Pink Floyd / Leeds 1972 / 2CDR

Pink Floyd / Leeds 1972 / 2CDR / Non Label

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Live At The Town Hall,Leeds,Yorkshire,UK 28th January 1972

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Pink Floyd’s album “The Dark Side Of The Moon (Crazy)” which was released in March 1973 and recorded a huge hit worldwide also celebrated 45 years from the release of the album in March this year About 1 year ago January 20 in the UK from Brighton’s show, France on December 10 of the year until the performance of Lyon, the large-scale “The Dark Side Of The Moon” We will do a tour including proto type of.
In case
Starting from the Briton The Dome performance on January 20th, February 20th, the sound source hits the tour six tours from the English tour in the early 1972, which took place until the Rainbow Theater Show in Finsbury Park January 28 Yorkshire is “Leeds 1972 (Gift CDR)” which recorded the performance of The Town Hall (Leeds Town Hall) of Leeds with an audience recording.

Sound image is somewhat far away, I do not know the relation of the seat position or the relationship of the hall, but a slight reverberation sound is hanging, but it is a high quality sound source. As a result, it is very regrettable that the damage caused by the aged deterioration of the tape on “Brain Damage” 2 minutes 28 seconds – “One Of These Days”, bread to the left and right channels etc.
It would be impossible to compensate in this condition for fluff.

“Blues” (“More Blues”) was also recorded, although it is also described in the manufacturer information, this UT tour from January 20th to February 20th this town hall performance , De Monfort Folk Hall performance on February 10, Rainbow Theater performance from 18th to 20th February
It is only 5 performances, it is valuable because there are things less than 20 performances in 1972 as a whole, and items on this day are not distributed on the bootleg market, making this gift item is a pleasing place.

In the manufacturer information
“Dark Side Of The Moon” The 6th performance of the UK tour in January 1972 which performed the first live show, all floyd · fan who recorded January 28 Leeds performance with high sound quality audience recording · Important important source of necessity Included.

20 January The Dome, Brighton, England (DSOTM premiere)
21 January Guildhall, Portsmouth, England
22 January Winter Gardens, Bournemouth, England
23 January Guildhall, Southampton, England
27 January City Hall, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England
28 January PF Town Hall, Leeds, England ★

The sound source itself uses a master that is called the best, currently called “You are Number Six” among traders.

However, since the sound is low as a whole by a semitone, this sound source has been all adjusted. Also, by returning the pitch to normal, after the One Of These Days, the part which was divided can be arranged at the beginning of the second part, “Madness” on Disk 1, Late Show and Encore on Disk 2, You can enjoy this valuable sound source in an ideal arrangement.
At this stage, the part of On The Run, which was said to be the Travel Sequence, has not been introduced a sequencer yet, a sharp lead reveal with sharpness is captured with tremendous power. You can listen interestingly about the early evolutionary versions of “protagonistic” crazy “state of raw state as yet unfinished / immature as a whole color scheme. You can enjoy Floyd’s performance at this time with a very good recording.
(There is intense tape unevenness due to violent tape deterioration / playback failure due to master tape from Brain Damage 2 minutes 30 seconds to Eclipse, and even One Of These Days.)
However, from the continuing “Eugene” it is completely restored, and the other is Echoes more than 30 minutes, “Sun Hymn”, Blues whose only performances are confirmed in the regional performance of the UK tour in 1972, and excellent sound quality calm , You can enjoy the full picture of precious live of this period.
Because there is a problem of the sound of the intermediate part as mentioned above, it seems that there are many Bootleg titles in the market of this performance and there are also many Floyd fans who have not heard yet, but over 90% of the whole is no problem, stable Because it is high quality sound, fans are definitely listening. ”

1973年3月にリリースされるや全世界で大ヒットを記録したピンク・フロイドのアルバム 『 The Dark Side Of The Moon (狂気) 』 も,この 3月でアルバムのリリースから,丁度,45年を迎えましたが,その 約 1年前の 1月20日英国はブライトン公演から,その年の年末の 12月10日のフランスはリヨン公演まで,大規模に行われた 「 The Dark Side Of The Moon 」 のプロト・タイプを含んだツアーを行います.

本音源は,1月20日ブライトンのザ・ドーム公演を皮切りに,2月20日ロンドンはフィンズベリー・パークのレインボー・シアター公演まで行われた,1972年初頭の英国ツアーから,ツアー 6公演目に当たる 1月28日ヨークシャーはリーズのザ・タウン・ホール(リーズ・タウン・ホール)公演をオーディエンス録音で収録した 『 Leeds 1972 (Gift CDR) 』 です.

音像的には若干遠めで,座席位置の関係か,ホールの関係か判りませんが,若干残響音が掛かっていますが,高音質な音源です.それだけに ”Brain Damage” の 2分28秒~ ”One Of These Days” に掛けてのテープの経年劣化に伴うダメージで,音むらや左右のチャンネルへのパン 等が非常に残念.

メーカー情報にも記載されていますが,”Blues”(”More Blues”)が,演奏されたのは,この 1月20日~2月20日までの英国ツアーでは,このザ・タウン・ホール公演,2月10日のデ・モンフォート・ホール公演,2月18日~20日のレインボー・シアター公演の
5公演のみであり,1972年全体でも 20公演にも満たない事もあり貴重で,且つ,この日のアイテムがブートレッグ市場で流通しておらず,今回のギフト・アイテム化は嬉しいところです.

『「Dark Side Of The Moon」初ライヴ披露を行った1972年1月の英国ツアーの6公演目、1月28日リーズ公演を高音質オーディエンス録音で収録した全フロイド・ファン必聴・必携の重要音源を収録。

20 January The Dome, Brighton, England (DSOTM premiere)
21 January Guildhall, Portsmouth, England
22 January Winter Gardens, Bournemouth, England
23 January Guildhall, Southampton, England
27 January City Hall, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England
28 January PF Town Hall, Leeds, England ★

音源自体は、トレーダー間で「 You are Number Six 」と呼ばれている、現段階、最良とされるマスターを使用しています。

ただし、この音源は、全体的に半音ほど音が低いので、全て調整してあります。またピッチを正常に戻すことで、One Of These Daysの後、分断されていたパートを第二部の冒頭に配すことができ、ディスク1に「狂気」、ディスク2にショウ後半およびアンコールと、理想的な配置でこの貴重な音源を堪能することができます。
この段階ではTravel Sequenceと言われていたOn The Runのパートは、まだシーケンサーを導入していない、切れ味鋭いリードリフが凄い迫力で捉えられています。全体的な配色もまだ未完成・未成熟な分、素の状態のプロトタイプの「狂気」初期発展進化ヴァージョンを興味深く聴くことができます。この時期のフロイドの演奏を大変優秀な録音で堪能することができます。
(Brain Damageの2分30秒からEclipse、さらにOne Of These Daysにかけてマスターテープに起因する、激しいテープ劣化・再生不良による強烈なテープむらがあります。)

Disc 1
1. Speak To Me
2. Breathe
3. Travel Sequence
4. Time
5. Breathe (Reprise)
6. The Mortality Sequence
7. Money
8. Us And Them
9. Any Colour You Like
10. Brain Damage – Eclipse (Tape Damaged)
TOTAL TIME (52:19)

Disc 2
1. One Of These Days (Tape Damaged)
2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
3. Echoes
4. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
5. Blues
TOTAL TIME (77:20)

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