Pink Floyd / Definitive Fillmore West 1970 / 2CD


Pink Floyd / Definitive Fillmore West 1970 / 2CD / Sigma

Live At Fillmore West, San Francisco. CA USA 29th April 1970.

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Pink Floyd’s 1970 Fillmore West sound source is newly advented with a special sound that uses three types of upper sources!! The definitive feeling that penetrates will hit the ear directly this weekend!!

Speaking of Floyd’s April 29, 1970 Fillmore West, it represents the long-standing 70-year performance since the unofficial analog LP “FILLMORE WEST (Contra Band Music 3909)” appeared in the early 70’s. It is one of the famous sound sources. Since the beginning of the CD era, the title of the same content has been provoked starting with “EMBRYO (WBR CD 900110)” that appeared in Wild Bird Records in 1990, but it was a final decision in 2018. It was “DEFINITIVE WESTWORLD (Sigma 209)” that appeared from this Sigma label in year. For the first time in history, this title using the stereo master has the problem that the mother’s Recorder 1 had a “squeal” on the reel, that is, the tape running sound generated from the drive system during playback was entering the right channel although it was weak. The achievements that have been settled have become popular, and the legend of the 1970 Fillmore West performance was deeply and vividly rooted in the latest sound image at that time.

However, did you know that the other day, the upper source that dramatically improved the Recorder 1 used for the Sigma 209 board was released and surprised Floyd unofficial sound source fans all over the world? In addition to this, the upper version of Recorder 2 has also been updated, and the existence of a reel tape = Recorder 3, which is commonly known as “Randy Reels”, has been revealed. I can no longer speak. …But if that is the case, the mission of the Floyd specialty label is to reconstruct the show with each of these updated sources, and to create a more modern record. Yes, this latest work is a 70-year-old Fillmore West at the next level, which was rebuilt with three of the latest and best selected sources, assuming such a high-dimensional sound!!

First of all, in order to show its upper feeling, it will be necessary to specify the difference from the existing Sigma 209 board.
Once again, Sigma 209 was a full-length version consisting of the following sources.

[Source used by Sigma 209]

* Recorder 1 (Mono Ambient Mics)

* Recorder 2 (Stereo Aud)

* The latter half of “Careful With That Ax, Eugene” of Rec 1
“Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun”
∙ The missing scenes that exist have similar sound quality and close dates
Supplemented with another performance sound source of 1970.

* The output of the right channel is rather unstable throughout the entire recording scene.
The phase was in the center, but I heard it leaning to the left.
However, this is due to the purpose of making a sound board without touching the original sound,
I dared to record it as it was.


In contrast, this edition has the following advantages
It is a full length version in the upper source.

[This latest work, Sigma 253 source used]

* Uses the latest Recorder 1 whose sound quality has been remarkably improved by 2020 remastering for the mother.

* Recorder 2 is the latest high-level source that has been upgraded as well.

* The missing part of Rec 1 is called “Randy Reels” this time.
Complemented by the high-quality reel source Recorder 3 called.
This is the third source recording the performance of this day, Rec 1’s
A lot of missing scenes are included, with the same sound quality as Rec 1.

* Rec 1’s biggest demon gate, “Careful With That Axe, Eugene latter half ~
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
This time, the compensation is supplemented by Recorder 3 (* = performance on the same performance day).

* Good output of both channels in all scenes. The phase is also completely fixed in the center.


In other words, it is the most important point that all performances can be listened to by each top-level source of the same performance with the upper version of Rec 1 as the mother body. In other words, this is composed of only superiority over “Sigma 209”. It is no exaggeration to say that “70 years Fillmore West was done”. Furthermore, the Rec 3 of the reel source was used for the first time in the tuning scene before the start of the recording and the intertrack part that was not recorded in Rec 1, so all the existing sounds were used up and restored “The longest version in history “70 years Fillmore West” is also a big advantage!!

After all, from the beginning of Disc 1, the tuning scene before the start of the performance, that is, the scene not recorded in Sigma 209 appears with vivid sound, and it will make you expect the maximum value from the beginning. “Grant chester Meadows” will also soon be noticed that the lack of output of the right channel, which was difficult with Sigma 209, has been repaired and the contour of the sound has regained overwhelming sharpness. The phase of “Astronomy Domine” is also perfectly centered, there is no output dust, and the sharpness of the original sound explodes everywhere. In particular, the floating feeling and transparency in the rhythmless section that develops around 4:49 are incomparable, and it is sure to be overwhelmed by the appearance of the sound image with a beautiful and high-quality sound. Furthermore, in Sigma 209, the section from 9:36 to the track end after the discontinuation of the discontinuing track was compensated with Rec 3 to raise the completeness of the scene.

“Cymbaline” has also appeared with higher sound than Sigma 209, and it is one song that you can feel the increase in sound output accuracy everywhere. On this day, the end part of the first half of the song (* where the sound of the drum gradually diminishes and you can hear footsteps) is unusually long, and the audience in the venue applauded, thinking that the song was over from 6:45 However, from this 6:45 applause scene to 7:25, and from 7:55 to 9:27, it is actually an unrecorded scene that Sigma 209 could not hear (※ You can see the corresponding section of Sigma 209. , This is because the scene was skillfully cut by the edit made at some point when the sound source was copied). However, this work is also supplemented with high-quality Rec 3 so that you can listen to it as a complete version with all the missing pieces. In the initial version of “Atom Heart Mother” “The Amazing Pudding”, the section that was missing in Rec 1 in the tuning scene after the end was filled with Rec 3, and the time flow and the sound that should be there were the longest appearance. I was revived. This is the same for “Embryo” as well, with a finely compensated section from 0:00 to 05 at the beginning and 11:34 to the disc end after the end of the song, and when you listen to it, its fullness becomes a deeper listening response. You will notice things. In addition, the sound production scene that can be heard at the beginning of Disc 2 appears in a time series of all the same scenes remaining in Rec 1 and 3, “Green Is the Color” is also different from Sigma 209 whose right channel was off And it has a stable sound, and all sounds flow with the best balance and the highest resolution.

Such a special new Rec 1 ends at 11:26 of “Careful With That Ax, Eugene”, and new Recorder 3 will take over from 11:27 to 3:17 in the first half of the next song. It is the reason that Rec 3 takes over this about 4 minute scene-missing section, which was the biggest demon gate of Rec 1, but the already-issued Sigma 209 was compensating for this section by the performance of another performance in the same year. However, this time, by supplementing this with Rec 3 recorded on the same day, all of the performance sounds have returned to being genuine. However, unfortunately, this Rec 3 also has a lot of tape shaking in this part, and the quality is not good enough. However, the restoration effect that can be heard through the performance of the same day is a significant step forward. Moreover, after 3:18 when shifting to Recorder 2, the sound image rapidly rises, the sound shines more and more as I listen to it, and by the time “A Saucerful of Secrets” begins, the sound quality is as high as Rec 1 That quality continues until the disc end.

All performances have been unified by the new source of the same day that makes you feel upper, and the lost scenes have been complemented with the best sounds, resulting in higher performance precision and a significant sense of length. It can be said that this is the truly decisive 70th year Fillmore West, but this week’s State University of New York 1970 (Sigma 252), which is about 2 weeks different from this Fillmore, was released at the same time as the label’s first appearance title. I will. It is certain that both will be the best titles when unraveling the North American tour immediately after the start of the spring of 1970, but the change in the set list and the difference in performance expression that can be experienced here are the dramatic differences of this work Fillmore. It could be argued that it was possible to perform reliable verification because of the upgrade. The track of show changes and song evolution that took place in just two weeks, which can be followed by listening to both titles. Please experience the fun with both titles!!

★★ Comparison with already issued

★The already released version uses the following to compose the full length version.
*Rec1 (Mono Ambient Mics)
*Rec2 (Stereo Aud)
*Careful With That Ax, Eugene / Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

★★ Advantages of this edition
*Rec1 is using the upgraded sound source of this board.
*The missing part of Rec1 is compensated by Rec3.
*Careful With That Axe, Eugene / Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun are supplemented in the same performance.

As a result, listening to the upper version of Rec1 is the most important point.

★ Introducing a super important title representing 2020! !!

ピンク・フロイド1970年のフィルモアウェスト音源が3種のアッパー・ソースを使った特級サウンドで新規降臨!! 突き抜けるDefinitive感が今週末、その耳を直撃致します!!
フロイドの1970年4月29日フィルモアウェストと言えば、70年代初頭に非公式アナログ盤LP『FILLMORE WEST (Contra Band Music 3909)』が登場して以来、古くから知られた70年公演を代表する名音源のひとつです。CDの時代になってからは1990年にWild Bird Recordsから登場した『EMBRYO (WBR CD 900110)』を皮切りに同内容のタイトルが乱発されましたが、これに一応の決着を見せたのが2018年に当Sigmaレーベルから登場した『DEFINITIVE WESTWORLD (Sigma 209)』でした。ステレオ・マスターを使用したこのタイトルは母体となるRecorder 1が抱えていたリールの” 鳴き “、つまり再生時に駆動系から生じていたテープ走行音が微弱ながら右チャンネルに入っているという難題を史上初めて解決させた功績が評判となり、70年フィルモアウェスト公演の伝説を当時最新のサウンドイメージで深く鮮烈に根付かせました。
ところが先日、そのSigma 209盤にも使用したRecorder 1を劇的にブラッシュアップさせたアッパーソースが公開され、世界中のフロイド非公式音源ファンを驚かせたのを御存知でしょうか。これに加えRecorder 2もアッパー版が更新され、更には通称” Randy Reels “と呼ばれる同日別録音のリール・テープ=Recorder 3の存在も明らかとなり、早くもSigma 209ではあの伝説公演の全容と凄みを語れなくなってきたのです。…しかしそうであるならば、それらアップデートされた各ソースでショウを再構成し、より現代的な内容で音盤化するのがフロイド専門レーベルの使命。そう、この最新作はそんな高次元サウンドを想定し、選りすぐりの最新最良ソース3つでリビルドしたネクストレベルの70年フィルモアウェストなのです!!
まずはそのアッパー感を示す為にも、既発Sigma 209盤との違いを明記しておかなくてはならないでしょう。
改めてですがSigma 209は下記のソースで構成した全長版となっていました。
【Sigma 209使用ソース】
* Recorder 1 (Mono Ambient Mics)
* Recorder 2 (Stereo Aud)
* Rec 1の「Careful With That Axe, Eugeneの後半 ~
 Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sunの前半」に
* 全収録シーンを通して右チャンネルの出力がやや不安定。
【本最新作・Sigma 253使用ソース】
* 2020年リマスターで音質が格段に向上した最新のRecorder 1を母体に使用。
* 同様にRecorder 2もアップグレードされた最新の上位ソース。
* Rec 1の欠落部分を、今回は通称” Randy Reels “と
 呼ばれている高音質リール・ソースのRecorder 3で補っている。
 これはこの日の公演を収録した第3のソースであり、Rec 1の
 欠落シーンをRec 1とほぼ同レベルの音質で多々含んでいる。
* Rec 1最大の鬼門である「Careful With That Axe, Eugene 後半~
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun 前半」の欠落部分の
 補填を、今回はそのRecorder 3(※= 同一公演日の演奏)で補っている。
* 全シーンで両チャンネルの出力良好。位相も中央に完全固定している。
つまりはRec 1のアッパー版を母体に全ての演奏が同一公演の各最上位ソースで聴ける事が最重要ポイントとなっている訳ですが、これは言い換えるなら” Sigma 209を上回る優位性のみで構成された70年フィルモアウェスト “と言っても過言ではないでしょう。更に、Rec 1では収録漏れしていた開演前のチューニング・シーンや曲間部分に今回初めてリール・ソースのRec 3が使われた事で、現存する全ての音を使い切って復元した” 史上最長版の70年フィルモアウェスト “となっている事も大きなアドヴァンテージなのです!!
何しろディスク1冒頭からして開演前のチューニング・シーン、つまりSigma 209には未収録のシーンが鮮やかな音で登場する訳で、その出だしから期待値最大にさせてくれるのです。「Grantchester Meadows」もSigma 209で難アリだった右チャンネルの出力不足が修復され、音の輪郭が圧倒的な鮮明さを取り戻している事に直ぐ気付かされるでしょう。「Astronomy Domine」も位相はばっちり中央で出力不足など微塵も無く、随所で原音の鋭さが炸裂します。特に4:49付近から展開するリズムレス区間の浮遊感と透明度は桁違いであり、麗しく質感高いサウンドで音の像が結ばれている様子に圧倒されるに違いありません。更にSigma 209では途切れていた終曲後の9:36~トラックエンドまでの区間もRec 3で補填し、シーンの完全性を底上げしています。
「Cymbaline」もSigma 209を上回る上位サウンドで登場、出音精度の高まりが随所で実感出来る1曲です。この日は楽曲前半の終わり部分(※ ドラムの音が徐々に小さくなり、やがて足音が聞こえてくるところ)が異様に長く、6:45~では曲が終わったと思った場内観客が拍手をしていますが、この6:45の拍手シーンから7:25、及び7:55~9:27までは実はSigma 209では聴けなかった未収録シーンなのです(※ Sigma 209の該当区間を聞くと判りますが、ここは音源がコピーされたどの時点かで施された編集によりシーンが巧みにカットされていた為です)。でも本作はこれも高音質のRec 3で補填していますので、失われていたピースが全て揃った完全版として聴き通せる様になっています。初期バージョンの「Atom Heart Mother」こと「The Amazing Pudding」は終演後のチューニング・シーンでRec 1に欠落していた区間をRec 3で補填、本来そこにあるべき時間の流れと音が最長の姿で甦りました。これは「Embryo」も同様で冒頭の0:00~05と終曲後の11:34~ディスクエンドまでの区間を細かく補填しており、聴き通すとその全長性がより深い聴き応えとなっている事に気付かれるでしょう。更にディスク2冒頭で聴ける音出しシーンもRec 1と3に残る同シーンを時系列に全て使い切った姿で登場、「Green Is the Colour」も右チャンネルがオフ気味だったSigma 209とは別物の明瞭かつ安定したサウンドで出ており、全ての音が最高のバランスと最強の解像度で流れてゆくのです。
そんな特上の新規Rec 1は「Careful With That Axe, Eugene」の11:26で終わり、11:27から次曲の前半3:17までは新規Recorder 3が引き継いでゆきます。Rec 3が引き継ぐこの約4分間ほどのシーン欠落区間こそがRec 1最大の鬼門となっていた訳ですが、既発Sigma 209はこの区間を同年別公演の演奏で補填していました。でも今回はこれを同日録音のRec 3で補った事で演奏音の全てが純正さを取り戻している訳です。ただ残念な事にこのRec 3もこの部分はテープ揺れが激しく、クオリティ的にはいまひとつです。しかし同日の演奏で通して聴ける修復効果は意義深い前進と言えるでしょう。しかもRecorder 2にシフトする3:18以降は音像が急速に上昇、聴き進むうちにそのサウンドがどんどん輝きを増し「A Saucerful of Secrets」が始まる頃にはRec 1に肉迫するほどの高音質となってディスクエンドまでそのクオリティが続くのです。
全ての演奏がアッパー感漲る同日の新ソースで統一され、失われたシーンが最良の音で補完された事で得られる演奏精度の高まりと大幅な長尺感。これぞ真に決定的な70年フィルモアウェストと言えるものですが、今週はこのフィルモアと約2週間違いのニューヨーク公演『State University of New York 1970 (Sigma 252)』も、レーベル初登場タイトルとして同時リリースされます。どちらも70年春・スタート直後の北米ツアーを紐解く際に最良のタイトルとなるのは確実ですが、ここで体験出来る同年同月のセットリストの変化と演奏表現の差は、本作フィルモアの劇的なアップグレードがあったからこそ手応えある検証が可能になったとも言えるでしょう。両タイトルを聞く事で追える、僅か2週間の中で起こっていたショウの変貌と楽曲進化の軌跡。その面白さを是非両タイトルで御体験下さい!!
*Rec1 (Mono Ambient Mics)
*Rec2 (Stereo Aud)
*Careful With That Axe, Eugene / Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun の補填部分は別公演
*Rec1 は今回盤の方がアップグレードされた音源を使用されている。
*Careful With That Axe, Eugene / Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun の補填部分を同一公演で補っている。
Disc 1 (65:04)
1. Intro. ★Rec3 補填
2. Grantchester Meadows
3. Astronomy Domine ★9:36 – 最後まで Rec3補填
4. Cymbaline ★6:45 – 7:25 / 7:55 – 9:27 Rec3補填
5. Atom Heart Mother (Early version, known as “The Amazing Pudding”)☆11:04カット(既発は10:44)
6. Tuning ★0:00 テープチェンジ / ★0:00 – 0:54 / 1:00 – 最後まで Rec3補填
7. Embryo★0:00 – 0:05 / 11:34 – 最後まで Rec3補填
Disc 2 (71:31)
1. MC ★0:00 – 0:19 / 0:42 – 0:47 Rec3補填
2. Green Is the Colour
3. Careful With That Axe, Eugene ★11:27 – 最後まで Rec3補填
4. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun ★0:00 – 3:18 Rec3補填
5. A Saucerful of Secrets
6. Interstellar Overdrive
Rec1 (Mono Ambient Mics) ★Disc1 2trk ~ Careful With That Axe, Eugene 11:27迄
Rec2 (Stereo Aud) ★Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun 3:18 ~ 終演まで
Rec3 (Randy Reels) ★補填用音源


Sigma 253

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