Pink Floyd / Definitive Montreux 1971/ 4CD

Pink Floyd / Definitive Montreux 1971/ 4CD /Sigma

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Live At Festival De Musique Classique, Pavillon De ,Montreux, Switzerland 18th September 1971.


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Pink last Ketteiban is appearing this year in Floyd !! with recent, best-strongest of the source was coupled with superb sound quality, “BBC ARCHIVES 1970 & 1971 (Sigma 143)” and “DEFINITIVE LANDOVER 1975 (Sigma 142) “is just” the other other I do not need! “was the title that definition the appropriate superb sound quality and its performance with the contents To reminiscent of the, but the Swiss weekend finally that September 18, 1971 Montreux performances, will be new appeared in the strongest coupling with the latest stereo and the source of the latest source and radio broadcast version of the audience recorded version !!

’71 But Montreux and its outstanding board from a variety of label in the past speaking has emerged, there was the source of two separately roughly. And Recorder 1 that was audience recorded in the venue on the day, what the Swiss radio station “Radio Suisse Romande” was recorded and broadcasting make a high-performance ambient microphone that is used mainly in classical music, individuals of the three reel tape in is the Recorder 2 you have air check recording. The main already issued board of Recorder 1 there is “ECHOES IN MONTREUX (Sigma 53)”, this source audience recording of surprise which was announced suddenly in 2008 late (after ※, AUD) sometimes was, radio Recorder 2 of the sound source could that cast a large Ichi-seki in general was the ’71 Montreux sound source. It boasts the past longest recording time On the other hand the main already issued board of Recorder 2 TSP label has released “LIVE IN MONTREUX 1971” of and those Sigma “LABYRINTHS OF CORAL CAVES (Sigma 18)”, and as the top title was the 2014 release “MONTREUX 1971 (Sigma 113)” There was. This work this both recorder in four sets of press CD was recorded in the latest of a different source Upper version “, first in the disk 1 and 2 of the Recorder 1 that appeared net this year in October 2015 perfect Remastered & the upper version, and the disk 3 and 4 has recorded a stereo version by suddenly announced Recorder 2 of 2015 latest remastered this year in September. That is both recently appeared in the latest super best source cup was ring the ’71 Montreux strongest of the perfect title of I !!

By the way, this is when you leave the note for the Recorder 1, actually this Recorder 1 suddenly in the latest restoration version of some of the scenes in “Kyuru~tsu !!” annoying problem sound such as According tape that the generation that has been published in October I had been. 0 minutes and 15 seconds of specifically “Echoes”, 7 minutes and 30 seconds, the same 43 seconds, four points of 8 minutes 02 seconds, around 12 minutes and 32 seconds of 3 minutes 08 seconds of “Eugene”, and “the sun Hymn” But, the old type the same source of not these abnormal noise in this work (※ “ECHOES IN MONTREUX (Sigma 53)” the same part of) the carefully be to treatment while combined waveform, the appearance of the Recorder 1 genuine It is perfectly regained. Is applied in the range of + 1.45% from + 0.7% for each of the songs at the same time strict pitch adjustment, did therefore adjust so that the correct sound comes out in all of the scene, it is a world of difference from its stable listening comfort also its outstanding panel It has come out. On the other hand, it is the Recorder 2, but also in 2014 its outstanding board of “MONTREUX 1971 (Sigma 113)” The latest master (※ color tone adjustment of fine decibel adjustment and sound different in October 2015 published the, speed adjustment of the left and right channels Since have adopted is the final form) which has been subjected to perfection, it has become a thing which you can enjoy the remastered effect in sophisticated sound image more than its outstanding panel. Each disk of such fascination, then let’s will introduce its contents one by one !!

★ disk 1 – Recorder 1: Restored Master

Disc 1 is the Recorder 1 of restoring master, show the first half portion by the genuine AUD recording has been recorded. Recording equipment that has been used has been recorded by connecting the MD-421 microphone Sennheiser (Sennheiser) made in 4200 reel deck made Uheru (Uher), as the recordings of Floyd in ’71 was a very excellent sound quality from the very beginning . But this time has been further improved texture and balance of sound than Sunde-hatsu-ban “ECHOES IN MONTREUX” Because it is upper version of such master sound, tough of the sound output from the rise of the beginning “Echoes” and the prospect of good superb sound nature and smile will have spilled in. Again to listen and there is something wonderful in collecting ability, then you hear in its outstanding Edition or higher resolution until pale sound also a scene of example to re-tuning squeeze the guitar volume, for example, after the singing part end, farsightedness in the albatross of scene pale cry that you delay to hear also, I think the master recording is surprised anew to that it had been picked up only this. This Recorder 2 = same point of broadcasting sound source rather than cries of volume has been throttled by the mix work at the time of broadcast, you will see that this as sound in the actual performance was out to small long distance. “Eugene,” but will appear in the tapestries folding mellow sound of dense sound from mysterious complaints of the introduction, again marvel at such a sound image at all there is no sound uneven sound sway even in songs composed of overlapping of complaints should it be. Intonation feeling of near Scream also has a grasp ease of AUD recording unique, it contains the pleasure that Oeru in a different impression from the Recorder 2 its progress abundantly. “The sun Hymn” is reminded colors lurking in the performance that pressing down the intonation, it should be mind that will Kikikomo many times in the sound image that special creativity comes through. Scene to deploy from the vicinity of 6 minutes and 50 seconds is also out clean spacey grace is more than its outstanding panel floating in space, collage of sound to further expand the possibilities of sound is me carrying some response excitement. “Cymbaline” attracts large hand to hear euphoria that emerges in the sound. Because as much silence also beautiful and performance of complaints, quiet footsteps and breath, how to open the door it would be topic also enjoy as a high-quality “hall sound”. By the way, this footsteps sound quality is another one rank improvement from the scene, it is a place glad also to Yuku equipped with further clarity and hard feeling to the sound.

★ disk 2 – Recorder 1: Restored Master, Continue

“Atom Heart Mother” is also the contrast of the master recording genuine appears bright from the introduction. Interesting is that hear as SE also “sound, which has been at the venue” such as horse of cries and explosions, the first guitar part also luster of its sound entangled to such creeping skin will have come out clearly. Soprano and alto duet and mixed chorus are also somewhat hear the tapestries folding properly while long distance, is the certainty that the diffusion of sound echoing in the studio is fall in love listening to how the exit at genuine AUD sound. Organ to begin noticeable from the vicinity of 14 minutes and 22 seconds a glossy from bass to treble, would be gradually involved in come the sound image is also worth checking the movement has melted together exquisitely and this of mixed chorus with a hook in its back. Chaotic sound only in advancing sound collage of scenes (※ 18 minutes 24 seconds to around 23 minutes 25 seconds), even given the band a variety of changes in its floating sound, wind instruments after while it will gradually expand how you are connecting to would’ll find pleasure in the sound with the power of more than its outstanding panel. “Mystery” has also come out clean how the swaying song at the intersection of the dampers of onset, is never obedience Although there are quiet Kyokuso will appear in sound to stimulate creativity. Hear good guitar also bustle scene since the start moving drum distort be hit the bizarre actual sound many times more than its outstanding panel, undulate of Roger clang the gong in Kyokuso Turbulent state more than accent of sound has come out vividness of increasingly to, will you understand that are equipped with sharp force also crash cymbal of this recording peculiar not to the Recorder 2, which is beating in skin sensation. In the hustle and bustle is Yang in organ emerges scene and in guitar coming in the slide bar spun this as a dazzling pair melody (~ near ※ 13 minutes 47 seconds), here we have a bulge and gloss sound unbelievable Please check therefore certainly there will.

★ disk 3 – Recorder 2:
Radio Suisse Romande stereo source

From here Recorder 2 = is a familiar sound that was recorded the radio on the air at the time. Recorder 1 Similarly, this is also using its outstanding panel “MONTREUX 1971 (Sigma 113)” different from the 2015 latest master, decibel adjustment and tone of the review, its outstanding panel in that it was subjected to a speed adjustment of the left and right channels increases the clarity and sharpness-hard sense of the + 1-2 about sound than, because the stereo feeling natural out in front about half a step overall sound output, and a high level to unleash or different impression with its outstanding panel We have realized the listening comfort. Also between all of the songs unlike Recorder 1 it would place glad also that listen in uncut. “Echoes” is close of its outstanding board or higher resolution and sound is felt from the onset, and I think that can be seen of the resolution than its outstanding panel is up guitar tuning of example that is in tune scene. And to the base of the sound you hear quite completely beating and the outline of the sound of the song that sounds to fat differently, squeal-up of the guitar by albatross = slide bar coming from 13 minutes and 36 seconds Recorder 1 or more directly Because it is a sound, impression received is pretty different should. “Eugene” is not only the base and the cymbal stand out better is out with texture rich sound, features and that is blessed with transparency and denseness more than ever. Air feeling that is between the sound and the sound is also a vivid, even for a rich look of silence than actual sound will be noted. Also scenes that move large music after Scream is there is sound with a tough and rich style, Masu radiation Me more and more enjoyment of power some energy. Is out with “the sun Hymn” is the introduction of cymbals representation is fiercely vivid sound, depth and dynamism of the density of the proceeds while emit the charm of the song middle of growing also rich line spacing has come out well in the sound image. Also It is a place pale intonation is firmly Oeru of because its outstanding board as well is close sound also happy. “Cymbaline” appears with no sound is beautiful sound of rough tastes, I think breathtaking again breath to flower again and again figure in vivid sound playing rich in its insight. Also born beautiful shade are a number in the hitch spacious sound, women sigh over its outstanding panel in footsteps scene By hear the gloss Kashiku directly, it should be you feel the higher quality sound drama.

★ disk 4 – Recorder 2:
Radio Suisse Romande stereo source, Continue

“Atom Heart Mother” is spread and texture of sound with a response more than ever offers pleasure. The balance of the midrange and treble also increasingly wonderful, and probably the sound of music of the day can be seen often made by a lot of people of life. Brass Corps are also out sounding a thick, to figure which clash with the earnest to float guitar eventually wind from 4 minutes 05 seconds, it should have sound that timeless feel many times. Soprano and also duet of female chorus by alto appeared in the sound image, such as its attractive Kiwamareri here, bulge and concentration of sound, even from migrating to the polyphonic section will appear in the vividness of more than its outstanding panel. Of synthesizer that rush from the vicinity of 18 minutes 07 seconds collage, but rather than listen to the sound there is an impression that myself is immersed in the sea of ​​the sound, the sea of ​​the opposite shore of the sound effects at the same scene of the Recorder 1 There is an impression, such as looking at in the banks, this is also likely to say that representation of the degree of understanding deepens scene by the recording point of view has changed. You can see that one of the Brass Corps to put in applause after the performance completion is blowing the passage of Carl Orff composed “Carmina Burana” in Adorivu, which also offers pleasure in its outstanding board more sharpness . “Mystery” is strangely sound of fat bass and sharp cymbal stands out from the onset, also appeared in the past best sharpness unbridled depiction slotted it strange sounds and distorted guitar keyboard that slide into synergistic to this. The second half of, gradually such spectacular deployment light comes pointing vigorously beyond all of its outstanding panel, darker, so we vivid colors that sound is diffused, which is also Please check it. Moreover, this source-specific small analog-drop that had remained thin Hey et al. And traces in the vicinity of its outstanding board 14 minutes and 17 seconds, let it also leave note that you are no longer barely noticeable in this latest re-master.

★ Summary
The real thrill of this title, and the overall picture of performance that grasped by high Recorder 1 genuine AUD sound quality, the variety of the layer of sound to be reminded for the first time approaching an excellent broadcasting sound source of Recorder 2, playing Floyd of the day understanding of the will that deepens in multi-faceted. Although the sound image of the current each recorder is reason that it has become easy to illuminate from always another angle the sound of the same day the same performance by that is perfectly defined and restoration, which borrowed the characteristics of the sound as of Floyd As we understand the band in pursuit of musical possibilities Te, it does not become other to the fact that more and more Semareru-Kizukeru the secret of its sound. Come this ultimate Montreux ’71 full version that has become decisive in 44 years, as an excellent guide for further know Floyd, and please take advantage as a means to strengthen the resonance of the Floyd and myself more. There definitely should be re-discovered the romantic sound with a much longer range distance than the life of the people alone rather than in ’44.

ピンク・フロイドに本年最後の決定盤が登場です!!つい先般、最良・最強のソースを極上の音質でカップリングさせた『BBC ARCHIVES 1970 & 1971 (Sigma 143)』及び『DEFINITIVE LANDOVER 1975 (Sigma 142)』は、まさに” もう他は要らない! “と思わせるに相応しい極上の音質と内容でその公演を定義付けたタイトルでしたが、今週末は遂にあの1971年9月18日スイス・モントルー公演が、オーディエンス録音版の最新ソースとラジオ放送版の最新ステレオ・ソースによる最強のカップリングで新登場致します!!

71年モントルーと言えば過去に様々なレーベルから既発盤が登場しましたが、そのソースは大まかに分けて2つありました。当日その会場でオーディエンス録音したRecorder 1と、スイスのラジオ局” Radio Suisse Romande “が主にクラシック音楽に使われる高性能アンビエント・マイクを立てて収録・放送したものを、個人が3本のリールテープでエアチェック録音したRecorder 2です。 Recorder 1の主な既発盤には『ECHOES IN MONTREUX (Sigma 53)』があり、このソースは2008年暮れに突如発表された驚きのオーディエンス録音(※以降、AUD)だったこともあり、ラジオ音源のRecorder 2が一般的だった71年モントルー音源に大きな一石を投じるものでした。一方Recorder 2の主な既発盤にはTSPレーベルがリリースした『LIVE IN MONTREUX 1971』や当Sigmaの『LABYRINTHS OF CORAL CAVES (Sigma 18)』、そしてその最上位タイトルとして過去最長の収録タイムを誇った2014年リリースの『MONTREUX 1971 (Sigma 113)』がありました。本作はこの両レコーダーを最新の別ソース・アッパー版 “で収録した4枚組のプレスCDで、まずディスク1と2には今年2015年10月にネット登場したRecorder 1の完璧なリマスター&アッパー版を、そしてディスク3と4には今年9月に突如発表されたRecorder 2の2015年最新リマスターによるステレオ版を収録しています。つまりどちらもつい最近登場した最新の超極上ソースをカップリングさせた71年モントルー最強のパーフェクト・タイトルなのです!!

ちなみにこのRecorder 1について付記しておきますと、実は10月に公開されたこのRecorder 1最新レストア版には幾つかのシーンで突然” キュルッ!! “というテープよれの様な耳障りな問題音が発生していました。具体的には「Echoes」の0分15秒、7分30秒、同43秒、8分02秒の4箇所、「ユージン」の3分08秒、そして「太陽讃歌」の12分32秒付近ですが、本作ではこれらを異音が無い旧タイプの同一ソース(※『ECHOES IN MONTREUX (Sigma 53)』の同部分)を慎重に波形を合わせながらトリートメントする事で、Recorder 1純正の姿を完璧に取り戻しています。同時に厳密なピッチ調整を各曲毎に+0.7%から+1.45%の範囲で適用し、全てのシーンで正しい音が出るようアジャストしましたので、その安定した聴き心地も既発盤とは雲泥の差が出ています。一方Recorder 2ですが、これも2014年の既発盤『MONTREUX 1971 (Sigma 113)』とは異なる2015年10月公開の最新マスター(※微細なデシベル調整と音の色調調整、左右チャンネルのスピード調整が完璧に施された最終形です)を採用していますので、既発盤以上に精緻な音像でそのリマスター効果を御堪能戴けるものとなっています。そんな魅惑の各ディスク、次にその内容を一枚ずつ御紹介致しましょう!!

★ディスク1 – Recorder 1 : Restored Master

ディスク1はRecorder 1のレストア・マスターで、純正AUD録音によるショウ前半部が収録されています。使用された録音機材はウーヘル( Uher )製 4200リールデッキにゼンハイザー( Sennheiser )製のMD-421マイクを繋いで収録されており、フロイド71年の録音物としては当初から非常に優秀な音質でした。しかし今回はそんなマスターサウンドのアッパー版ですから既発盤『ECHOES IN MONTREUX』よりも音の質感とバランスが更に向上しており、冒頭「Echoes」の立ち上がりからその出音のタフさと見通しの良い極上音で自然と笑みがこぼれてしまうでしょう。改めて聴くと集音能力にも素晴らしいものがあり、例えば歌唱パート終了後にギターがボリュームを絞ってチューニングし直す例のシーンも淡い音まで既発盤以上の解像度で聴こえますし、アホウドリのシーンで遠目に聴こえるディレイした淡い鳴き声も、マスター録音がこれだけ拾っていた事に改めて驚かれると思います。これによってRecorder 2=放送音源の同箇所は放送時のミックス作業で鳴き声のボリュームが絞られていたのではなく、実際の演奏でこの様に音が小さく遠目に出ていた事が分かるでしょう。「ユージン」は導入部のミステリアスな弱音から濃密な音の綴れ折りがまろやかなサウンドで現れますが、弱音の重なりで構成されるこの様な曲でも音ムラ・音揺れが全く無い音像に改めて驚嘆される筈です。スクリーム付近の抑揚感もAUD録音ならではの掴み易さがあり、その進行をRecorder 2とは別の印象で追える愉しみを豊富に含んでいます。「太陽讃歌」は抑揚を押さえ込んだ演奏の中に潜む色彩に気付かされ、特別な創意が伝わってくるその音像に何度も聴き込もうという気になる筈です。6分50秒付近から展開するシーンも空間中に漂うスペイシーな装飾音が既発盤以上に綺麗に出ており、響きの可能性を更に広げる音のコラージュが手応えある興奮を運んでくれます。「Cymbaline」は響きの中に浮かび上がる陶酔が聴き手を大きく魅了します。演奏の弱音・静音と同じくらい無音部分も美しいので足音や吐息、ドアを開ける様子が質の高い” 場内音 “として楽しめるのもトピックでしょう。ちなみにこの足音シーンから音質がもう1ランク向上し、サウンドに更なる透明感と硬質感が備わってゆくのも嬉しいところです。

★ディスク2 – Recorder 1 : Restored Master, Continue

「Atom Heart Mother」も導入からマスター録音純正のコントラストが眩しく現れます。馬の鳴き声や爆発音といったSEも” 会場で鳴っていた音 “として聴こえるのが面白く、肌を這う様に絡まる最初のギター・パートもその音色の艶が明瞭に出てきます。ソプラノとアルトの二重唱と混声合唱もやや遠目ながらその綴れ折りがちゃんと聴こえており、スタジオ内に響く音の拡散が純正のAUDサウンドで出る様子に聴き惚れること確実です。14分22秒付近から目立ち始めるオルガンも低音から高音部まで艶やかで、その後ろで徐々に絡んでくるフックのある混声合唱の動きがこれと絶妙に溶け合った音像も要チェックでしょう。混沌とした音だけで進むサウンド・コラージュのシーン(※18分24秒~23分25秒付近)でもその浮遊音の中にバンドが様々な変化を与え、それが徐々に展開しながら後の管楽器に繋いでいる様子が既発盤超えの威力あるサウンドで御愉しみ戴けるでしょう。「神秘」も出だしの弱音の交差で曲が揺れる様子が綺麗に出ており、静かではあるけれども決して従順ではない曲想が創造力を刺激するサウンドで現れます。ドラムが動き出してからの喧騒シーンも奇怪な実音を何度もぶつけては歪ませるギターが既発盤以上によく聴こえ、うねる曲想の中で銅鑼を打ち鳴らすロジャーの荒ぶる様子も音のアクセント以上の生々しさがますます出ていますし、乱打されるクラッシュ・シンバルもRecorder 2には無い本録音特有の鋭い迫力が備わっている事を肌感覚で御理解戴けるでしょう。喧騒が止んでオルガンが浮かび上がるシーンではスライド・バーで入ってくるギターがこれと眩しい対旋律を紡いでおり(※13分47秒付近~)、ここは信じ難いほどの音色の艶と膨らみがありますので是非チェックしてみて下さい。

★ディスク3 – Recorder 2 :
Radio Suisse Romande stereo source

ここからはRecorder 2=当時のラジオ・オンエアを録音したお馴染みの音源です。Recorder 1同様にこれも既発盤『MONTREUX 1971 (Sigma 113)』とは異なる2015年最新マスターを使用しており、デシベル調整や音色の見直し、左右チャンネルのスピード調整を施した事で既発盤よりも+1~2ほど音の鮮明度と鋭さ・硬質感が増し、全体の出音も半歩ほど手前に出てステレオ感も自然なので、既発盤とはまた違う印象を放つレベルの高い聴き心地を実現しています。またRecorder 1と違って全ての曲間がノーカットで聴ける点も嬉しいところでしょう。「Echoes」は出だしから既発盤以上の解像度と音の間近さが感じられ、曲中にある例のギター・チューニングのシーンも既発盤より解像度が上がっているのが分かると思います。ベースの音がかなりファットに聴こえる事で曲の鼓動と響きの輪郭が全く違って聴こえますし、13分36秒から入ってくるアホウドリ=スライド・バーによるギターの鳴き上げもRecorder 1以上に直接的な音なので、受ける印象がかなり違う筈です。「ユージン」はベースとシンバルの浮き立ちが質感豊かな音で出ているだけでなく、これまで以上に透明さと緻密さを持ち合わせているのが特徴です。音と音の間にある空気感も鮮やかで、実音以上に無音部分の表情が豊かなのも特筆されるでしょう。スクリーム後に大きく音楽が動くシーンもタフで豊かな風格を持つ響きがそこにあり、威力あるエネルギーの放射がますます愉しめます。「太陽讃歌」は導入のシンバル表現が凄まじく鮮烈な音で出ており、曲中盤の高まりも豊かな行間の魅力を放ちながら進行する密度の濃さと躍動感が音像によく出ています。また既発盤同様に音が近いので淡い抑揚がしっかり追えるのも嬉しいところです。「Cymbaline」は雑味の無い響きが麗しい音で現れ、その洞察力に富んだ演奏が鮮やかな音像の中で何度も花開く姿に息を改めて呑むと思います。ゆったりした音の筆致の中に美しい陰影が幾つも生まれ、足音シーンでも既発盤以上に女性の吐息が艶かしく直接的に聴こえる事で、より質の高いサウンドドラマをお感じになる筈です。

★ディスク4 – Recorder 2 :
Radio Suisse Romande stereo source, Continue

「Atom Heart Mother」はこれまで以上に手応えのある音の広がりと質感が御愉しみ戴けます。中音域と高音域のバランスもますます素晴らしく、この日の音楽が多くの人の営みによって創られた事がよく分かるサウンドと言えるでしょう。ブラス隊も厚みのある響きが出ており、4分05秒から本格的に浮き上がるギターがやがて管楽器とぶつかり合う姿には、時代を超越する響きが何度も感じられる筈です。ソプラノとアルトによる女性コーラスの二重唱もここにその魅力極まれりといった音像で現れ、多声部に移行してからも音の膨らみと濃度が既発盤以上の鮮やかさで現れます。18分07秒付近から突入するシンセサイザーのコラージュは、音を聴くというよりはその音の海の中に我が身が浸かっている印象がありますが、Recorder 1の同シーンではその効果音の海を対岸の岸辺で眺めているといった印象があり、これもまた録音の視点が変わった事によって表現の理解度が深まるシーンと言えそうです。演奏終了後に拍手に乗せてブラス隊の一人がカール・オルフ作曲「Carmina Burana」の一節をアドリヴで吹いているのが確認出来ますが、これも既発盤以上の鮮明さで御愉しみ戴けます。「神秘」は出だしから異様にファットなベースと鋭いシンバルの響きが際立ち、これに相乗してゆくキーボードの奇怪な音色や歪むギターが放つ奔放な描写も過去最高の鮮明さで現れます。後半の、徐々に光が差してくる様な壮大な展開は全ての既発盤を超えて激しく、濃く、色鮮やかにそのサウンドが拡散していますので、これも是非チェックしてみて下さい。また既発盤14分17秒付近で薄っすらと痕跡が残っていたこのソース特有の僅かなアナログ・ドロップも、今回の最新リマスターで殆ど目立たなくなっている事も付記しておきましょう。

本タイトルの醍醐味は、質の高いRecorder 1純正のAUDサウンドによって掴める演奏の全体像と、Recorder 2の優秀な放送音源で近付いて初めて気付かされる響きの層の多彩さにより、この日のフロイドの演奏の理解度が多面的に深まるという点でしょう。今回それぞれのレコーダーの音像が完璧に確定・復元された事によって同日同演奏のサウンドを常に別の角度から照らし出す事が容易になった訳ですが、これはフロイドの様に響きの特性を借りて音楽の可能性を追求したバンドを理解するにあたり、そのサウンドの秘密にますます迫れる・気付けるという事に他なりません。44年目にして決定的となったこの究極のモントルー71年完全版を是非、フロイドを更に知る為の優れた手引きとして、そしてフロイドと自分との共鳴を一層強める為の手段として御活用下さい。そこには間違いなく、44年どころか人ひとりの人生よりもずっと長い射程距離を持ったロマンティックな響きを再発見される筈です。


Recorder 1: Restored Master

Disc 1(60:55)
1. Echoes 2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
4. Cymbaline

Disc 2(48:08)
1. Atom Heart Mother 2. A Saucerful Of Secrets

Recorder 2: Radio Suisse Romande Open Air Mics Recording

Disc 3(62:53)
1. Echoes 2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
4. Cymbaline

Disc 4(50:45)
1. Atom Heart Mother 2. A Saucerful Of Secrets

Sigma 144


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