Pink Floyd / Copenhagen 1971 Recorder 2 / 2CDR

Pink Floyd / Copenhagen 1971 Recorder 2 / 2CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark 23rd September 1971


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September 23, 1971 Autumn European tour recorded Copenhagen performances in the past the longest diffusion master sound source. Digitizing the first appearance of the 4th Gen cassette, the pitch corrected version recorded. The performances, very in your familiar among the mania from the analog era “Recorder 1”, which boasts a high-quality sound recording, “Falkoner Teatret 25.09.71” even in the CD era there was a “Northern Old Sun”, in 2006, it was released “Danish Blues” (Sirene) for the first time recorded Atom Heart Mother, has become a reputation as definitive edition, including sound quality. Although Sirene boasted the longest recording machine was about 1 hour 42 minutes, this first appearance “Recorder 2” is also a long 1 hour 58 minutes of recording it than 16 minutes. Complete recording of the Atom Heart Mother was a recording of the second half only in the already issued, and has been recorded as the chitin from the beginning also A Saucerful Of Secrets was the head out. (However, the cut-out encore of Blues in 4 minutes and 10 seconds.) Whether what is a first surprise is that enough to “hear” the new sound of the excavation was recorded over two hours in the sound quality, mania is the innumerable difficulties exhaust to must listen, must-have, that enjoy listening to many times in the beginner, it would say a very good source. If compensate for analog noise and fine cut to be found here and there, it is really great recording sound to withstand the press CD release. Very it is a high-quality sound source while weakness also often was masterpiece us to complement “Recorder 1” from another source document title (between songs are also longer recording is from its outstanding). In certain quality, would listen to any number of times thoroughly entranced, it is one of the recommended.

1971年秋のヨーロッパ・ツアーより9月23日コペンハーゲン公演を過去最長のディフマスター音源で収録。初登場の4th Gen カセットをデジタル化、ピッチ補正されたヴァージョンを収録。本公演は、非常に高音質の録音を誇る「Recorder 1」がアナログ時代からマニア間ではお馴染みで、CD時代になっても「Falkoner Teatret 25.09.71」「Northern Old Sun」がありましたが、2006年にリリースされた「Danish Blues」(Sirene)が初めてAtom Heart Motherを収録、音質も含めて決定版という評価になっています。最長収録を誇ったSirene盤は約1時間42分でしたが、この初登場「Recorder 2」はそれより16分も長い1時間58分の収録。既発では後半のみの収録だったAtom Heart Motherを完全収録、そして頭切れだったA Saucerful Of Secretsも冒頭からキチンと収録されています。(ただし アンコールのBluesは4分10秒でカットアウト。)なんにせよ、十分に「聴ける」音質で2時間に渡って収録された新音源の発掘というのがまず驚きであり、マニアは万難を排して必聴・必携、ビギナーでも何度聞いても楽しめるという、非常に優良なソースと言えるでしょう。散見されるアナログノイズや細かいカットを補整すれば、プレスCDリリースでも耐えうる実に素晴らしい録音音源です。非常に良質な音源でありながら弱点も多かった「Recorder 1」を別音源から補完してくれる傑作ドキュメント・タイトル(曲間も既発より長めに録れています)。確かなクオリティで、何度でもじっくりうっとり聴けてしまう、お薦めの1枚です。

Disc 1(55:49)
1. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 2. Fat Old Sun 3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
4. Atom Heart Mother

Disc 2(62:12)
1. Echoes 2. Cymbaline 3. A Saucerful Of Secrets 4. Blues


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