのラフさがこの日ならではの意図せぬ効果を与えている様子が麗しく湿った音像の中で掴めるのです。

聴き終えた後に恐らく誰もが気付くのは、これまでのRecorder 1で顕著だった押し潰された様な音像と音抜けの悪さが、オリジナルの原音像では立体的で大変抜けの良いものであったという事実でしょう。また音質に優れていたRecorder 2でも気付けなかった発見も少なからずあり、例えば本作で聴ける「Raving And Drooling」ではシンセサイザーの音色がセンターから右へ、それが再びゆっくりとセンターへ移動してゆく様子、つまり当日の音群移動装置の効果が2チャンネルの中で薄っすらと残っていた事も確認出来るのです。こうした事実と新発見もまた原録音のみが持っていたドキュメンタリー性を補完する嬉しい要素となっていますし、その精度を更に高めたノイズとカット部分の処理も今後本作の仕上げを超えるものはまず出ないでしょう。



Disc 1(58:55)
1. Tune Up & Intro 2. Raving And Drooling
3. You Gotta Be Crazy ★4:10からの8分間ものカットを同日別ソースから補填(これがJEMS音源に無い処理)
4. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part 1-5 5. Have A Cigar 6. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part 6-9

Disc 2(75:16)
The Dark Side Of The Moon
1. Speak To Me 2. Breathe 3. On The Run 4. Time 5. Breathe(Reprise) 6. The Great Gig In The Sky
7. Money 8. Us And Them 9. Any Colour You Like 10. Brain Damage 11. Eclipse
12. Echoes

Sigma 200

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