Pink Floyd / Tampa 1973 / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Tampa 1973 / 2CD / Sigma

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Live at Tampa Stadium, Tampa, FL. USA 29th June 1973

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Label first sound source appeared !! Fun-long-awaited Pink Floyd 1973 sound source will be added to Sigma with the highest level sound quality this weekend !!

Floyd in 73 years that completed the masterpiece ‘Insanity’ engraved in music history in the spring. The set list and the composition of the show changed garishly, and this period when the songs were increasingly matured each time they played it is a time not to be an unofficial sound source fanatics but as a matter of fact, as you know, the number of performances Is gradually decreasing, so the number of tams of existing recording is also getting frustrating to decrease. Of course, there is no sound source at all, but there are many qualitatively severe things when listening to the recorded sounds, and it is quite the current situation that it will not lead to the release of the press press. However, in recent years, do you know the enchanted 73-year source that attracted attention among unofficial sound source fans? It is the first appearance source of Sigma label that appears this time, June 29, 1939 · Florida state in the United States is a stereo sound source at Tampa.

The one that appears this time is the master sound source of Omoto that the net publisher was handed from the recording person himself. That sound quality was a supernova that appeared suddenly in the sound source of 73 years, it was a stereo AUD recording of a gem that is exactly what appeared on the press board! If you have heard the public sound source on the Internet just as you know, While this sound source is excellent in sound quality, there is also pitch misalignment and sound fluctuation, and as it is, the quality of sound has been lacking as a recorded material of Floyd which is more problematic than any band. What this Sigma ‘s elite staff scrutinized and restored, it revived to the form of the original sound suitable for the press board is this latest work, yes, it is the super – super stereo recording title of 73 years appearing for a long time!

That sound is very shocking. From the beginning “Obscured By Clouds”, a stereo source that makes you feel the space of a vivid place seeps out densely and makes you feel the sharpness of the tone that the musical vocabulary clearly rises from the beginning of the performance. When you move to “When You In In” you will be confident that this is a sound image that is excellent in total balance, and that it is not increasingly a mediocre source. Especially the musical sound and attack feeling of middle to low range is gooseblown thing, it is certain that the chest will get hot with the tone of the organ tone and the tough sound of the bass that can be heard here, and the tuning scene entering after the performance is completely I can not miss listening to recorded points. “Set the Control For The Heart Of The Sun” is also a high resolution sound that makes the echo lightly hung on vocals perfectly well, and the midfield at which the rhythm disappears also comes out with a complex sound acoustic energy with a special sound I will. After the show, this also includes a tuning scene as a uncut, and Gilmore carefully adjusts the guitar to its fullest fun. “Echoes” Please pay attention to the beautiful texture of the emitted sound. In particular, it will be amazing to see Gilmore and Lite’s twin vocals appearing nearly clearly. Guitar solo (after around 4 minutes 55 seconds) that comes after lyrics No. 2 also appears with high-quality sound, and the scene of the albatross pops out with a wonderful sound with a multi-valued approach more than other days approaching. Moreover, in two places where there was a missing in the Internet public sound source (around around 6 minutes 54 seconds – around 7 minutes and 13 seconds, and around 18 minutes 55 seconds – 19 minutes 04 seconds), it will compensate and repair independently and listen at a stretch Although it is done, this is also a perfect treatment which is not understood at first by just listening, and we have expanded the additive advantage with the public sound source remarkably.

Disk 2, complete reproduction of the dark side seems to have taken off the cover of cloth or something probably hung on the microphone at 00:24 to 25 seconds at the beginning of “Speak to Me”, starting from a vivid scene in which the field of view spreads at a stretch. Of course, not only catching the sound from the rising edge of the beating sound but also the touch of the guitar which makes a light sound and the monologue of the SE are clearly caught. While listening, everyone’s heart is beaten is the sound image with the spread of “Time” and the high-frequency sensitivity which is slowly evolving slowly. Women’s back chorus, which tends to lose a part of the nuance, also has a high resolution that you can hear vividly behind the guitar solo that comes out before you can enjoy the wonderful breath of the sound. “The Great Gig in the Sky” is a dazzling contrast between the piano and the beautiful voice, I am surprised by the high resolution that the delicate sound can not be buried, while “Money” also has a strong attack sound feeling and contrast, The saxophone appearing in Sax is accompanied by a comfortable excitement that fuses with the ensemble with a moist sound. Although a cut enters before the end of the song (* probably due to tape change), this dare to leave the figure of the original sound. Also “Any Colour You Like” is also breathtaking with a splendid sound of long-range music reconstruction due to the spreading of melodic melodies and the depression of guitar expression by the synthesizer, and it is intense in the low range in the encore “One Of These Days” You will realize that there is a centripetal force of sound. Especially the sharp sharpness of the sound that can be heard here is a special story, as the song progresses, the hooks work as the song progresses, and a lot of it is produced by the base and slide guitar, and it is filled with exactly pure dynamic dynamism and welcomes the disc end is!!

Excitement peculiar to 73 years performances bursting with burst of sounds that are never submissive …. Experiencing the performance of the year in which the absolute number of existing recordings is small is a great pleasure for fans, It is good to say that “experience” can be experienced with the sound of. This sound seems to be a new breath to be noticed by how loud breathing, which Floyd originated in 73 years, itself, is still learning how Floyd can learn to the listener. It is a great opportunity to confirm it this weekend when the breath of the reverberation of its beautiful 44 years ago, a new limited edition with a numbering / sticker appears, newly added to the strict Sigma lineup of sound quality!



今回登場するものは録音者本人からネット公開者が手渡された大元のマスター音源。そのサウンド・クオリティは73年音源に突如現れた超新星そのもの、まさにプレス盤での登場が相応しい逸品のステレオAUD録音だったのです! ただネットで公開音源を聴かれた事があるなら御存知の通り、この公開ソースは音質は優れている一方でピッチの狂いや音揺れもあり、そのままでは響きの質がどのバンドよりも問われるフロイドの録音物として画竜点睛を欠いていました。これを当Sigmaの精鋭スタッフが精査・修復し、プレス盤に相応しい原音本来の姿に甦らせたものがこの最新作、そう、久々に登場する73年の超極上ステレオ録音タイトルなのです!!

そのサウンドはまさに衝撃的。冒頭「Obscured By Clouds」から生々しい場の空間性を感じさせるステレオソースが濃密に滲み出し、演奏冒頭から音楽的な語彙がくっきりと浮き上がる音色の鋭さも感じさせるのです。「When You’re In」に移行するとこれがトータルバランスに優れた音像である事も分かり、ますます凡庸なソースではない事を確信されるでしょう。特に中~低音域のマッシヴなサウンド・アタック感は鳥肌モノで、ここで聴けるオルガンの音色やベースのタフな響きの余韻には胸熱くなること確実ですし、演奏終了後に入るチューニング・シーンを完全収録している点も聴き逃せません。「Set The Control For The Heart Of The Sun」もボーカルに淡く掛けられたエコーがばっちり分かるほどの高解像サウンドで、リズムが無くなる中盤も複雑に変化する音響エネルギーが特上のサウンドで出てきます。終演後はここもチューニング・シーンをノーカット収録しており、ギルモアがギターを丹念に調整する様子が存分に愉しめるのです。「Echoes」は放射される響きの麗しい質感に御注目下さい。特にギルモアとライトのツインボーカルが近く鮮明に現れる姿には驚嘆されるでしょう。歌詞2番の後に入るギター・ソロ(※ 4分55秒付近~)も上質な音で現れ、アホウドリのシーンも他日以上に多弁なアプローチで鳴き声を繰り出す様子が素晴らしいサウンドで飛び出します。またネット公開音源に欠落のあった2箇所(※ 6分54秒付近~7分13秒付近、及び18分55秒付近~19分04秒付近)は、独自に補填・修復して一気に聴けるようにしてありますが、これも一聴したただけではまず分からないパーフェクト・トリートメントとなっており、公開音源とのアドヴァンテージを格段に広げています。

ディスク2、ダークサイド完全再現は冒頭「Speak to Me」の00分24~25秒で恐らくマイクに掛けた布か何かの覆いを取り払ったらしく、一気に音の視界が広がる生々しいシーンからスタート。鼓動音の立ち上がりから音を捉えているのは勿論、軽く音出しをするギターのタッチやSEのモノローグも鮮明にキャッチしています。聴き進むうち誰もが胸打たれるのは「Time」の広がりのある音像と伸びやかに冴え渡る高域感度の良さでしょう。ニュアンスの一部が失われてしまいがちな女性のバック・コーラスも前に出るギター・ソロの後ろで鮮明に聴こえる解像度の高さがあり、素晴らしいサウンドの息吹が堪能出来る筈です。「The Great Gig in the Sky」はピアノと美声の対比が眩しく照射され、か細い音が埋もれない高い分解能に驚かされるのですが、一方「Money」もアタック感の強いサウンド・コントラストが魅力で、中盤で登場するサックスも潤いある音でアンサンブルと融合してゆく姿が心地良い興奮を伴います。終曲手前でカットが入りますが(※ 恐らくテープ・チェンジによるもの)、これはあえて原音の姿のまま残しました。また「Any Colour You Like」もシンセサイザーの伸びやかな旋律の拡散やギター表現の押し込みによる長尺な楽曲再構築が見事なサウンドで息衝いていますし、アンコール「One Of These Days」では低音域に強烈な音の求心力がある事を思い知られるでしょう。特にここで聴ける響きの鋭い陰影は特筆モノで、曲が進行するにつれてフックが効きまくるベースとスライド・ギターによってそれは幾つも生み出され、まさにピュア・ダイナミックな躍動感に満ち満ちながらディスクエンドを迎えるのです!!

決して従順ではない音の営みが充満して炸裂する73年公演特有の興奮….現存する録音の絶対数が少ない年度の公演を体験する事はファンにとって大いなる悦びですが、それが特上のサウンドで体験出来るのは殆ど” 事件 “と言っても良いでしょう。このサウンドはまさに73年フロイドが発していた生の呼吸そのもの、聴く人にフロイドから学べるものがまだ如何に多く残されているかに気付かされる新たな息吹きでもありそうです。サウンドの質に厳格なSigmaのラインナップに新しく加わったその麗しい44年前の響きの息づかい、ナンバリング・ステッカー付きの初回限定版が登場する今週末はそれを確かめる絶好のチャンスです!!


Disc 1(57:41)
1. Obscured By Clouds 2. When You’re In 3. Set The Control For The Heart Of The Sun
4. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 5. Echoes

Disc 2(65:10)
1. Speak to Me 2. Breathe 3. On the Run 4. Time 5. Breathe(Reprise) 6. The Great Gig in the Sky
7. Money 8. Us and Them 9. Any Colour You Like 10. Brain Damage 11. Eclipse
12. One Of These Days

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