Pink Floyd / BBC 1970/1971 / 2CD

Pink Floyd / BBC 1970/1971 / 2CD / Sigma

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BBC Paris Theater, London, UK 16th July 1970 & 30th September 1971. Mono/Stereo

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Pink Floyd BBC in 1970 · 1971 …. As an unofficial sound source fan, sound quality and performance are known as a special A sound source long enough to recall its high quality sound. This recording, including BBC’s proprietary broadcasting LP (= transcription disc) produced at that time as a sound source for broadcasting, was an exceptional content from a long time ago and was released from Sigma in 2015 as its supreme gem The bought four-sheet press CD “BBC ARCHIVES 1970 & 1971 (Sigma 143)” is a monaural version of each year, a stereo version, and a version which was later broadcasted on the US radio station WNEW-FM to very fine parts Currently as a completely indisputable title that has been reviewed and restored, we are extremely proud of the peaks of solitary islands.

This vertex title will not shake its quality even in the next 2016, even when the official release 27 Angel Warrior limited box set “The Early Years 1965-1972” appeared. As you know, Volume 4 of this official box “1970 DEVI / ATION” and Volume 5 “1971 REVERBER / ATION” contains the BBC sound source of each year, if it says “as the official view intended by the band side “BBC sound” has appeared. But why “its official sound” The unnatural compressor was hung, which made fans familiar with the originally original sounds for many years listening experience and study to remind us of the discomfort. Honestly is not it that there are many fans who fell into the feeling like being pinched by a fox?

Artificial sound pressure feeling processed and edited and core sound with nature …. I think that this is the foundation of the strangeness, but the official board will do the unnecessary patching to process the original We should take an ax with more sharpened sound and this Sigma will explore the possibility of further enhancing the BBC-70/71 sound on the basis of its official box release and the Sigma 143 board It was. And finally, we realized the simple sound quality ultimate board of the minimum required two sets (* Disk 1: 1970 – Mono, Disk 2: 1971 – Stereo) that does not need to be reprocessed by Sigma 143 !!

*** ****
★ Outline When

you briefly outline the book of BBC-1970/1971 sound as such sound quality ultimate board, in

1970 · · · Sigma 143 board and remake it from the beginning with the same master. Improvement of precision by reviewing pitch correction 1971 · · · re-created from scratch again. The source as a parent is also completely different from Sigma 143.

… will it be? Especially in 1971 it has become a feeling of upper as a result of redesigning to a sound image that can become a future new standard. On the other hand, it may seem that there is not much change when writing in BBC in 70 years, but succeeded in remarkably raising the precision of sound remarkably by examining more strictly than when 143 board was produced Did. Just to be sure, this was not a sweet adjustment of the 143 board, because it was a thorough remastering by reviewing the sound finely every bar every time this time (* 71 years of disk 2 as well) It is because I got the ultimate sound accuracy that can be thought of with.

ピンクフロイドBBC 1970年・1971年….非公式の音源ファンとして、音質とパフォーマンスは、高音質を思い出すのに十分な長さの特別な音源として知られています。当時の放送用音源として制作されたBBCの独自放送「LP(transcription disc)」を含むこの録音は、長年に渡り例外的なコンテンツであり、2015年にシグマから最高の宝石としてリリースされました。 CD「BBC ARCHIVES 1970&1971(Sigma 143)」は、毎年モノラル版、ステレオ版、そしてその後、米国のラジオ局WNEW-FMで非常に細かい部分に放送されたバージョンです。現在、完全に明白なタイトル私たちは孤独な島の頂点を非常に誇りに思っています。

この頂点タイトルは、たとえ正式リリース27 Angel Warrior限定ボックスセット「The Early Years 1965-1972」が登場したとしても、次の2016年にもその品質を損なうことはありません。あなたが知っているように、この正式なボックス「1970 DEVI / ATION」と第5巻「1971 REVERBER / ATION」の第4巻には、「バンド側が意図した公式な見解として」BBCサウンドしかし、なぜそれが公式な音であるのか不自然なコンプレッサーが掛かってしまったので、何年も前の元の音に馴染んで、不快感を感じさせるような体験や勉強をしていました。キツネに挟まれているような気分になった?

人工的な音圧感が加工され編集され、自然の中核音….私はこれが違和感の基盤だと思うが、公式のボードは元の音を処理するために不必要なパッチを当てるだろう。このSigmaは、公式のボックスリリースとSigma 143ボードに基づいてBBC-70/71サウンドをさらに強化する可能性を模索する予定でした。そして最後に、Sigma 143で再処理する必要のない最小限の2セット(* Disk 1:1970 – Mono、Disk 2:1971 – Stereo)のシンプルな音質の究極のボードを実現しました!

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Disc 1 (61: 51)
Live at BBC Paris Theater, London, UK 16th July 1970

【Mono Mix】

1. John Peel’s Intro.
2. The Embryo
3. Fat Old Sun
4. Green Is The Color
5. Careful With That Ax , Eugene
6. If (not interleaved cut as Sigma 143 unedited) ★ In the official version this place crossfade.
7. Atom Heart Mother ★ Applause of cheers after the performance is one and a half minutes longer than the official version.

Disc 2 (65:59)
Live at BBC Paris Theater, London, UK 30th September 1971

【Stereo Mix】

Sigma 204

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