Phil Collins / Royal Albert Hall 1985 Final Night / 2CDR

Phil Collins / Royal Albert Hall 1985 Final Night / 2CDR / Amity

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Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, UK 22nd February 1985


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Ridiculous live album of large heyday Phil Collins is a large excavation. The other day, but officials outflow sound board album of THE FIRM has appeared, that this work was also brought in along with the sound source. Of course, it is the original master that is not distributed at all in the net.
Sound board of THE FIRM also was a wonderful sound, this work is amazing over the wheel. Although every point I too also dizzy likely eye the perfect sound, and was surprised any more, to say this work’s audience recording. No, direct feeling that flows into the ear with soil fastball, cheers you hear in the distance is not heard it only as much listened sound board also. However, since the recording in person it had also attached memo that I wrote, and will the audience recording ……… definitely.
There was in the memo “Recording directly in front of the front row of the speaker.” Certainly, this feeling that direct feeling of musical sound and great cheer of plenty come surged as from the rear of the ripples is, those that do not can be only with it. Even so, should that be the distant roar, it is really recorded in super near the speakers so far. Nevertheless, distortion and beautifully proportioned tone without one chatter. Moreover, this live is 1985. Also a professional microphone, ……… whether what is recorded in the sound up here. Moreover, If you listen well well, rather than inorganic feeling like the sound board, nor feel the balance of sound natural. Delay sense seems 80s also, actually is a natural reverberation name to industry tradition venue rather than the effect.
of this work has been recorded that such a mystery call the mystery “London show February 22, 1985”. Traditional venue is the Royal Albert Hall 6 consecutive day performances of the last day. Phil At the time, large heyday in the heyday of just four days after the release of the blockbuster “NO JACKET REQUIRED” stick with “super”. Moreover, in “THE NO JACKET REQUIRED WORLD TOUR 1985” of 11 performances eyes, while overflowing momentum of the start dash of just starting the world tour, every day is piled up live at the same venue, exquisite timing of the band has been warmed up in good condition It is.
The contents of the prize is also perfect as competitive Chow superb sound. Solo initial of three works “FACE VALUE” “HELLO, I MUST BE GOING!” Arranged to clean the well-balanced representative song from “NO JACKET REQUIRED”, there was a breakthrough, “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) “I was also interwoven” THE BEST OF PHIL COLLINS “. While stomach it, is “SERIOUS HITS … LIVE!” And of duplication even less, a whopping 12 songs in 19 songs do not listen in “SERIOUS HITS … LIVE!” Song after. Also backing band participated Chen Star Thompson and Daryl Suchuma from GENESIS, based on the lineup of the iron-clad that familiar Leland Sklar even TOTO. Wow also realism of audience are seeing such a gorgeous show. I wrote the earlier “cheer is far”, with far while also seen the popularity of the heyday enthusiasm, is there also a huge sense of scale of precisely because far.

Also a long, long fill of career, in 1985, which also can be said that the moment of the vertex. The most delicious time, and this one was fully captured by the wonders of high-quality sound. Such as combine the natural feeling of direct feeling and audience recording of line recording, I wonder a great live album. By all means, please experience on this occasion.


大全盛期フィル・コリンズのとんでもないライヴアルバムが大発掘です。先日、THE FIRMの関係者流出サウンドボードアルバムが登場しましたが、本作もその音源と一緒にもたらされたもの。もちろん、ネットにも一切流通していないオリジナルマスターです。
THE FIRMのサウンドボードも素晴らしいサウンドでしたが、本作は輪をかけて凄い。あらゆるポイントがあまりにも完璧なサウンドに目も眩みそうなのですが、それ以上に驚いたのは、本作がオーディエンス録音だと言うこと。いや、ド直球で耳に流れ込むダイレクト感、遠くに聞こえる歓声はは、いくら聴いてもサウンドボードのようにしか聞こえない。しかし、録音者本人が書いたというメモも付いていたので、間違いなくオーディエンス録音………なのでしょう。
そんな謎が謎を呼ぶ本作が録音されたのは「1985年2月22日ロンドン公演」。伝統会場ロイヤル・アルバート・ホール6日連続公演の最終日です。当時のフィルは、“超”の付く大ヒット作「NO JACKET REQUIRED」のリリースからわずか4日後という全盛期中の大全盛期。しかも、“THE NO JACKET REQUIRED WORLD TOUR 1985”の11公演目で、ワールドツアーを始めたばかりのスタートダッシュの勢いあふれつつ、同会場で連日ライヴを重ね、バンドが良い具合に暖まってきた絶妙なタイミングなのです。
そのショウの内容もまた、超・極上サウンドに負けないほどパーフェクト。ソロ初期の3作「FACE VALUE」「HELLO, I MUST BE GOING!」「NO JACKET REQUIRED」からバランス良く代表曲を綺麗に並べ、そこにブレイクスルーとなった「Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)」も織り交ぜた“THE BEST OF PHIL COLLINS”。それでいながら、後の「SERIOUS HITS… LIVE!」とのダブりも少なく、なんと19曲中12曲が「SERIOUS HITS… LIVE!」では聴けない曲です。バックバンドもGENESISからのチェンスター・トンプソン&ダリル・スチューマーが参加し、ベースにはTOTOでもお馴染みのリーランド・スカラーという鉄壁の布陣。そんな豪華ショウを目の当たりにしている観客の臨場感も凄い。先ほど「歓声が遠い」と書きましたが、遠いながらも絶頂期の人気ぶりが分かる熱狂で、遠いからこその巨大なスケール感もあるのです。


Disc 1(67:40)
1. I Don’t Care Anymore 2. Only You Know and I Know 3. I Cannot Believe It’s True
4. This Must Be Love 5. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) 6. Inside Out
7. Who Said I Would 8. If Leaving Me Is Easy 9. Sussudio 10. Behind The Lines
11. Don’t Lose My Number 12. The West Side

Disc 2(60:22)
1. MC 2. One More Night 3. In The Air Tonight 4. Member Introduction 5. Like China
6. You Can’t Hurry Love 7. It Don’t Matter To Me 8. Hand In Hand 9. Take Me Home

10. People Get Ready 11. It’s Alright 12. You Know What I Mean

Phil Collins – Vocals, Drums, Piano Rhamlee Michael Davis – Trumpet
Michael Harris – Trumpet Don Myrick – Saxophone Peter Robinson – Keyboards
Louis Satterfield – Trombone Leland Sklar – Bass Daryl Stuermer – Guitar
Chester Thompson – Drums

Amity 330

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