Pink Floyd / Manchester 1974 / 3CD+Program Replica

Pink Floyd / Manchester 1974 / 3CD+Program Replica / Sigma

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Live at The Palace Theatre, Manchester, UK 9th December 1974



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What was not noticed? Recent Floyd titles that have been released from our shop are we going back to the condition, such as 1977, ’75. Sonaruto of course, the next release would be ’74 tour. Leaving a sound Floyd drifting feeling of floating up to it, the last time that had kept also relaxed singing voice Gilmore. As two of the live tour of “attack” that had been playing a new song to be released in the album later in such, 1974 sound source is proud of the high popularity among the world of mania. Including 75 years this time of Floyd “new song set”, “madness set” and that the last time that was the tour in creative construction of “Echoes” is also a popular secret.
’74 Of Floyd interesting place is, since the mega-hit of “madness”, located in the place that has been carefully dealing with the new song group of Mise was finally turned on. That after all the fans but is a translation that has been craving a new song or a new album since the album, Floyd, as is especially Roger Waters, produce works that continue to hit much more than expected of the person who “madness” you must stand in response to the proposition.
However, as is the ages great artists and groups was the case, dared tour Floyd also a new song of completely different sound and atmosphere as “madness”, was put in the “half-cooked” state of in a good way To do. Although itself be played live by introducing a new song before the recording there was in a place they are good at, it a big difference that the big hit album had been born previously, even more of this at the time new song group It receives from the live sound source left the impression that was carefully handled. In such a new song first was shown a large growth in would be “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”. The song that has been unveiled at the French tour in June which day also wonderfully played, it was clear that the band is First was trying Nitsumeyo this song.

Even then conducted a so-called “British Winter Tour” in another new song “Raving and Drooling” is while being boiled down while being live music, creative aspects of further new song “You Gotta Be Crazy” is turned on in the tour It was reflected. Also for this to be released it is to become a sound source from the same tour, but our shop had produced the items to the emphasis on performance at Wembley Empire Pool so far. “DECLINE AND FALL OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE” of the “WHO GOTTA BE CRAZY” and 17 days on November 15 has not only received high praise from mania in the performance content to surpass 16 days has been radio broadcasting, respectively, sound quality it is what have a reputation in the goodness of.
Was Mise was recorded live after these Wembley performances “CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE”. This is “British Winter Tour” late, had recorded the Manchester concert on December 9th. A great performance that was further evolved from Wembley here was also captured by the great sound quality of audience recording, it did those long already to Sold Out as determined version of the sound source. Of course “What is relapse Once you become a time?”, Although the voice of “that the want to listen to all means great performance” had been asked, it if only for a great performance and name sound source, want to avoid is a simplistic recurrence … a few years has passed our staff hugging such a thought. Actually, there is a had been evaluated by the Manchester of definitive edition in terms of sound quality “CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE”, but had been in use a low-generation sound source that was available at that time, it did not found with respect to more clear copy generation were you. However appeared recently, Ya serving as a new sound source upgrade of which appeared in the information of the genuine “1st gen cassette” … finally exceeds the “CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE”, limited the press CD release has become possible!

A further attraction of the “British Winter Tour”, Floyd had been Noboritsume up already Earl’s Court at the time of the 1973 include that shows off the new songs at the venue below also it or again Concert Hall you. Be and their cautious stance from here, there is something reminiscent of the day-to-day in the early ’72 Rainbow. Therefore, Wembley is the maximum level of the venues on this tour, in Manchester listen to one to understand about the Jaco whiff fully open, also the sound source of realism of heterogeneous and Wembley has been captured by the outstanding freshness and clearness It would be a big attraction.
And in this time of pedigree papers “1st gen cassette”, it the sound quality is enhanced up to the ultimate level. Brought mesmerized and is in both the performance and sound quality, I feel that Manchester unique. Particularly noticeable is the difference between “CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE” for clearness. This is true of the “1st gen cassette” sound, Manchester definitive edition of will finally appeared. I was really waiting!

しかし、いつの時代も偉大なアーティストやグループがそうであったように、フロイドも「狂気」とはまったく違ったサウンドや雰囲気の新曲を、いい意味での「生煮え」状態で投入してツアーを敢行します。録音する前の新曲を投入してライブで演奏すること自体は彼らが得意とするところではありましたが、それ以前に大ヒット・アルバムが誕生していたという大きな違いが、なおさらこの当時の新曲群を慎重に扱ったという印象を残されたライブ音源から受けるのです。そうした新曲の中で最初に大きな成長をみせたのが「Shine On You Crazy Diamond」でしょう。6月のフランス・ツアーで披露された同曲はどの日も演奏が素晴らしく、バンドがまずはこの曲を煮詰めようとしていたことが明らかでした。

次に行われた所謂”British Winter Tour”ではもう一つの新曲「Raving and Drooling」がライブ演奏されながら煮詰められつつも、さらなる新曲「You Gotta Be Crazy」が投入されるというクリエイティブな局面がツアーで反映されました。今回リリースされるのも同ツアーからの音源となるのですが、当店はこれまでウェンブリー・エンパイア・プールでの公演を重点にアイテムを生み出していました。11月15日の「WHO GOTTA BE CRAZY」と17日の「DECLINE AND FALL OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE」はそれぞれがラジオ放送された16日を凌ぐ演奏内容でマニアから高い評価を受けただけでなく、音質の良さにおいても定評があるものです。
これらウェンブリー公演の後のライブを収録してみせたのが「CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE」。こちらは”British Winter Tour”終盤、12月9日のマンチェスター公演を収録していました。ウェンブリーからさらに進化した名演をこちらも素晴らしい音質のオーディエンス録音で捉えていた、同音源の決定版として既にSold Outになって久しいものでした。当然ながら「いつになったら再発されるのか?」、「あの名演を是非聴いてみたい」という声は寄せられていたものの、それだけの名演かつ名音源であるのなら、安直な再発は避けたい…当店スタッフがそんな思いを抱いて数年が経過。実は音質面でマンチェスターの決定版の評価を受けていた「CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE」ではありますが、当時入手できたロージェネレーション音源を使用はしていたものの、それ以上の明確なコピー世代に関しては判明していなかったのです。ところが最近になって登場した、正真正銘「1st gen cassette」とのインフォメーションで登場した新たな音源のアップグレードたるや…遂に「CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE」を上回る、限定のプレスCDリリースが可能となったのです!

”British Winter Tour”のさらなる魅力としては、既に73年の時点でアールズ・コートまでに登り詰めていたフロイドが、再びコンサート・ホールかそれをも下回る会場で新曲を披露していたことが挙げられます。ここからも彼らの慎重な姿勢や、72年初頭のレインボーでの日々を思い起こさせるものがあります。よってウェンブリーがこのツアーでは最大レベルの会場であり、マンチェスターでは一聴して解るほどにハコっぽさ全開、ウェンブリーとは異質の臨場感が抜群の鮮度とクリアネスで捉えられているのも本音源の大きな魅力でしょう。
そして今回の血統書付「1st gen cassette」において、その音質は究極のレベルにまで高められているのです。演奏と音質の両方でうっとりとさせられる、あのマンチェスターならではの感じ。特にクリアネスに関しては「CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE」との違いが顕著。これが真の「1st gen cassette」サウンド、マンチェスターの決定版が遂に登場します。本当にお待たせしました!

★今回の「MANCHESTER 1974」リリースを記念して、新たに作製した1974年イギリス・ツアーのパンフレット・レプリカ(全16ページ)をお付け致します。(大きさは、縦138mm × 横97mmとこれまでのレプリカより大きめのサイズで作製しました。)「SUPER ALL-ACTION OFFICIAL MUSIC PROGRAMME FOR BOYS AND GIRLS!」と副題されたコミック調の興味深い内容です。

Disc 1(54:02)
1. Raving And Drooling 2. You’ve Got To Be Crazy 3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Disc 2(58:16)
The Dark Side Of The Moon
1. Speak To Me 2. Breathe 3. On The Run 4. Time 5. Breathe(Reprise) 6. The Great Gig In The Sky
7. Money 8. Us And Them 9. Any Colour You Like 10. Brain Damage 11. Eclipse

Disc 3(27:10)
1. Audience 2. Echoes

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