Paul Weller / Berlin 1995 Stanley Road Tour / 2CD

Paul Weller / Berlin 1995 Stanley Road Tour / 2CD / Moonchild Records

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Live At Huxley’s Neue Welt, Berlin, Germany December 15th 1995. Stereo

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From 1995 Europe tour, December 15, the press and 2CD which completed complete the concert at Berlin in German, from the master for FM broadcast, complete with official quality, stereo sound board sound source is perfectly limited low price.
This is a solo album, from the live after the release of “Stanley Road” highly evaluated even among carriers, and the item of past circulation was covered by the radio DJ’s MC, but here another masters re-aired Therefore, MC has no upgrading of course quality quality as well.
And the set including the opening “The Changingman” shows off most of the songs from the same album, and of course we have interspersed with the numbers since becoming a solo, with the set content which understands the fulfillment at that time. Also at the end was a recording with Paul McCartney at that time realized and ended with “Cum Together” released, and since there were no soundboard live sound sources of this solo period at all, fans must collect collectors Edition.

そしてセットもオープニングの”The Changingman”を含め、同アルバムからほとんどの楽曲を披露し、もちろんソロになってからのナンバーも織り交ぜ、当時の充実ぶりがわかるセット内容にて。また最後は当時ポール・マッカートニーとのレコーディングも実現しリリースされた「カム・トゥゲザー」でエンドとなっており、何よりもこのソロ時期のサウンドボード・ライブ音源は皆無だったため、ファンは必携のコレクターズ・エディション。

DISC 1 : 01. The Changingman/02. Has My Fire Really Gone Out?/03. I Walk On Guilded Splinters/04. Out Of The Sinking/05. Whirlpools’ End/06. I Don’t Mean To Hurt You/07. Hung Up/08. Sunflower/09. Porcelain Gods/10. Everything Has It’s Price/11. All The Pictures On The Wall/12. Tales From The Riverbank/13. Wild Wood
DISC 2 : 01. Foot Of The Mountain/02. Broken Stones/03. You Do Something To Me/04. Can You Heal Us (Holy Man)/05. Stanley Road/06. Into Tomorrow/07. Shadow Of The Sun/08. The Weaver/09. Woodcutter’s Son/10. Come Together

Moonchild Records. MC-080

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