Phil Collins / Not Dead Yet Live Koln Germany 2017 / 2CDR

Phil Collins / Not Dead Yet Live Koln Germany 2017 / 2CDR / Midnight Dreamer
Translated Text:
Live At Lanxess Arena, Koln, Germany June 12th 2017. Audience

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In Genesis and solo, Phil Collins’ 2017 newest revival live a long-awaited appearance continued to give the number one hit all over the world since the 1980’s!
June 12, 2017 Completed performances from Cologne, Germany, from a high-quality audience recording master. Phil Collins’ resurrection live showed no activity after
the retirement declaration of 2011 is a remarkable live sound source of fans who have become the Greatest Hits Live, centering on representative songs of solo
that has been chartered!

ジェネシスそしてソロでも80年代以降全世界でナン バー・ワン・ヒットを出し続けたフィル・コリンズの20 17年最新復活ライブが待望の登場!
2017年6月12日ドイツ・ケルンでの公演を高音 質オーディエンス録音マスターよりコンプリート収録。2011年の引退宣言以降表立って活動がなかった
フィル・コリンズの復活ライブは、チャートを賑わせてき たソロの代表曲を中心としたグレイテスト・ヒッツ・ライ ブとなったファン必聴の注目ライブ音源です!

01. Souareba And Intro/02. Against All Odds/03. Another Day In Paradise/04. One More Night/05. Wake Up Call/06. Follow You Follow Me/

07. Can’t Turn Back The Years/08. I Missed Again/09. Hang In Long Enough/10. Band Introduction/11. Separate Lives/12. Only You Know And I Know
01. Drum Duet/02. I Don’t Care Anymore/03. Something Happened On The Way To Heaven/04. You Know What I Mean/05. In The Air Tonight/

06. You Can’t Hurry Love/07. Dance Into The Light/08. Invisible Touch/09. Easy Lover/10. Sussudio/11. If You Love Me (Really Love Me)/12. Take Me Home

Live At Lanxess Arena, Koln, Germany June 12th 2017

Midnight Dreamer. MD-821A/B

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