Pink Floyd / Plumpton 1969 / 1CD

Pink Floyd / Plumpton 1969 / 1CD / Sigma
9th National Jazz & Blues Festival, Plumpton Racecourse, Plumpton, Sussex,UK 8th August 1969

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August 8, 1969, UK Plumpton. The recording of this day, just two years ago, goes back to the first visit to Japan fans, Hakone Aphrodite and Osaka performances, and the “mystery” of the summer goddess of 2019 will finally fall down !!

There are currently two known sources of recordings performed by Floyd at this event, entitled “9th National Jazz Pop Ballads & Blues Festival”. One is Recorder 1, which is a high-level source with excellent sound quality, although the recordings remain only halfway through the show. This version has been known as the “Marbal’s 3rd gen” version so far, and it applies to the Recorder 1 source of the gift title “PLUMPTON 1969 (free CDR)” released in May 2013 in our shop. did. This version was also common for sources that had been exchanged between tapers in the past, but a version called “Anders V” that recently exceeded this has appeared, and there is no hum noise than the conventional Marbal’s 3rd gen version, and the sound image is It became far clearer (* It was common to all copies of this Recorder 1 but there was a very low level hum sound at about 60 Hz of the original sound), and the longest version including the first appearance scene It has attracted a great deal of attention as a new advantage source for Planpton in 69 years.

On the other hand, the sound quality is inferior to Recorder 1, and although there are several cuts between songs, the source known to record until the end is Recorder 2. This is a famous source that Nick Ralph, who is famous as a pioneer of taper, recorded locally, but it was a recording that has been recognized only as a supplement source for Recorder 1 for the above reasons. However, this is also a shocking upgrade that was made up of the high-quality parts of the same three sources that were split off from the master recording into one source this summer. It shocked Floyd sound source fans all over the world. In other words, both sources had a revolutionary change just recently, but these two were meticulously digitally mariaged and born as the longest and best 69 years plumpton sound source. The thing is this work Sigma latest press CD “PLUMPTON 1969” !!

The feeling of the upper … This is an unusual rise and brilliant living together, which greatly overturns the sound image we have had so far. When the disc starts, the intro part before the performance first comes out, but this suddenly has been recorded about 30 seconds longer than the previous “Marbal’s 3rd gen” version (= from about 30 seconds before), here Contains a slightly longer greeting before the first performance by Roger. This is an advantage of the “Anders V” version that was adopted this time, but the master recording of Recorder 1 was probably included in this lost 30 seconds, because it was the scene before the performance started. It would have been cut somewhere before “Marbal’s 3rd gen” was born. In other words, the lack of the scene that occurred when branching from the source is suddenly compensated, so we can also realize from the beginning of the disc that we have approached the appearance of master recording one step again. Pay attention to the sharpness and resolution of Recorder 1’s best sound image in “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun”. This can be realized by listening to Roger’s singing voice, but there is an increasing sense of direct feeling that tilts his head where the recording microphone is placed, and the fine melodic lines created in the mid to high range Intersection is even more vivid. The direct reverberation of the bass that appears in the center of the sound image from 5:49 has gained closeness and clarity almost approaching the sound board, and the guitar that continues to create mysterious sound behind it has several finer sounds than before It should be confirmed. Of course, the advantage that is unique to Recorder 1 that the interval between the end of the performance and the next song is uncut is perfectly alive.

Even in the “Cymbaline“ The Journey ”Suite”, the charm of the music unique to the initial take bursts with a special sound, the presence of an organ single tone added to the back of the youthful Gilmore singing voice also stands out, and the chorus part is low Because of the width and depth of the range, the power of the ensemble creates an even greater listening response. Even in the middle part that rushes from 4:40, you can feel the expansion of the sound range from the conventional sound, and you can listen to that fantastic floating feeling in a sharpened form, so it is definite. From the end of the song to the next song is uncut, and here, too, inherits the advantages of Recorder 1. “The Beginning (a.k.a. Green Is The Color)” also has a more powerful sound image, and the sound of the reverberation reaches the ear with a more certain sense. The flow of seamless transition to “ Beset By Creatures Of The Deep (aka Careful With That Ax, Eugene) ” also appears with an extraordinary vividness, but here the song was included This is a masterpiece because the unorganized early impulses come close as a breathtaking documentary sound. In “The Narrow Way (a.k.a. The Narrow Way, Part 3)”, a vibrant mariage with Recorder 1 and the new Recorder 2 is realized. As you know, Recorder 1 has some kind of recording failure and recording has been interrupted since the middle of the song, but by connecting this newly upgraded Recorder 2 that has undergone a dramatic upgrade with crossfade, the sound quality can be improved. I was able to listen to the final song with almost no sense of incongruity. This restoration effect is tremendous, compared to the gift title of our shop that I tried repairing in the past, the finish is clear, and all the information that should be conveyed is correctly struck by the performance of the day You must be very impressed.

From here to the end of the disc, the charm of the new Recorder 2 continues to explode. “The Pink Jungle (a.k.a. Pow R. Toc H.)” has regained the focus of the sound that has been so far diffused, and the range has become less obstructive, allowing the natural tone to spread. Since the treble part is not kinky like the conventional Recorder 2, it keeps its sharpness, so it can reach the ear with its bouncing tune and hysterical hook feeling. “ The Labyrinths Of Auximines (aka Interstellar Overdrive) ” also released the vibrant colors of the original sound vividly, mysterious floating feeling and crushing weight feeling increased glare in the ear, this day The performance expressions they released are much easier to grasp. The footstep scene that will be used later in “ Cymbaline ” also has excitement that the mysterious high heel moving sound with the highest clarity and history is somewhat high, but there is a lot of hiss noise, and the “ Behold The Temple Of Light ” that develops beyond that The direct hit sound that rises straight even if it reaches “is approached with unexperienced listening comfort.” Especially for this song until now, the single source Recorder 2 has been full of sound, and the right channel has been out of breath at the beginning, but this is also a perfect sound from both channels, and the sound image quality is an order of magnitude You will realize that it is improving. “ The End Of The Beginning (aka A Saucerful Of Secrets) ” also becomes clearer that the deep euphoria unique to the initial take slowly and greatly moves, and the core of the encore “ Interstellar Overdrive ” is also exposed With the resolving power with plenty of sense of volume, this is the 69th place of Planpton!

Renewed in the summer of 2019, the longest 69-year plumpton ever built, using all the two-source upper sounds that have undergone revolutionary evolution, carefully scrutinized and built into the best shape. There is no more sound quality and recording time than this at the moment, and unless it comes out even in Recorder 3 that surpasses this, this latest work will definitely be a flagship title that tells Floyd of the day. The excitement that the appeal of the initial structure of the song bursts so vividly is a gem that can hardly be tasted in other 69-year sound sources. Please enjoy and enjoy !!!

★ Recorders 1 and 2 are much better than the existing sound quality and content.

1969年8月8日・英国プランプトン。私達日本のファンには忘れ難い初来日・箱根アフロディーテと大阪公演から遡ることジャスト2年前となるこの日の録音に、2019年・夏の女神の” 神秘 “が遂に舞い降ります!!

” 9th National Jazz Pop Ballads & Blues Festival “と題されたこの催しでフロイドが演奏した録音には現在2つのソースが知られています。1つはショウの途中までしか録音が残っていないものの、音質に優れた上位ソースのRecorder 1。これはこれまで” Marbal’s 3rd gen “と呼ばれるバージョンがベストなものとして知られており、当店でも2013年5月にリリースしたギフト・タイトル『PLUMPTON 1969(無料CDR)』のRecorder 1ソースにも適用しました。過去にテーパー間でやり取りされていたソースもこのバージョンが一般的だった訳ですが、つい最近これを超える” Anders V “と呼ばれるバージョンが登場、従来のMarbal’s 3rd gen版よりハムノイズが無くなって音像が遥かに鮮明になり(※ このRecorder 1全てのコピーに共通していた事ですが、原音の約60Hzで非常に低いレベルのハム音が存在していました)、しかも初登場シーンを含む最長版となっている事から69年プランプトンの新しいアドヴァンテージ・ソースとして熱い注目を集めています。

一方で音質はRecorder 1より劣り、曲間にも数箇所でカットが存在してはいるものの、終演まで録り切っている事で知られているソースがRecorder 2です。これはテーパーの先駆け的存在として名高いニック・ラルフ氏が現地録音した事で有名なソースですが、前述の理由によってこれまではRecorder 1の補填ソースとしてしか認識されていない録音でした。ところがこれもマスター録音から枝分かれして散っていった3つの同一ソースの良質な部分を1ソースに組み上げたものがこの夏に電撃公開され、その圧倒的なアップグレードを遂げた” 新生 Recorder 2 “が世界中のフロイド音源ファンに衝撃を与えました。つまりどちらのソースもつい最近になって革命的な変化があった訳ですが、この2つを細心の注意を払ってデジタル・マリアージュさせ、過去最長かつ最良の69年プランプトン音源として誕生させたものが本作Sigma最新プレス盤CD『PLUMPTON 1969』なのです!!

そのアッパー感たるや…これがもう尋常ではないほどの高まりと昂ぶりが同居しており、これまで私達が抱いてきたイマイチなサウンド・イメージを大きく覆すものとなっているのです。ディスクスタートするとまず開演前のイントロ部分が出てくるわけですが、これがいきなり従来の” Marbal’s 3rd gen “バージョンより約30秒間も長く(= これまでより約30秒間手前から)収録されており、ここに史上初登場のロジャーによる開演前の少し長めの挨拶が含まれているのです。これは今回採用された” Anders V “バージョンならではのアドヴァンテージですが、恐らくRecorder 1大元のマスター録音にはこの失われた30秒間も含まれていた筈で、演奏開始前のシーンという理由から” Marbal’s 3rd gen “が誕生する前のどの過程かでカットされていたのでしょう。つまり大元から枝分かれする際に生じていたシーンの欠落がいきなり補填される訳で、私たちはまた一歩マスター録音の姿に近付いた事をディスク冒頭から実感出来るのです。「Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun」もRecorder 1史上最高の音像の鋭さと解像度に御注目下さい。これはロジャーの歌声を聴くと実感出来ますが、一体どこに録音マイクを置いているのか首を傾げるほどのあのダイレクト感がますます漲っており、中~高音域で創出される微細な旋律線の交錯も一層鮮やかです。5:49から音像中央に現れるベースの直接的な響きも殆どサウンドボードに迫る近さと明瞭さを獲得していますし、その背後で妖しい響きを創出し続けるギターも従来より微細な音が幾つも確認出来る筈です。勿論、終演後~次曲までの曲間がノーカットというRecorder 1ならではのアドヴァンテージもばっちり健在です。

「Cymbaline“The Journey” Suite」でも初期テイクならではの楽曲の魅力が特上のサウンドで炸裂、若々しいギルモアの歌声の後ろに添えられるオルガン単音の存在感もますます際立ち、サビの部分では低音域の幅と奥行きがあるためアンサンブルの威力が更に凄まじい聴き応えを創出しています。4:40から突入する中間部でも従来サウンドより音域の拡がりが実感出来ますし、あの幻想的な浮遊感を更に研ぎ澄まされた姿で聴けるのですから悶絶確定です。終曲後も次曲までの間がノーカットで、ここもRecorder 1のアドヴァンテージをしっかり継承しています。「The Beginning (a.k.a. Green Is The Colour)」も更にポテンシャルの高い音像が飛び出し、響きの波動がますます確かな実感で耳に届きます。その流れがシームレスに「Beset By Creatures Of The Deep (a.k.a. Careful With That Axe, Eugene)」に移ってゆく恍惚感も並々ならぬ生々しさを伴って登場しますが、ここは楽曲が内包していた未整理の初期衝動が息を呑むドキュメンタリー・サウンドとして迫ってくるので圧巻です。「The Narrow Way (a.k.a. The Narrow Way, Part 3) 」ではRecorder 1と新生Recorder 2による鮮烈なマリアージュが実現しています。ここは御存知の通りRecorder 1に何らかの録音不良が発生して楽曲中盤以降から録音が途切れている訳ですが、そこに今回鮮烈なアップグレードを遂げた新生Recorder 2をクロスフェードで繋ぐ事により、音質の違和感をほぼ感じさせずに終曲まで聴き通せる様になったのです。この復元効果は絶大で、過去にリペアを試みた当店のギフトタイトルと比べてもその仕上がりの高さが歴然としていますし、まさに伝えられるべき情報が全て当日の演奏によって正しく甦っている事に強い感銘を受けるに違いありません。

そしてここからディスクエンドまでは、その新生Recorder 2の魅力が炸裂し続けます。「The Pink Jungle (a.k.a. Pow R. Toc H.)」もこれまで散漫だった音像が焦点を取り戻し、レンジの閉塞感も薄れて自然な音色の拡がりが実感出来る様になりました。高音部も従来のRecorder 2の様にキンキンせず鋭さだけを保っているため、あの跳ね回る曲想とヒステリックなフック感が良い按配で耳に届くのです。「The Labyrinths Of Auximines (a.k.a. Interstellar Overdrive)」も原音が元々宿していた響きの色彩が鮮やかに解き放たれ、ミステリアスな浮遊感と押し潰される様な重量感が耳元で眩しさを増し、この日の彼らが放った演奏表現が格段に掴み易くなっています。後に「Cymbaline」で使用される事になる足音のシーンもヒスノイズはやや多めながら過去最高の明瞭さでミステリアスなハイヒール移動音が響く興奮を備えており、その先に展開する「Behold The Temple Of Light」に至ってもストレートに高まった直撃サウンドが未体験の聴き心地で迫ります。特にこの曲に関してはこれまで単一ソースのRecorder 2では音がこもり、右チャンネルも序盤で息絶えていた訳ですが、これも両チャンネルから終始ばっちり音が出ており、音像クオリティが桁違いに向上しているのを実感されるでしょう。「The End Of The Beginning (a.k.a. A Saucerful Of Secrets)」も初期テイクならではのあの深い陶酔がゆっくりと、そして大きく動いてゆく姿がますます鮮明になり、アンコール「Interstellar Overdrive」も音の芯が剥き出しになった量感たっぷりの解像力に” これぞ69年プランプトンの到達点!! “とお感じになる筈です。

2019年の夏に一新され、革命的な進化を遂げた2ソースのアッパー・サウンドを全て使い切り、精査して最良の形に構築した史上最長の69年プランプトン。現時点でこれ以上に極められた音質と収録時間は有り得ず、これを凌ぐRecorder 3でも出てこない限りはこの最新作がこの日のフロイドを語り継ぐフラッグシップ・タイトルとなるのは間違いないでしょう。楽曲初期構造の魅力がこれほど生々しく炸裂する興奮は、他の69年音源ではなかなか味わえない逸品です。どうぞ活目して御堪能下さい!!!

★Recorder 1, 2ともに既発の音質・内容を大幅に上回っています。

Recorder 1
★2nd gen Maxell Epitaxial XLII90 chrome cassette. This version of Anders V’s recording has much better high end than my transfer of Marbal’s 3rd gen. It also has less hum and is clearer.

1. Introduction★冒頭、既発より30秒長い。ロジャーのMCは初登場
2. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
3. Cymbaline“The Journey” Suite
4. The Beginning (a.k.a. Green Is The Colour)
5. Beset By Creatures Of The Deep (a.k.a. Careful With That Axe, Eugene)
6. The Narrow Way (a.k.a. The Narrow Way, Part 3)

Recorder 2
★careful53’s cassette

7. The Pink Jungle (a.k.a. Pow R. Toc H.)
8. The Labyrinths Of Auximines (a.k.a. Interstellar Overdrive)
9. Behold The Temple Of Light
10. The End Of The Beginning (a.k.a. A Saucerful Of Secrets)

★goldenband’s cassette

11. Interstellar Overdrive

Sigma 233

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