Pink Floyd / Croydon 1970 / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Croydon 1970 / 2CD / Sigma

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Live at Fairfield Halls, Croydon, Surrey, UK 18th January 1970 Longer & Hugh Upgrade

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Pink Floyd The important sound source in the early 1970s has finally come out with a dramatically improved sound quality!

British Croydon performance on January 18, 1970, it is only the third stage after the start of the earliest UK tour in this year, many songs are played in a distinctive Early version as a very interesting sound source It has been known for a long time. Recording of this day has already appeared as the gift title “CROYDON 1970 (Free 2 CDR)” of the same name at our shop, but even though there was only one recording of this day which had stayed in the gift title so far, the song There are multiple versions that can see the difference in order and whether or not there is a cut place, which is due to having an uncertain element that can not be determined.

This is caused by the fact that the original original recording (* 64 min. Reel tape both sides) cared about the tape remaining amount and cutting was done between songs and songs while recording while recording. The fact that the space between songs was originally cut means that when tapers duplicate this recording, it is convenient to change the order of songs according to the recordable amount of the handheld tapes prepared, or cut points which originally do not exist in the master recording As a by-product. In addition, all MCs are cut, so we left doubts about the accuracy and completeness of historical facts as to which songs are the real opening of the show, and whether this is truly the whole piece of the day. However, although it is known that the memo which the taper has left behind when it is duplicated exists, it is known to some extent an exact set list, but still it is fatal that the original recording is in a state lacking continuity However, it can be said that the overall picture still does not go out of speculation.

Nonetheless, there is only one recording of this day that is still present. Although this work is also no exception, this source is a 2nd generation cassette that was originally reel-to-reel (※ 60 minutes tape * 2, a pair of 90 minutes and 60 minutes dubbed after changing the song order later It is almost known that it derives from tape), and you can see the appearance of the origin sound by comparing each branched version. For example, it is interesting that traces that occurred when copying from a reel to a cassette are scattered in the case of each transfer, for example, there is a clear cut mark in the middle of a song and there is something without a clear cut mark. It is famous that there are cut marks in the vicinity of 2 minutes 17 seconds of “Careful With That Ax, Eugene” (※ This work is nothing). Also in earlier early generations of copies there was no split trace that occurred when transferring to the cassette in “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun” and “Main Theme From More”, and in the original reel recording, these two songs It was also known that the recording was properly divided on both sides by the fact that the recording was recorded with the uncut and the recording sound contained the startup sound of the open reel. Unfortunately the original reel seems to be damaged now It is not likely to listen to the original sound any more, but I guess from the small clue that you can compare by listening to the branching and close to the origin and gemstone sound · It is possible to identify it.

This latest work that appears this time is close to the origin of this 2nd generation cassette, and the sound quality is more important than anything else. It has a resolution higher and higher than any of the previously sounded sounds that we have touched, and it has a depth and sharpness of two ranks in the texture of the tone color, and although the generation is unknown, it is a cassette sound of the second generation It is characterized by keeping goodness of astonishing freshness. Also, as a very interesting topic, you can also mention that clapping entering after each song’s performance is longer than each already-launched. To say that this is long and long is obviously a testimony of anything that is closer to the original recording.

What is even more interesting is that the final stage of “The Amazing Pudding” that you can listen here is different from the last edition. This part has become the worst dropout section even in the original recording, there is the same development in the first half of the song from 25: 47 (* this work 25:45) in the already-released disc 05: 27-06: 21 It was connected by crossfade reusing, and after that it was connecting from the coda 27: 03 to the concert by a performance of another day. However, this time, the phrase of entering the slide guitar coming out from 26:12 (26: 07 in the already-launched version) is completely different from the already-to-be-released board. This is because the same expansion of the same performance is patched in the vicinity of 4: 57 – 5: 00. When this phrase is over, the first half of the same performance 5: 33 – 49, and 6: 13 – 23 Reusable items appeared, the deployment from 26:40 as a coder was also reused at 3: 44 – 4: 23 of the same performance, and it is configured to slow down the pitch only at the end of the performance. In other words, this time the board has all the same development “earplug transplant” from the early stage scene · the same performance, but the previous episode translates the part of the coder by the performance of another day, in other words, both the original recording It suggests that the latter part of the song (* probably 25: 45 after this work) is completely missing. From now on, as long as Recorder 2 of another recording does not come out, it seems that we can not regain the original lost portion that was lost here, but it was carefully rebuilt by the exact duplicate material of the note picked up from the same performance The figure at the end of the song is filled with a great sense of unity that can not be felt by the one with the performance sound of another day.

Also, when you listen to “Careful With That Ax, Eugene”, I feel that the sound image has transparency and depth that is not experienced in the source and you will notice that the outline of the detail sound is quite clear I will. The best thing to understand is that it can be easily felt that the bizarre and the performance sound (* guitar and cymbal sounds in particular, especially the sound of the guitar and cymbal) come out one step before the sharp sounds in the Scream and the subsequent expansion part. “The Embryo” also has a hard core in the singing part where the weakness was conspicuous in the source so far, I think that you can sense the increase in the resolution of the mute part. The unique development of this time when guitar solo and vibraphone’s solo are inserted can also grasp that quiet and romantic sound spelling with one rank above. “Main Theme From More” Please pay attention to the cymbal sound at the beginning. Metal sounds that have been ringing far and far have appeared in a close-up sound with sharp response and increased response, and the arrangement of that glamorous sound progresses and develops with a more edgey sound.

“Biding My Time” also shows how its anneuous song turns facial expression into bruzie will jump out with vividness to dismiss the already-released board. Although it also attracts the vividness of the vocal output here, since the sharpness of the sound of the guitar has improved by about +2, it will be necessary check. Characteristic sound turbidity (※ middle to low frequency sound cracking) comes out around 1 to 04 to 06 seconds, but this is also a tough sound pressure that is light and distant from the already sounded which sounded a distance Bleeding has come out, it should be recognized again that this is the sound that followed another line. Although “A Saucerful Of Secrets” is different from the already-to-be-released board at the recording position (※ the last disc is recorded as the final track of disc 2 at the end of the show), the position of the last track so far is original It seems that it was because it was composed based on wrong memory when reel recording was divided into two 60 minutes tape, originally it seems that it was correctly played as a tightening of this position, 1st set. And this sound also has a dynamics that is different from what you have heard so far, the wall thickness of this midrange that makes you feel the dynamism and the weight will surely be awakening a brand new excitement to your ears. The scenes progressed by guide · vocal are sure to be excited to be surprised to see clearly the nuance of the weak tone that was hard to grasp on the already launched disc.

“Astronomy Domine” also has an upper feeling, deciding the difference between the dynamic sound that unleashes passion and the already-produced sound where the locus of timbre was thin. At the end of the long crescendo in the early stage, the place where sound cracking in the low range is occurring also comes out with a sharp sound image, and it can be said here that it is a sound closer to the original master recording. In “Heart Beat” it is felt the extent of the range that was not in the already-released board from the beginning, and it is attractive that you can grasp further tricky dissonance with its realistic sound. “Pig Meat” also became muddy The pleasure that the melody line dancing in the movement of the midrange rhythm came to be able to follow with the resolution so far will be exceptional again. The pleasure of this fresh sound continues with “The Violent Sequence”, and the romantic piano melody will revive the ears with a more transparent sound. I would like to take full of the excitement that distinguishes expressions unique to early take that lead to “Us And Them” later on with this precise sound image. “Set the Controls For The Heart Of The Sun” also blurred as an insightful sound with the unbreakable old sounds, everyone will be overwhelmed by its lively force. As the rhythm disappears, the development in the middle of the mid-range also comes out with a high resolution, and the direct connection with yourself and the direct sound that was in the scene should be felt more and more.

Certainly, I can not deny that the fans still have a lot of debate among the fans. “A Saucerful Of Secrets” recording location, mystery as to whether or not all songs are recorded, and the possibility that “Astronomy Domine” was the opening song of this day as a consideration to obtain strong support yet …, etc. there is not. Because all the intervals between songs have been cut, it is the current situation that there is no choice but to wait for the master record or the Recorder 2 to be found for complete clarification of historical facts, but the only thing that is certain to say is that this latest Sigma work It is a form that has not been damaged the most by Croydon 70 years concert at the moment and is proud of the sound quality that raises the hearing impression evaluation of the listener at a stretch is a difficult fact to move. In addition, the fact that it is the longest version in the past is also a big advantage. It is not the elucidation of the mystery but the 70th year Croydon performance which it grasps with the high quality of the grade which approached one step and two steps to the origin sound, it is the purpose of this release release. This press plate 2 sets, which the color of the original sound which was not in the already-to-be-released board is released sharply, please try by all means!


1970年1月18日の英国クロイドン公演、それはこの年で最も早い英国ツアーの開始後僅か3回目のステージであり、多くの曲が独特のアーリー・バージョンで演奏されている大変興味深い時期の音源として古くから知られてきました。この日の録音は当店でも同名のギフトタイトル『CROYDON 1970 (無料2CDR)』として登場済みですが、これまでギフトタイトルに留まっていたのはこの日の録音が1つしか無いにも関わらず、曲順の違いやカット箇所の有無が見られるバージョンが複数存在し、決定打になれない不確かな要素を抱えていた為です。

この原因は元々のオリジナル録音(※ 64分のリールテープ両面)がテープ残量を気にして曲と曲の間をオン・オフでカットしながら録音していた事に端を発しています。曲と曲の間が元々カットされているという事は後にテーパーがこの録音を複製する際、用意した手持ちテープの録音可能量によって曲順を都合良く入れ替えたり、マスター録音には本来存在しないカットポイントを副産物として生み出す要因にもなっていました。更に言えばMCが全てカットされているため、どの曲がショウの本当のオープニングなのか、そしてこれが本当にこの日の全演目なのかという史実の正確性・完全性にも疑問を残しました。ただ、複製した際にテーパーが書き残したメモが現存している事で或る程度正確なセットリストは判明しているのですが、それでもオリジナル録音が連続性を欠いた状態である事は致命的と言え、全体像は未だに推測の域を出ないのが現状と言えましょう。

とはいえ、現存しているこの日の録音はひとつだけ。本作もまた例外ではありませんが、このソースは元々リール・トゥ・リールを経た第2世代のカセット(※ 2本の60分テープ。後に曲順を入れ替えてダビングされた90分と60分のペア・テープも存在する)から派生した事がほぼ判明しており、枝分かれした各バージョンを聴き比べる事で原点サウンドの姿が見えてきます。例えば或る曲の途中では明確なカットの痕があるものと無いものが存在するなど、リールからカセットへコピーする際に生じた痕跡がそれぞれのトランスファーのケースで散見されるのも興味深いところです。有名なのは「Careful With That Axe, Eugene」の2分17秒付近にカット痕があるものと無いものの存在でしょう(※ 本作は無しです)。またそれ以前の初期世代のコピーでは「Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun」と「Main Theme From More」に、カセットにトランスファーした際に発生した分割痕が無く、オリジナルのリール録音ではこの2曲がノーカットで収録されていたこと、そして収録音にオープンリールのスタートアップ・サウンドが含まれる証拠によって収録は両サイドできちんと分けられていた事も知られています。元のリールは残念ながら現在は破損している様でオリジナルのサウンドを聴く事はもはや叶いそうにありませんが、でも枝分かれしたものを聴き比べて得られる小さな手掛かりから原点・原石サウンドに近いものを推測・特定してゆく事は可能です。


更に興味深いのは、ここで聴ける「The Amazing Pudding」の終盤が既発盤とは違っている点でしょう。この部分はオリジナル録音でも最悪のドロップアウト・セクションとなっており、既発盤では25:47(※ 本作の25:45)以降を、楽曲前半で同じ展開がある05:27~06:21を再利用したクロスフェイドで繋いでおり、その後はコーダとなる27:03から終演までを別日の演奏で繋いでいました。しかし今回はまず26:12(※ 既発盤では26:07)から出てくるスライドギターの入りのフレーズが既発盤とは全く違っています。これは同演奏の同じ展開がある4:57~5:00付近をパッチ補填している為で、このフレーズが終わると再び同演奏の前半5:33~49、及び6:13~23付近を再利用したものが現われ、コーダとなる26:40からの展開も同演奏の3:44~4:23で再利用、演奏終盤のみピッチをスローダウンさせて使う構成となっています。つまり今回盤は全て同じ展開がある序盤シーン・同演奏からの” 自家移植 “ですが、既発盤はコーダの部分を別日の演奏で繋いでいる訳で、これは言い換えればどちらもオリジナル録音では曲の後半部分(※ 恐らく本作の25:45以降)が完全に欠落している事を示唆しています。今後、別録音のRecorder 2でも出てこない限りここで失われたオリジナルの終演部分を取り戻す事は出来ないと思われますが、しかし同じ演奏から拾い上げたノートの正確な複製素材によって注意深くリビルドされた楽曲終盤の姿は、別日の演奏音を付けたものでは感じられない大いなる統一感で充ちています。

また「Careful With That Axe, Eugene」を聴くと感じる事ですが、音像にソース未体験の透明さと奥行きが備わっており、細部の音の輪郭がグッと明瞭になっている事に気付かれると思います。最もよく分かるのがスクリームとその後の展開部分で、奇声と演奏音(※ 特にギターとシンバルの音)が一歩前に出て鋭く鳴っている事が容易に感じ取れる筈です。「The Embryo」もこれまでのソースでは弱弱しさが目立った歌唱パートにスッと硬い芯が入り、弱音部分の解像度の高まりを感じ取れると思います。ギター・ソロとヴィブラフォンのソロが挟まるこの時期ならではの展開もその静かでロマンティックな音色の綴りが1ランク上の音で掴めるのです。「Main Theme From More」は冒頭のシンバル音に御注目下さい。これまで遠くでか細く鳴っていた金属音が鋭くレスポンスの高まった至近サウンドで現われ、あのグラマラスな音の配列が更にエッジの効いたサウンドで進行・展開するのです。

「Biding My Time」もそのアンニュイな曲想がブルージーに表情を変える様子が既発盤を一蹴する鮮やかさで飛び出します。ここはボーカル出力の鮮やかさも耳を惹きますが、ギターの響きの鋭さは+2ほど向上しているので要チェックでしょう。1分04~06秒付近で特徴的な音の濁り(※ 中~低音域の音割れ)が出てきますが、これも軽くて距離を感じさせた既発サウンドとはまるで違うタフな音圧で滲みが出ており、これが別系統を辿ったサウンドであることを再認識される筈です。「A Saucerful Of Secrets」は既発盤と収録位置が違っていますが(※ 既発盤はショウの最後、ディスク2の最終トラックとして収録されています)、これまでの最終トラックの位置は元のリール録音が2つの60分テープに分割された際に間違った記憶に基づいて構成された為だった様で、本来はこの位置、1stセットの締めとして演奏されたのが正しい様です。そしてこのサウンドもまたこれまで耳にしていたものとは別格のダイナミックさが備わっており、躍動感と重みを感じさせるこの中音域の肉厚さは耳に真新しい興奮を呼び覚ますこと確実でしょう。ガイド・ボーカルで進行するシーンも既発盤では掴み辛かった弱音のニュアンスが鮮明に届く驚きに胸躍ること請け合いです。

「Astronomy Domine」もまたアッパー感が漲り、激情を解き放つダイナミックな響きと音色の軌跡が芯の細かった既発サウンドとの違いを決定的にしています。序盤での長いクレッシェンドの果てに低音域の音割れが生じている箇所もシャープな音像で出ており、オリジナルのマスター録音により近いサウンドである事がここでも伺えるでしょう。「Heart Beat」では出だしから既発盤には無かった音域の広さが感じられ、トリッキーな不協和音を多用する姿が更なるリアル・サウンドで掴めるのが魅力です。「Pig Meat」も濁っていた中音域のリズムの動きの中で舞う旋律線がここまでの解像度で追える様になった悦びはまた格別でしょう。このフレッシュな音の悦楽は「The Violent Sequence」でも続き、ロマンティックなピアノの旋律が更に透明度の高いサウンドで耳を潤してくるのです。後の「Us And Them」に繋がる初期テイクならではの表現を、この精緻な音像で紐解いてゆける興奮を是非御堪能戴きたいと思います。「Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun」も不鮮明だった既発サウンドが洞察力のあるサウンドとして息衝いており、その生々しい迫力に誰もが圧倒されるでしょう。リズムが消える中盤での展開も音が飛来してくる様子が更なる高解像で出ていて、現場にあった有機的な音と自分との直接的な繋がりがますます感じられる筈です。

確かに、未だにファンの間で議論が絶えない音源である事は否めません。「A Saucerful Of Secrets」の収録位置、全曲収録か否かの謎、そして依然として根強い支持を得る考察として「Astronomy Domine」がこの日のオープニング曲であった可能性…等など、枚挙に暇がありません。曲間が全てカットされているため、史実の完全解明にはマスター録音の登場やRecorder 2の発掘を待つしか無いのが現状ですが、でもひとつだけ言える確かな事は、このSigma最新作こそが現時点でクロイドン70年コンサートの最も損害を受けていない姿であり、聴き手の聴感評価を一気に引き上げる音質を誇っているという動かし難い事実です。更に言えば、過去最長版であるという点も大きなアドヴァンテージでしょう。謎の解明ではなく、原点サウンドに1歩も2歩も近付いたグレードの高い音質で掴み取ってゆける70年クロイドン公演、それこそが本作リリースのねらいです。既発盤には無かった原音の色彩が鋭く解き放たれるこのプレス盤2枚組、是非お試し下さい!!


Disc 1 (60:42)
1. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 2. The Embryo 3. Main Theme from More
4. Biding My Time 5. A Saucerful Of Secrets

Disc 2 (67:00)
1. Astronomy Domine 2. Heart Beat, Pig Meat 3. The Violent Sequence
4. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 5. The Amazing Pudding

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