Pink Floyd / Gothenburg 1970 / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Gothenburg 1970 / 2CD / Sigma

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Konserthuset, Gothenburg, Sweden 11th November 1970


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Weekend Pink Floyd of the complete first appearance sound source of the sound source community to seismic runs large attention now, is the emergency release decision from Sigma!

One and a half years from Floyd has finished its activities formally. Meanwhile in 1971 and Hakone first appearance large excavation sound source of Aphrodite “HAKONE APHRODITE 1971: Remastered & Restored (Sigma 139)” and the piece record master reprint “APHRODITE 1971: PEACE RECORD” intense but the title had that, and the other truly I think in many people that loosen the mind that it would be a sound source is not toting the impact of so much. But just the other day (April 2016), so far been excavated at all full debut sound source in 1970 that were not even know its existence, Floyd sound source world has become a hot topic abuzz. Although it is Sweden of November 11, 1970’s the Gothenburg performances, as long as an avid fan and “I November 11, 70 years … What?”, Many people something to memory hits award. The day of the sound source is informal analog board LP “PICTURES OF PINK FLOYD (Topsound Quality Records – QR 70001, 179101)” is, but because it was the famous classic sound source, excavation has been the first-ever appearance sound source is completely different from that this time because the performance has been achieved. That is until now is the performance of the long time in over 70 years November 11, has been believed to be the playing of “PICTURES OF PINK FLOYD” is actually a completely different day, here in the performance of 70 November 11, of the genuine is it is because revealed suddenly the figure with a sound quality imperial !!

That said, first why this is say that the performance of genuine 70 November 11, the question of would boil spontaneously. Since there is a little story to this record in this regard, first of all I would like to introduce it. When in 1994, the source in the net published was A Gothenburg record store that Mr. was through well at that time, the shopkeeper says his friend B was held in in 1970 there (Gothenburg exactly what there is the record store ※) actually watched Floyd performances, Mr. B is heard that it had been recorded in the 90-minute cassette tape. When Mr. A was interested is offered to the shopkeeper as “all means want to listen to me also that recording”, what the shopkeeper with the help of the 90-minute tape at that time from the B, who (has become estranged by now) yourself has been transferred to reel tape of ownership, is probably to say to have a copy you think that the recording only. After being told “I’ll lend you find the tape,” about one year, it is in 1995 discovered from the attic of the parents of the owner house, for their own borrows is Mr. A to it the same 95-year June to, but those copies’s the origin of this source, first only this this recording by episodes of local unique you will see it is 70 years November 11, Gothenburg performance of bona fide (※ 70 years Gothenburg performances of this day So it is).

But the story does not end just this. According with Mr. B to the testimony of the shopkeeper went to the local performances, Mr. was recording B is it and was recorded sitting in the 10th column of the venue (so the shopkeeper was a 28 column ※), used at that time recording tapes, etc. it was a C-90, but Mr. B is also found information in the master tape used with the exact location that you recorded. In addition (around = same 70 year-end) shopkeeper is rented the master tape when it is transferred to your reel from Mr. B, that the owner of the young went to fade processing in some of the song also has been found. This is because the master tape that Mr. B had been recorded was as a 90-minute tape, which was mentioned earlier, the thingy out a sense of when Mr. B at the time of recording was interrupted recording between songs to mind the remaining tape It seems that was for relaxation. Record Despite the Mr. of the remaining amount sparing of effort B is I is interrupted in the middle of a “mystery”, but all 9 tracks housed here is the first also as a live performance on top complete first appearance as a sound source since it appeared, probably the amazing large excavation sound source to double.

And further, Mr. A in 1995. At the time that Mr. A borrowed the only tape copy from the owner is working to phrase sound studio, digitized in professional equipment and recording techniques for the business that was there (※ DAT conversion) was it also enhances the value of this source. Because the thing that was digitized at a professional technology and business equipment of sound studio by Mr. A, it has become and its sound quality is also surprisingly good source. Because only Mr. A does not mean the re-master, is in the published source it was also true that small noise and light degradation that seems to be due to the master in places of the song was left as it is. So is the emergence of those Sigma with a high knowledge and technology to the sound image refinement. Because it is full debut sound source that appeared after a long time in the Floyd sound world, This label is polished carefully sound to more than usual in the latest equipment so that the vividness of recording this source 46 years ago of performance is played perfectly, the original form and power for a certain sound the original sound we were successful in perfectly unleash it. There also was originally a sound quality excellent Four 4 source, prior to person also avid fan became listen to this public source already on the net, it is heard in the sound regained precisely original appearance so far and you should not. Also be regarded in a documentary point of view not only the sound quality, will be playing pattern of the day was issued attracted by this much accuracy is noted. Exactly this work is what’s the obvious to that is anyone’s ear that is the strongest of the press board in the latest of this complete first appearance and large excavation sound !!

Excavation sound source of surprise that with the great sound quality has emanated such as glare of the supernova explosion from the beginning, “heaven of control”, wild sound will burst from the rising edge of the disk in the wall thickness. Flashes of excitement also great charm with natural voice and elasticity of a eerie hook Roger representation is spread in midrange full, you should have seen that comes through Massive sound pressure sensitivity is also beginning to end relentlessly received at the venue 10 column. “Wobbling of the sun in fat” will ear not think the guitar beautiful sound is pegged. Sweet and short phrases entangled in the song, of course, melody to listen in the middle of a guitar solo is also accompanied by a beautiful shade, the ear in the romantic sound of diffusion also on a particular sound that is spun from 10 minutes 09 seconds let me Yorokoba. On the other hand begins conspicuous organ and the base from the vicinity of 5 minutes 49 seconds scene and captures the tone of the two instruments vividly each, please attention because it appeared in the sensual figure best to be the mysterious feeling of floating. “Simba line” is the start of a cut-in, but that figure sustained melody Yuku led to supple will come out with a high excellent sound with documentary properties. I think that can be seen that have raised the compelling midrange worked based motion even in thick tone of the hook, is a rarity even how the rush to the footsteps of the scene in the beating of the gong. By the way, but this is the footsteps scene, according to with Mr. B to the “manager” I watched this performance venue becomes dark in the “footsteps of the scene, footsteps are heard crowded around 360 ° from the speakers around in the dark There is a vivid testimony about the lighting and the day of the sound group moving equipment that was “, and I think that imagination is stimulated and listen to it from imagination Shinano. After finale is the place to be glad that contains the tuning scene of about one and a half minutes. In the “Atom Heart Mother” normal band performance version, this day is playing a chain with the opening of the process to be generated from the interaction of four people came out well offers pleasure. Also vigorous drumming from the vicinity of 1 minute 25 seconds You have a power of expression of this day unique, 3 minutes coming from 44 seconds slide guitar even eloquently, loudly sang than the other day playing in the same period songs Gagungun soar appearance is attractive. Also 2-part harmony in the guide vocal of the scene to enter from then is deployed in very vivid sound, can not be confirmed much in the base also of other same time playing in the vicinity of near to 14 minutes 28 seconds 13 minutes 56 seconds the show suspicious movement would also be worth checking.

Hear until transitory swaying expressed in the “Embryo” In musical fetal movement is a place fine, will sometimes Ketatamashiku gold cutting sound raise guitar and mellow singing voice of matching is moving against the deep in the soul. Cries and electric piano by the slide guitar that comes out in the middle section, the video effects by organ (Flute Mellotron?) Is also a very vivid, it should that will further enhance the excitement the first time contact with this recording. Fade-out at the whether the finale part “Mr. B” began to worry about the remaining tape (※ This would be the process of “manager”) to become the but I regret that I can, in the next “Green Is The Color” also it has cut-out in about playing start after only 30 seconds, unfortunately. But that beautiful guitar sound of Gilmore unique little introduction said that 30 seconds is felt to fully think I want to otherwise strongly. Is a cut-in of “Eugene” is also introduced is lost for about one minute, but this day is in the grasp how and throwing is exceptional performance of the image as a sound drama, such as the sense to grab representation of perspective I would’ll find pleasure in a brilliant sound image. Nobutoi guitar rather than gradually to tone down the day after Scream, so we caught and Katsuaki also interesting how that fade away with fluoride in the border in the vicinity of 8 minutes 05 seconds, and this also want crowned by all means your attention think. “The sun Hymn” will appear in the introduction is dynamic and tone generator is floated on the noisy, sight of vivid organ and magical rhythm pattern that was put on the whisper of Roger, such as killed push intersect dazzling stand out in great sound and you will. Scene Kyokuso is loud in the middle has also captured the musical intonation in a straight sound, tempo
It will be firmly feel the musical driving force obtained at that accelerate. Since the middle of the rhythm disappears the figure that piled how the strange sound of this day unique Yuku in Tsu move on to floating feeling plenty appear in great sound image please expected. “Mystery” is We are still in just six minutes a little less than recording by the remaining amount of the tape runs out, but this is also out very sharp sound were violent a bizarre view of the world that it can not be experienced in the performance of other Date irresistible’s because I come. Especially in the guitar and such example of a scene that gong Yuku out the sound together is brilliant itself, for it is accompanied by dense documentary of that burned in my mind even though it is thingy out.

Because the original is a 90-minute tape, it does not deny that it is indeed incomplete recording. The total time, however the local newspaper “GT” magazine that reported live pattern of the day, which was at a later date, including from has written “about 3 was the hour of the concert” (※ This is probably waiting in the article think, demonstration part to be inferred from the same period sound source would be 15 minutes position 2 hours), it is a translation that was not enough in the 90-minute tape either way. But even this only full debut sound source is 9 songs of long made in 2016, it is also to be came out in the sound quality imperial is phenomenal, of Mr. B recordings cut-recording a full-scale full 90 minutes state also are you full of excavation sound source serving as vivid. (Because ※ is a 90-minute substantial amount of tape is slightly to have a width of one side about 47 minutes, to this recording also strictly high concentration Four 4 sound of about 94 minutes can I have your pleasure).

Also, when will this, until now has been considered that it is 70 years November 11, “PICTURES OF PINK FLOYD” is where anxious be that integral with time of the performance. Although you can not be anything talk at the moment about this, but it therefore this sound source is “this live is definitely not in this day” You thought of as a sound source that will remind us of overconfidence and complacency that, in the future It has also become a title that will tickle the room and the intellectual curiosity of the sound source verification. Such topicality and also the value of the complete first appearance of the 9 songs, and this Sigm latest that all Desoro’ that above all listen originally excellent sound quality even more perfect figure is probably the hottest title of just listening missed strictly prohibited . Floyd sound world full debut new sound source of the severe earthquake that appeared after a long time, the weekend by all means take this work in hand, please check this shock quickly !!

★ after a long time of the beautiful girl! ! Full first appearance sound source. Moreover, a good sound quality! ! Currently, the most shocking and most important Floyd sound source in 2016.



フロイドがその活動を正式に終えてから1年半。その間に1971年・箱根アフロディーテの初登場大発掘音源『HAKONE APHRODITE 1971: Remastered & Restored (Sigma 139)』やピースレコード原盤復刻『APHRODITE 1971: PEACE RECORD』という強烈なタイトルはあったものの、さすがにもうあれほどの衝撃を携えた音源は無いだろうと気を緩ませている方も多いのではないでしょうか。しかしつい先日(2016年4月)、これまで全くその存在すら知られていなかった1970年の完全初登場音源が発掘され、フロイド音源界が話題騒然となっています。それは1970年11月11日のスウェーデンはイェーテボリ公演なのですが、熱心なファンであれば「70年の11月11日って…え?」と、記憶に何かが当たる方も多いでしょう。この日の音源は非公式アナログ盤LP『PICTURES OF PINK FLOYD (Topsound Quality Records – QR 70001, 179101)』が有名な定番音源だったからですが、今回発掘された史上初登場音源はそれとは全く別の演奏が収められているからです。つまりこれまで長きに渡って70年11月11日の演奏だと信じられてきた『PICTURES OF PINK FLOYD』が実は全く別日の公演であり、ここに正真正銘の70年11月11日の演奏が突如その姿を特上の音質で現したからなのです!!

とはいえ、まず何故これが本物の70年11月11日の演奏と言えるのか、という疑問が自然に沸くでしょう。これに関して本録音にはちょっとした物語がありますので、先ずはそれを御紹介したいと思います。時は1994年、このソースをネット公開したA氏が当時よく通っていたイェーテボリのレコード店で、店主とその友人B氏が1970年にそこ(※ まさにそのレコード店があるイェーテボリ)で行われたフロイドの公演を実際に観て、B氏がそれを90分のカセットテープに録音していたという話を聞きます。興味を持ったA氏が「是非私もその録音を聴きたい」と店主に申し出たところ、何と店主は(今では疎遠になってしまった)そのB氏から当時その90分テープを借りて自分所有のリール・テープにトランスファーしており、恐らくその録音唯一と思われるコピーを持っていると言うのです。「テープを見付けたら貸してあげるよ」と告げられてから約1年後、1995年にそれは店主の両親の家の屋根裏から発見され、それを同95年6月にA氏が借り受けて自分用にコピーしたものが本ソースの出自なのですが、まずこの地元ならではのエピソードによってこの録音が正真正銘の70年11月11日イェーテボリ公演である事が判ります(※ 70年のイェーテボリ公演はこの日だけだからです)。

ところが話はこれだけでは終りません。B氏と一緒にこの地元公演に行ったその店主の証言によると、録音をしたB氏は会場の10列目に座って録音した事や(※ 店主は28列目だったそう)、その時に使用した録音テープはC-90だった事など、B氏が録音した正確な位置と使用したマスターテープの情報も判明しているのです。また店主がB氏からマスターテープを借り受けて自分のリールにトランスファーした際(=同70年末頃)、若き日の店主が幾つかの曲でフェイド処理を行った事も判明しています。これはB氏が録音していたマスターテープが先に述べた通り90分テープだった為で、録音時にB氏がテープ残量を気にして曲間で録音を中断した際のブツ切れ感を緩和する為だった様です。B氏の残量温存の努力にも係わらず録音は『神秘』の途中で途切れているのですが、しかしここに収められた全9トラックは音源として完全初登場なうえにライブ演奏としても初登場ですから、二重に凄い大発掘音源と言えるでしょう。

そして更に、A氏が店主からこの唯一のテープ・コピーを借り受けた1995年当時にA氏はとあるサウンドスタジオに勤めており、そこにあった業務用のプロフェッショナル機材と録音テクニックでデジタル化(※ DAT変換)した事もこのソースの価値を高めています。A氏によるプロの技術とサウンドスタジオの業務用機材でデジタル化したものですから、その音質もまた驚くほど優れたソースとなっているのです。ただA氏はリマスターした訳ではありませんから、公開されたソースには曲の所々でマスターに起因すると思われるプチノイズや軽い劣化がそのまま残っていたのも事実でした。そこで音像リファインに高い知識と技術を持つ当Sigmaの登場です。フロイド音源界に久々に出現した完全初登場音源ですから、当レーベルはこのソースを46年前の演奏と録音の生々しさが完璧に再生されるよう最新機材でいつも以上に慎重に音を磨き上げ、原音本来の姿と威力あるサウンドを完璧に解き放つ事に成功したのです。元々音質優秀な特上ソースだった事もありますが、先行してネットでこの公開ソースを既にお聴きになった熱心なファンの方でも、ここまで精緻に元の姿を取り戻したサウンドでは聴かれていない筈です。また音質だけでなくドキュメンタリー的な視点で捉えても、当日の演奏模様がこれほどの精度で惹き出された事は特筆されるでしょう。まさに本作こそがこの完全初登場・大発掘音源の最新にして最強のプレス盤となっている事は誰の耳にも明らかなのです!!

その素晴らしい音質を伴った驚きの発掘音源は「天の支配」冒頭から超新星爆発の如き眩さを放っており、肉厚でワイルドなサウンドがディスクの立ち上がりから炸裂します。不気味でフックのあるロジャーの肉声と弾力ある表現が中音域一杯に広がる興奮も大いなる魅力を放ち、会場10列目で受けるマッシヴな音圧感も終始ビシビシ伝わってくるのが分かる筈です。「デブでよろよろの太陽」はギター麗しい響きに思わず耳が釘付けになるでしょう。曲中で絡みつく甘美で短いフレーズは勿論のこと、中盤のギター・ソロで聴ける旋律も美麗な陰影を伴っており、10分09秒から紡がれるロマンチックな響きの拡散も特上のサウンドで耳を悦ばせてくれます。一方5分49秒付近からのオルガンとベースが目立ち始めるシーンでは2つの楽器の音色をそれぞれ鮮やかに捉えており、そのミステリアスな浮遊感も最高に官能的な姿で現れますので御注目下さい。「シンバライン」はカット・インでのスタートですが、息の長い旋律がしなやかに繋がってゆくあの姿がドキュメンタリー性の高い優良サウンドで出てきます。フックの効いたベースの動きも太い音色で中音域の説得力を上げているのが分かると思いますし、銅鑼の乱打で足音のシーンに突入する様子も絶品です。ところでこの足音シーンですが、B氏と一緒にこの公演を観た” 店長 “によると「足音のシーンでは会場が真っ暗になり、足音が暗闇の中で周りのスピーカーから360°廻り込んで聴こえていた」という当日の音群移動装置と照明についての生々しい証言があり、それを想像しなから聴くと更にイマジネーションが刺激されると思います。終曲後には約1分半ほどのチューニング・シーンが含まれているのも嬉しいところです。「原子心母」は通常のバンド演奏版で、この日は4人の相互作用から生み出される連鎖と開放のプロセスがよく出た演奏が御愉しみ戴けます。1分25秒付近からの闊達なドラミングもこの日ならではの表現力を備えていますし、3分44秒から入ってくるスライド・ギターも同時期の他日演奏より雄弁に・高らかに歌い上げて曲がぐんぐん舞い上がる姿が魅力です。またその後から入るガイド・ボーカルのシーンでは2声のハーモニーが実に鮮やかな音像で展開し、13分56秒付近~14分28秒付近のベースも他の同時期の演奏中にはあまり確認出来ない怪しい動きを見せるのも要チェックでしょう。

「エンブリオ」では音楽的な胎動の中で揺れる表現の移ろいが細かなところまで聴こえ、時にけたたましく金切り音を上げるギターとまろやかな歌声のマッチングが魂の深いところを突き動かしてくれます。中間部で出てくるスライド・ギターによる鳴き声とエレキピアノ、オルガン(フルート・メロトロン?)による映像的な効果も実に鮮やかで、初めてこの録音と接する感動を一層高めてくれる筈です。” B氏 “がテープ残量を気にし出したのか終曲部でフェイドアウト(※ これは” 店長 “の処理でしょう)してしまうのが残念ですが、次の「グリーン・イズ・ザ・カラー」も残念ながら演奏開始後僅か30秒ほどでカット・アウトしています。しかし僅か30秒とはいえ導入のギルモアならではの麗しいギター・サウンドが存分に感じられる点は強く特記しておきたいと思います。「ユージン」もまた導入が約1分間程失われてのカット・インですが、この日はサウンド・ドラマとしてのイメージの掴み方と投げ方が格別な演奏で、感覚を鷲掴みにする様な表現の遠近法が鮮烈な音像で御愉しみ戴けるでしょう。スクリーム後の野太いギターもこの日は徐々にトーン・ダウンするのではなく、8分05秒付近を境にしてフッと消え去るという興味深い様子も克明に捉えていますので、これも是非御注目戴きたいと思います。「太陽讃歌」はトーン・ジェネレーターがノイジーに浮上する導入部がダイナミックに現れ、押し殺した様なロジャーの囁きに載せた鮮烈なオルガンと呪術的なリズムパターンが眩しく交差する姿が素晴らしいサウンドで浮き出てきます。中盤で曲想がラウドになるシーンもその音楽的な抑揚を真っ直ぐな音像で捉えており、テンポが

元が90分テープですから、確かに不完全収録である事は否めません。しかしこの日のライブの模様をレポートした地元新聞” GT “誌は、後日その記事の中で「約3時間のコンサートだった」と書いていますから(※ これは恐らく待ち時間も含めた総タイムと思われ、同時期の音源から推測するに実演部分は2時間15分位でしょう)、どちらにしても90分テープでは足りなかった訳です。でも2016年になってこれだけ長尺の完全初登場音源が9曲も、それも特上の音質で出てきた事は驚異的ですし、90分間フル尺一杯で録り切ったB氏録音の様子もまた発掘音源たる生々しさに溢れているのです。(※ 90分テープの実質量は若干幅を持たせて片面約47分ですから、本録音も厳密には約94分間の高濃度特上サウンドが御愉しみ戴けます)。

またこうなりますと、これまで70年11月11日だと思われていた『PICTURES OF PINK FLOYD』が一体いつの演奏なのかも気になるところです。これについては現時点で何も語る事が出来ませんが、しかしそれ故に本音源は” このライブはこの日で間違いない “という我々の過信や慢心に気付かせてくれる音源とも言えますし、今後の音源検証の余地と知的好奇心をくすぐってくれるタイトルともなっているのです。そうした話題性や9曲もの完全初登場の価値、そして何より元々優れた音質が更に完璧な姿で聴けるという全てが出揃っているこのSigm最新作は、まさに聴き逃し厳禁の大注目タイトルと言えるでしょう。フロイド音源界に久々に現れた激震の完全初登場新音源、今週末は是非本作を手に取り、この衝撃をいち早くお確かめ下さい!!



Disc 1(53:47)
1. Astronomy Domine 2. Fat Old Sun 3. Cymbaline 4. Atom Heart Mother

Disc 2(39:50)
1. The Embryo 2. Green Is The Colour 3. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
4. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 5. A Saucerful Of Secrets

Sigma 156

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