Pink Floyd / Aphrodite 1971 Archives / 5CD + Programme Replica

Pink Floyd / Aphrodite 1971 Archives / 5CD + Programme Replica / Sigma

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Hakone Aphrodite, Hakone, Japan 6th August 1971

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The myth of Japanese Western music history realized in the summer 47 years ago, Hakone Aphrodite 1971. It is the appearance of a gorgeous 5-sheet press set that summarizes that record.
Mythical stages beyond legendary areas have been left with various records and live albums. Last year we introduced the general set “APHRODITE 1971 (Sigma 194)”, but that was simply compiled the previous episode. This time, a revised almost all master / masterpieces, and a thoroughly reworked decision version down to the details. Honestly speaking, there is no surprise new sound source, but those who missed the previous episode are also an indispensable set for those who want to get it handy with the ultimate specification.
In order to explain the contents, first, basic knowledge. I think that there are many people nowadays, let us organize the five existing types of audience recordings easily.

● RECORDER 1 (monaural recording: about 46 minutes)
Monaural recording of a phantom masterpiece analogue “PEACE RECORD” that was not even shop sale. It is a valuable traditional recording which recorded “Simba line” only until RECORDER 5 described later appeared.

● RECORDER 2 (stereo recording: about 62 minutes)
It is the most famous and stereo recording boasting the highest sound quality to the present. We are familiar with “APHRODITE (Sirene 160)” and “APHRODITE 1971 (Sigma 133)”.

● RECORDER 3 (monaural recording: about 31 minutes)
Monaural recording without the highest peak point in both length / quality. Rarely now it is short to the belt, long as long as possible. You can listen on Disk 2 of “APHRODITE (Sirene 160)”, but it is not adopted for this work.

● RECORDER 4 (Mono recording: about 55 minutes)
A name sound source excavated at Reel to Reel. “Sun Hymen” first appeared in this sound source, “Echoes” was completely recorded for the first time in history.

● RECORDER 5 (monaural recording: about 100 minutes)
The longest recording of the impact which let me hear the “mystery” of the uncut for the first time. “Sun Hymen” “Simba Line” also includes even a greeting by a certain popular DJ if it is uncut. Original masters cassette, which the immense achievement of clarifying the set list of this day that the mystery called a mystery is immeasurable.

This is the basic knowledge of the sound source. Based on this, let’s introduce each disc in this work in detail.

【Disk 1-2: Full Show complete version based on RECORDER 5】
First of all, the extended full length version based on the longest recording “RECORDER 5” appears. Basically, it is a version adopted also for Disk 1-2 of “APHRODITE 1971 REMASTER (Sigma 210)” which gained popularity in the beginning of 2018. Based on the longest “RECORDER 5” you can not only taste all of the performance with plenty of sense of unity, but also supplement the lacking opening scene and sound check with “RECORDER 2 · 4”. It is a two piece set which seamlessly can fully experience the whole story of the myth shining in Western history.
Furthermore, “RECORDER 5” itself also brushes up. This original master is monaural recording, but the stereo tape was used. As a result, although the music itself is the same for the left and right channels, the condition of deterioration was uneven. Therefore, in this version, I narrowed down to the more stateful channels and returned to the original monaural. Of course, since the music itself is monaural recording, the on-site sound is reprinted without leaking one sound. This quality is the same as “Sigma 210”, the highest peak ever in the history that still does not change today. In this work, the sound is kept as it is, the track division point position in the sun anthem is corrected, etc. The details are adjusted to enhance the completeness as a work.

【Disk 3: Enhanced Version of the Best Sound RECORDER 2】
The following disc 3 is also basically “APHRODITE 1971 REMASTER (Sigma 210)” version. Based on “RECORDER 2” which is the only stereo audience and not giving the highest peak quality of Hakone, about 30 seconds of missing songs and “Eugene” midfield and about 5 minutes of the end of “Echoes” With “RECORDER 4 · 5”.
As you can imagine from being recorded on one sheet, it is a live album of about 65 minutes from the opening to “Echoes”. This is not an incomplete version, even if you create a complete version with this concept, it will be the same as Disk 2 above. In other words, “Disk 1 → 2” is a full experience of unified feeling, “Disk 3 → 2” is a full show spelling with the highest quality.

【Disk 4: full brush up version of RECORDER 4】
Up to this point, it closely resembles “Sigma 210”, but from this point it is original work of this work. First, disk 4 is a full modified disk of Reel to Reel’s name sound source “RECORDER 4”. This recording is a bit complicated. Ohimoto is a reel recording of Mono (here, it is Reel A), but three more pseudo stereo master (Reel B) was produced from there onwards. Although there is no technique to listen to “Reel A” at the present age, this work reproduces the “sound that Reel A would have had” from “Reel B”. It is the one that removed the pseudo stereo processing by using the precious master provided by the engineer who produced “Reel B”.
Besides, this time the full brush up of such a master. The highest peak so far was “HAKONE APHRODITE 1971 MASTER RECORDING: REMASTERED RESTORED (Sigma 139)”, but not only did it correct slight jumps caused by delay processing, but also carried out thorough restoration of obsession Did. The greatest thing is repairing the tape. It has deteriorated due to the trial of time spanning 47 years, but I found it one by one carefully for each minute, checking it one by one carefully. For example, in “Atomic mother mother”, 0.5% pitch that was slightly misaligned to just before 7 minutes was corrected just as well, and the tape yore (the sound of the organ was out of place) around 6:45 was also corrected. In the “solar hymn”, they stop nearly again, such as around 1:40, the second half of the 6 minute range, around 5:40 in the “Echoes”, around 7:40, 17: 10, around 17: 55 etc … etc.
Although I thought whether to enumerate for those who are compared with the previous episode, although it is not so, I can not cite it. You can confirm the accuracy of restoration with the above points, but the real value is a smooth running feeling. Natural flow of time through the whole, luxurious music is great, the Hakone site is resurrected beyond the spacetime and the latest version.

【Disk 5: Latest transfer of super valuable LP “PEACE RECORD” + α】
The last thing to introduce is the latest digital version of Ultra-class mega-lea LP board “PEACE RECORD”. This “PEACE RECORD” is a legend from the existence, according to the material LP which the recording person himself made for his memorial. There was no exhibition / sale at the shop front, it was a perfect privilege board that distributed only to related parties at the time with close acquaintance, the number of presses was only 100 pieces. Since it was not made for commercial use, neither title nor jacket originally existed. It is only a semi-transparent bag and not a white sleeve, just a sticker stamped with characters typed “Peace Mark” and “RECORD” on a simple white label. It was a “phantom analog board” that he had never even seen a label, even a core enthusiast.
Although it was also included in last year’s 5-disc set, that reprint is the reprint of the CD that has just been made to the last. This time we re-digitized from super valuable LP in the latest environment of 2018. Moreover, it is not just a retransfer. Originally “PEACE RECORD” was a thing to enjoy individually, there were also rough edits. In “Echoes”, about 5 minutes at the beginning and about 12 minutes in the latter half are cut off and it is cut off, and “Shimba line” also finishes suddenly without the late highlight scene of 20 seconds. It might be because it was to push in to LP, but it was the point that it became “that?” While listening. In this work, I complemented such parts with other recordings.
However, editing here is not intended to be a complete version of the show, it is intended to naturally listen to the super valuable LP “PEACE RECORD”. I explored the feeling of “work” that can be enjoyed through making use of the design of the phantom disk as much as possible to the fullest. Of course, that sounds the same. Noise does not change at the level where it does not change Sounds are removed at the level of the limit (there is no noise called Boshibosu which was frequent in the right channel of “Eugene” at the beginning, but keeping the original feeling of the record firmly). I did not use the highest peak “RECORDER 2” as a supplementary part, but dare to use a sound similar “RECORDER 5” and connected it with the mastering as close as possible to it.

This is the definitive set that summarizes the “Hakone myth”. There may not be surprised new discoveries for core collectors, but each one of the highest peak recordings is carefully refined one by one carefully, and even a piece of elegance dressed in a work feeling is a set of five pieces. Please enjoy it with a luxury set of press CD that will remain in hand forever.

伝説の域さえも超えた神話的ステージは、さまざまな記録とライヴアルムで残されてきました。昨年も総括セット『APHRODITE 1971(Sigma 194)』をご紹介しましたが、あれはただ単に既発をコンパイルしたもの。今回は、ほぼすべてのマスター/名作をすべて再検討し、細部に至るまで徹底的に手直しされた決定版。正直に申し上げれば驚きの新音源はありませんが、既発を逃された方も、究極仕様で手元に揃えたい方にも必携のセットなのです。

●RECORDER 1 (モノラル録音:約46分)
ショップ販売さえされなかった幻の名作アナログ『PEACE RECORD』のモノラル録音。後述のRECORDER 5が登場するまで「シンバライン」を唯一記録していた貴重な伝統録音です。

●RECORDER 2(ステレオ録音:約62分)
もっとも有名で、現在にいたるまで最高音質を誇るステレオ録音。当店では『APHRODITE (Sirene 160)』や『APHRODITE 1971 (Sigma 133)』でもお馴染みです。

●RECORDER 3(モノラル録音:約31分)
長さ/クオリティの双方で最高峰ポイントのないモノラル録音。貴重ながら現在では帯に短し、たすきに長し。『APHRODITE (Sirene 160)』のディスク2で聴けますが、本作には採用されていません。

●RECORDER 4(モノラル録音:約55分)
Reel to Reelで発掘された名音源。「太陽讃歌」は本音源で初登場。「エコーズ」は史上初めて完全収録されました。

●RECORDER 5(モノラル録音:約100分)


【ディスク1-2:RECORDER 5ベースのフルショウ完全版】
まず登場するのは、最長録音「RECORDER 5」をベースにした拡張全長版。基本的には、2018年初頭に大人気を博した『APHRODITE 1971 REMASTER(Sigma 210)』のディスク1-2にも採用されたバージョンです。最長「RECORDER 5」をベースにすることで統一感たっぷりに演奏のすべてを味わえるだけでなく、欠けていた開演シーンやサウンドチェックを「RECORDER 2・4」で補完。洋楽史に輝く神話の一部始終をシームレスに全体験できてしまう2枚組なのです。
さらに「RECORDER 5」自体もブラッシュ・アップ。このオリジナル・マスターはモノラル録音なのですが、使用されたのはステレオテープ。そのため、音楽自体は左右のチャンネルで同一なものの、劣化具合が左右でバラバラだったのです。そこで、このバージョンではより状態の良いチャンネルだけに絞り、本来のモノラルに戻したもの。もちろん、音楽自体はモノラル録音ですので、現場音は1音漏らさず復刻しています。こうしたクオリティは『Sigma 210』と変わらず、現在でも手の加えようのない史上最高峰。本作ではサウンドはそのままに、太陽賛歌でのトラック分けポイント位置修正等、細部を整えて作品としての完成度を高めました。

【ディスク3:最高峰サウンドRECORDER 2の拡張版】
続くディスク3も基本的に『APHRODITE 1971 REMASTER(Sigma 210)』バージョン。唯一のステレオ・オーディエンスであり、箱根の最高峰クオリティを譲らない「RECORDER 2」をベースにしつつ、欠けていた曲間や「ユージン」中盤の約30秒、「エコーズ」の終盤約5分といったパートを「RECORDER 4・5」で補完したものです。

【ディスク4:RECORDER 4のフル・ブラッシュアップ版】
ここまでは『Sigma 210』に酷似していますが、ここからは本作オリジナル。まず、ディスク4はReel to Reelの名音源「RECORDER 4」のフル修正ディスクです。この録音は、ちょっと複雑。大元はモノのリール録音(ここではリールAとします)なのですが、後日そこから3曲分の疑似ステレオ・マスター(リールB)が制作された。現代で「リールA」を聴く術はありませんが、本作は「リールB」から「リールAが持っていたであろうサウンド」を再現したもの。「リールB」を制作した技術者から提供された由緒正しきマスターを使用し、疑似ステレオ処理を取り除いたものなのです。
しかも、今回はそんなマスターのフル・ブラッシュアップ。これまでの最高峰は『HAKONE APHRODITE 1971 MASTER RECORDING : REMASTERED RESTORED(Sigma 139)』でしたが、ディレイ処理が原因で発生したわずかな音飛びも修正しただけでなく、徹底的な執念の修復を実施しました。一番の大きいのはテープのヨレ修復。47年に及ぶ時間の試練によって劣化してきたわけですが、それを1分、数秒ずつのチェックで1つひとつ丁寧に見つけては直していった。例えば「原子心母」では7分手前まで極わずかにズレていた0.5%のピッチもジャストに正し、6:45付近のテープヨレ(オルガンの音がヨレていた)も修正。「太陽賛歌」では1:40付近、6分台の後半、「エコーズ」では5:40付近、7:40付近、17:10付近、17:55付近等々など………やはり止めます。

【ディスク5:超貴重LP『PEACE RECORD』の最新トランスファー+α】
最後にご紹介するのは、ウルトラ級のメガレアLP盤『PEACE RECORD』の最新デジタル版。この『PEACE RECORD』は存在からして伝説でして、資料によると録音者自身が自分の記念のために製作したLP。店頭での展示・販売は一切行われず、親しい知人と当時の関係者だけに配布したという完全なプライヴェート盤で、プレス数もわずか100枚のみだったそうです。商業用として作られたものではなかったため、タイトルもジャケも元々存在しない。半透明の袋のみで白スリーヴにも入っておらず、簡素なホワイトラベルに「ピース・マーク」と「RECORD」の文字がタイピングされたシールが貼られているだけのもの。コアなマニアでも、ラベルすら見たことがなかったという“幻のアナログ盤”だったのです。
昨年の5枚組にも収録されていましたが、そちらはあくまで既発CDの復刻。今回は超貴重LPから2018年の最新環境で再デジタル化いたしました。しかも、ただの再トランスファーでもない。元々『PEACE RECORD』は個人で楽しむものだったせいか、編集に大雑把なところもあった。「エコーズ」では冒頭で約5分、後半で約12分がバッサリとカットされ、「シンバライン」も終盤のハイライト・シーン20秒ほどがなくいきなり終了してしまう。LPに押し込むためだったのかも知れませんが、聴いていて「あれ?」となってしまうポイントでした。本作では、そんなパートを他の録音で補完しました。
ただし、ここでの編集はショウの完全版を目指すものではなく、超貴重LP『PEACE RECORD』を自然に聴くためのもの。幻盤の意匠を最大限に活かし、その上で通して楽しめる「作品」感を追及したのです。もちろん、それはサウンドも同じ。音に変化が出ないギリギリのレベルでノイズを除去(既発では「ユージン」冒頭の右チャンネルで頻発していたボスッボスッというノイズもありません)しつつ、レコード本来の感触はしっかりとキープ。補填パートにも最高峰の「RECORDER 2」ではなく、あえてサウンドの近い「RECORDER 5」を使用し、マスタリングで最大限に近づけた上で接続しました。




Disc 1 (65:35)
Recorder 5
1. The Circle Game (Buffy Sainte-Marie) ★丸ごとRec2(※ステレオ)
2. Soundcheck / Announcement ★0:00-3:08 Rec2で補填(※ステレオ)
3. Atom Heart Mother
4. Soundcheck ★0:06-1:20 Rec2で補填(※ステレオ)
5. Green Is The Colour
6. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
7. Soundcheck ★ほぼ丸ごとRec2(※ステレオ)
8. Echoes

Disc 2 (43:46)
Recorder 5
1. Soundcheck ★1:21~ Rec4で補填
2. Set The Controls For The Heart Of Sun ★0:00-0:02 Rec4で補填
3. A Saucerful Of Secrets ★19:08付近(演奏後)クロスフェード処理
4. Soundcheck
5. Cymbaline

Disc 3 (65:44)
Recorder 2
1. The Circle Game (Buffy Sainte-Marie)
2. Soundcheck / Announcement ★3:07-6:08 Rec5で補填
3. Atom Heart Mother
4. Soundcheck
5. Green Is The Colour
6. Careful With That Axe, Eugene ★1:31-2:01 Rec5で補填 / 2:08-2:15 L-ch音切
7. Soundcheck
8. Echoes ★0:00-0:04 / 19:03-CDエンドまで Rec5で補填

Disc 4 (54:18) ★時折乱高下するピッチをできる限り修正
Recorder 4
Taken from the original reel-to-reel tape

1. Atom Heart Mother
2. Echoes
3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of Sun


Atom Heart Mother

5:40付近、7:40付近、17:10、 17:55付近などで見られた音ヨレを修正(メモしてませんでしたが左記以外にも結構修正しました)


Disc 5 (62:36) ★母体のLPは新規起こし直した上でリマスタリング
Taken from the original LP “Peace Record” (newly transferred)

Recorder 1
1. Introduction
2. Green Is The Colour
3. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
4. Echoes ★出だし-5:22 / 9:13-21:07 Rec5で補填
5. Atom Heart Mother
6. Cymbaline ★7:02-7:20 Rec5で補填


既発LP起こし盤APHRODITE 1971: PEACE RECORD(Import)との差別化を図るため、LPに一部補填編集を加え新規マスタリングでCD化。

※今回盤では特殊な編集を施したので、既発CD「APHRODITE 1971: PEACE RECORD」(Import)は「LPのストレート起こしCD」としての価値がまだまだ存分にある、ということにもなります。

Sigma 220

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