Phil Collins / Philadelphia 2018 / 1DVDR

Phil Collins / Philadelphia 2018 / 1DVDR / Amity
Live at Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA 8th October 2018

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Eagles received the great success of the national tour and decided overseas tour next year. Its newest and superb live set appears.
Two performances are included in this work. It is a superb audience recording of “Madison Square Garden (MSG)” on October 9th and 10th, 2018. The show at MSG is the first time in four years, but this time it is two days. This work is a 4-disc set that fully recorded all of it. First of all, let’s check the position of the show in the new Eagles’ walk in Deacon Fry and Vince Gill, in order to know their recent status.

● 2017
“May: announcing restart after welcoming Deacon & Gill”
· July 15th + 29th: THE CLASSC EAST & WEST appearance
· September 30: THE CLASSIC NORTHWEST starring
· October 17 – 29: North America # 1 (6 shows)
● 2018
· March 12 – July 28: North America # 2 (39 performances)
· September 8 – November 11: North America # 3 (17 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· December 7th: Honolulu performance
● 2019
· February 26 – March 13: Oceania (6 performances)
· March 26 – July 8: Europe (16 performances)

This is the schedule which has been published to date. One year has passed since the restart at “THE CLASSC EAST”, and next year the Oceania / Europe tour is also decided. Finally the world tour will be realized with both fame and fame. This work is the best report on such the latest “North America # 3” as the first report. It was a concert that was nine such performances / 10 performances.
Actually, the sound of this work is really beautiful. What is wonderful is a neat ring. MSG has many records only in symbolic tournaments, but it is hard to say that it is suitable for recording. A gigantic space makes boneless wick and the sealed echoes make the details sweeter. Although it has been improved considerably by the renovation until 2013, the quality as good as NameValue is still quite difficult. However, this work is a precious exception. Crisp core jumps in hand, details are also vivid. Although the extensive enthusiasm of the scene creates MSG-likeness, the clearness of the performance sound and singing voice is a splendidness unlike MSG. Especially on the first day (Disk 1-2) you can not lose to a number of venues and an outdoor venue with zero echoes … … or something, it is a perfect match for becoming a masterpiece of “North America # 3”.
Besides, this work pierces the entire two performances of that sound. Actually, both of us are from the same recording person and their personality is very similar. On the second day (Disk 3-4) I feel a bit of distance, but still the clarity of the ringing and the transparency of the air feeling are the same. The distance is the thickness of the chorus larger than the distance of the performance sound, and 20,000 chorus units can taste the huge spectacle to be accompanied by Eagles. Of course, it is ruined if a nearby low-end voice vanishes, but there is no worry about this work. The voices of the vast audience Each one is delicate, it is a live album that approaches the chest as it is a huge and beautiful harmony that is so much overlapping as it does not become cloudy and overlaps multiple times.
What is drawn with such a sound is a show that can chew the mood that restart is accepted. We reported “North America # 2” as a masterpiece group such as “KANSAS CITY 2018 (Uxbridge 819)” “BOSTON 2018 1ST NIGHT (Uxbridge 872)”, but also sets there are minor changes. Vince’s “Do not Let Our Love Start Slippin ‘Away” which was talked about in “BOSTON 2018 1ST NIGHT” will also be performed, but later Don Henry’s solo number is increased. I’m showing off “New York Minute” and “The Boys Of Summer”. “The Boys Of Summer” has already become a staple of “North America # 3”, but the rare one is “New York Minute”. It was the same as last year’s “THE CLASSC EAST” because it was New York, so it was the first time in 23 years, and even in 2018, it was the first day of MSG. You can enjoy such a song that is too special with the best sound of the tour representative.
Of course, other hits and representative songs are also wonderful. One year has passed since the restart, Deacon and Vince are also familiar with it firmly, both harmonies and ensemble are excellent items. Vince says, “I’m playing with the utmost respect I am very happy but it is a result of a sad event that I join,” Take It To The Limit “and” Lyin ‘Eyes “everyone else” I feel that I am thinking “I do not care.” But as the song progressed, I understood that I started thinking “OK, I came to the show because I like songs.” However, Rather, I can not feel the embarrassment from this work. Both the band and the audience pleasure “now” from the bottom of my heart, I feel that I’m drunk with melodies of masterpieces.

MSG 2 performance realized because restart was accepted. It is a live album that can fully experience the whole story. The rare “New York Minute” and the superb sound is overwhelming on the first day, the second day when the chest is tightened to the vast chorus. A live set that coexists with both the same recording person and the same aircraft. Please enjoy it carefully.

★ MSG 2 Days is a high-quality board that caught on the same recording house and the same equipment. Especially the first day sound source is a masterpiece.

引退を撤回し、ステージに戻ってきた“NOT DEAD YET TOUR”。その最新・極上映像がリリース決定です。
本作が撮影されたのは「2018年10月8日フィラデルフィア公演」。昨年、フィルの復帰ツアーはヨーロッパで大盛況となりましたが、今年は大洋を超えて南北アメリカ大陸に上陸。つい先日、その全日程が終了しました。本作は、そんな北米ツアーの一幕を刻んだオーディエンス・ショットです。まずは、フィルの近況を知る意味でもワールドツアーに発展した“NOT DEAD YET TOUR”の全景からショウのポジションを確認してみましょう。


それだけのクオリティを実現できたのにもわけがある。本作を記録したのは現在、世界中のマニアから熱い視線を送られている名手中の名手「tapehead2」氏。ロジャー・ウォーターズやYES、エルトン・ジョンなどで超ハイクオリティ録音を連発してきた現代の名録音家ですが、最近では映像にも挑戦。当店でご紹介したYES featuring ARWの映像作品『PHOENIX 2018(Amity 483)』も大評判となりました。本作は、そんな超名手の最新作でもあるのです。
そのクオリティで描かれるショウも実に素晴らしい。ヨーロッパでも披露された豪華絢爛のグレイテスト・ヒッツを軸としつつも、北米大陸ではマイナーチェンジ。昨年末に27年ぶりの復活で話題となった「Who Said I Would」もキープされ、さらに12年ぶりの「You’ll Be in My Heart」やGENESISの「Throwing It All Away」も披露される。特に「Throwing It All Away」はソロ・ステージでは今年が初公開です。そして、そんな豪華セットを歌うフィルのヴォーカルこそが素晴らしい。トニー・バンクスは現在のツアーを観覧して「フィルの声は素晴らしいし、彼の音楽は今も最高だ。だから、GENESIS再結成の可能性も除外しないよ。不可能じゃない」と語っていましたが、そんなトニーに贈られるような歌声をたっぷりと披露してくれるのです。



1. Intro 2. Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) 3. Another Day in Paradise
4. I Missed Again 5. Hang in Long Enough 6. Throwing It All Away 7. Follow You Follow Me
8. Can’t Turn Back the Years 9. Who Said I Would 10. Band Introductions
11. Separate Lives 12. You’ll Be in My Heart 13. Drum Trio
14. Something Happened on the Way to Heaven 15. You Know What I Mean
16. In The Air Tonight 17. You Can’t Hurry Love 18. Dance Into the Light
19. Invisible Touch 20. Easy Lover 21. Sussudio 22. Take Me Home

COLOUR NTSC Approx.119min.

Amity 493

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