Pink Floyd / Winterland 1972 / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Winterland 1972 / 2 CD / Sigma

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Live at Winterland Auditorium, San Francisco, CA USA 24th September 1972.


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San Francisco on September 24th the second day of the Winter land performance from the 1972 second round of North American tour, over in about 1 hour 46 minutes, the first complete recording. So far I have not seen the light of day, Angkor Set The Controls For The Heart Of The first songs recording board, including the Sun spanning 13 minutes of the day. In excess of its outstanding longest take even 15 minutes, “Winterland 1972” in both content and quality (Sirene-046: Disc 2 & 3), even “Dark Side Of The West” was released as that of the upper plate (Sigma 32: Disc 3 & 4) The contents that far surpass. Its outstanding Although Speak To Me of “The Dark Side Of The Moon” was started in SE cut-in, this edition includes recording from the previous start. It also has been recorded long 30 seconds compared to the already issued two in this part only. One Of These Days beginning of the second part is also the same, but starting at cut-in here also of its outstanding Similarly wind SE, fact is recording nearly five seconds longer. After the existing airport Echoes is the show, but will then fade out as it is immediately, this edition includes sound check sound also recorded nearly a minute and 50 seconds between songs. And since the first appearance Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun of 13 minutes and 12 seconds I have been recorded as it is, as the content, it has greatly exceeded its outstanding in all of the hand points. This is for the avid Floyd collector, will exactly what can be called a major incident! Further attention intro of Echoes. But as a drawback of this sound source is there cut at the beginning of Echoes, this edition includes “This is called” Echoes “,” tape change (flip?) Of such a cut is located in the but’s the same after, recovery is already longer than the outgoing, for the first time, sound effects, a single organ called intro of the pit has been recorded. It will be appreciated that has been evident difference in sound quality, and “Winterland 1972” also listen to alone, it’s a high enough quality, but Gene is better this time clearly young, clearly sound is natural than its outstanding to become and, when compared to this version, already issued is enough to feels the turbidity of intentional equalize feeling and sound. This time the sound clearly is more of a natural, you can enjoy the whole picture of the show with a good sound of the freshness of the master itself. Even listening now, wonder if there was high-quality 1972 North American tour sound source up to here? It is astounding sound quality as of I think. Attitude of the high-frequency and low-frequency sound sense of stability also also excellent in about no more. Sense of separation, the level of no clarity, and a punch of the sound that the all say of each part. Sound source of the Second North American tour, of September 10 Dallas, only the famous Hollywood Bowl 22 days since the other is only the presence of incomplete recording takes of Winter land the first day of the 23rd time the advent of the full version of the Winter land second day you said that very high degree of importance release (North America to Speak To Me tour is fully recording from the beginning this take only). Although new song also is a fresh audience of notes that fuss in anyway even, it does not even assumed, this time of Floyd’s performance is just overwhelming. Worked as overall regulation and control, tension persisted, you can hear the playing tight indeed. 2013, finally appeared in 1972 Winter land performances second day of the master edition. It is the one that represents the year is inevitable Ketteiban. The compelling, Enjoy the content and quality of impact.

★ It is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.158 (September 2013). In case you’re wondering.

“100 number” of memorable Sigma label, recorded Winterland performances from second North American tour of 1972. It noted elsewhere: in the sound source that has been recorded by the same person as “Pepperland 70 1st Gen Reel”, after recording with cassette tape using the sound source likewise Sony made Telecom “TC-126”, has been copied to the reel-to-reel. Perhaps because the master cassette tape that may have been overwritten to record other performances, that the reel-to-reel (1st gen) and digitized are youngest generation sound source existing is that the present panel . Previous “Pepperland 70: 1st Gen Reel” also had been full of new discoveries, it’s what this board also dismissed its outstanding board. Most surprising was the can, this recording thing were included encore. Although encore to the sound source it becomes already issued board of the original was unreleased, this is also probably was lost in the process of sound source flows. Opening of the other “Dark Side Of The Moon”, “Speak To Me” has been recorded from the beginning rather than the cut-in. By lighting system that moved up and down by the effect of the 4-channel system with the SE over came in from the all sides of the hall, how the audience to be the panic it is interesting to know to take in hand.
Performance content to enjoy the renewed edition of the “Dark Side Of The Moon”, which was premiered in January 1972 in the high-quality sound. Built-locked arrangement “Time” and without scat “The Great Gig In The Sky” is, it’s impressive that even approached the official take. Winter of the European tour of the sound source that has been assembled the best live and the North American tour of 1972 also say later in this Floyd is, but I think what a valuable listen to one if an admission rock fans, for the fans who have enjoyed this sound source from traditional It is, and will be able to find many discoveries. Release in the factory press.

1972年2回目の北米ツアーから9月24日のサンフランシスコはウィンターランド公演の2日目を、約1時間46分に渡って、初の完全収録。これまで陽の目を見なかった、この日の13分に及ぶアンコールSet The Controls For The Heart Of The Sunを含む初の全曲収録盤。既発最長テイクを15分も上回る、内容・音質ともに「Winterland 1972」(Sirene-046: Disc 2 & 3)、更にはそれのアッパー版としてリリースされた「Dark Side Of The West」(Sigma 32: Disc 3 & 4)を遥かに凌ぐ内容です。既発は「The Dark Side Of The Moon」のSpeak To MeがSEカットインで始まってましたが、本盤はスタート前からの収録。この部分だけで既発2種に比べ30秒も長く収録されています。第二部のOne Of These Days冒頭も同様で、こちらも既発同様に風のSEのカットインでスタートするものの、実際は5秒近く長く収録。既発はEchoesは終演後、そのまま直ぐにフェードアウトしてしまいますが、本盤は曲間のサウンドチェック音を1分50秒近くも収録。そして13分12秒の初登場Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sunがそのまま収録されているのですから、内容としては、全てのて点で既発を大きく上回っています。これは熱心なフロイド・コレクターにとっては、まさに大事件と呼べるものでしょう!更に注目はEchoesのイントロ。本音源の欠点としてEchoes冒頭のカットがあるのですが、本盤は「This is called “Echoes”」の後にテープチェンジ(フリップ?)のようなカットがあるのは同じなのですが、回復が既発より長く、初めて、イントロのピッと言うオルガンの効果音・単体が収録されています。当然のことながら音質の差も歴然としており、「Winterland 1972」も単体で聴くと、十分な高音質なのですが、ジェネは今回の方が明らかに若く、既発よりも音が自然で明瞭になっており、今回のヴァージョンと比べると、既発は作為的なイコライズ感及び音の濁りを感じてしまうほどです。今回の方が明らかに音はナチュラルであり、マスターそのものの鮮度の良いサウンドでショウの全貌を楽しむことができます。今聴いていても、ここまで高音質な1972年北米ツアー音源あったかな?と思うほどの驚異的な音質です。高域・低域の音の出方もこれ以上ない程で安定感も抜群。分離感、各パーツの明瞭さ、そして音のパンチとその全てが言うこと無しのレベル。第二次北米ツアーの音源は、9月10日のダラス、22日の有名なハリウッド・ボウルがあるだけで、他は23日のウィンターランド初日の不完全収録テイクが存在するだけですので、今回のウィンターランド2日目の完全版の出現は非常に重要度の高いリリースと言えます(北米ツアーのSpeak To Meが冒頭から完全に収録されているのは本テイクのみ)。新曲でもお構いなしに大騒ぎしている観客のリアクションも生々しいですが、それをものともしない、この時期のフロイドの演奏はまさに圧巻。全体的に緩急とコントロールの効いた、緊張感が持続した、実に締まった演奏を聞くことが出来ます。2013年、遂に登場した1972年ウィンターランド公演2日目のマスター・エディション。本年を代表する1枚になることは必至の決定盤。有無を言わさぬ、衝撃の内容・音質をお楽しみ下さい。

★beatleg誌 vol.158(2013年9月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

記念すべきSigmaレーベルの「100番」、1972年の第二次北米ツアーからWinterland公演を収録。別掲『Pepperland 70: 1st Gen Reel』と同じ人物によって録音された音源で、この音源も同様にSony製テレコ「TC-126」を使用してカセットテープで録音後、オープンリールにコピーされた。おそらくマスターカセットテープは他の公演を録音するために上書きされている可能性があるため、現存する最も若い世代の音源であるオープンリール(1st gen)をデジタル化したものが本盤ということになる。先の『Pepperland 70: 1st Gen Reel』も新たな発見に満ちあふれていたが、本盤も既発盤を一蹴する内容だ。最も驚かされたのが、この録音にはアンコールが含まれていたことだ。既発盤の元になった音源にはアンコールが未収録だったが、これも音源が流通する過程で消失したのだろう。他にも「Dark Side Of The Moon」のオープニング「Speak To Me」がカットインではなく最初から収録された。4チャンネルシステムの効果により場内の四方八方を駆けめぐるSEと昇降するライティングシステムによって、パニックとなる観客の様子が手に取るように判るのが面白い。
演奏内容は1972年1月に初演された「Dark Side Of The Moon」のリニューアル版を高音質で楽しめる。ロックアレンジされた「Time」とスキャットなしの「The Great Gig In The Sky」が組み込まれ、公式テイクに一層近づいた印象だ。Floydのベストライブとも言える1972年の北米ツアーとこの後に組まれた冬の欧州ツアーの音源はロックファンを自認するなら一聴の価値ある内容だと思うが、旧来からこの音源を楽しんできたファンにとっては、多くの発見を見いだすことができるだろう。ファクトリープレスでのリリース。

Disc 1(45:20)
The Dark Side Of The Moon
1. Speak To Me 2. Breathe 3. On The Run 4. Time 5. Breathe (Reprise) 6. The Great Gig In The Sky
7. Money 8. Us And Them 9. Any Colour You Like 10. Brain Damage 11. Eclipse

Disc 2(61:00)
1. One Of These Days 2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 3. Echoes
4. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

Sigma 100

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